TLOZ: A Link Between Worlds - Walkthrough, Complete Solution (3DS)

Table of Contents

1. The adventure begins
2. Cave before the cemetery
3. In the castle
4. Path to Kakariko / The wise Sahasrahla
5. Path to Ostpalast
6. East Palace
7. Boss: Yuga
8. Path From the East Palace
9. Path to Death Mountain
10. Advance to Death Mountain
11. Hera's Tower
12. Boss: Moldorm
13. Path to the Kingdom of Zora / search for the stone Schmeichel
14. Path to the house of the wind
15. House of the Wind
16. Boss - House of the Wind
17. The Master Sword / Lost Woods
18. Hyrule Castle
19. Boss: Yuga
20. Lorule / Back to Hyrule / thieves to hide
21. Thieves hideout
22. Boss - thieves hideout
23. Path to the swamp palace
24. Swamp Palace
25. Boss: Arrghus
26. Path to the palace of darkness
27. Palace of Darkness
28. Boss: Helmasaur
29. Path to the desert temple
30. Desert Temple
31. Boss - Desert Temple
32. Path through the quarry / road to Eisruine
33. Path to Eisruine
34. Eisruine
35. Boss: Frost Rigid
36. Path to the skeleton forest
37. Skeleton Forest Temple
38. Boss - Skeleton Forest
39 Boss - Skeleton Forest
40 Path to Turtle Rock
41 Turtle Rock
42 Boss - Turtle Rock
43 Castle Lorule
44 Boss: Ganon-yuga in the form
45 side quest: / gather Summsenmann Summsen
46 side quest: Finding the big race Pegasus / Pegasus Boots
47 side quest: Gri search / find pocket
48 side quest: Chicken hail

49 side quest: Tempo-Rubin hunting

20 years after A Link to the Past Nintendo finally delivers something like a sequel. Even when the game is mostly the same as in the SNES predecessor, there are serious differences. Although the Death Mountain is still there, where it once was, just as the lost forest, desert or the village of Kakariko, but that does not mean that every stone is still in the same place.

The adventure begins

As always wakes link to a worrying dream in his hut in the middle of nowhere. He is woken up by someone who introduces himself as Gri. The situation for the little guy with the green outfit is quite simple: he should contact the forge. He is far too late, Overslept once again. The Master will be angry and the forge is already fired.

Once Link has reluctantly rolled out of bed, he can just look in his hut, and they must leave then. Gri is waiting for him and offers to take him a bit towards the forge. Previously, he has it but the red statue down, a lot of which are scattered across the game. It is to weather vanes, on which you can save your game. So run the morning greeting from how Gri calls it, and you see that the weather-cock is located on your map. Later time is a fast travel point.

Then follow the path to the left and enter the adjacent screen. You see how Gri runs away to the northwest, through the trees. Follow him and run in the next screen when you stand before the water of the moat to the left. You are then arrived at the forge and just need a few more steps to go up.

In the smithy

Enter the hut and make a tangible dressing caught. Before master smith, however, rebuking, he finished his dialogue with the main man, he made a sword and a shield. After the captain left the hut, is to link the series, and almost gets from his master a set of hot ears. Before this, however, can go to work, the woman noticed the smith that the captain forgot his sword.

Fortunately for Link, who now gets the task of chasing the captain and bring him his gun. So take the forgotten sword forged from the table and let you tell the master that the captain had probably gone to Hyrule Castle - it is marked on the map with a red X. Leave the hut and then run back the way which you came (to the east). If you stand in front of the water of the moat, then do not turn down in the direction of links hut, but run to the right and you come to a magnificent stone bridge. Cross it and you're at Hyrule Castle.

To the church

Talk to the soldiers at the gate that lets you know that the captain is not back yet. He's probably gone for a chat about Seres sister, he says, and this is supposed to find the church. This is located at the back of the castle. Follow the shortest path, the soldier left the castle along, then turn north and run along the western castle wall and to the left at the first opportunity in the adjoining area.

Here you will also find a guide that tells you it was going straight to the kitchen. Follow this path and keep in the next screen to the right, always the red map marker behind. As you reach the church and activated first before the weathercock.

Step into the land then in front of the church and its bursting into the conversation between the gravediggers Boris - known inter alia from Ocarina of Time - Seres and sister. After she went into the church to look after the captain, one hears a bloodcurdling scream, and that can be a good sign.

Link should now look what happened there, but unfortunately, the front door is locked. The gravedigger lets us know that we are told from an underground path to the church, this should be located in the cemetery. To this end, Link can even use the imaginary to the captain sword. There is not an excuse, no matter how hard you tried.

While Boris shaking wildly at the church door, you walk right to the cemetery where you defeat all the green blobs. Then Look at the grave stones, imagine before and noticed that you can grab them with the A button and move. Behind most grave stones are either spirits or precious jewels, it goes on behind only the central, large grave stone, which is surrounded by a flower bed of white flowers. Pushes it back and lays her down a hallway past.

Cave before the cemetery

There is a pitch black in the first room. Smite with the sword of the pitcher ahead of you away from the chest and take the lamp. Upgrade it via the menu item and places it into the field for the Y button. Now you have around a faint light, which at least makes you a little orientation. Then smash all the pots, if you like, and read the sign in this space.

Apparently you have to make light in order to open the path, and it works by do you imagine the next two torch stand and use the lamp - lit two torches and then link the output open. In the next room you will find many rats can defeat them, even here there is again extinguish torches stay lit but only a few moments and go out again. Take the small chest of the red ruby and move into the top left corner of the room.

Here you walk up few steps and reach to a locked door that you can’t open without the matching key. Move it outside the door on the right and follow it along latticed platform up to a small alcove off the wall. In this you will find a chest and can extract the small key to said door. Here you make the game ever quite careful with the familiar basic dungeon mechanics, is structured according to each temple.

Now you have the key, open the door and defeat the three spirits in the next room. The output opens and you can continue. In the room above you see two gray levers protrude from the wall - one left, one right - and it extends basically when you pull out the left (only enemies appear on the right). The door opens to the inside of the church.

Follow the few meters to the altar and you will witness a horrifying spectacle. A man named Yuga (actually looks more like a witch and will be described here and there) sister Seres transformed into a mural, from which there seems to be no escape for them. Link efforts to attack Yuga will fail. The unknown enemy makes his escape, can be link, and it looks like a hero would once again needed.

Ravio, the dealer

Link takes his own dwelling again and meets someone who introduces himself as Ravio. The shrill type quartered himself unceremoniously into link house and serves henceforth as item dealer. His offer can already take in claim soon, for now he gives you his bracelet. If you drop by to the next station of your journey in link house, you will see what is meant. Now Princess Zelda must find out what happened.

In the castle

You already know how to get to the castle, so wasted no time and run straight into the courtyard. Go past the coaching here soldiers and those who are engaged in the graffiti wipe out and talk to the guard at the front door. Before he can turn you, the door opens and the honorable Impa comes out. After learning what happened, you can go to the castle.

Impa tells you to wait in the hall. You can use the time to get you to talk to the officials or to look at the paintings and learn about the Zelda timeline. Shortly after Impa comes out and tells you that Princess Zelda wants to see you. In other areas of the castle you can not now. Impa follows the chamber of the princess.

Get to know the young blond boy and tells her of all that has happened in the Church. Of course, an evil force is involved in it, she says, as is always the case. Impa proposes to have Sahasrahla to ask for help. This lives in Kakariko village, west of Hyrule Castle. This is your next destination. However, you are Zelda with a talisman. You can now explore other areas of the castle, but much to see and find it does not exist. Again leave the walls devoted to you and your new job.

Way to Kakariko / The wise Sahasrahla

After you have crossed down the castle bridge, you walk to the left, always at the moat along. In the next area you come back past the forge and can talk to the wife of the blacksmith. From her you will find out that Gri is apparently disappeared. One problem we will deal with that later.

Just west of the forge is the entrance to the village of Kakariko. Here you can look around once and explore everything. Step into the quiet homes and speak to all people who you run into. Important, for example, the house of the bee's above the milk bar.

Come in and talk to him to obtain a continuous side quest in which you can earn good money regularly. He also gives you a net with the path you needed, for example for catching fairies. However, before you need an empty bottle, and it gets in the center of Kakariko. Talk here with the wandering merchants and buy him an empty bottle for 100 Rupees.

Who wants to hold more small talk in the village that can do much, but the next important station can be found in the northeast. This fact points towards the red X mark the hut and have Sahasrahla. Enter and reported the oddball who is dozing and mumbling of a certain Master Sword from the past events.

You can experience something of the history of Hyrule, from Ganon, the Seven Sages, and how they once banished the King of Darkness. Moreover, as suspected, the old man, Yuga plans to resurrect Ganon again - which would be terrible for the country. Your next clue: A suspicious man was spotted on Ostpalast. The student Osfala is already on the way there, but there is no other sign of life from him. Since Osfala is a descendant of the seven sages, there is reason to believe that it floats in great danger.

The old man liked the Ostpalast on your world map and sends you a message there to see his students. The real adventure begins.

Path to Ostpalast

Links of dwelling from their walk to the east and come to a stone bridge with some green blobs. Defeat all the enemies and walk across the bridge to the top. You come to an area with some stone pillars and enemies that look like octopuses. Run right, right between the two rows statue through and in the next screen, where you attack the black bird from the tree to the top.

In the following screen you run plain to the north of the stone structures throughout and come to a kind of forecourt Ostpalastes. You see in a short tracking shot two small pillars with a bow and arrow symbol on it, also next to two purple and two rotary switches set up by Ravio signs.

At the point it is important to know that you are not coming here without a certain item. This can hand you the only dealer left the house, so going back there. Once, you ask Ravio as the symbol looked like. Select the second from the bottom, the sheet symbol. Ravio lends you then bow out, which is an exception.

Note: If you drop by after the Ostpalastes at Ravio, he will open his shop and rent items to you. Each loan you have to pay with 50 rubies. Link dies while he leads loaned articles with you, it will be removed again, and this he must borrow again - of course, again for a fee. The dealer offers you later the items, what with 800 rubies strikes Beech average.

Then go back to the forecourt of Ostpalastes and uses the bow to shoot the round switch. The gate towards the next area, before the earlier stood the purple signs, opens. Pass through. Follow it left the narrow path, you come to some knight statues over (a few of them will attack you) and you can loot at the end of the path a small box - 20 Rupees after all.

Jumps right off the edge of the box looted down (against the boulders you can do nothing yet) and follow the path south. The wooden posts with red rubies are behind you, so long an insurmountable obstacle until you have the hammer. So go right in front of the gray statue with its beak down the stairs and then north, up the next stairs.

Hold on a piece right, then the next stairs. After several more knights statues you reach the entrance of the palace, in front of students looking Osfala. In conversation, he learns what link has to say it, but is not impressed especially by the evil forebodings. He swears on his sand bar and is grossly overestimated. Then he rushes to the temple. Save your score at the weather-cock and goes after him.

Eastern Palace

The Ostpalast is the first dungeon of the game, yet very manageable in its arrangement of the rooms and not very difficult to master. It makes you familiar with how the temple functions in Zelda.

Take first the bow, you introduce yourself to the edge of the abyss and fires an arrow on the round switch right over. Run straight across the bridge resulting in the next room. Defeat the monster with tentacle-like limbs and continue the nose into the next room.

You must now overcome the aisle, roll through the turns four small and one large ball. Imagine down to the corner and waits for the big ball is bowled. Then she runs off, and stay left where it briefly goes into the niche cover. Waiting there again until you have free rein, run straight ahead and then turn left into the hallway, where you are in front of the rolling balls to safety.

Run your left continue along the path, up the stairs and pushed between the knight statue to where the rubies are, you can collect them and become a mechanism of down. You will then need to pass the balls again. Look at your map and you realize that there are five potential passages that take you further.

The large wooden door with the red arrow above the hole, the balls are rolled from is closed until you have the necessary silver key. Hold on left and go through the Northwest Passage to the map. Once you are in the next room, the door is locked behind you and you have to fight three opponents, again the small tentacle-like creature.

Make it all flat and there appear four new ones. Each opponent can only tolerate a blow. Once peace has returned, a chest appears, unfortunately, it is on the higher platform is not yet reached bottom. Run directly under the platform with the chest through the passage (seen from the top view does not) and provides you the bottom right of the round, protruding bottom switch - it seems a chest, which can extract 20 rubies.

Go back to the room in which you specify the enemies you defeat, and through the passage to the left of the box. The stairs and through the passage on the opposite side, which brings you to the box. This you can extract the compass inscribing treasures and lock doors on the dungeon map.

Go back to the room with the rolling balls and proceed through the northeastern passage. In this room you can see a square, up and down moving platform. Imagine it, if it is lowered, let you drive up and include an arrow on the round button to the right. You see that right behind the platform is lowered to the chest, but that's not enough to get to them.

On the left side of the room you see another purple switch you have to equip with an arrow, and that is when the platform is lowered (you can see below the grid bad). When both switches are activated, you only have a few seconds to rush to the box before the path is blocked again. Take the small key with you.

Tip: You also have access to a Feenquelle is hidden. Wait until the square platform is lowered, and run it over it completely down. You can not see that there is a passage, but it is there. You come to Feenquelle. Gather all the jewels there and let yourself heal from the fairies in the water if you want.

Then go back to the main room with the rolling balls. The door with the red arrow above it you can now open with the found key and come from the ground floor to the floor 01

Do you remember the red switch in the middle; awaken all four knight statues to life. You'll have to defeat all in order to open the exits. In addition, a circle of light brings you back to the beginning of the dungeon will appear when you enter it.

Marched through the left passage and you come to a room with rolling balls back and forth, running in three lines. Imagine left on the round floor switch, so that the staircase is extended, and hurry on up-race, as it is retracted again as soon as you leave the switch.

Next, you have to run to the right once the big ball is bowled over - it always follows two balls close together. When two are gone, creates a greater pause long enough for you make it to the stairs. Run down rolling back and forth in the next area where bullets from all sides. Stand on the round button to the right of the podium in the middle of the room, so stairs are pushed to the side. Among them, there is another switch to light, you have to activate the quick to make a chest appear with a monster heart.

Go out into the switch at the bottom left and it makes you the way into the room below you. There are many differences in height, elevated platforms that you can not reach at first glance. Push the 3-D switch up and you see how much this space is in the air. Follows the path to the big boss door, for you still lack the necessary key. Take the bow and fires an arrow to the left of said boss door on the round switch to turn on the left a small lift. The door, however, you still do not get on.

You must now select the two round switch on the right side of the room, but how? Just before the boss door to use the bow, as you have just done it on the opposite side, that does not work, because the left is lower of the two switches and standing right behind a pillar. Imagine first that way, as shown in the image.

This opens the door on the right side of the room. Then goes to the extreme, upper right corner of the room, so you stand before the still locked door, and fires an arrow on the remaining round switch. This provides a small lift is started and you can through the door that just opened.

The following room is very simple. Imagine. Rotating square on one of the transport platforms and activated with a bow and arrow all the four switches on the platform in the middle. Here you have to be careful that you do not make the arrows launchers. Have you activated all the switches, appears on the right side of the chest with a small silver key.

Go back to the previous room and open to the left the closed door that were not able to open her up. Upon entering the room, the door is locked behind you and you have to compete against three skeletons. These differ from each of your attacks by jump away backwards. Push them into a corner and you see the bony wool over my eyes.

If all three skeletons from the world, the platform are lowered with the large chest - can extract the major key with which you can open the door to the boss. Do you have the key, then run left the small stairs and through the latticed platform to the right. Skin on the round switch in the small space in which it comes out and thus reduce from a wall in the same room. Go back and leave the room, just where you've defeated the skeletons.

Take the bow to the hand and fires an arrow on the round switch that is accessible now. This bridge is flipped before the big boss door and you can make you ready for the first boss fight of the adventure.

Boss: Yuga
Whoa, here it is so poor Osfala devious. As Link enters the boss door, he sees the eager student is tormented by Yuga. Since its sand bar no longer brings him a lot - he is transformed into a painting.

The witch noticed you and see link for quick bite in between - what can happen if you are careless. With the sword courageously she has to rush no sense because they will evade you, by transforming itself into a mural. You will simply not up to them to hurt them.

If it leaves marks on the walls, then be careful. Either jump little sidekick out or flash that can seriously hurt you. In the latter case, you have to necessarily go out of the way (watch the yellow rays, alluded to, and you realize what area the lightning cover), while their little helpers can jump after all, the heart energy. They are defeated by two goals.

Take the bow to the hand and fires at the witch with arrows, whereupon it collapses dazed. This is your chance to give her some blows with a sword. Have you done that twice, you'll see a short cutscene and they expanded their repertoire

Now she conjures three little helpers and has a fiery attack that goes around with glowing red pillars of fire shoot out of the walls. In the event, you run in a circle and simply stay where you do not hit the flame. Continues to work with the bow and strike a witch on when you the opportunity arises. After a few more hits, it's done and you have mastered the first major challenge.

Of course Yuga is finally defeated, but only for the time being repulsed. You will hear more from her. At the end of the fight she transforms herself into a link mural, but it can free itself from an awkward position and then on has the ability to make the transformation into a painting advantage stored in the form of dimension bangle. You do this technique regularly for puzzles.

Away from the East Palace

Traditionally, you take on the boss battle at the heart of you, making your energy bar is expanded around a heart. Try the new technique from the same: Behind the energy heart that you pick up is a crack in the wall, through which you have to squeeze you. Positioned right you tear and also presses against the wall, then you squeezed through the crack and you get to the outer wall of the temple.

Move it to the left until you reach a platform on which you let her fall (the pitcher for the endurance along). Pressed you right back to the wall and move into the opposite direction (it comes under the crack of just over), so you come to a square, up and down moving elevator.

Let you move down and follow the path. When the soil disappears under you, you can use the wall and wait until you have solid ground under their feet have the painting process - or you simply run fast. Shortly after you come to a place with two wall pieces that make up like a bridge and open it again - here it is also more than painting.
A Mauerriss brings you back to the entrance of the eastern palace. Before you leave him, you can traverse to the right another wall crack and find out a ruby silver (100) into the entrance hall. Then leave the palace.

Outside you talk to Sahasrahla and reports of the incidents. You must now reflect back to Hyrule Castle, which happens automatically, and upon arrival a picture of horror features. The palace is under the influence of powerful black energy, not even Sahasrahla can arrive with his staff about it.

In short: Only the Master Sword can eradicate evil from the face of the world, as it says the old legend. Before you need three amulets. One of the Amulet of Courage, Link has already, as it then presented him with Zelda as a luck charm. The remaining two amulets, it is said to be in the house of the wind and kept in Hera's Tower. If you want to avert the calamity, you have it or not there. Sahasrahla both places marked on your map, one in the north, one in the southeast.

Way to Death Mountain

After the first temple Sahasrahla marked two other places on your map, one in the southeast near the water, one in the north at Death Mountain. Let's start with the mountain in the north of the world.

Links of house you go north towards the castle. Run in front of the castle to the west, past the bridge, and you reach the area where the blacksmith is. Run north here, on the narrow path next to the water along. You come into the area with the guide that sends you straight to the church.

Here follows the way north and you come to an area with another signpost near the water. Run right over the water towards the north until you see another sign that warns you of deep water. Run further north and you care about the opponent, if you like. In the next area you walk through the trees and are almost at the foot of Death Mountain arrived.

Look to the right and you see that four small rocks blocking the entrance. You have to get rid of this, but how? On the left is a guide that sends you straight to a Erzhändler. Follows this direction indication to the hut with a leaky roof and stand.

The Erzhändler named Rosso accuses you be suffering and presented link the power gloves, which he said can cancel rocks immediately and throw it away. Wherever you see those rocks, you come now on, for example, the right of Hyrule Castle, where there is to get a Piece of Heart.

Are you so helpful and creates the stones to Rosso's house around off, he will reward you with 50 rubies. Now run back the way you came to her, and keep you right. Now you can eliminate and join before the entrance of the cave, the four gray rocks.
Cave and Death Mountain

Follows the course of the Ganges and the inside skin off the yellow centipede. The heavy, large boulders blocking the path directly opposite, you can not even lift, not even with the power gloves, so follow the passage to the right. It lurk more enemies, more rock and other vases in which you can capture some items. The path is clear and leads you to a few meters back outside.

Climb to Death Mountain

Quite dangerous. The volcano spews fiery rocks that can strike anywhere, and the small enemies that await you here are just petrified briefly with a sword attack. You can definitely do it after the bombs or petrify with a hammer.

Fight your way to the south, and differs from the rocks until you reach a small wooden bridge leading to the east, which you cross. Behind the trail further north, right above a small wooden staircase you will find a weathercock to save the game state that you should use. Then goes first into the small cave on the left below the weather-cock and take you the five rubies from the chest.

Then go into the cave to the right of weathercock and crosses the courses in which you receive roll large boulders. Uses the steps between gears as cover so they can not hit you. Transforms at the points where the holes in the ground their link in a wall painting and so overcomes the abyss (also a good way to avoid the boulders).

Do you already have the hammer of Ravio here, you can watch the Hölzpfähle in top gear hitting the ground - at the vases are rubies in the chest a monster heart. At the end of the cave you reach the huge hole to come out of the rocks rolled. This result from two wooden bridges. The left takes you to a ledge on which you can plunder a small chest to get 20 rubies. The right of the two bridges will take you back outside.

Here follows the mountain path to the left until you can enter the next cave. In here, you must now find a way to the top while dodging her again rolling down rocks. As they roll over the wooden stairs, you have to protect yourself with the transformation into a mural.

Do you take you into the cave on the left, you come to a gaping chasm that you can not overcome from here. So you beat through to the right side and you come to a small wooden bridge, at the end you leave the cave shortly. On the ledge outside her run to the left and go into the entrance back inside. You are now on the left side of the cave and thus also gotten over the abyss.

Now go further north, and do not roll over the rocks you. At the top level you can loot a chest on the right and take a monster heart. Then run in front of the huge holes along, from which the boulders come, and indeed to the left and you reach the exit of the cave.

At the ledge on which it comes out, you transform into a mural and can reach the opposite side. Tip: Do you let yourself fall onto the small ledge between them and go through the hole in the mountain, you get a Piece of Heart behind it and finds a Feenquelle to recharge your energy. Hopping down the boss and leave the source through the southern exit.

No matter which of the two routes described have taken it - you come before Heras tower out again. Before the bridge in front of the entrance you will find it not only a weather-cock, but two columns with a hammer symbol, between three wooden posts for which you need the hammer.

Ravio now has all the items on offer that you can you borrow any time, for a small fee understood, and this is to vary according to the subject. If you do not want to go all the way to building links, then let you on Death Mountain reflected by an opponent after you have activated the weathercock before Heras tower. In the following menu you choose "Continue from left house" and are greeted directly from Ravio.

He puts you in front of his small shop. Take with the items that you want to have (and of course the hammer), and leave the hut. Used outside the bell of Irene, the Witch, and let you to weathercock at Heras Tower features. So you will save plenty of time.

Heras tower

In this temple, the hammer and the wall painting technique is very often used. Other than the "usual" dungeons in Zelda this is built here in the height. There are a total of twelve stories, and none of them is insanely large. It's mostly about a way to be found further up.

So you Specifies the hammer best on the Y button and off you go. After entering the tower you can see four smiling, round faces in front of you - these are switches that serve as stepping platforms. Strike with the hammer on them on it in order to ram into the ground, and goes to blue, spherical switch behind it.

Strike with the sword on the switch to you to clear the way. Skin then left or right (depending on what area you go) again on one of the switches and marched to the rear area. Here you can see a lot of smiling faces in the form of switches. Go to the left to prominence, two of the skin faces into the ground, then just imagine it and waits until it highly hurl you on the edge.

Imagine on the wall, you turn a painting and you squeezed through the bars of the window. From the box on the balcony you take 50 Rupees. Then go back to the projection from which you came, and presses you as a painting on the left wall. From here it is left to the projection with the back and forth circular spines - right above the tower entrance. Is it right next to the blade, then you pressed on the southern wall and moves you through the front door of the tower along on the other side.

You come back to four laughing switches that carry you up a level. The big switch above works the same way and throws you onto a plane in the floor 01 above, which you can not see from below. Here used the hammer to stun the opponent by you beating beside them on the floor, and then skin them from the latticed platform down. Otherwise, it may happen that you yourselves runterfallt by the force of the blow and you have to leave again convey laboriously upward.

In the middle of the barred platform is a hole through which you let her fall to open the chest and the compass rauszunehmen. Let yourself then shoot up again and go left to the laughing switch, which transports you to the floor 02. You can see right on the boss a silver key. As wall painting you come to the blue spherical switch up and activates it to the right to clear the way in the field next to it.

Defeat the crawling enemy and strike on the next ball switch. So you see the door, for you need the small key, but must still approaching even to the key. It's simple: Stand on one of the walls, which were lowered by hitting a ball switch, and the skin on the corresponding switch (or closes an arrow on it), so that the wall is raised again with link to it. You can now comfortably absorb the key and exit through the locked door on the right.

Imagine driving around on the moving rectangular platform and let you around the building while her ward off the attacking birds. At one point stands a block of stone from the wall and pushes down link if it does not turn into a mural and moved around the block.

On the left side of the tower you have to once again use the mural to hold you to one of the cube-shaped blocks that go in addition to a platform up and down. Go through the door into the interior of the floor 03 Here you defeat the two skeletons and skin on the blue button to clear the way for laughing switch.

Promoted to you up to level 04, beat on the round switch to lower the wall in front of you, introduce yourself to the lowered wall and once again strike on the round switch. The chest can extract five rubies, introduce yourself to the lowered wall with the blue dots and strike on the round button to raise it again. Running now on the wall to the wall on the right side, Link transforms into a painting and let him crawl through the bars of the window.

You will return to a free and must ask you again on one of the moving platforms. Deviates during the journey from the moving spikes. At the point where the block pushes from the wall, it uses the mural in order to escape the abyss. Behind it you have to by a wall painting again, and reach from moving cubes, which transports you to the floor 05.

As soon as you enter, the door is locked behind you and you have to compete against a handful of skeletons. Push them as always in the corner, a strike on their weary bones and softens the bones, which they throw at you. Are all opponents defeated, a teleport will appear on the one hand to the entrance of the temple and on the other lift is activated.

Expect this lift and let yourself be transported into the floor 06. Here you use the hammer to knock out enemies, and then bangs on the round button to pave your way through the room. For the wooden door on the left side you need a small key, but how do you get it? It's simple: Take the hammer on hand and strike the fragile floor plates to destroy them. In the upper part of the room you see then switch with Grinsegesichtern among you, and next to a is also key. In addition to the other you will find a box with a monster heart.

Let yourself then shoot from the switches up and go through the locked door. You come back out onto a balcony and enter a square platform with a laughing switch it. At the point where the platform stops, her skin on the switch and let you shoot up into the floor 07

Imagine also here on the platform with the laughing switch and see to the bottom right. There you can make you fall on a lead and take out of the chest 100 Rupees. Use the mural you come back to the balcony with the first platform. Repeat these steps and you reach the level 08

Once you step inside the tower through the door back, you're locked up again. Now break tiles from the ground and fly out against you, which can fend off her fine with a shield. Have you still no sign, then simply run in circles and soaked the tiles. Are all of the tiles away, then there is a free elevator that takes you higher floor. If you like you can also go under the elevator to a hidden Feenquelle, be healed there and grab 50 rubies.

Then let you out of the elevator to the floor bring 09 where ye first take the enemy on the platform barred to the chest. Then Look around in every nook and you realize four round switch that you have to activate all with the sword, which makes the platform above on the right to walk with the laughing switch. Of him you let you bring in the floor 10.

Here uses the back and forth moving switch to allow you to carry big chest top right; this chest can extract the major key to the door to the boss of the dungeon. The left of the two laughing switch takes you to the corresponding door.

Boss: Moldorm

Before you can confront the boss, you first need to get to the twelfth floor. Uses for the hammer and Grins Esch age. On the floor 11 you have another opportunity to replenish your energy, but only as much heart as you need - let the others lie.

The boss is an old acquaintance of A Link to the Past, but significantly less nevenraubend than then. Moldorm is a worm-like creature that is vulnerable to the tip of Heras tower crawling around and only at the tail, where the red end can be seen. Not on head and nowhere else.

In the middle of the battle platform is a gap through which he pushes you down if you are not careful. Here it is significantly less cruel than its counterpart on the Super Nintendo. Fall into you, Link must come back up only a small piece, not several floors as in A Link to the Past.

So take the sword at hand and stay tuned to Moldorms rump. Beat it a as fast and often as you can, then changes its color from yellow to orange. It is thus also faster and more aggressive. A shield for defense will be quite useful because he can not just run over you - who can, gets another one before the dealer lake southeast of Links house.

Fight him on as before, until its color changes to red. This is the last phase, but Moldorm is also furious. In this last phase, he is damn fast and cruel. It winds and shakes like a maniac. Stay tuned on his cock and tries to take him as soon as possible to the track.

If your energy run out, then let you fall down and bring you a few hearts or rocks a red potion and if you have a case. Very useful here. Once Moldorm is defeated, you take the extra heart container and the Amulet of power to you. Link is then automatically deducted before Heras tower.

Your next stop should now be the home of the wind. However, it is the water in the south-east, and that means that you have to find something to pass through it can. So let's continue with the next section on the following page.

Path to the Kingdom of Zora / Search for the Schmeichel stone

Since link the house to the wind in the south east of Hyrule, which stands on an island surrounded by water, you can not easily enter, he needs only a certain item. And he gets in the realm of Zora.

You have to go to the magic shop north of Ostpalastes. It is led by an old witch that supplies you with valuable potions. Have already been to her once here, then you can easily fly with Irene to weathercock.

Look a little close to the hut to the right of it and you see a Zora stand. Speak with him and learn her that he is a non-swimmer and manner it is very poorly into the realm of Zora. The wooden sign next to it also has you point out that the Zora cave is very close.

Now go to the rock wall to the right of Zora and transforms Link into a wall painting in order to reach the opposite side. Follow the path to the right, past the three large rocks and to the right until you reach a brownish plateau, it is also a signpost with an arrow to the Cave of Zora. Follow the road straight ahead and jump left down to the water.

As soon as you approach the waterfall, the ne'er-do comes out and runs you over the pile. Even before a few words can be changed, he makes his escape from the waterfall and penetrating voices.

Step into the cave of the Zora's and look at the amusing spectacle to. Apparently Schmeichel was the stone, the source of the healing nature of Zora source stolen, and the Queen of the Zora's pissed. She eats a fish in anger and remains in the source plug, as big as her body has become now. Link to retrieve the stone Schmeichel. He is asked for a handsome reward in view.

Search for the Schmeichel stone

It is quite obvious that the ne'er-do, the earlier stormed out of the waterfall, must have carried the stone. Since there is much to see in the area around the cave of Zora, you go way back to the magic shop.

Step into the store the old witch and speak with her. Although it has seen nothing and contribute nothing specific to the case, but after all, refers to the dealer in the village of Kakariko. That should be your next stop. Power to you. Thus on the way to the West

In Kakariko arrived you go into the city center and meet there the traveling merchant who talks to you on the spot. Of course he has the Schmeichel stone in the offer and is willing to give him to you 200 Rupees. Attacks once a little deeper into their pockets, take the piece of jewelry to you and then it goes back to the Cave of Zora.

Throw him there. In the source to reconvert the Queen of the Zora and to make the source usable again The Queen introduces herself as Oreen and presented to you as a thank you the Zora's fins. This link can finally swim in the water and is now able to enter the house of the wind.

Halfway back to the magic shop you see on you the way water and access to a cave. In this cave you will find a Piece of Heart.

Way to the house of the wind

Thanks to the Zora's fins no longer a major problem. Go to the lake in the southeast of the field and jump into it. You can easily swim to the island with the house of the wind. Then go to the weathercock, enabled him and save your game.

With the green symbols on the two pillars you will also recognize that you need the Tornado rod to obtain admission. Should you therefore do not have these, then go back again to Ravio and lends you the rod. Then use it in front of the door, introduce yourself to the yellow switch and step into the next dungeon.

House of the Wind

As the name implies, the Tornado rod comes in this temple often used. In the first room you skin the vases gone before you, and then sets you on the yellow switch at the bottom. This left and right fans are activated, their wind power link to the projection carried before you, if you apply the tornado staff among them.

Go into the next room, you keep left and walk straight until you discovered two torch stand. This ignited her with the lantern and let appear a chest with 20 rubies. Then go back to the entrance of the room, through which you came, and jump right down to the circular switch you activated. Thus, the wall is a piece lowered far right. DC goes a long way here, but erst ..

... You walk north, up the stairs and jump right down to the level at which a rat is up to mischief. Then go through the northeast passage here. You come into a room with two fans, a chest behind it, and many opponents, scurrying around a circular switch.

At the chest you can match the same, before you can ever eliminate the opponent and hit with the sword on the switch. Means that the fans are turned off and you can see the chest a monster heart. Leave the room again, a little goes south and transforms you into a mural to go back to the stairs.

Run back to the entrance of this room, to the place you have left to you, to the fall round switches, and stand against the wall. Transforms Link into a wall painting and moves you to the right into the area from which you are just a piece of the wall has far reduced. Then go through the southeastern passage here.

You come into a long room and become locked as soon as the door closes behind you. Three skulls on fire and swirl wildly around the room. You attack with the sword is useless, therefore, take the Tornado rod and used it in their vicinity, in order to extinguish the fire. Then If the bone heads on the floor, strike with the sword on them. If all three flat, then take the small silver key from the chest

Go back to the central room of flat and opens on the left side the southwestern locked wooden door. Nestled you with the painting process on the red cube which moves back and forth here, and let you get to the platform with the small chest - this will reward you with the compass. Then uses right at the edge once again the painting technique and moves you once around the projection (with the yellow round switch to it) around.

Where the red dice hits the corner of the projection, it transforms you into the painting and "Step into" the cube. You come to a platform on the left side of the room and can run up the stairs to the south. Skin the electric jellyfish away and stand on top of the cube. Then on the next cube and you come to the projection with the yellow switch.

Come on this switch and starts the fan in the south of the room, which acts as a great shortcut if you come from the bottom and used the Tornado rod. Go through the door on the right and you come back higher in the central area, only one level.

Run on the small barred platform to the yellow button at the bottom and activates another fan in this room. Imagine the edge of the platform, links of sight to where the air flow is long, and uses the Tornado rod.

You come to a more latticed platform slightly higher in the room. Before that, you see a upward facing fan that is still off. If you left on the wall and uses the painting process to come to prominence in the upper left of the room. From the north-west passage.

Let you here from the narrow metal support drop down and defeat all the rats, then the stairs, turn left high and through the lower door in the area of flat, only from a different angle. Pressed you left on the wall and moves you to the left up to a small platform with a chest that spits 100 Rupees.

Move it as a mural to the adjacent platform with the fan, which you have turned on before, and let's get you to the exit. Back in the main room. Let you here again bring the wind on the back latticed platform where you just already waiting, and goes to the right. "Step into" the wall and moves you to the right, ye have gathered some green Rubin paintings.

It is a platform with a narrow rotary switch which activates the upward facing fan in the center of the room. Goes over the grid platform there, jump into it and let you drive up into the floor 01
Floor 01

The spiked roller on the grid platform below you overcome with the Tornado rod. Then go down the stairs, the bats, the vases skin away and then. Stand on the yellow switch and let fall a small key on the narrow beam that extends right out of the wall.

Then go through the passage directly below. Defeat all enemies in the next room, turn left and the levels above the shutdown, upward fan up and through the passage. You come on a platform next to the strut out on the landing of the key, and you can not do more than you to turn into a painting and to get the key.

Jump from the strut and opens the door in the southern part of the room. You are now outside. Let yourself fall down to the left and you will see three wall lever. The left is the barred square transport platform in motion, so she goes and vice versa from left to right, the other two levers can be monsters appear, but must be activated. With the fire leftmost circle you can not do anything yet.

Then swirls you with the Tornado bar on the small-propelled platform and turn left on the grid platform. Pull the lever next to the locked door. Imagine then to the left of the locked door, you pressed a painting on the wall and moves you left around the corner of the building to a switch that actuates it - lo and behold, a small key falls within the circle of fire.

Move it as a painting back to the locked door and jumps down to the fire circle. Deletes the flames with the Tornado bar and grab the key. Before you open the locked door, you can still get you the big keys to the boss room: Let's get you out of the transportation platform to the right and jump to the right of the passage through which you came to the outside, down to the knight statues. Pull out both switches and puts out the fire, which appears on the right side before the knight statues, easy with the Tornado rod.

Do you then also pulled the right of the two switches and thus all enabled, falls down a big box and gives the big key free. Class! Now it goes back to the left to the locked door where you tied the small key.

This is based on a small interim boss. Or rather, two of them. Fire lizards or something of the kind they are surrounded by flames, an attack does not make sense. In addition, they leave on the floor a fiery trail - not in contact if you would like to not be hurt. Deletes the fire with the Tornado rod and then beat one of them. They each bear half a dozen hits, then that was it

You get not only a teleporter entrance to Hall of the dungeon, which is a great thing for refueling of energy, and the door on the right opens. Passes through.

You are now below the mesh platform with a spiked roller, the few steps go down and left through the passageway. You come into a room with apparently very many switches and fans. Here you have you prepare the right way, and it goes like this: Do not tread first on the right, otherwise an infinite loop. In that case you have to leave the room and re-enter, so the fans will be reset.

Come first to the left switch and let you whirl to the platform above you. Then go not to the right switch, but on the straight. On the next platform you step on the top switch and be transported directly to a passage, which follows her.

You come back to the main room with a spiked roller. Follow the path upwards, flatten skin all bats that come from the chandeliers, and stand at the end of the corridor on the switch - this disables two fans in the room. The passage just to the right below that was previously unattainable by the air stream, can now be passed. Do this, follow the steps to the top and let you fall right.

Skin Cyclops to Klump, when he wakes, and then sets you on the switch to start a mobile platform. When painting on the right wall you come back to the beginning of the room. Leave it on the left and enter it again. Run up the stairs again, but instead to drop you to the switch, as you have just done it, it attaches you as painting at the upper wall - so you come to the platform that you have just started.

Beat on the round switch and starts the upward facing fan that brings you into the floor 02.
Floor 02

Fends you all the enemies that lurk here. Then look around the room and you see that the two fans blocking the normal path to the stairs up and down. What now?

Imagine in the extreme lower right corner, to where the air flow can not reach, and presses you to the lower wall. When painting you can just turn around the corner and to the air stream. Then go up the stairs and through the passage.

Defeat the Cyclops in the next room and lit two torches here with the lantern. Once the door is left open, you go into the adjacent room and need you there again grapple with burning skulls. Defeat them again by her deletes them before the tornado rod

After the small box has appeared, you leave the room through the door at the top right and taking care of you in the next room (with the door to the boss) to the jellyfish. Go down to the small ledge and shoehorned you as a wall painting on the right side of the room. Here you go through the door and be back in the room with the two fans of just - loots the chest and take out the small key.

Then go the same way as just, by the space in which was the Cyclops until you stand next to the chest in the room where you kill the burning skull - 50 Rupees after all. In the room with the Cyclops and the two torch stands you can unlock the door and across the moving platforms to reach the boss door (use the Tornado rod while walking backwards, then you reach the rear deck).

Boss - Home of the wind

Step into the arena and you see ... a huge, stretched on wheels eye? Well, certainly looks impressive from. The difficulty in this fight is, among other things, the arena itself, because it is surrounded on the sides of precipices. Depths, painful chasms.

The boss is you push back when touched, if you have a shield, do not hurt, but "only". This can always be problematic if you stand near the edge and become thrust into the depths. Link not lose a lot of energy and is deducted directly on the battlefield again, but too often this should not happen.

What to do? In the first phase, if you can see above, the large eye, you take advantage of the Tornado rod to bring the opponent off balance. You to go to the top of the wheels and can turn on the eye what the boss weakens considerably.

In the next phase, a plurality of wheels are stacked on each other and the eye disappears. This brings you nothing of the Tornado rod. Instead, you have to simply turn the sword on the wheels and they decimate gradually. Here is also the risk of falling down the greatest, because the enemy is very fast and like to beset you. Hold on. During this phase the best in the center of the arena Did you cut away the wheels, the eye reappears and you must again use the Tornado rod.

It continues with the penultimate phase, and beware that ye be not too often pushed down - otherwise you have to throw in a healing potion. The phase with the eye repeating itself again. Massaging it with the sword and defeat this boss.

After you take the Piece of Heart and the amulet of wisdom to you and leave the house the wind automatically. Sahasrahla now speaks to you and tells you that you can get the Master Sword. The next target should be the forest.

The Master Sword / Lost Woods

Now that you have survived the first three temples and together the three amulets, it is time to get the Master Sword, as suggested Sahasrahla after the house of the wind.

The path leads you into the forest of Hyrule, which can be found in the upper left corner of the world map. Put yourself dwelling of links to Kakariko. In the village you walk up to the hut of Sahasrahla and from there a little to the right and then up in the following screen.

You come to the blue tent of a fortune teller who can give you 20 Rupees for tips and hints for how to proceed in the game if you want that. Run further north, between two rows of trees you will find the entrance to the forest.
Forest of Hyrule

Be created by this input from the path as follows: Run to the left and there through the hollowed-out tree trunk, then up and by the next tribe. You see there is a sign saying "Lost Woods, No Trespassing". Run through the tree trunk in front of you and you are there.

Lost Woods

Here you will meet first on a group wisps. The leader asks if you can follow it. And that's what it is now. Keep a close eye on the leader and then goes through the tree trunk in which he disappears. Do you choose the wrong way, then you come at the entrance of the Lost Woods out again.

Is it wrong a few times and come back, the wisps are less and it is much easier to follow the leader. Are you following him correctly, then you meet the group wisps again. In the next round it comes to not follow the two wriggling wisps.

This is of course much more difficult, as their equal so keep two wisps in the eye and have to make sure that you are not caught the tree trunks that make them disappear. Is it also wrong here, so you come to the entrance to the forest again and have to do it all again. At this point, the wisps are less with each new attempt.

In the third test, there are a total of three wisps, which you are allowed to not follow. Luckily this is the last test, so take quiet a few attempts, the easier it becomes. Do you also have this successfully weathered, you come to a clearing with animals and birds chirping. Here you draw the master sword from the pedestal and have the first major station of the adventure behind you.

Now your blade has a kind of ranged attack, in which she fires a beam of energy, but only when the link has full energy. If he loses even a quarter of heart, this advantage disappears, until you are awake again. With the Master Sword, it should now be possible to remove the barrier to the Hyrule Castle, so that's the place that you shall see next.

Hyrule Castle

Meet in front of the castle gates Sahasrahla and smite once a the magical barrier to resolve this. Then the score at stores Sahasrahla and goes beyond the courtyard, then transgress through the front door into the castle.

Go into the entrance hall to the left up the stairs. The throne hall can you save you, because there is no one except a few enemies. Go left through the door and in the next room go left again, then out through the lower door. Keep yourself up the wall on the left and step through the front door. Here the "Dungeon" starts strictly erst

Run line up between the knight statues and into the upper room where her against a yellow knight must swinging a morning star with insane amount of range. This can block out her wonderfully with the shield, then goes into the melee and misses him a rubdown.

Come then into the stairwell on the right side. Fight for you here before the stairs and walk up the steps to the floor 02
Floor 02

Again, there many knights want to know, as you fight your way towards the left up the stairs again. Thus, the next room is unlocked, you have all your opponents do in the area, including the one who throws right on the edge spears after you. If you do not know how to win him: Go left up the stairs to the locked door, introduce yourself to the right of the door and transforms you into a mural, then you can migrate laterally to its prominence.

In the next room the Armos Knights come to life and must be turned off before the door opens to the balcony. Crosses the balcony and you come to the floor 03
Floor 03

Here you will meet Princess Zelda. But not only the link, but also witch Yuga is present and made a mental note to bring the princess to complete the grisly work. What works in the rest of prima: Yuga Zelda transformed into a mural and does so from the dust after it conjures four knights who stand in the way link. Defeat the knights and follows Yuga in the 04th floor
Floor 04

Battle your way here the stairs up and be careful with the bomb throwers on the right side, you can turn off the bow and arrow, if you want. Then go through the only door that remains to you, to the balcony, down the stairs and right through the next door back into the interior. The stairs struggling Again upwards and then through the door to the floor 05
Floor 05

It continues along the corridors, where you can recharge at the green knights wonderful your life energy. Be careful at the archers on the sides. Follow the passage back to the outside and then left back into the interior of the castle, where you will find the transition to the floor 06.
Floor 06

It's getting serious. On this floor, you do not expect opponents. Just follow the path to the outside and go up the stairs here until you come to the passage with the Triforce.

Boss: Yuga

And again, the witch. She has Zelda transformed into a painting and admires himself for their piggishness that have Seven Sages locked in picture frames. As a link to it coming, she interrupts her little show and you have to again compete against them.

Their main attack is to three divide and turn into a painting that travels along the walls. Once these three witches come out of the wall, you have to choose the right and strike with the sword. Meet her wrong, she turns into a soldier, what you can at least bring rubies.

When she and her two images come from the wall, then makes sure that rod is lit. By this you know the original. Do you see yellow flashes coming from the bar, you know that this is your goal. Rushes to her and strike repeatedly with the sword upon her. Repeats this process a few times and they are for the time being beaten.

Well, it disappears, to be exact, and takes the painting of Zelda. Afterwards. In the outdoor area you invite to the energy use of the vases and step left in a kind of study. Look at the blue curtain up and smash him with the sword. Transforms link then. In a wall painting and crawling into the crack, flows from the strange black energy.

Lorule / back to Hyrule / thieves to hideout

You are now in the shadow world, an image of Hyrule, called Lorule. Go outside to the outside and follow the path into the interior, where you meet the witch again. She has locked into paintings ways gathered around him and does what is done every Zelda: Ganon is resurrected, evil and so on and so forth. Before this link can shatter like he's up to it, he is stopped by a person named Hilda. But only briefly.

She is the princess of Lorule, quasi Zelda's counterpart in the dark world. Details are at the moment but not so important, because it frees you from only your predicament. Link is destined to be the true hero, she says, and dismisses him back to his world. He has to save the Seven Sages of the paintings, which sounds like a lot of work. And especially after seven new temples. A lot of work ahead.

Link wakes up in the forge, but meets here not found favor as the residents in the dark world are a little different, as he has made his home in memory. His first goal should now be to find a way back there. Leave the forge and run east until you arrived at the hut, which would be dwelling in the bright world links.

In Lorule it is an "Empty House", and the first thing you should do is to activate the weathercock. Then go to the back of the hut and placed a bomb here, to tear away the wall. You then have access to the interior and you can take out of the chest a bottle. Then go to the crack in the rock wall in front of the hut and squeezes you through it, to get back to Hyrule. Here you speak with the wise Sahasrahla and told him of the events.

He lets you know that everywhere in Hyrule now gape such gaps. Whenever you see one, you may as painting therethrough and into the dark world or back into the light - depending on where you're from. Much more has not to say the old man, so it's now time to take one of the first temple in Lorule in attack.

Path to the thieves hideout

Squeezed you through the gap back to Lorule and goes from the empty hut to the west, how would you run to Kakariko in Hyrule. You will notice that the place - here the "Village of the exiles" is the rest - was overrun by monsters that patrol restless in the streets. Addiction as first the weathercock in the northwest of the village, to enable this, and then put yourself to the mark in the form of the red X.

You see two pillars with a wooden sign in front of it, indicating it to you, here is no place to hide. Absolutely not ... Do you consider door on the left column with the A button closely, you asks a voice from inside to complete the song.

The answers to the three questions you get all of them in the village:

- "I wandered on ..." ---> "... wide paths "(we learn from the bard in the milk bar)
- "Too much knowledge leads ..." ---> "... into the darkness "(we learn from the" masked man "in the grocery store - west of the thieves hideout)
- "In no time you will ..." ---> "... for crooks "(you can learn from a man who, as" is recognized career criminal "and south of the thieves hideout lives in the house)

Have you completed the song correctly, the door opens and you can enter the hideout.

Thieves Hideout

Immediately after the onset you Speer, a boy at to replace him as a guard, and makes his escape. Now you have time to browse in peace the hiding place. Go directly to the left through the passage into the western room.

First you squeezed you as painting up through the bars and take out of the chest a purple ruby. You will then see a gray round floor switch in the cell, of which there are three pieces in this room. To be able to activate all at the same time, you need the two Gargoyle statues that are locked at the bottom left.

Go to the purple switch round and beat on it to lower the bars on her cell - that you seem now to be locked up. Free yourselves as a wall painting and run to the statues, which pulls out her individually. One pushes her far left of the narrow passage with the arrow firing mechanism. Places you behind the statue and pulls them back into the hallway, so you will not get arrows in the back. Is it on the switch, then you free as a wall painting from this transition.

The second statue is on the switch in the central corridor, where there is also the door that want to open it. Pull them out first from her cell, you then begebt for pink round switch, beat it to lower the bars, and pushes the statue in position. The third switch is in the cell in which you have just looted the chest. Provides link again shortly afterwards and thus opens the exit.

In the next room you have defeated the enemy and observed the two red switches for the time being no further. Run further into the northern room. Take care here to rats and let yourself fall right onto including recognizable grid platform with the chest - you are then in the floor of U2. The chest can extract 50 Rupees.

Follow the platform up the stairs going down and traversed across the room to the south, on current conveyors. In the next room you have defeated the first worm-like enemy and then see you around. You recognize two conveyor belts - one above, one below - and an enemy with bomb head. Rising to the upper conveyor belt, let you drive a bit to the right until you are at the height of the wall, and pressed you on this wall. Then you move to the right until you reach the boss, and run up the steps. Strike here at the switch in order to reverse the running direction of the lower conveyor belt.

Now take a bomb on hand or use the monster's head for it, and throw him on the tape so that it activates the switch at the end and open the southern exit. Crossing the next room (to the left of the rotary switch only ensures that the floor is pulled away for a short time) and go through the right passage. You now comes a room with some grave stone-like structures and take the northern passage. So you come into a cell block.

Law, the cell with the caged thief is complete, but that does not deter you, you to squeeze at the top as a painting through the bars. Speak with the thief and the deal is one that frees her and she tells you how to get to the desired painting. Then Stand on the red switch and unlocked on the left side of the cell block a door. Go through and you squeezed through the bars. Here uses the bomb being to break above the cracked wall.

Then go through the resulting hole in the space and a little to the left. You find yourself now in the left side wall of the room and moves you down, until you get into the lower small space. Imagine here on the red dotted platform and bangs the round button on the left. Repeats the whole thing with the upper platform and you come to the top of the wall.

