Solve All Puzzles in Journey Of A Roach, Walkthrough Guide

We walk along with you through the world of Jim and Bud and thereby help you with our complete solution through all the puzzles. Be ready, because the insects are out!

Sewer pipe and spider web

An extinct landscape, rusty aircraft, abandoned buildings and in the middle a cockroach that is looking for a flower? So begins Journey of a Roach.

You meet Jim, the main character of the game itself, for a cockroach in a pretty well-furnished room. With W, A, S, D or the arrow keys you can move the little guy as he tells you about his speech bubble. So run to the left on the wall. So you get closer the same way movement because Jim can walk along the wall. So you open up new paths. So run up the wall up the slope until you stand before another tube.

If you mouse over the thick Made ride, Jim tells you that it is meant for eating. Click on them they will also consume the same. We continue left through the tube where you meet Bud, the cockroach from the intro. And he needs your help, because his leg is trapped under a barrel! So, go on to the barrel until it turns white and edged then click on it. Said Jim admits the barrel to the side and freed Bud, who then tells of the flower ... wants to build a strange relationship with Jim.

So after you've freed Bud, you will return to Jim's living room because your injured friend is gone in this direction. You can find him in the other tube, which can be reached from the living room. Bud goes in and waits there for you, as a closed door prevents you to move forward on. Click on the lock to keep Bud for rock slides to the side. And lo and behold: a key. If you click on it, it will be added up to your inventory. Bud also explained about the next bubble as you can use it. Then simply click on the key in your inventory in order to drag it to the castle, so that you can open it.

Oh no! This Bud is however included in the next gear. Where rapidly clicking on the grid, so you can rescue him. Then it's more along the tube. Bud is already waiting for you in the sewer pipe. Already followed by the next statement. You shall surround with Jim the lever so that Bud can on the water, so there Roaches can not swim. Move it left up the wall and then back until you are on the metal bar. Click on the lever to actuate it. Unfortunately he does not know the desired effect, but only that Bud is killed by a spit skeleton.

Spit skeleton, Journey Of A Roach

So switch to two. But wait! Around one can not without leverage. Head over to look for him. To do this you have to climb back to Bud, which it seems to be going well after the attack of the rattling skeleton. This brings you all the action one advantage: a bone, which is the skeleton. Get him for your inventory. Go back to the switch and the bone involved. So it is to use the whole thing. So the bone already allocated and no more water comes out of the tube.

Bud, Journey Of A Roach

Once again, Bud and follows him back to the boardwalk over the water. On the other hand it's the dude behind the high wall. Bud wants Jim have run out. But Bud is reached the top is bitten by a hungry bird in the finger. Risk of falling, including, of course, they both fall down. And hang promptly stuck in a spider web. Not so beneficial for them. Thus free you from it, by clicking on Jim's feet and the whole thing three times, so that you again have solid ground under your feet.

Now you just need to release Bud. On the shelf behind the large spider web found their tape for your inventory. Then go to the right around the shelf. On the wall behind there is a broom. Then run on to the door and the wall goes up until you walk on the ceiling. On the same shelf just running past her, you will find a Pömpel. Now you have all the items that you need to rid Bud.

Journey Of A Roach, Pömpel

Open the inventory and drag the Pömpel on the broom stick. Then pull the tape still in the design, so that everything holds together. Use your vacuum cleaner now extended to get to Bud from the spider's web, by their design draws on Bud. Jim can suck him down. But how Successes and Failures, the two are separated again. And Jim can not follow him, because a heavy shelf blocking the way!

So you have to find another way to get to Bud and to escape once from this Store. The half-destroyed metal sheet that is dropped, can help you there. So runs through them so you get into the air shaft.

Flying Kindergarten

In the room behind meet her mom spider, the fly you just startled. Climb only once on the ground. There you can get a one of the cute bow ties for your inventory. If you talk with mom spider, they will ask you to collect her angry little darlings again and put it in the laundry bags. So therefore you have to collect all flies children again.

So pulling the first ever fly from your inventory on one of the laundry bags, so Mama spider can use the drying rack as a cradle. This eliminates a network out of the box, which has been on the drying stand. Now collect the network. Run it up the wall to the air shaft. In the corner where Mama spider sitting, piling up a few boxes. There you can see a red yarn role.

Now it goes to the potter around. Go into the room with mom spider and is also there on the floor. The network can connect you with the red knob on the wall of the duct. Then pull the red yarn on the net and it is patched. Imagine the fly, which runs on the floor as in the way that it jumps over the sloping block into the net. Get them up and down in the laundry bag with her.

Journey Of A Roach, Laundry Bag, Room

For the next fly you also need the right cat food can, which has fallen out of the box. To open this it needs the sewing machine. However, since this has nothing lace, you have to run to the ceiling again. This time all the way back, where the family pictures hanging. From which hangs within your reach, you can pull the nail out.

Now you can combine with the sewing machine. This will get you one of the can openers when you pressed the pedal under the table you have an open socket for your inventory, but also the lid. Now go to the nursery to feed the fly under the bed. So the cat's food comes out into the cup and the little animal. Grab it and you plugged it in a laundry bag.

Magic Box and a fly with a spiked collar are visible. However, if you click on it, it disappears. But they can take you back a rat on the floor. Collect them. Since the vanished fly has settled on the fan, you walk towards the ceiling. Click on the fly and Jim is trying to grab. By the spiked collar but he hurt himself and the animal disappears again - through the wall! Since this is now torn down, once you go down there go further to the left in the new space.

There you will find a pair of red boxing gloves on a clothesline. Left on the shelf is a funnel to get it, you run from the ceiling to the wall. If you circumnavigated the shelf something, you make it so into it on the floor and right into the room. Once you reaching out to fly, they will entrench themselves in the vault. So first examine the other items in the area. On the righ, you will find a brush beside the washing machine and a packet of detergent. Shipyard times after a closer look at the safe. You can open it by selecting it the appropriate symbols and it pulls to the right place.

These are found in the following places: In the nursery, which stands with the many bunk beds. Throw them around so you get to the red toy airplane. If it runs along the corridor, pass the rooms, you will find a toy on the floor that you can put it in your inventory. Run it some more until the transition ends, is yet another toy. Then run on the ceiling further back, pass the nursery, you discover another toy on a shelf in the form of a mouse.

It is the funnel and the rat (it is the shadow of the mouse with the two ears) for the left lock. In the Middle is one of the toys namely the comic with the nose and the handle from the other side. For the third castle you need the aircraft and the lid of the cat food.

Journey Of A Roach, Aircraft

Open Sesame! And tada, you have the safe opened and you can grab the fly. But wait. By the spiked collar you can not touch them. But Jim tells you what to do. Put on the boxing gloves, dragging them to Jim. Then you can grab the little runaway. Back to Mama stuffed spider and the little animal into the nearest laundry bag.

The only missing one, since it does not seem to stick with you, you simply change the time quickly. Go to the nursery and the adhesive bucket. Use the brush to be able to carry around the glue. In the room of Mama Spider is a large sheet of paper in front of the sewing machine. Underline the glue out. Now you have to bring the fly to come from the ceiling. So run fast up the wall and scares the animals on. So it remains on paper and you can stick it quite easy to collect. As the little beast now stick with you, you have gotten it only once before you can get rid of it.

Then back to the room with the washing machine. If you have not yet thrown the package in the washing machine, do it now and then let go Jim himself a few Ründchen. So you get off the fly and in your inventory. Back to Mama Spider and this is now thrown into the laundry bag.

Journey Of A Roach, Mama Spider

Since now all her favorites are back, Mama Spider hits the road and you can get out of the room by going through the hole in the ground. But now Mama Spider requires milk for her little ones that you also have to get her.


Turn left over to the fan, back to back through. There you will find a remote control that stick to the wall. On the floor you can also press so that it is read the green switch. So you turn off the fan, which is near Mama spider.

Now run to the small section. From there you can walk into the room to the front. The gas mask carrying ants talking about the fact that they have seen Bud, who fall through the ceiling, but the way that might lead to it is blocked by the two. So an alternative is needed!

Speak with the rat, which is upset and thereby throws away her glass over the ant soldiers. Grab it. On the wall you can climb up and grab you by the neon sign a lightning-shaped stick. Now run left through the door into the bar you will find that there is Bud crashed through the floor and you have to back through the kitchen to find him. However, since the ant soldiers blocking the way, you have to leave with something else ... for example, how they look.

So now you have to collect some stuff, swap and cobble together. Go through the ventilator shaft at Mama spider down. Run past the first turnoff to where the path bends upward. There until the rear. Jim now let you run a piece of yourself, so that you can continue left. Then do not run up the wall, but again a bit on yourself too. Links you can already see another fan.

In the room you first introduce yourself to the floor. Left is the door that was previously guarded by the two ant soldiers who are now gone. For this you can take away the board, which blocked the door from the inside. There beside you can climb up the wall. In one of the cups you'll find some chocolate bars. That you need for a bit of gambling with the three smokers in the bar but because they want music, you care only about it. Connect the lightning-shaped stick with the piano, the dancer on stage begins to swing to the hips.

You can now play with his wooden leg with the sailor. Your work is the chocolate. Now you have only yourselves to remember where the ball shall pass under the bucket. However, since you will always be crappy, you must click on the image on the cups. This sailor is distracted and you can select the correct cu. You have thereby gained his wooden leg, but at the same time engage the soldier ants. You lose your chocolate bar at mood. But at least you can get back the sweet stuff, which is namely at the next table. Access is simply there.

Journey Of A Roach, Guide

Then you can play again. Well rather not, because the other players, the music is missing. Since the piano was destroyed back there is not much. For this, you can get out of its ruins the treasure map that seeks the rat in the hall. So they handed her out. When it's gone, you can go back to the crate before which they stood. There you will find a jam jar. The same still you need to catch the fireflies in the hammock in the room on the right.

For this to work, however, you need something else, namely an energy drink after ant. Worried you remove the batteries from the bar, lying on the left bar table behind the corner. Connect it with the glass of the rat. Then go into the kitchen and use the dispenser on the counter. Thus you have your energy drink.

Well into the hippie room on the right. Climb up the wall to the base in the right corner. From there, you can give the firefly's energy drink, so it starts to glow. The old man on the couch below sits on a result. Visit him at the same time.

He wants a cigar. There is one on the piano! On the wall you come to collect the cigar. Give it to the old man. The only thing missing fire to light it. To this end, make the oven left hand quite well. However, the tube shows only the top and thus ignites nothing. So click the stove pipe so that it rotates. So now it is directed from the old man. Pull the lever and he can puff a tidy. It captures not only greatly to cough, but also leaves dropping a coin. Good for you!

Journey Of A Roach, Cigar

Now you can make to the machine one more room to create. Money thrown in and you'll get by with a fan; you can also use the same because that is pretty rusted hippie room already. So high wall and the thing repaired. Smokey the whole thing still remains, that can change very quickly, however. Simply turn on the fan. In addition to the shelf it turns to green.

Thus, not only the secret shrine of firefly behind a poster, but the old man also comes to the couch. If you click on the book, which has previously supported the sofa, you learn that the old man was an army general of the bees, who fought and lost against the ants. And thus his army jacket ... who has the woodlouse in the bar random whites.

Before you can make her the jacket but alienate you still need music. The fireflies seem to be able to sing very well. Climb up to him only once. We can already see its Fingerling for the dancer. It would probably be a smart idea to bring together both. Grab but yet the scarf from the shrine, and then it can go. Because you have the firefly now bagging and bring to the dancer.

Use the jam jar. If the animal first light in there, you have to use the scarf to wrap around the glass, otherwise escaped the fireflies. Back to the bar and the dancer makes the firefly to the present. Now you have music again.

Journey Of A Roach, Woodlouse

Now you can challenge the army jacket the woodlouse. Offer her chocolate. Then it starts the same way as in the sailor. Unfortunately, it is the woodlouse not kidding as easily as the sailor. So before the game connects the wooden leg with a toy car. Then it can go. Let the cups are swapped. Then take out the remote control and draw them on the poster. Thus move the toy car and the dog will chase it behind the wooden leg and can look back to where the ball really is. This will get the army jacket.

Now the whole game even with the moth at the table. To distract them, you need a light bulb. This keeps the young dancer ready for you. Therefore, run up the wall, the ceiling and then to the stage next to the piano. On the roof of the stage there is a box. If you use these, you come back to correct, because it is now on stage. Right next to her now hanging upside down from the stage. From there you can catch the head of the dancing lady light bulb. Remain the same but now hanging on the ceiling of the bar.

So you come to the broken headlight, the screw you just acquired the bulb can. Then play with the moth at the table. Like the sailor you also need to click again only on the poster that comes up after the mixing cup and Jim turns on the light. So she is distracted and you can win a shower head.

His jacket brings the old man in hippie room again. Together you now forge a plan against the ants. As a result, you get an aviator glass with you shall disguise and a radio to contact the ancients later.

Now you need only one object in order to get the perfect disguise. Grab the soured milk from the kitchen and bring it to mama spider. This will get a wool yarn.

Now it goes to the dressing. Previously you have only your first color change, so you as dark as the ants will. This comes in handy to you a little soot. So turn again to the oven and walk in the flame, so Jim Burns. He is but darkened considerably. Then run into the kitchen. To the pot with the black color you can dye spider and then tighten by pulling on it you Jim Wollknäul of the mother. Put on the goggles and the shower head. Lining: 100%.

Now you can through the two guards who guard the entrance to the kitchen. So there went down the elevator and through.

Monitoring center

Increase across the board from the left and crawling up the wall to the ceiling. Behind you can grab the green potholder. Crawl, so you can on the other hand through the hole in the wall to the elevator around. As a result, you get into a lab that you can explore. Go past the large tank, there's a desk. In the drawer is a sponge, it also wraps up the same.

The next room you end up in the control center. The keycard you can not tear, because the ant your thieving actions monitoring like a hawk. For this, you can go further in the room. Compared to the console with the big red button and the two keyholes, keys I found immediately.

So start looking for him! Go back out of the part of the monitoring station on the wooden board. There you will also find an orange wire. Down, you will find Bud. Only the arms are locked. Thus: rescue operation launched!

Climb down the second ladder orange and you stand before a hamster wheel. In addition, an electric wand that you can collect. Right along you can do not only Bud hope that you freed him, but you also caught a glimpse of the next key - a key ring an ant soldiers. If it reaches for the key, the soldier will be frightened and he will drop something.

Then he will tell you that he wants a burger. Then you could probably get the key and free it. So on to Burger Search!

Before that, you should turn on the various cameras that are distributed to the ceiling, however. There are two of them in the room with the security door, in the hamster wheels, and one on the ceiling. Above the cage once you've done that, you can redirect the flow. Go next to the rat race with the centipede, where the lever is. Switche the cameras through to her, the two fuse boxes on the screen you have (the green dot on the far right must be set).

This gets her in the room Storm left the security door. Press the large button and the water will divert itself, so you can go to the left. As a result, you can collect the fish feed and the old shoe sole. So you have everything for your burger. Simply combine the sponge with the potholders and the existing sole and tada: a tasty burger.

 Journey Of A Roach, Walkthrough

Now back to the guard with the key. Give the burger it is so bad that even the guard will immediately feel sick. Now you can grab the key. It closes on the cage and frees the Badeentchen. The fact you need the same for a great lullaby. Mark you, to bring sleep to the ant on the board left the melody.

Now go back to the control center. Here it is the yellow duckling on the free space and then start the melody to quack: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Black, Blue. So the guard falls asleep and you can watch the previously guarded so well, grab keycard.

The fact you need the same for the security door. To get there, in addition, you must redirect the Storm. Do only once: Go into the room with the tank and keep the fish feed on the contaminated water. Then feed it to fish in the aquarium. By the radioactive radiation in the lining grows and it grows and breaks the aquarium. Although the fish now has a few more weight problems, you will get it with a screwdriver, which was previously included in the aquarium.

You can now chase the deeper levels in the current case. Switch the cameras by the lever in the next room or on the security door (green dot on the left). Climb to the top of the door frame, so you get to the generator coil. Use the electric baton to make a power connection. Now some sensitivity is required. Through the ventilation shaft run left (behind the tube along) until you stand on her feet again. Then go forward a little, to cut pipe. Turn right up the wall. Try to move that they will keep in touch, which can be disturbed by the tubes (Move it best to use the wall to the door frame before). If you've managed to run to the electrical box and connect the electric baton with it.

Now you have your Storm. Let the water flow back into the other pool and you can finally go to the security door. With your keycard you come now also easily clean the scanner. Grab inside the first aid kit, you can use the well for the injured foot the centipede. So help him and you can see that the battery indicator has risen. Now set the switch so that the cage appears on the screen (the green dot must be set to the second position from the right).

Imagine now the empty hamster wheel and run a few laps. The cage is raised and frees Bud ... almost. For some soldiers grab your buddy and by the vortices in the rat lose your body and flies on. Now you end up in a cage. Fleeing is now the motto. Fortunately, you can grab the spoon you right on the box and thus dig a hole in the ground.

This gets you into the slot under the cage. But careful: hot fans make you life difficult. Are you with good timing on the first pass, you may off it by the switch. To do this you must first of all run up the wall at the end. Then redistribute through the fan and the switch.

Journey Of A Roach

Right after two comes along at once. Timing and going through! To escape the rapidly rotating, you have to walk a little back, so you get to the ceiling on the wall. From here you just need to slow down and by the rotating fan. Then unlocks the latch and you come out in the cage room. (It is worth while to go again quickly into the slot and press the last switch.) But the door to the next room is now open.

Voodoo Spell

So again Bud behind that is being prepared by a formic Voodooprister for the pot. Run by the door right up the wall and you can pull the Swiss army knife of the wall. Thus, the ant on the monitor screen for the crane is paralyzed. However, climb even further. on the shelf there is a canister that you can grab.

Now you have to free the Bud from the cooking pot. Pull the lever on the crane. Press the button at the bottom left and the crane will destroy the glass dome to monitoring center. After you press the lower left corner and then pull the lever. Thus, the crane picks up the box. Then carry away, press the button in the middle on the left side and pull the lever. So you have a view equal protection to the soldier. Wenn, their lands back in the cage. Before you disappear from the crane program on the red X, use the button to set the box on the back flap to the middle yellow-striped mark.

Since the hole under the first box is now free to go in there quickly. Run the corridor to the rear through to the skeleton. There you will find a pickaxe. Back out of the hole. There you will find advantageous. White ... a nail gun. Further down you can use the switch to open the trapdoor.

However, before you go down, you should look past the crane console again. Activate the upper right button, so that the crane above the door is open. Around lever and the crane place the box down into the small lake.

Journey Of A Roach, Voodoo Spell4

Now climb into the chute and you will not only find the treasure map but also meet the rat again. In addition to the well is a stalagmite that you can smash. As a result, you help the rat. Run from the ceiling to the floor and on the left side of the small lake nuclear waste. Back on a barrel find a few batteries. Since you have only one device with the compatible, you put it in the radio.

You also need the right to call for reinforcement. So get out of the bay and back to the crane console. Here the top wall. Connect the radio tower and the radio to call the old man who attacks along with the spider and the fly from mom ant soldiers sells. If the first is done, you can grab the drug mushroom next to the cooking pot. Now I only have the Voodoo priest left.

This you can turn off the crane, so back to the crane console. Grab the fungus in the console, so as to replace the missing button. It pushes and then pulls the lever to grab the voodoo priest. Since the rat has previously noted before, that she has an open account with the voodoo man. So push the button on the far right top and let it fall into the bay with the help of the lever. The rat says.

Now it is still free to Bud. To do this you still need key II, which has unfavorable caught up to the throne of the voodoo priest. With the crane you can lift things and turn off again (Let it be the best ever in the air.). So you have here a different way, which present itself in the form of a ramp. Climb up the wall to the right to the land around until you are on the ramp. You can cut the rope that holds them with the Swiss Army knife. So you come to the next bridge and II can pick the key down.

Journey Of A Roach, Voodoo Spell 4, Guide

Since you need to Bud fish from the pan, climb onto the underside of the bar. As a result, you can also run on the bottom of the throne. Once around and you stand before a winch. In Mission Impossible style, it goes to rescue Bud then down. The land and then in the rocket behind you.

So back to the land and back to the plant. The rocket fuel and that requires three canisters. One you have already, and a second is there ready and waiting. The third you get down in the rat, which has left him standing there after you've given her the voodoo man. So catch up with him and dump him in the rocket.

Now you have to get just started the whole thing. So run to the monitoring center and put key II in the hole. Then you can press the big red button and the trip for Jim and Bud starts.