Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy guide to solving all puzzles (Nintendo 3DS)

There are many tricky puzzles that you’ll have to solve during Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy gameplay. Our guide offers general strategies, a full walkthrough with helpful screenshots. This guide is a work-in-progress, so expect new information to be added often.

Puzzles 001: The aim of Bostonius
In this puzzle you have the ideal itinerary for Bostonius find. All of the 15 places are to visit once. Below are three gas stations and twelve cities. After each train, the display of the tank empties by one unit. Your tank reaches exactly four moves long, so you can just visit three cities before then you have to stop at a gas station. Make sure that the tank is empty at the destination must be quiet. This means that you can visit four cities in succession to the last route.

3x down, right into the first gas station
up, right, up, left at the second gas station
up, right, right into the third station
3x down, left.

Puzzles 002: Ice cold Gift
To free Monas gift of the ice layer, some hot water must be poured over. To note that five cups melt with 150 ml of 30 g of ice, brings us to the realization that we would need an incredibly high number of cups and water. So we think we prefer a different method. But a fire burns behind Mona.

The correct answer is 0 glasses.

Puzzles 003: Village Lighting
To make the entire village shine, we have the six lanterns that are available for us, so place at the crossroads that everything is bright. There were no rays of the same color should not cross and also lanterns are standing together on a street. It is therefore advisable to start with only the yellow lights, then proceed with the pink and finally to place the green lantern.

Puzzles 004: Same snowflakes
As we know, there are Snøborg only three different types of snowflakes. We are available on the touch screen four different forms. To find out what Flocke is not from Snøborg, we must look closely.

Solution: C

Puzzles 005: Patch Mystery
It is important to decorate a cloth patches. We must pay attention not only to the correct position of the applications, but also choose the proper alignment. Our task is to recognize in the trims a pattern, which gives the position of the missing patch. Quickly reveals that repeats the sequence of symbols after the first snowman easy.

Top left, the snowflake
Bottom left of the tree
Top right of the glove
Bottom right the Snowman

Puzzles 006: Trapped in Ice
The sleeping girl can only be freed from the ice, if we divide the slab into several sections, each with four squares. However, the part in the middle should not be in an area with other squares. The riddle is solved it by trial and error. It is advisable to start at the edge, because the possibilities are less numerous there.

Puzzles 007: Marine
In this puzzle we need to rid the seas of pirates. However, we do not destroy, but to turn them into sailors. These pirates must be skipped. How far you can go depends on how many characters are in a line. But beware, the sailors can transform into pirates when we skip it.

1 Pirate of the right in the middle
2 Pirate of half left to right
3 Pirate of half right half left
4 Sailor from the left to the right half
5 Sailor from the center to the left
6 Pirate of the right in the middle
7 Sailor from left to right .

Puzzles 008:
The little turtle wants to sunbathe a little reddish. We have to somehow maneuver in the middle of the ice. It is important to ensure that the turtles slip so far until they hit an obstacle and then also set this in motion, as long as it's not a big turtle or a block of ice. The playing field is 5x5 in size.

1 Reddish to the left
2 Top green turtle down
3 Ice block down
4 Big turtle to the right
5 Reddish down

Puzzles 009: Turn the slices
We get to the door, by showing us in dealing with numbers. The circle is one 1x and 5x the diamond. The result of the four quadrants to be the same everywhere. We achieve by rotating shifts of the individual disks. Since there are five diamonds and a total of 35 counties, the total value of all symbols is 60 That is, the value of each quadrant should be a total of 15th One limitation is that we can only turn the two middle panes.

The white disk rotates counterclockwise one quadrant and the yellow disc a field in the opposite direction.

Puzzles 010: beat hook
To pave the way to a professor to the other side, we have to pay attention to the movement rhythms of the hook. Safely maneuver it thus is possible only if we avoid being carried away by a hook.

Goes in this order in one of four directions:
Right, left, right, right, down, up, right, up, right, right, down, right, right, right.

Puzzles 011: liter pumps
Your goal is to fill exactly one liter of fuel in a barrel. The problem is that the barrels have a capacity of nine and eleven liters and are completely filled with every pump. Our only option is the fuel between the barrels sent back and forth exchange.

Fills the left barrel and dumps the contents to the right. Then you do the same again. Now empties the contents of the right barrel and tilts the seven liter barrel from the left to the right. Now you refill on the right barrel and tilts the content to the left. Now you only have five liters. Now you have the right barrel empty again and proceed the same way as after the last collection. So you only get three, and then a liter.

Puzzles 012: favorite fruits
Again we have to juggle a bit with numbers. From the total weight of the combinations we want to determine the favorite fruit of the squirrels. We already know that the favorite fruits are the second-or third-heaviest weight on her and is given by an even number. B can be ruled out, because it brings an odd result on the scale in combination with all the others. Indeed, since at least two weights are just, it can not be, that bring all the other odd numbers on the scale. By trying several combinations, we also learn what fruits on second - and third-heaviest.

Puzzles 013: Petals
For Gwen, we are a colorful flower craft. So colorful, that never at two adjacent points of the same color can be seen. By touch you can change the colors of the petals.

Puzzles 014: Flowery garden
Similar to the previous riddle we need to ensure a maximum varied arrangement in this task again. Only the roof in the middle of the map should not be planted with flowers.

Puzzles 015: Fish Poster
A poster must be reassembled. So that the pieces are not carried away by the wind, we can only move three pieces at a time. The whole thing has to be done in five moves.

1 Pushes the three parts in the middle to the right.
2 The three parts in the row below are to the left.
3 Now the three parts of a field coming from the middle column up.
4 Then pushing the parts of the second row from the top to the left.
5 The fish is ready when you move the parts from the second row from the bottom one space to the right.

Puzzles 016: Roadmap
In this enigma we should assemble a sign to help a lost couple out of trouble. The path that leads them out of the impasse is represented by the bright area on the sign and an arrow whose end is the yellow wave at the bottom right. The rest of the rectangle you have to fill with the blocks, so that only the way out is to see.

Puzzles 017: Water Walk
To reach the girl on the other end of the shore, we glide across the water with the ice floes. So we do not lose their footing, we must slide in directions where others stop us floes or stones.

1 Left on the stone
2 Boot with the adjacent ice floe
3 From the stone to the right
4 Go down and then left the ice floe
5 Left on the stone and then to the left to the edge
6 Go to top
7 Slide to the right

Puzzles 018: The King of the stars
With four lines, the area should be divided into ten parts, while the five tabs are separated.

Puzzles 019: tiled dog
In this puzzle, we should adjust an image. We have great fields 2x2 tiles in three colors. It is important that tile which overlaps another. Only overlap we manage to create such an image.

1 After establishing eight white tiles along the edge.
2 Then she lays two brown tiles right to the edge. Namely, in the second and third row from the bottom. If you then touch the white tile underneath, the legs are done.
3 Specifies a brown tile on the back legs of the dog. To represent the tail, now you lay the last white tile so that the upper left corner of the newly established brown tile is covered.
4 Now you placed the red tile so that its upper right corner on the site, as can be seen in the picture in the upper screen. With the two remaining brown tiles then covered her from both the bottom and the left half of red tile. Finally, missing the dog's nose. We make visible by press the white tile top left.

Puzzles 020: From boat to boat
So our friends do not have to row, the professor tries to hop from boat to boat. It must also be ensured, as the boats move.

First, go to the blue boat. Then drive four long trains. Now it goes into the purple boat, ride two trains and jumps into the red boat. In this it is also for two trains. Then it's back to a blue boat which you have to drive three laps. Step into the yellow boat and then leave it after two trains again. With the purple boat you drive a train then exactly. From there it goes into the blue boat in which you finally get to the dock.

Puzzles 021: fishing luck
Of the three fishermen A, B and C only one made a big catch? B has caught definitely no rubber boots. And the one with the big catch, stands next to the one with the rubber boots. Since B is in the center, it must be adjacent to one of the fishing with rubber boots.


Puzzles 022: Whose help?
To remove a sandy crust of a statue, we need someone to help us to carry the water from the hose. Five candidates (AE) are available. To find a solution, we need to look at the picture. There we see that a person is on the tube, and thus prevents the river.


Puzzles 023: chocolate feast
Five sweet tooth want to be fed. Everyone wants to have three chocolates in a certain individual order. It is essential to select the right. However, a group of three chocolates must be next to each other

Connect the first three vertical columns from top to bottom. The three square chocolates, you have two from the top and take the third right below it. The final mixture is then obtained from what is left. Starting with the square you finally created the final mix.

Puzzles 024: Meet at bus stop
Four friends (AD) want to the theater. We should find out where they meet before using their statements. The statement of B is a good first clue. In combination with the instructions of C and D of the meeting is then narrowed down to only two possibilities. The statement at the end of A makes the difference, however.

Person B has to take the blue line four stations. To recast place is the meeting point.

Puzzles 025: The proper safe
A safecracker has given the police a clue what he intends to crack safe. Using this advice, you can exclude that it may not be safe. Best used on the notepad. With the numbers 0, 1, 2, 4, 7 can represent any number 1 to 14 In combination with 15 to 29 then each That is, in combination with all of the 31 figures 31-60 can be represented. That leaves only one number from 1 to 60 over.


Puzzles 026: Lost Kitten
Two little kittens need help with to find their way home. Solder them so by the parkour that both arrive home at the same time. The white kitten every movement of the black kitten after. So that the kittens turn, you have to lure them into the fish.

These are the directions in which you must move the black cat:
Down, down, down, up, up, right, right, right

Puzzles 027: affair of the heart
The task facing us the good Amelie, exactly follows the same principle as Mystery 019: tiled dog. However, this time we have 3x3 large tiles, but only two different colors.

1 First, a red tile comes down in the middle.
2 In all four corners are white tiles.
3 Now two red tiles come to the top. They intersect in the middle, so have one column distance from the left or from the right edge.
4 Up in the middle of it now puts the last white tile. The rest is not difficult. Based on the pattern you up to lie the five red tiles properly. Two come with a row spacing up to the left or the right margin. Two more overlap in the middle and the last tile comes with a row spacing down directly in the center.

Puzzle 028: Balancing Act
A woman expects a bouquet. So she can get that, we have to escort the bearers of certain flowers to her. To the four different symbols are assigned to the images properly. It deceives the look of the arrows. In the explanation is explained what the arrows mean.

Cat: "go right"
Bear: "go left"
Rabbit: "forward"
Elephant: "skip a field"

Puzzles 029:
To find out the police line-up at the Zugdurchsuchung, one has to carefully read the text. Since the police are in the car with criminals, we know that there are at least three policemen. And because the criminal is not to be found at the front or the back, there is also adjacent compartments. In the best case, these are two. One before the three compartments with the crooks and one directly behind it.


Puzzles 030: The aim of Bostonius 2
The puzzle works like puzzle 001: The purpose of Bostonius.

2x right, down, into the first gas station
left, up, left, down to the second gas station
down, right, right at the third station
right, right, up, up to the fourth station
up, left, down, down

Puzzles 031: For the Love!
To get the gift that Clampy has hidden his heart for Lady in a box, we need to bring ten lights to illuminate. They point the way to his heart like a star. Therefore, it makes sense to choose the lights that shine together in the shape of a star. Malt to sample something in your notes.

Puzzles 032: In perfect order
At the edges indicates how many books fit into a series. The crux of the matter is that the books can not be sorted individually, but partly also because thematically close to the shelf next to each other belong. After all, we can pick and choose whether they are connected vertically or horizontally.

Puzzles 033: Shopping Spree
A woman has accumulated a big pile of small change. With exactly 5,000 pennies buys 14 items. On fish and mushrooms they waived it. The Puzzle is somewhat simplified by the fact that the woman has bought into a particular route. This means for example that no eggs may have been there since they also fish would have to otherwise buy.

In this order, the woman grabs the stuff in the car: potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, orange, banana, grapes, chips, wine, onion, meat, butter, cheese, lotion, bread

Puzzles 034: Elevator to love
Again Hannah needs tutoring in matters of love. 25 floors of a pair of lovers separated by marriage. In his nervousness, the man needs a distraction. He calculated how long it takes upwards. From the first to the fifth floor, there were 15 seconds. So we know before, that there are 20 stories to cover and we need exactly 15 seconds for four floors. Based on this information we can calculate the solution.


Puzzles 035: Wrong fragments
Fragments which correspond to the originals we get out when we compare them with those in the photo. The number next to upturned reveals that the fragments were photographed mirrored. So, what looks are mirrored among your fragments. There are exactly two.

The tree and the fish are the two real fragments.