Lady Gaga talks R. Kelly duet on BBC Radio 1 - Do What U Want

Lady Gaga is currently in London promoting her upcoming album "artpop", and recently singer gave an interview to BBC Radio 1, which responded to the criticism and shared her experience with R. Kelly.

"People think because I came up with a blonde wig and a disco ball, there is no artistic process in what I do and that I should shut up and sing pop songs," says the singer, who had her first success with "Just Dance".

"When I entered the studio to finish this album, I remember saying ... 'I just want the music to be good! 'I do not want to hear people say 'what's the 'Bad Romance' and what is the 'Telephone (feat. Beyonce)','Poker Face',' Alejandro '?' Enough of that", "I am an artist, and it's time to move on. We are evolving. I'm growing. Get on or off the ship. So, I made ‘Do What U Want With My Body’.

On the track, Gaga revealed she wanted the approval of R. Kelly before releasing it.

"I wrote this song with Paul (DJ White Shadow), and when it was finished I thought 'well, it's a song of R & B and I'm a white girl from New York, so I better call the king of R & B and see what he think, "said the singer, adding that the partnership with Kelly was 'magical'.

Check out the track "Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly)" below: