Tips on mastering Rayman Fiesta Run Stages

Rayman Fiesta Run comes to IOS and Android devices as one of the top choices of casual games for mobile devices. Check out some tips to accumulate many Lums and do well in the new game from Ubisoft:

Insist even improve your score

In the vast majority of over seventy stages of the game, the insistence can present the player with beautiful scores. Sent well in one phase, but think it could have gone better? Restart and ensure even more Lums, avoiding the lack of new stages with the advancement of the game.

Use the power ups in the game

Shoe that help in timing the jumps, projectile launchers and extra shells. These items can all be purchased with Lums acquired in matches. Where undergo some tightening, appeals to the items and ensure a smoother running.

Prefer the majors

Pick up a great career Lums may seem tempting enough to let that currency becomes greater hit, right? Wrong. Always give preference to the major currencies, which contains many grouped points. Are just three per phase, so keep your eyes open.

Learn from mistakes

Be prepared to miss a lot in Fiesta Run whenever you pass a lot of points, try to decorate the place and mistake, and restart the stage. So, it'll be easier to hit the road without major problems.

Try to catch all the Lums

In addition to providing the highest glory of the game, grab all the points of a phase automatically unlock another level, which would be played later. This will make you go faster around the map, and unlock new challenges instantly.

Repeat steps already played

You know those phases there from the beginning, where you could not great scores? After gaining some experience, it is a good idea to go back to them and get the most points, as they tend to be easier.

Beware the jump

After a few moments of play, skip all the time seems quite natural. Beware, as the abuse of heels can make you lose precious Lums, positioned in the lower part of the scenery. Try to get used to walking straight until they are actually needed jump. This will save time and ensure more Lums per game.