NY magazine says Taylor Swift is the Biggest Pop Star in the world

Taylor Swift is the cover of "New York" magazine December issue, which named her the biggest pop star in the world.

On the cover it reads "Not Katy. Not Gaga. Not Miley", and it explains why the title of pop star of the year for a country star.

Since her debut single, "Tim McGraw", the singer was in the top 40 of the Billboard singles charts for 43 times, sold 26 million copies of her four albums, 75 million singles, won seven Grammy awards as a whole, was elected six times as the best songwriter of the year by the Songwriters Association and earned the rare Pinnacle Award - in all, the star takes 187 awards. She also surpassed One Direction and Justin Bieber ticket sales for her tour "Red" - her shows have sold more than touring the two acts together.

In addition, Swift know how to continue to have a successful career. "I see artists make a mistake in their fourth or fifth album, when you think that innovation is more important than the composition of quality," he said. "I never put things in my songs are just so popular."

Despite all the success, the singer remains humble. In the hallway of her house, there is a photo of the MTV Video Music Awards 2009, which was interrupted by rapper Kanye West. Underneath the image, she wrote: "Life is full of little interruptions."

Check out the magazine cover below: