Tiny Star Wars Death Star: tips to optimize your time and skills

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star game is a result of a partnership with Disney and developer NimbleBit - creator of the successful Tiny Tower. The title for iOS and Android takes the concepts of their most famous world of science fiction franchise game, putting players in the shoes of an imperial agent, whose mission is to build and manage the Death Star and end the threat Rebel

The cartoon style visuals and retro graphics can give the impression that this is a children's game, or even simple. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, however, presents a level of complexity to reflect the administration of something as great as an intergalactic space station. And in this opportunity, barely a use made of resources can hinder the experience too and put you in the sight of the Emperor.

The DTG Reviews compiled a list of tips that will help you in the task of becoming an exemplary imperial agent. Check out:

Use the lift well
The Bux is one of the major currencies of the game, used to purchase characters and story, or to speed up construction or stock their stores. Unit are eventually credited to a player after performing specific actions - such as the location of a citizen or a new expansion on the Death Star - but still, the accumulation of credits that type takes some time.

The game, however, gives a considerable amount at the outset, so that the player gets used to the mechanics and not have to wait that long to see things happening. While it is tempting to spend your initial Bux to leverage their inventory or accelerate the construction of floors, is the ideal place to store them and start investing in the purchase of a lift.

In addition to increasing the speed of passenger transport - something that is essential when your Death Star exceed twenty floors - a new item type is able to duplicate the tip date by citizens during the trip. Thus, it is possible to increase the gain of Credits and continue with expansion plans.

Still, no need to wait for a citizen chooses to start walking takes you there. The game presents a brief delay before the speech bubble indicating the choice to appear, but the arrows indicating the pavement now start flashing as soon as the character steps into the elevator. Move faster to optimize the gain credit.

Do not fall into temptations
The use of Bux to speed up construction of floors or inventory building looks tempting at first, but is not a strategy that is worth. The expense is too great for the result, while the virtual currency of the game can be used for other more lucrative purposes like buying new lifts, as mentioned above.

The same goes for the exchange of currencies as the conversion rate is too low for the business worthwhile. As much as the idea quickly find that money is lacking to build one floor is attractive, the ideal is to have patience and wait for things to happen in due time.

Make room for VIPs
Star Wars: Death Star Tiny has a number of special citizens who are not residents or consumers, but to ensure special advantages in administration. This is the case, for example, Workers, which decrease in three hours time of construction or storage, or movers of walking, that let you change the hierarchy of the tower without costs.

Quite rare, such officers should be used with care and intelligence, in order to achieve the best results. The player, if you want you can also save them to use at the appropriate time, leaving them at the front desk of the Death Star. But there is a limit here, since only five VIPs can be stored at a time.

Of all kinds, the Official Allowance is the most common and appears almost every time. Responsible for building the floors Imperial items, they can quickly take up all available space on the desk, taking the place of that VIP may end up being providential in the future.

Therefore, always keep a Journal of Allowance in your inventory and use all the other stories that appear in Imperial, even without type items at the moment. The idea is to make room for the rarest and most useful types of VIPs and discard those that appear more frequently.

Spender: your best customer
Still talking on VIPs, there is a particular type that is essential to the expansion plans of the Death Star: the spenders. They are aliens who buy all products from one type on one floor, greatly increasing profits provided, of course, are well used.

Realize the arrival of a Spender in the tower; check the status of their stocks before activating the elevator. Look for stories that have products in large quantities, or, preferably, no items are of type 1, which pay less. Take your character to the floor which is better and see their profits increase considerably from one time to another.

Realize the dreams of its employees
Every citizen of the Death Star arrives there with a special ability and desire to work in a specific location. In most of the mechanical management of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, the player must not only manage their tower, but also where each of its citizens will work.

The numbers at the top right of each card indicate the intimacy of each character with a specific type of work. So put them to work in establishments that fit the profile means an improvement in productivity, which is reflected in faster and higher sales storages. Here, it is worth even be cruel and evict residents with low skills, making room for more qualified personnel.

Also, stay tuned to the dream job of every employee. Give an employee the job he always wanted ensures unit Bux, plus double the total of products stocked in an establishment. Thus, it is possible to maximize profits and make their stores work longer.

Be smart on orders of stock
Star Wars: Death Star Tiny follows logic for products, storage time and their prices. Items at level 1, for example, are sold more quickly and accumulate fewer units, in the same measure that take less time to be received by employees. Learn to work with these parameters is essential to keep your business running all the time.

Before performing the request for an item level 3, take a look at the stock situation of the other. Often, it's worth waiting a little longer with a missing item, perform the request of those of lesser value, and only then, with the shelves full, start the shipping of the most expensive and time-consuming products.

Also, it pays to be strategic in order inventory and go to sleep with the shops full of items at level 3. So, when you wake up, you will have a considerable total credits and will make your Death Star work for you during sleep.