TF2 Gets New Update: Two Cities - New Skills, Man Vs Machine' Mode

Valve release a major update for its free-to-play shooter game, “Team Fortress 2”, called Two Cities, which brings not only new maps but also new skills for the Medic.

Despite its age, Team Fortress 2 is still one of the most popular free-to-play video games among players. The ever-growing player replenishment Valve secured by the wise move, as the game has been free-to-play since 2011.

Finally, the continuous updates and the ability of the community, thanks to the Steam Workshop ensure item replenishment and free to trade with each other, keeping the game still fresh and alert.

Two Cities, Valve has released a new update that not only bring three new maps, including two new maps for the 'man vs machine' mode, but also a killstreak kit. If you play the 'Two Cities Tour of Duty', you get this and can therefore convert a weapon of your choice in a killstreak weapon that you can always continue to expand.

Another innovation is the Medic class. So it is in the best Ghostbusters-style revives dead comrades and using an energy shield can repel projectiles, while near robots are heated by the shield.

But the Soldier class gets an upgrade. With the Rocket Specialist is the Soldier is able to shoot faster rockets, paralyze their targets; they do not do, at least for a while.