Muse promise 'more rock' on next album

The Muse released their last album, "The 2nd Law" in 2012, and already have plans for next.

Frontman Matt Bellamy revealed that the band plans for the new project. "In the last two albums, we distance ourselves a bit from our instruments," said the singer. "We focus on synthesizers, drum machines and stuff like that I think the next album will be returning to the musicality and focus on our instruments… Guitars, bass and drums will be a little more raw and a little more rock."

The musician also said he does not expect to have anything ready by 2015. "This industry changes so fast, can not really know ... I do not think we'll be ready to launch anything until the beginning of 2015."

The Muse will release the DVD "Muse - Live At Rome Olympic Stadium" plus a disc with live tracks on December 2.

Check out the track "Starlight" live taken from the upcoming DVD: