Lily Allen defends herself against racism accusations

Lily Allen caused controversy yesterday (12) to promote the video for her new single, "Hard Out Here".

Critics accused her of racism by showing black dancers in her video, claiming it defamed the scenes, being presented with little clothing and doing the "twerk".

The singer responded via Twitter that she had no intention of putting the dancers in a bad position. "The message is clear. Whilst I did not offend anyone, I struggle to provoke discussion and reflection. Its video was made as a light satire that deals with the objectification of women in modern pop culture."

The singer also revealed that she did not use swimsuits or the "twerk" it has "chronic cellulites" and "failed miserably after trying to roll over for two weeks," She affirmed that not apologize because if she does, it means that she was guilty of something.

Check out the video below: