Lilly Looking Through: step-by-step guide to solve all puzzles

With our solution you will easily see through Lilly's adventures, will help you work through the game and solve all tricky puzzles.

Episode 1 - The first step is marshy

Tutorial and intro are directly connected with Lilly Looking Through. While the picture shows only a small circular cutout at the Lilly ambushes a frog, it is stated that one should click the frog. This then jumps away when Lilly approaches it. For this, the red scarf comes into play, is caught in the beam of a house. With the help button you can find out very quickly that the scarf is the next target.

A gloomy swamp opens up in front of Lilly. Associate with high reeds and thick roots on which round cottage. And always with you: the scarf, so the Lilly afterwards looks wistfully. Recede into the distance, waving this down from a tree branch.

After this short tutorial we go directly Lilly to guide you through the murky world, the unruly scarf to stay close to the mission on his heels. But Lilly has to cross the thick root of her first.

However, what turns out to be not so simple. Just like Lilly also can not move the cart to the right of her. But both actions cause on the dock at the round house, a boy appears that you can control. Let's jump that dangles from a beam him to the glasses.

Only then you can let the water drain out of the barrel by pulling the plug on their barrels. With another click on the barrel you can fall over so he can jump on the glasses. As a result, the barrel rolls down the root and lose a metal ring.

Using drag and drop you can now pull the metal ring on the cart and repair it so. Now Lilly can use the carts at the root and overcome them.

However, the next house, it faces the mystery of how they should lower the bridge. Grab to the bulrush, the boy threw away before. Pulls him to the blazing bulrush, previously ignited by the lamp and then onto the rope, which can swing down the bridge part.

Lilly can now run to the farthest house. Stepping softly she sneaks up to the sound when you click on it. However, this flies away and wraps his way to the boy and pulls him along. Leave only his hat on the roof of the first house.

Well, Lilly has to look for him to make. Just how do they follow him? Only once and then shakes a second time on the road with the fruits by clicking on it, a way opens up. One of the yellow pear-like fruit meets the extendable plant under Lilly, stretching then. Another click brings you a wild glissade that Lilly promoted to the roof of the house, which stands behind the first house.

Now Lilly just have come to the right roof. Thankfully right next to it is a cable car, click so that Lilly goes to the next house. There they can finally pick up the hat of the boy. Lilly follows him with a worried look from the swamp home landscape, by clicking on the bar below the lamp.

Get out of the swamp - into the rescue mission!

Episode 2 - Goggles on and off

The scarf pulls the boy over the edge, which then loses the glasses on a bamboo. Then he disappears over a small pond by an overgrown archway.

Lilly comes from the bottom up and running on a wooden bridge, which will be raised from such a plant from her that she can not overcome it. For the second time do the trick with the inflaming of reed to good. You can find him behind Lilly. Then light it on the lamp above her. With a little patience, it is the plant under the bridge now too hot when you hold the bulrush to them.

Let Lilly on the end of the jetty to run, so it swings on the vine over the abyss. She manages to free the spectacle of the tall bamboo, however, outside of your reach.

Before the small pond you can steer Lilly on a pressure-sensitive platform that can take a piece of the inner ring down the pond so that water flows into it. However, once Lilly leaves the platform, the piece returns to its original position.

Lilly can throw the short lever forward, where a bent pipe runs from left to right and a piece moves out. With the longer lever over to Lilly can create an air bubble which lifts the frog pond in the inner basin. With the pointed stick right on the side you can let the bubble burst and the frog disappears. (Alternatively, you simply move again to the long lever.) Then they can give rise to a new bubble with a renewed contraction of the longer lever.

But one begins, except that you can pierce them again? They are used simply as a bridge!

Three of the semi-circular bubbles need it for that. Only they must be of different size, so Lilly comes across it. So the first bubble blowing on first before you return the tube rotates away from Lilly (short lifting l) and then pulls the long lever. Thus, a part of air is drawn out again before it rotates the tube again, and the long lever pulls the blister time is twice as large.

Flush this now back inside the pond basin by you adopt the pressure-sensitive platform. The second bubble you can easily inflate to normal, but then again it sucks some air.

Now you can help Lilly with a click on the bubble across the pond and can climb up on the other side. The way back is now cut off, as the largest bubble bursts. This Lilly is finally the glasses which she has previously exempted from the bamboo.

Curious as it is, Lilly puts on the glasses and also immediately and - Wow! The dismal swamp disappears and a quaint likeness is revealed. Speckle green grass, bright light. Even the moat is gone! Even the pond now provides clear rushing water.

The archway that was previously overgrown with vines, a wide metal tube through the Lilly is now slips down after she put the glasses back. The operation of the glasses should thus be clear: as soon as it touches Lilly, she travels to the past, to a time in the not yet expired, and the world was overgrown with vegetation. Puts the glasses back on it, they end up back in the present.

Episode 3 - Water games

From the tube out, Lilly almost falls down. She can just hold on and climb another step up. A futuristic tower-like building rises ahead of her. A suspension bridge, an owl perches on the railing, leads away from the tow

Now rely on glasses, you can see Lilly's brother, the boy who is carried away once more by the scarf. Pass down machine that water coming from above.

Grab the vine before you and Lilly swings to the building. She almost crashes as if a great stone of the tower breaks off and crashes down.

Replace the glasses because you can run as the tower along until you arrive at the foot spiral. The wheel does not work. First you have to pull the lever to the left of Lilly and then attach to one of the paddle wheels. This triggers the mechanism which blocks the top tube. Thereafter, a new attempt at the wheel: it can rotate!

This not only sets into motion the tube, which can flow down the water, but also the pointer to the bar indicate of the water level. Rotate the wheel until the pointer is at the bottom. Only then you can take the bamboo cane in front of the tower and connect it with the pointer.

If the wheel turns again, and the pointer is on top then the bar is released, it is attached to a rope, which is dropped. Before you climb up, you should do the following: mount the lever so that the tube does not move.

If you're up, put the glasses and walk across the suspension bridge. Here you will frighten the owl, which then flies away. Glasses and clicked on the tube, so that Lilly is lurches as long including the jungle gym. Now you stand before another vine that takes her and moved you to the top.

Episode 4 - Autumn feelings

Lilly climbs the rope, until he arrives at a bare tree. On the right side of the scarf just disappears under a monstrous ball and then reappears before the ball blocking the hole. The scarf flies away - no trace of the boy.

Let Lilly walk past the small rocks and puts on the glasses. In the middle of the three platforms, a squirrel grabs a nut. The tree was bare before, now shines in autumn reds. Lilly swings while on the road climbs above and to the left, so that you can scare the owl. After you have clicked on the sleeping animal twice, Lilly falls down - that you get a broken branch

Climb back up the tree and shaking time on autumn leaves. Here an acorn falls down, which features the squirrel out of his hole in the ground, which is caught by the owl. But do not panic! The owl is from the Squirrel on a different platform, where it is hidden again. Shake the autumn leaves again, so you get another acorn.

Now use the broken branch and connect it to the round rock, that you produced a kind of lever. Let Lilly roll the rock away. Now the water is flowing again. Well once again use the broken branch to create a tunnel between the two platforms. As a result, the water flows from the First to the Second.

Climb back up the tree and shaking time on autumn leaves. Here an acorn falls down, which features the squirrel out of his hole in the ground, which is caught by the owl. But do not panic! The owl is from the Squirrel on a different platform, where it is hidden again. Shakes the autumn leaves again, so you get another acorn.

Now uses the broken branch and connects it to the round rock, that you produced a kind of lever. Let Lilly roll the rock away. Now the water is flowing again. Well once again uses the broken branch to create a tunnel between the two platforms. As a result, the water flows from the First to the Second.

Glasses on and off Lilly diving two switches on. One on the left and two on the right. The large acorn is already clogs the front hole so that the water no longer flows. Then climb up the small stairs and glasses. Suddenly Lilly is on the ball. With three times jump (click on the ball), the ball falls behind through the hole.

Episode 5 - The right timing

Lilly slips down a tunnel and comes out on a lake again. In front of her is the ball that is rolled down her. By clicking Lilly rolls it forward a little. Then put on glasses and run up to the ledge in front. Then you push the ball back again and again until you can pick up a piece of metal. Use it to close the gap before Lilly.

Put the glasses back on and run up to the tunnel entrance. The glasses off and you stand behind the ball first, then you can roll over the metal piece so that it crashes into the second ball. As a result, this falls into the water and sunk the boat.

With the glasses on his nose you can walk to the cliff edge in front again. From there, puts on the glasses off again and click on the little broken wooden bridge at the end of the ledge. This allows Lilly dangle from the wooden dock. Now if you deposit the glasses, she falls directly on the skeleton beneath. From there you can let them climb into the boat.

Now going to a small village, this is surrounded by a thick wall. Let Lilly row the boat between the two webs, which are located in front of the doorway. Pull the lever and beside her two drive wheels off the ground. Before you move that let Lilly, first pull out the handle, which is located on the stone block, which blocked the gate in the wall.

Then you move the left wheel, so that a wall between the two limbs boots up and the water is drained. Immediately lower the boat. Aha, a lock! Let Lilly pull the lever that comes down from the wall, which brings the two back wheels on their eye level. This time shot on the right wheel and the block of stone sinks and Lilly can drive into the courtyard. Let slips through the peak of the roof. When they jump off to dive into the water, quickly put on the glasses.

This Lilly jumps right against the pillar and sweeps them around so that you end up on the wall. Run to the right end of the wall to the door and then sets off his glasses. The path before you is now free and you can disappear through the opening.

Episode 6 - Let there be light

Lilly enters a dark room, from a lower level to rise to glowing particles and shimmer around. After she leaves, only a step, a bat grabs the precious glasses! Now we turn recover the good piece.

Run to the lever on the right of you and pull it twice until a squiggle as a symbol appears above. Go out into the first and third platform so that each a shining shield is unfolded and brings a little light into the game. Then push the lever all the way left (before the platforms), so you get to the lower level.

Run from here to the far right to the last square wheel Click the stone and shoot somewhere to the right. Then you take another stone from the pile and put it on the left upper gum. If Lilly has excited, click the Bat. As a result, although it disappears from the small tower, but also together with the glasses in the next room.

So now the small elevator back up. Jumps to the middle platform (the curls must be set), so that now unfold and the middle screen. Now provide a lasso and directed the middle and the last screen in a way that they face each other. Jump to the middle and right platform.

Provide after the three stars with the lever and activate the rotate all screens with a jump on the middle platform. Go to the edge of the large platform. Now always waits until a screen and another are at the same height to jump from screen to screen (the cursor changes to an arrow when you jump) until you have arrived on the other side. Now, through the door behind the bat.

Episode 7 -

You come out with a Japanese-style pavilion, where the thief is sitting with your glasses. There is again a lot of water and lo and behold the rear of the house: the boy, who is being held there by the red scarf. Go across the bridge under the pavilion, where the three colored bells hanging.

Operated the small yellow bell and the bat will make up the glasses fall on the roof and disappear. If you then only the green and blue rings the bell, the water is clear and you will see a hole at the bottom of the lake is. Do you use the blue bell then two more times, her glasses falling from the roof, landing in the water and sinking there in the hole.

Episode 8 –

It goes under water on. Stalagmite glow in different colors and even here there are three bells. Click on the dome that hangs over the bell, so that Lilly can breathe. From there you can press the bell. Each has an upper and a lower part, which you can extend. Now you have the stalagmite yellow. This works as follows. You have to either take off the bell ringing, and then ringing in normal or together state:
- Yellow extended
- Red normal
- Yellow extended
- Blue normal
- Extended blue
- Red normal

The underwater cave is now evident and you can dive to your eyeglasses and they grab you. Relies on it and swim to the boulder to the right of you, to the left. Eyeglasses off and back to the bell, before you swim through the underwater passage right.

Because the purple glitter cave that is there must first be lit. So pressed the bell in the following order:
- Blue normal
- Red normal
- Blue normal

Episode 9 -

Then swim through the passage. Climb out of the water and walk around the lake to the other side. Eyeglasses on and go to the first nub. Now timing is once again in demand.

Jumps to the left and then set off his eyeglasses. So you land on the next nub. If this makes you once again, this time put on the eyeglasses, their lands another. From there you can jump to the last nub left.

Now back to the right. Therefore Jumps off and sets off his Eyeglasses. So you land a bump higher. You can then use the plus also long been higher by jumping back to the left. Thus you are on top now.

To the left and rely on the eyeglasses before you depend on the stalagmites. This fact falls off the tip and the ice layer on the water surface bursts you. Grab now Eisspitze, located on the bank and put the eyeglasses back, so you can dive back.

Appeared on the right then through the hole and you come back to the seventh episode.

Placed on the eyeglasses then click on the ice surface, so Lilly stabs at it with the icicles and then climb out of the water.

Now run back onto the platform. Then the Lilly’s boyfriend, click him so he comes down. Now you also noticed that the boy could be Lilly's little brother. Follow him through the open door.

Episode 10 - Harvest time

As you can see, the scarf is not really a scarf, but the torn piece of a giant curtain. Lilly, who is chasing her brother with him crash down onto a pipe. The boy ends up in the water, while Lilly is a platform above.

First you have to get back her brother. So let him climb out of the water, by clicking on the web. Then you have to surround with him the lever that is located there. Climb into the tube next to you part. Then Lilly comes back to use. Let them stand on the platform, so that her brother is sucked through the tube and lands up in the impeller.

Now we have to patch the curtain. To do this you need the butterflies but they must be turned from blue to red. Therefore, rely on the eyeglasses and you see that the grandfather of Lilly and her brother has sent the curtain piece apparently in search of the two. But back to the butterflies. These drums are used, then you must always refer to the platform you provide.

So drums following:
- Green
- Blue
- Red
- Green and blue

This gets her red butterflies. Put on the eyeglasses off again now. The silk, which have now produced the tiny animals, you have to reap. Best to start with the basket at the top. Rotate with Lilly on the wheel, so you can move up and down the tube. Run with the little brother right now twice. Turn again to the wheel so that you can look back and forth. Run to the left until the pipe can not move out (10 times). Move the boys then two times to the right and once to the left. So you get harvested the first basket.

Now seven times to the right, then turn back to the wheel by moving it to the left through three steps down. Turn back the wheel. Now run to the left and once you have the second basket.

Now wiedermal spin the wheel. Once run left to get the tube down a level. Spin the wheel. Let's move now to the left four times and two times to the right. So it gets you the third basket.

Run with Lilly now to the lever further back where the yarn was spun on. As a result, the fabric is patched.

Now follow the little brother who disappears through the curtain. In a final scene you just have time with eyeglasses.