Move it up and let yourself fall into the room with the two round buttons and the dotted platforms. Run through the passage into the room to the north. Here you will be locked up, it's pitch dark and a group of red Cyclops storms out against you. Imagine the best in a corner and waving wildly with the sword, so that you may be able to fend off. As a precaution you can take to hand, so that more can also be seen the lamp. Have you won the fight, then appears a teleporter and you take a small key from the chest.

Leave the room again and transported you back into the cell block. Let yourself from the top of the wall fall down and freed the imprisoned thief. This follow you from now until the end of the temple. In the cell via their prison you can be able to Call from the chest the compass. Since the lower passage was locked, you must, above.

You see her two red floor switch. Once the thief of which stands on a, give her the instruction to wait and imagine yourself on the other switch to open the right door. Follow the passage behind it until you reach a larger room, coming to you in the blue pages of all opponents. Here supreme caution, because they want to catch the thieves, and if they do that, they imprison them back into the cell. So imagine down so that you can all easily subdue with the sword. Are the enemies of the world, opens above the passage in the floor U3.

Follow the path down and run together with the thief on the narrow grid platform to the other side. Promoted as you painting on the right lobe and stand on the red switch to pave the way of the thief. Then Move it down, let the thief standing next to the bars and enter the left wall to get to the other side.

Defeat the rat, the bat and the blue Cyclops and jump left into the water. Swim to the left and goes where you see the two red floor switch, back to shore. Follow the path up until you see a left leaning against the wall grid platform. When painting, you are moving under this platform and detach yourself again, to carry them full force over the abyss - now overtaken the thief back to you.

Operated with her the two red switches, where you are just walking past, and lowers below the grid from. Now swim through this passage, turn left at the red dotted platform back on safe ground and the gray lever pulls right out of the wall to drain the complete water here.

Then go pick up the thief and transported them with the blue dotted platforms right next to the wall lever. Let them on the red dotted platform to wait for the you have just left the water, and presses you to the lower wall. Move it to the left to the other side and goes to the wall at the bottom right, where her again a platform using the painting technique solves.

Crosses reclaim the position platform and provides you exactly the red dotted platform against the thief. Skin on the switch to raise the entire platform, and let the thief follow you again. Once you've done that, come again three opponents to catch your escort, but if you let it stand, and you care about the danger above, anything can happen. Imagine then left on the two red switches and let's go back, after a very long corridor formed the wall. Here you collect a handful of red rubies and take out the big chest at the end once the master of ore.

Gets the thief back to you, cross the grid platform that you have just moved over the abyss, and goes through the upper passage back to the floor U2. Sets the accompaniment here on the red switch next to the door to be opened from the stairs runs right up and carried you as painting to the second switch above to provide it to you. Once you've done that, reappear opponents to catch your companion, but she does not let on - immediately jumps down and worries to you the matter. Then marched left in the narrow passage where you bashed the rats out of the chest and take a monster heart.

Links through the passage and you come back into the room with the grave stones, beneath the cell block. Run this through the left passage and makes you ready for another fight on the big gray area. Defend your assistant a second time and goes back through the rooms that you have already crossed.

In the next room with the three conveyor belts appear again opponents who skillfully you strike in the flee. At the top conveyor belt link must act quickly and hit the purple switch round so that the thief does not get any problems when crossing.

Then go through the northern passage to the floor U1. You now need to work your accompaniment to the south across the room to maneuver in which you are dependent on the assistance of two fans. Go with her to the left leading down wooden platform and places them in front of the fan off. Then you pressed against the left wall and gives you access to the left so the two red switches. Stand on the switch, to your companion is carried on the right side of the room. Afterwards.

Instructs them to follow you, and places them in front of the right fan. Come then to the right of the two red switches and ensures that the thief ends up on the middle wooden platform. Follow her there and leave the room to the south. Serves both red floor switch in the next room, where you could not do anything before, and gives you access to the chest above. This you can extract 100 Rupees.

Then go to the area south of it, in which you have previously moved the gray gargoyle statue, and here makes all aufkreuzenden opponent flat. As soon as the right door is open, you go through and are back in the entrance hall. The right output is locked, so you nothing remains but to step through the large door on the right side. Before, however, you need the big key.

Walk over the latticed platform up and operated the two red switches to set in motion a mechanism that transports you as a painting to prominence with the great chest. Here you get the big key / master key. You might want to take still left through the passage and here from the chest 50 Rupees. Otherwise, it goes through the big door in the direction of the boss.

Boss - thieves hiding

First, some words about Arena: You have basically enough room to move, should, however, be careful around the edges, that ye may not be encountered at depth. You now arises against a giant skeleton with an equally huge blade.

It just attack so you do not bring, because it will simply block out any attack on your part. In return you can his sword blows but also quite easy to intercept with the shield. What is to be done? Strike once with the sword on the skeleton, and you see that it holds his shield protectively in front of him. This is your chance: Pressed you as a painting there, and the enemy will wonder where have you gone.

Once he does that and looks around aimlessly, you leave the shield again and are now in his back. Advantage of this opportunity and lands with the sword some hits. This procedure is repeated three times until the enemy it becomes too much and he just throws away the shield. You can attack him as normal then, but must also be cautious in the face of his attacks.

The skeleton performs its blade now much faster and more brutal. His most dangerous attack is a sweeping attack, in which he repeatedly turns in circles. This is with the shield though unblockable, but you will with every hit pushed back a bit and could fall into the abyss. The other attack is an overhead strike which is quite normal blockable with the shield.

This regularly creates gaps in his defense that you can take advantage of her cold. Have you landed enough hits in this phase, the skull will replace, separated from the body in the arena flying around and spit black energy. Although you have to take care of the head, but because the body can not now realize where you are, it proposes mostly ineffective. Exploits this advantage and missed the opponent the last hit before he died.

Together with the thief you leave the hideout and it leads you to a house that was formerly sealed and in the you find both the painting and a new Heart Container. Touched the painting, in which the student Osfala is caught, and take from him the sand bar counter. Leave the house again and you have the first of the Seven Sages exempt.

Path to the swamp palace

Caveat: Your urgently needs the grappling hook Ravios store, otherwise you will not get into the swamp palace. The entrance is located in the area south of the empty house which would mean in Hyurule Links house. If you stand before the gates, you will however notice that the entrance of a huge boulder is blocked. In contrast, no help normal bombs, and the hammer is ineffective; you need something much stronger with more penetrating power.

You will find in the area south of the village of the exiles. Travel to the place and leave him in a southerly direction. You come to the hut of the bomb merchant, in whose garden a monstrous, huge bomb grows. And that is precisely you need it. Get in the habitation of man, talk to him about the great thunder flower in the garden and puts even 200 rubies on the table. You can then always come back and get you so many great thunder flowers as you want.

After payment, you go into the garden and calls the Bomb Flower on the A button to follow you. If you stand in front of the huge rock that blocked the exit from the garden, you strike just the Bomb Flower and so chasing high the obstacle. If you like, might as well blow up even the rocks above the hut of the retailer and uncover a cave - it can be found a Feenquelle, in her rubies can donate.

With a Bomb Flower in tow you can not, however, go north to the village, as you hold the dealer. So leave his land to the east and strike you as by the swamp palace. Hold while all opponents from getting to touch the bomb, otherwise they will go high and you had to get a new one. Put it in front of the huge rocks and blasts him with it. This water flows from and you can draw you with the grappling hook to the entrance of the Swamp Palace.

Enables the weather-cock in front and goes into the interior of the Dungeons next on your journey to rescue the Seven Sages. All the best.

Swamp Palace

Ah, a water temple. Again and again frowned upon in Zelda games. This, however, here is very pleasant and saves you hours of back-and-forth-Gelatsche.

In the first room you adopt the gray base plate showing a grappling hook symbol, and just uses it to pull the gray lever out of the wall in front of you. This room is flooded with water and you can go into the next chamber. Run left here down the stairs, defeating the sea lions by her draws him with the grappling hook from a bowl, and turn left through the passage in the western room.

Before you, you see now three wooden rafts on which we can stand. Swim up through the water until you come to another five rafts (on the chest you come for now not approach) and turn left, the stairs to the top. The passage with the blue arrow takes you to the floor U1.

Run here to the far right to the passage, in which there is a considerable pool of water has collected, and goes into the adjacent room. Here you take from the small chest the compass. Then go through the right passage and you come into a room with many small waterfalls that flow from the mouths of snake-like stone creatures. To enter the waterfalls, this is not a good idea as you will otherwise rinsed into the abyss. Pull up instead with the grappling hook to the brown pile with the arrow symbol on it.

At the bottom of the room you activate by hook or bow and arrow the round switch and thus let all falls silent. Run into the middle of the few steps to the top and take you the first small key of this labyrinth. Go back to the previous room where you have just found the compass, and closes the locked door.

In the room beyond you care first to those annoying white electric jellyfish and then see you around. The passage with the red arrow above it on the edge over your goal is, but everywhere prevent abysses getting ahead. You'll have to only fill with water. Go left to the purple round switch and activates this with grappling hooks or bow and arrow to the right side of the room to change the direction of water flow. It then flows right into a basin filled.

Let's flush into you there and climbs above out again. Now look to the right wall and you will see at the very edge of another round switch you activated remotely - this is another basin filled with water. Run up the stairs up and used on the wall Malereiverwandelung to get to the snake's head, and plunges you into the water.

Climb left out of the pool and put yourself as a wall painting to the round switch you activated. Now the abyss before the passage, which you want to achieve, flooded with water and you can back up to ground level is. The next room is closed behind you and you have a giant yellow electric jellyfish face. These can withstand a dozen hits, until it begins to glow red, and then divides into many small jellyfish. Taking these little pests the wool over my eyes and you'll get in the middle of the room a teleporter.

Then run down the left in the adjacent room. You come back to the area with the wooden rafts, only that you are on a higher platform. Come first on the red button to create a shortcut, and then blows away the crumbling stones. Uses for a bomb or enemies with the bomb head. Let then fall off you.

You'll land on the floor U1, on a narrow latticed platform. Turn around and use the grappling hook to you to grab the small key. This runs in the opposite direction and open the locked door. You now comes in a space for the central water control. Before you, you see a machine with two levers on the side: Pulling the left lever that lowers the water level, the right will set it. With the bright blue lines in the middle of the apparatus you realize what state has the water straight.

Stand on the left of the two gray floor tiles and bring the water to the lowest point, so that only a blue bar is still visible. Then jumping in front of the apparatus into the water and swim through the passageway in the room north of it. Here you dipped briefly below in order to avoid the spiked roller, and opens the large box that can jump the blue gown - so you take only half as much damage per point of attack. Then swims back to the previous room and down the left through the passage.

In the following chamber is in the middle of a walk-in platform with a green Strahlenzyklopen that rotates in a circle (so beware of its laser beam), and two snakes, which makes her flat. Imagine then to the left of the two gray floor plates and pulls the left switch out of the wall to open the passage to the top.

In the next room you let yourself fall down the first right to the red switch that opens a passage to the right, and must now find only one way on this lead. Swim to shore and go where you have entered the room. You see a gray boards with a grappling hook icon that points to a square, slightly protruding surface on the wall. Provides you with the face to this area out shoots with the grappling hook on it, and when Link has used there, then you push the A button so that it turns into a painting. Then Move it to the left until you again have solid ground under their feet.

Your is then faced with another apparatus for controlling the water level. Pull once on the right side to raise the water level so far that you can reach the newly opened passage. Lifts her on it twice, then you can thanks to the raft right to the chest and take her a small key. Do this and lowers the water level back to level 2, so that you can in the upper right corner of the aisle.

You come back to the entrance hall and walk left again through the western passage, whereby ye are all followed at the beginning. Thanks to the raised water level you can reach the chest and found her a small key with the rafts as tread. Then go back into the hall and to the right. Swims here in the eastern aisle and stand on the wooden rafts.

Then floats to the top and take out the now accessible chest a monster heart. Go about on land and blows here too brittle stones away before you fall let you. You'll land back on the floor U1 and can go right through the locked door. So you come back to the main control of the water level.

Bring the water level to the maximum level and you reach the locked door at the bottom right in this room. The following room is locked behind you. Let yourself right on the wet surface fall on you can see many sea lions, and they fought with the grappling hook. If again peace has returned, then you can in the area north and you take a fairy if you want to. Otherwise draws you below with the grappling hook to the brown anchor point and run right through the passage with the red arrow above.

Behind you, the room is locked, and it is almost to the brim flooded with water. Swim down to the left and you come to a head with a small staircase at the end of her finds a grappling hook icon. Uses this to convey link to the wall, and then transforming it into a painting. Move it to the left until you again have solid ground under their feet and faces the water control.

Bring the water here on the lowest level and you can see the bottom right will appear next to the entrance a red switch, step on the you have to left to open a passage. Once this is open, do you imagine right in front of the small water control, which only has a grappling hook symbol, and raises the water level again by one stage. Now you can return to the main controller in this space and bring the water level to maximum. Then floats to the top left gear, which you have just opened.

You come back into the entrance hall of the palace and see swamp in the middle of the chest with the Big Key / Master Key. Unfortunately, it is completely submerged in water, and so you have to find to lower the water level again a way. Swim a little bit around the room and you see the top right of a platform with several skulls on it.

Skin the skull away and stand on the red switch to let go of a platform out of the water right in front of the boss door. You now have access to the water control on the left, lowers the water level by one level from and can get you the key. Now it goes to the boss.

Boss: Arrghus

A very simple opponent who does not necessarily have much to offer. It is a giant eye, which is surrounded by several small eyes and is only vulnerable if you do of them isolated. Notable attacks the boss has not: He shoots you the little eyes meet, but this is not a problem because you can simply want to block or dodge them with his shield.

The solution is simple: Put on the little eyes with the grappling hook to you zoom and separates them so for this composite. When they are you, you can with the sword to strike at them until they die. This sequence repeats her until Arrghus has completely lost its sheath of small eyes.

It is quite normal attack with the Master Sword, bow and arrow or other weapons that would like to use her happy. At this stage he has other attacks: He shoots rays from the eye into the water and thus produces water columns, shoot up wildly, and of which you should definitely keep the. His second attack is a normal ramming attack in which he jumps in the air and wants to crush you.

Watch for his shadow and you realize exactly where it lands. So you can very effectively escape this attack. In the water column, it is enough if you just run in a circle and does not stop. As always, you can see that it comes to an end with the boss when he starts to glow red.

Then let's not easy, but stay tuned and given it the final blows. Gather at the end of a the Heart Container and walk through the resulting transition to find the painting of the Zora Queen Oreen.

Path to the palace of darkness

For this, you definitely need the bombs. Put yourself to Hyrule and run from left house to the east, as you would also march to the East Palace. After ye have gone over the bridge to the north and to the plane with the stone idols, do not you go east toward East Palace, but still one level up. Home to some orange octopus float around and you will find a gray stone pillar with a gap in it. Put yourself through this gap by Lorule and listens to the words of Hilda.

Now run to the south and on the next screen to the east, as it were in Hyrule to the East Palace. Go here to the north and you go into the cave in front of the Palace of Darkness.
Cave in front of the palace

This section is filled with former soldiers Lorules who tirelessly guard the passages. Run it in their marked with red rays viewing area, they grab you and throw you in a prison cell from which you can set you free as a painting.

Upon entering you see just to the right the first watch, which needs to be overcome. Pressed as you painting at the lower wall when she looks just right and so you can not spot. Then Move it around the man and you have bypassed him. In the next area patrol two guards to the left and right before they look round again and again. Uses the central wall and moves you as a painting around them, then you solve for the two to run behind his back in the hall about it.

After this passage do you stay left and see already above the next passage through which you have. If you left it to the corner and transforms you into a painting. Then you slowly moved to the right in the middle of the corridor until you encounter an insurmountable obstacle, you detach from the wall as soon as the guards are passing you, overcomes the obstacle and then moves you further than painting.

Follow the course of the Ganges on and you see on the left a new jail cell. From this point you will thrown in here if you will be discovered. This saves you constant back-and-forth running around. Marched right up the stairs and you have to balance on some narrow paths to get ahead on the increase. Pays particular attention to the fields of view of the soldiers and the fact that you do not hineintappt in this. On a stone, very narrow ledge you also find a Piece of Heart.

Run at the end of the stairs back down and smash the skull between the two torches with green fire. Follow the passage to the south and you pressed right up against the wall as soon as you spotted the guard below. Then Move it to the right around the corner and you have almost made it.

In the next area you have to again take advantage of the protection of the wall when the guards turn you back, and get to the back side of the wall. Another soldier stands exactly with the face to you and blocks the passage while he umguckt laterally. Pressed you left or right by him to the wall, at the very moment when he looks in the opposite direction. Then you move down the aisle, which he guarded, and you come to the last guard that must be overcome.

This looks just right, then slightly to the left, then again briefly to the right and then leaves the eye for a few seconds remain in the middle. Imagine right to the edge from which you can jump down, and does so as soon as the guard centrally aligns the view - the window of time would be too short. Pressed you against the wall beside her, you move around it and you will reach the entrance to the shadow palace. Enables the weathercock and beyond the entrance with a bomb.

Palace of Darkness

The lamp is in addition to the bombs the most important tool in this temple, that equips both best right out. In the right wing of the entrance hall you can blow away a fragile wall and take you behind it out of the box five rubies. Then go to the left path and you see a purple round button in the middle of two torch stand, which can go a platform over the abyss when it strikes. Unfortunately, not enough time to rush to the first platform.

Specifies a bomb right in front of the switch, sprints to the platform, it provides you and as soon as the bomb explodes, you will be driven to the other side. Take a bomb on hand and throw them right up to the small grid platform before the boarded-up window. This light falls into the room and the output opens. Follow him.

Ignite the torch left and follow the path upwards. Pushes the opponent over the abyss and goes to the left of the locked door to the red floor switch, to provide it to you. This leaves fall down a key in the lower part of the room. In addition, you should already be beyond the crumbling block on the hits of the glow. At the moment you do not even realize the impact of that, but it's important.

Step into the red switch then to the left of the wall and moves you to the left, heading towards the white, moving arrows. At the point where the key fell off, you detach yourself from the wall, even though it may look as if an abyss here. Put up your lamp back off and in the dark you realize that here is a platform. Take the key to you and close the upper door.

After you have gone through the locked door, you think you are right and ignited the torch stand. You then recognizes a narrow corridor in the middle of the room, get rolled out of the balls. Just as you know it from the first dungeon of the game.

Wait until you have air, and run through said passage to the indentation left where it ignites the next torch. Wait briefly until the ball is over, and runs straight. First you should get the compass, and it is in the western room - so go through the passage on this page.

In the next room is in the middle of a square, and down-propelled platform to which you must provide it - now you have to activate the left and right circular switch, within a very tight timeframe. The solution: bombs. If the platform at the highest point is, you throw an explosive round to the right and right after a switch to the left. Hurry up doing a little and you succeed. Can extract the crate falls down, the compass.

Then go back to the main room with the rolling rocks and through the passage on the eastern side.

Once you are entered into the room, the door closes behind you and you have to compete against three opponents, but this should not present any problems. Uses a bow and arrow in order to remain at a distance can. Have you defeated all the enemies that will come in the room an up and down moving platform in motion, with which you reached the adjacent edge.

If not yet in the western gear, but look at your map and you realize a marked passage to the area south of here. Pressed to you briefly on the wall and you notice a crack in the wall, which you wegsprengt. Then go in this room, defeat all enemies and take you the precious ruby from the chest.

How to get into the area below that you see from up here, but can not reach? It's simple: Leave the room through the hole that you have blown up the wall and stand down and down-propelled platform next to the. If it is down, then simply runs in a southerly direction over them over and you come through a hidden passage in the lower area. Take out of the chest the monster's tail and blasts in the upper right corner of the room the stones away to expose a passage downwards. You drop you here.

You come back to the floor U1 and lands on a small platform with a chest on it. You can extract a monster horn. Now from here it does not seem to move on. Around only abysses, an opponent who seems to float in the air, and an inflamed torch stand you. Presses you to the bottom wall and moves you to the right on the open passage to. There you detach yourself from the wall and lands on a seemingly invisible way. Deletes the torch (sword strike last) and you realize where the path leads along.

Follow this up and you'll find at the end of the right path a small key and left a further passage in a central space. Ignites here first the torch, does the spirits and boost your energy in the skulls back on when you have need of it. Now look around in the room: you see on the lower left edge many rubies and on the bottom right hand a small key with a torch stand next to it - but you do not come up for now. Especially not from here. (Hint first: In the main room on the ground floor, where the rocks roll, you can blow her on the eastern side in a small cul de sac some brittle ground stones Drop down there and you'll get the key; brings it to you on occasion..)

Go through the upper passage to the left of the torch stand to the ground floor and closes the door to the floor just to the right on 01. In the now following space is left and right one wall of which you can turn a small piece by you beat the purple round button at the bottom. Unfortunately, the wall pieces rotate too fast that you could pass through this way.

The solution: Set a bomb in front of the round switch, quickly rushes to the piece of the wall and pressed link as painting there on. Do this first on the left, defeated the enemy and then explodes the brittle ground stones here. Let her fall to you, you end up in a known range (the one with the rolling rocks), only in a not previously accessible part. Blasts also the fragile stones and let you once again fall into the basement. You'll land in the room from that in which you do not herankamt to the small key, only on the opposite edge with the many diamonds.

Go back up to the room with the rotating wall pieces and chooses the right path. Blasts her here the stones, then you fall into a box with a precious ruby in the room with the rolling rocks - this is the limit on this road. So back up to the room with the rotating wall on the right side and through the passage to the right instead of through the floor.

The next room is not as difficult as it may initially seem. If you crossed him, starting to the bottom plates to collapse. Hurry up and throw a bomb left on the projection to the round switch so that it is activated before the floor is gone. Are you too slow, then you promoted as a wall painting outside, leave the room and enter it again.

Go through the lower gear, which has now opened. The next room seems at first glance a bit complicated. One does not quite know what to do, he is also very tall, dark and full of precipices. First go to the left and you will see in the middle of the room a torch stand, the you should ignite in order to identify more able.

Above and below are two purple round switches that serve the adjacent platform and let them go up and down. On the wall you can see the drawing of a mask, and this is the key here - every time her skin on one of the round switch, the wall rotates with the mask icon on the opposite side. However, much too fast for that link could exploit this.

Go to the round button below the newly inflamed torch stand and a bomb next to it. Then hurry as fast as possible up to another round switch, introduce yourself on the platform that he uses, and smite with the sword on it. Then pressed you as painting on the mask drawing and if the dropped bomb explodes, the small pieces of the wall and you come into a hidden chamber rotates. Here you can extract the chest once master ore.

The same games repeated it in the painted mask on the southern wall and finds a rare, 300 rubies expensive gemstone. Put yourself back in the great room, and stay right where her painting as easily can you press along the edge. You come to a chest that can jump a monster heart.

Now there is a painted mask, on the left side of the room, below some windows that let in light timidly. Specifies a bomb next to the lower round switch and hurry you, that you make it through, it rotates the wall. Gather in the small narrow space all one, what you find, and a bomb next to the here-to-find round switch, make it to the upper wall. You come back to the known range. Go back once more in the room with the mask symbols and ensures that all the windows are open on the sides. You'll have to blast open with bombs -'ve done her, insisting on the right and left three light beams.

Before you leave the room, you can see on your map. Currently you are in the floor 01; taps his fingers on the floor U1 and you can see using the link-head, in which room on the lowest floor you have to go now. For this, you have opened the window here. So go back to the floor U1, in the room where is the bottom right of the projection of the small silver key / lay, and through the western passage.

You are now in a room with seemingly invisible walls that block your progress. Clears her the torch in the middle of the room, you see how run this black-and-white walls. Packt best off the lantern and you can see just fine, where you can not go long and where.

Many walls have small cracks through which you come as a wall painting. Offing you a way to the upper left corner of the room, beat away from here the skull and stand on the red floor switch, which can fall down a chest with a small key. Once you have the key, you have in the bottom right corner of the room get where you will find a passage to said chamber, think of two light beams in the on the right side.

Closes on the lower left door with the newly captured key and makes only one light, kindled by the torch. Then Stand on the square, back and forth propelled transport platform and you will notice that you can not climb over the left heel. Take bombs on hand and throw it on the three round button on this page to let fall a large chest with the Big Key.

Leave this room again and marched to the opposite side of where you enter the eastern room. Again you are locked in and have to send over Jordan all opponents. The behavior patterns of the enemies is a small tribute to a similar passage in A Link to the Past. They move only when the link is also moved, in the opposite direction. First you need to ensure that they fall through the gap in their platform down. Fits your movement so accordingly, then you take any opponent before individually, as soon as he is down. It is best used and their bows to come from a distance to the point. Have you successfully survived this battle, a teleporter and the platform in the middle of the room appears to be an elevator.

Ride with this up and leave the room through the left passage. Pressed you against the wall and moves you to the right with her is making a brief stop on the platform with the inflamed torch. Then Move it to the right until you land on a platform with a round switch, you activate this. Thus, a platform is lifted up and including an eye comes to light in the incident ray of light. The eye about it is activated by breaks her fragile block in one of the first dungeon rooms - see description above in the text.
If all four eyes lit up, you have access to the boss chamber. Here awaits an old acquaintance from A Link to the Past.

Boss: Helmasaur

This creature is known even from the SNES classic A Link to the Past, only in a slightly different form. It tramples wildly around the room, trying with all his might to run you over the pile, which you can not avoid with a raised shield. At least not completely. You always lose some energy points.

In addition Helmasaur shoots with his cock crystals in your direction. Like the original, you must first ensure that he loses his armor. Sets bombs him in the way, so that they blow away his mask and body armor. Once he has lost his complete armor, you collect the dropped rubies and makes you prepared for the fact that he is now going much more aggressive.

He concludes with his tail more crystals in your direction and clears again and again the two torches in space, making it much faster on the road and you can run easily. If that's the case, you must immediately make light and can then fight normally Helmasaur.

The good news: He is the head normally vulnerable to the sword. In this phase he tolerates virtually no results more and gives herself fairly quickly. Collect the Heart Container and touched the painting, is caught in the Gri.

Way to the desert temple

From left dwelling in Hyrule you go south into the area where the swamp palace stands. If you just before the entrance to the palace, then run to the left and you reach a narrow passage in the adjacent field. There are many small and large rocks, which you can create out of the way. Links on a rock wall you will find a crack, next to the left of the entrance to a Feenquelle and right of it is a few steps up to a ledge. Squeezed you through this crack after Lorule and listens to the words Hilda.

At least here you will find out that you need the sand bar to gain entry to the temple and to this then master. On the left you see a bird mask carrier, which reported that he would like to be a monster and what this plan fails. Wade through the shallow water below and go left into the next area, the swamp of evil where you first activated the weathercock.

Links about the destroyed wooden bridge you come not from here. Instead you turns north and you will see two columns in the water, each of them can with a crack through which you pass. Squeezed you through the right plan and you come back to Hyrule, except that in the bright world a desert landscape prevails. Turn off the column from which it comes out to the north and goes a bit to the left.

You come to a small staircase that you walk up to the ledge. Imagine here to the edge, directed links look at the opposite, right side and use the sand wand to blow up shoot sand fountains that form a platform. As wall painting you come to the other side. If the short stairs and breaks the rock in front of the crack on the rock wall with a bomb. Then pressed you as a painting on the wall and go through the crack back to Lorule. You'll land on a ledge and you can take a Piece of Heart you here.

Then put yourself through the crack back to Hyrule and the place where it was in Lorule the weather-cock. Looking to the left and use the sand bar to get it to the column with the red ruby. Uses the sand bar once again and continue to the left on the ledge where you squeezed you with the painting process through the gap. Go over the bridge and continue south over the next bridge, then to the left until you reach the next gap through which you are going.

You are now back in Hyrule, on a lush green edge. Uses several times above the sand bar, but noted that this does not work in the places where you can see the gray base plates in the sand. You finally reached the entrance to the sand temple, in front of a weather-cock, which you activated

Desert Temple

In the main hall you can see on the bottom two sandy areas that intersect. Imagine the edge of the projection and used the sand bar to reach the opposite side. Then go left down the few steps and once again used the sand bar to get to the small chest, which can extract five rubies. It continues through the northern passage into the space above.

Here you want to snakes, rats, and mummies to the leather, which you read with simple attacks the Levites. Run to the top, and stay right until you reach a staircase that follows her upstairs. You come to a platform with two Strahlenzyklopen whose attacks escapes her as a mural. Then run right through the passage. In the next room you see to the right of you an elongated sandy area, two green Strahlenzyklopen right next to it. Run up to the end of the walk platform and swings the sand bar to get to the right side. You see now left four pillars protrude from the sand. On each is a purple-colored round switches, of which you have to activate them all at once, but within a very tight timeframe.

Here is a method that works quite well: Provides you with the sand bar access to the lower right-hand column and imagine it. Now builds with the sand bar a platform to the left column and sets exactly in the middle of a bomb. Wait until it explodes and the two lower switches are activated simultaneously. Hasten then as quickly as possible to the upper two columns and skin here with the sword on the switch. Were you fast enough, then all four switches are activated at the same time and goes below a wall to the side.

You will then have access to the sandy area next to the two green Strahlenzyklopen, used here the sand bar to provide you a safe cover while you run to the south and strides down the aisle here. In the next room you defeat all enemies and run to the south the stairs up to the ledge on the left. Here you can see now three dark gray marked floor plates that act as switches. All three must be weighed at the same time, so that left open the gate.

Go to the gargoyle statue, which is already up here, she moves to the top of the three gray switch, then push them out. Then go down and pulls the second statue from the niche in the sandy area. Imagine up to the edge and use the sand wand to raise the statue. Pull her to the edge and push them to the bottom switch. The third gargoyle statue is on a single projection on the right side of the room - again, you bring the sand bar on.

Do you have pushed all three gargoyle statues in position and complains all the switches, then left the door opens and you can return to the main hall where you are creating using the red switch to a shortcut to the dungeon entrance. Uses the sand bar and you come effortlessly to the left side of the room where you marched through the passage. In the next room you will be locked up and have to fight an enemy who looks a bit like a bearing on pumpkins exercise ball.

This disappears again and again in the sand, so that the link can not catch him with his sword. Here uses the sand bar to lift it up and fight normally can. Once the opponent is off, the outputs are opened again. Against the heavy rock left of the locked door and down on the ledge with the chest you can do nothing yet.

So you go through the upper passage in the space above. Here it is the first to the pliers Beetle finished off and then let you in the back of the room to fall. Fight the two mummies and run right up the stairs. The locked door on the right can not open it. Pressed you on the southern side of the room against the wall and moves you to the right, above the entrance along the projection, where you take out of the chest a monster tail.

Pressed you against the left wall and moves you to the right until you again have solid ground under their feet. Then run through the northern passage into the space above it, where you collect heaps of rubies blue one, take the compass from the chest and pulls the gray lever on the right of the wall to flood the previous room with sand. Go back there and you see that it is now approaching that of treasure chest. You can extract the small silver key and goes right through the locked door.

In the next room you walk up and pulls the first the gray lever to the left of the stairs from the wall, making the entire room is filled with sand. Then use the sand wand to give you access to a column in the middle of the room. Use it once and you will come to the platform with the red switch on the pressed her, after which the wall moves to the right side and gives access to the large crate.

Then use the left of the red switch again to the sand bar and presses you as a painting there on. Move it to the right and you come under the sand trickling down into the recess with the big box. This you can extract the titanium glove. Thus, it is now possible to you to lift and throw heavy rocks.

Leave the room through the passage on the left side, you also came in through her. Go through the southern passage and you come back into the chamber with the heavy rock in front of the locked door. Creates aside these and then run right up the stairs. Put yourself to the edge of the platform and use the sand wand to reach the southern edge. Thanks to the gloves you can throw away the heavy rock and take a small key from the chest. Then go left through the locked door. To the south you leave the temple for a short time. Go about it in the cave, whose entrance is carved into the rock face.

In the next room you will now be locked up and do not have to do more than hold up the shield and fight off the approaching flying tiles. Are all of the tiles away, then appear on the left and right, two fire-breathing pliers beetles, which must defeat her. Do that and a bridge in the upper zone appears to a teleporter in the entrance hall. Run straight ahead and up the stairs. Use the sand wand to make sand blocks appear, and presses you as paintings on there, then you move to the left side of the room where you marched through the passage.

In the next room you have to you to the centrifugal blades once do not care, they move on Links head. Skin the small enemy away, as well as the Gargoyle who approaches you. Look then at the right indentation, from which he came. Here is a passage that can be very difficult to see from the isometric perspective. Run into the back of the room, creates the rocks out of the way and raises the semi-buried chest with the sand bar at. This can jump 100 Rupees.

Much more there is to get in this room, so leave him on the same path are clean coming. In the main room with the teleporter you promoted you to the right side, go through the passage and resists you in the following passage of all the enemies that come out of the sand.

At the northern end of the corridor there is only one passage, which you can take, namely the right. In the following chamber you walk down the steps, avoiding the launchers with the arrows and fought the awakening Gargoyle statues. Fight your way to the south until you reach a blue round button above the red dotted platform. Stand on this platform and strike off the switch, then run left the few stairs to the top and used the sand bar to gain access to the central projection.

Imagine to the lowermost end and raises the Gargoyle on the small sandy area with the sand bar at; pulls him back and waits for the sand column drops again. This causes the arrow mechanism on the round switch shoots right into a tour left and dotted all platforms are alternately raised and lowered in the room.

Imagine in the lower right part of the room to the red dotted platform when she is down, and then right onto the blue dotted platform. So you will have access to the chest, which can extract a small key. Then go above the dotted platforms and provides you with their help, access to the ledge on the right. Go through the northern passage into the space above. Here you can throw away the heavy rock in the right corner and pick up the half-buried chest with the sand bar upwards - you get 100 Rupees.

Then Run to the left and take care of you first to the tong beetle that comes out of the sand, as well as to the other enemies here. Then falls up the stairs, beyond the two crumbling blocks with a bomb and look at you, in which tracks run behind the balls. Importantly, only the top rail is directly on the wall, you see that the ball crashes after a few meters into the abyss, what you need to prevent them naturally.

Creates the first heavy rock aside and introduce yourselves to the small sandy area on which the ball the first thing to fall before it rolls into the abyss. Here uses the sand bar to let the ball roll over the top grid platform, and used right next to it so that the ball reaches its target him in the sand. What is meant is a brittle stone block that smashes them what causes the previous room is flooded with sand.

Now go back into the room and run to the right lobe down to the lower end. Uses left the sand bar several times, so that you reach the big chest, which can extract the big key / master key. Now you have just still find a way to boss chamber. Leave the current room on the left and goes back into the main hall with the teleport, where it carries you to the left side and comes in the aisle with the gyro blades.

Stand still up, stand right next to the stairs and use the sand bar. It appears a platform to the opposite side. When crossing you have to take care of the centrifugal blades and electric jellyfish. Then locks left on the locked door.

Marching down the stairs and take care of you for the snakes and mummies on the right side you'll see, in a small sandy area a Strahlenzyklopen around it columns with round button on it. The solution: Imagine the Cyclops and lifts him to the sand bar to the top. This ensures that he turns his laser beam and activated all the switches - this opens the southern door by which it proceeds. After the room was locked behind you, you have very simple fight all opponents. After the victory you take from the small chest a small key and leave the chamber again.

Further north in the previous room makes her the second Strahlenzyklopen the same as with the front and causes the right dotted platforms go up and down. Maneuvering you. Onto the platform with the red dots and if it is above, then you use the wall painting and reaches the locked door on the edge over You come to the floor 02, more precisely in a space trickles down in the sand left in masses. Pressed you behind the rippling sand on the wall and you discover a hidden passage. In the room you will find a chest with 100 rubies. Go back to the sand area and here through the southern passage. You are now just before the boss, but must still find a way to make the big boss door accessible on the right side - yet you do not come to lead high.

Go through the southern passage on the far left and fights the mummy that comes to meet you. Then introduce yourself to the edge of the projection, so you raise the Gargoyle statue using the sand bar and build a sand bridge can. Cross it and defeat is becoming a living statues. But hurry while you, because you have to fast on the opposite side before the sandy bridge collapses again. Take the small key from the chest, let you fall left of the tab and leave the room through the single pass, an abiding one.

Run to the right and then closes the left of the boss door, the small barred door. Here is one last puzzle before you can complete the temple. In the changing room with her bombs blasts away all the cracked blocks, either with your own bombs or by you using the bomb being. By blasting through the blocks on the columns (either by their high throw bombs, or by you put them on the floor and begins with the sand bar at this height) hits the arrow firing mechanism left the round switch and ensures that the bottom next to the entrance, the dotted blocks move up and down.

Use them to get to the left adjacent edge, and pressed you directly to the southern wall. You see then at this level a passage which is difficult to see from the normal perspective. Go through it and pulls right at the wall switch to flood the chamber with sand. You now finally have access to the boss fight.

Boss - Desert Temple

Before you can confront the boss, you have to use twice the sand bar and you still squeeze through a crack. A fairy would not be such a bad idea as a life insurance for this fight. You can not always immediately to the Boss zoom and must expect that it hits you a few times, without that you can do something about it.

It is a huge plant. Looks a bit like like a blooming cactus, only that their spines are the smallest problem.

The plant keeps popping up unexpectedly on one of the pillars in the middle of the blowing sand. You have the sand bar use to you to build a bridge there, and with the sword to strike at them - as fast and as long as possible. Note that the sand bridge that builds her with the rod, must carry along just in front of the column on which the plant appears.

Meanwhile, it is against you spit small flowers, each only tolerate a blow, but can be quite annoying, if you do not first done. The tactics in the fight against the plant remains always the same, but they will start out against you shoot a sandblasting once it has taken enough damage (you recognize the on a short sequence).

This beam you should definitely avoid, because every time you runterfallt into the quicksand, you lose some energy - in the long run can get pretty much.

As always in the boss fights you can tell the red lights that slowly comes to an end. Well do not let up, but stay tuned and continue to diligently pursue to the plant, while her ward off the little flowers and the sandblasting dodging.

After a few more hits, it is over, defeated the plant and the blowing sand is hard and walkable. Holt you the Heart Container, touched the painting, in which Irene is imprisoned, and ends this temple.

Way through the quarry / road to Eisruine

Next, the Eisruine is in the extreme northeast Lorules on the program, and the way to get there is by Rosso quarry. Put yourself through a gap to Hyrule, used the bell and let's bring you directly to Heras tower. Before the bridge leading to the tower you walk towards the east, with the grappling hook over the wooden bridge, which takes you directly to the quarry - a sign in front of it has you indicate that you are right.

Rosso quarry

To cross the quarry, you have to let yourself fall by many floating platforms and go piece by piece into the depths. Prepare yourselves to crash one time or another and end up in the lava. Imagine first on the square platform that moves to the left, and let you on the platform on the left excluded once you can see them.

Negates the birds come flying, and let yourself fall below to the next platform. You come to a rock platform on which you have to fight fire-breathing, lion-like creatures as they were also to be found before the quarry. The easiest way is when you it beats the edge of the platform, otherwise they hold very many stood sword hits. With an upgraded master sword it is much more pleasant.

From here, you now have three potential paths, and if you simply want to pass through only the quarry, then keep to the direction indicated on wooden sign and chooses the right path. We, however, accept first before the left.
Left path

Pressed to you here as a wall painting at the wall and moves you around them, then let yourself fall onto the platform with the Grins Esch age. Equips the hammer and beat on the switch, so that you flings the left above on the rocky platform. Here you beat also on the switch when the right upon you approached the platform, and let you throw up.

Here are a few floating platforms and eventually you come to a ledge on which you can take to you a Piece of Heart. Here it does not continue, so back to the platform on which you have fought the lion beings.
Southern Way

Then you pressed against the lower wall, you move around them and let yourself fall on the square floating platform. Go to the next platform when they touch each other, and next to. You drive slowly down. Be careful with the gyro blades. The platform on which you find yourselves just, will come to a halt between two others - there are then three platforms next to each other.

Is also the left and follows the only course outside. Your arrives on a ledge and need you as a mural on the opposite, right side carry, where she finally finds the wounded mountaineers. Speak to the poor man and give him the whole milk. As a reward for his rescue, he leaves you the bottle, which he has sent. Then jump down to the left on the ledge, throw small rocks aside and grab the little Maimai.

Go through the entrance back into the quarry and you get to the point already known to you, meet at the three floating platform. Stand on the middle and you come back to the rock platform on which it has fought the lion beings.
Right Lane

Suppresses you here on the wall and moved you to the back to let you fall on the platform. From this point on your timing when dropped must be very good because the platforms do not stop. You have to estimate when you should jump down, and that impinge on the platform. Remains rather be a little longer and analyzes how to move the target platforms, so you can wait for the perfect time.

After a couple of daredevil jumps you come down near the lava, still have to fend off some birds and can the quarry through the southern passage again leave.

Follow the path down and to the left / top left until you reach a crack in the rock wall. This their crosses and coming back to Lorule where you first activated the weathercock. Listen to the words Hilda's and you see that the death mountain sinks into this world in the snow chaos.

Path to Eisruine

Follow the snowy mountain path to the east and goes inside where you left Hyrule in the quarry. Before that you will find a wooden sign with the words: "The summit of the mountain climbs and the Eisruine approaches, the evil will befall."

Enter the cave and you see before you a small, blue, decorated with symbols beams, you enter. Wait until he meets the other bar, and stand on this. Transforms you at the next bar, which meets on the left, on which you stand straight, in a mural and triggers you as soon as the next bar is in front of you.

This brings you to reasonably firm ground, except that here it is insanely slippery. Standing on the wooden sign: "You who are looking for the Eisruine, turn away to the north." This would clarify which direction you need to follow if you want there. But there are still several ways here.

The two statues awake after reading the signpost to life and should be beaten directly over the abyss. Maneuvered next to you as a wall painting on the left edge and makes you ready for a fight with the large gargoyle statue. Here extreme caution, because the enemy is ruthless and depends very much damage to his ramming attacks.

In addition, you could be pushed, given the slippery floor just over the abyss - happens very often. Used here the best fire staff, of which extends a single shot. The way north leads out of the cave, you know it thanks to the sign post already, but we take out the other way before.
Southern Way

Here you have to let yourself fall over several bar down and you can leave the cave briefly. Your reach to a single rocky outcrop where you throw away the little stone - including a Maimai is revealed. There is nothing more to get here. Return to the platform with the ice gargoyle.
Left path

Imagine here on the floating platform and wait until you see a platform directly above you. Only using the Tornado rod can you enter and this comes to a head, from which in turn are two different ways. Follow the bottom and you have to re-use the Tornado rod a few times. Skin then the bats away from the exit and you come outside on a ledge (this is the point at which the injured climber was found in Hyrule). Promoted to you as a painting on the right side and take 300 rubies out of the box. Do you choose the other hand, the upper path, you have a few more times the tornado staff use and comes outdoors to a column with a crack in it. Go through this plan back to Hyrule and you reach a point that would otherwise be unattainable in the bright world. Here you will find a Piece of Heart.
Northern Way

So now the path that brings you out from this cave to gain access to Eisruine. On the platform with the big ice Gargoyle you choose the northern route, make you on the narrow blue bar and have to overcome some additional beams. Fits this on the bats and the centrifugal blades and moves you forward very carefully, so you do not runterfallt on the sides. Before starting you defeat the bats and leaves the cave then.

The guide makes you point out that the Eisruine is only a few meters away. At the back of the ruins you can find on the rock wall also a Maimai. Enables the weathercock front of the ruins, the ice statue burns away at the entrance and enter the next temple.


First you take the fire staff on hand and melts the huge block of ice in front of you, then you walk straight and pulls from the gray statue tongue out to put an elevator in motion. This lift is very important for this temple, and you will still have to use it very often.

Get on and ride down to the floor U1, where you make yourselves with some new enemies known: blue mages that can bombard you with Eisgeschossen and flash-freeze if they meet you. Can they do not even get to the train and counters with the fire rod. More you can here only times align (to the locked door here, we'll get to), so ride another floor down into the floor of U2. Here you use the fire rod to the one to do the opponent who herumwuselt here, and on the other, to let fall the key top left.

Elevator ride again one floor up and closes the door in the north corner of the room. In the next room you draw first tongue out at the left statue, and then a cold zombie fans are loving on you. Against this nature helps no sword, but only the fire staff. Then pulls out the tongue of the right statue and defeat the enemy moving up. Then it goes through the right passage which has just opened.

In this room, you want some green Pengator ducks to the leather that you simply floored makes with the sword. Equips following the lantern and ignites all four torches in the middle of the room, creating a small key falls right on the bar that protrudes from the wall - we get the same. Leave the room through the southern passage.

Holt you first right out of the box the compass and fits with the ghostly faces that they you can not travel with their bullets. Poised on the blue, decorated with symbols bar to the right, then up. Goes so far until the bar ends and left her behind the wall you see the key that just fell down. Pressed as you painting at this wall and moves you left around her - her then comes to the small bar and can take the key.

Let you turn left into the room fall and runs through the southern passage. Outdoors you go through the same bar, on which ye are already just gone, but not upward, but downward. You come to a locked door that unlocks her with the newly captured key. You are now back in the room where you met the Eismagier the first time, but on a latticed platform above. As wall painting you come on the right side to a chest on the ledge that can jump five measly rubies, on the left, however, you reach a statue whose tongue pulls her to lower right below the base plate.

Jump into the resulting gap to floor U2 and goes right through the passage in a hallway. Here you use the fire rod to melt the opponent as well as the ice crystals. In one hides a red floor switch on the provide it to you. Go through the door that has been opened by it, and you come into a room with a barred platform as a floor. The stone face can not be accessed - only later - so you will not only once choice but to let you fall through the hole in the middle.

You come U4 in the floor. The subsequent path consists almost exclusively of floating, very narrow platforms and blue bars, on the move you should take a very careful if you do not want to plunge into the depths. Move it to the left and turns off the bomb-throwing being that already comes to meet you here. Imagine then the rotating square platform when it is accessible. You might want to take a bomb and throw them up on the platform with the four circular switches to activate them all at once and let fall a chest, lying in the 100 Rupees.

Continue on the left side, where the platform offend, through the bar down. You can reach halfway round (well, still a little square) ice platforms that go back and forth alternately. Imagine. Onto one of them and lit on the right side of the individually floating in the air torch to put up an elevator platform in motion About those platform you have to continue on the path.

Your enters the floor U3. Come near her right through the passage into the interior of the ruins, you will notice that their time being does not get further because massive ice blocks stand in the way. You must first find a way to eliminate them. So go outside and across the narrow blue bars in the south. Rises at the end of the platform, which is approached, and on the next platform. This creates a latticed platform (on the right the door with the face is only later open). Is the blue, up and down moving platform above and enter the inside of the room from the lower side. You come now out on a kind of balcony and from here you can easily melt with the fire stick the ice blocks.

Then returns to the other input to which you do not weiterkamt up, and transported to you by mural on the freed space. Beat on the round switch and sets an elevator platform to its left into gear. Get on and ride up into the floor of U2. Here you have to fight on a narrow snowy ledge two red Cyclops and meanwhile be careful that you will not get caught by the Eisgeschossen. Skin on the left hand side of the skull bone off and stand on the red switch to open a door on the right. Passes through. Pulls out his tongue inside the statue and thus lowers the base plate. Can you fall down and take out the big chest stamina scroll. Allows your stamina bar is extended.

Defeat all enemies that come up after that, and let you fall down to the left round activated switch. Rises again to the elevator platform and let you boot into the floor U2. Go into the room in which you have just pulled out the tongue of the statue, and presses you to the northern wall. Then you move to the right, let you fall and go through the right passage. You come back earlier in the hallway, in which you have melted the ice crystals. Run up the short stairs and go left through the passageway.

Do you remember this room? On the stone face do not you came earlier approach, but now that the blue base plate is placed in position, you can you just drop it and pull her tongue back. The bottom plate is lowered rotates, and can let ye fall down. You come in the floor U3 out again.

Try to go through the left door, and see with how it is closed before your eyes. Again you attack against Pengator Ducks, including a large one. The difficulty in this fight should be no more than the sheer mass with which they show off, also the floor is incredibly slippery. Works with ranged weapons, if you like, and you first take care of the little ducks, because they are after one or two strokes history. After you take you the mother duck before and sizzles them with the fire stick away or bombards them with bow and arrow. What you give is felt. After winning you get a teleporter and the outputs on both sides open.

Go through the left exit and you will come to a point with hexagonal, very thin sheets of ice on which Hartkopf-Oktoroks run along. Does not even try, should run to them and to defeat them with the sword, for you will thrown back by her rubber head and falls into the abyss. Take and instead prefer to bow to the hand or burn them the sheets of ice under the feet - after a few seconds to appear new. Then subtracted from the statue on the left side of her tongue out and moves in the space in which you have just fought against the Ducks, the bottom plate.

Then go back into this room and through the right passage. Here you have some cold fend off zombies with the fire rod and then ignite in the middle just above located fireplace. Then go through the southern door, which thereby opens and defeated outside the two Eismagier. Imagine then on the red floor switch and opens at the bottom of a passage. Pressed you as paintings on the projection on which the stone face stands and moves you around it. Then you go through the passage, which you have just opened.

Your arrives again at the central elevator. Loot the two boxes below, then five frost mages appear, which you einheizt neat. Is again peace has returned, then sets you on an elevator platform and ride down to the floor U5. Here you open the free-floating large chest and can extract the big key / master key. Ride right back up into the floor U3, from you came, and go right through the passage, which you have just opened. You see a gap in the platform on which you stand, including a normal chest. Can you fall to this chest and can extract a small key.

Then go over the blue, the adjacent bar to the left and step on the red switch to build you a way to the elevator on the floor 4. Increases into the elevator and ride up into the floor U2. Go right into the well-known corridor and the only locked door, which still exist here. You come into a room with a square hole through which you can see a massive block of ice under you. Imagine the edge and use the fire rod to melt it. Jumps down into the resulting stream of air that transports you to the projection with the stone face, her earlier could you not achieve. Pulls the tongue backwards and rotate therewith in the adjacent room to the bottom plate.

Step into this room and let yourself fall in place. Move it over the slippery ice platforms to the right and fight the enemies here with fire staff and bow and arrow. Once you have free course, you walk on the thin sheets of ice down until you reach a free-floating in the air torch stand, to her inflamed with the fire rod. This gives rise to the south of your position a new way. Follow this up to the rock face, pulling her tongue, and brings with it a solid blue block in place that gives you access to the boss chamber on the left side.

Boss: Frost Rigid

Fall Freshens at the skulls on your energy, if you have need of it, and then let you through the square hole down into the arena. First, some general words about the conditions of the struggle: The Arena is just as slippery as many of icy surfaces in the temple before it, in the middle is a hole that you can fall through the her if you are not careful, and your opponent is a huge, in ice shrouded eye.

Much more there is to say, therefore, take the fire staff on hand and traced the eye while her him hurling fireballs. Do this until its complete Ice Armor is melted and the actual eye falls to the ground. In a pitiable state, it drags himself across the floor, can not defend himself and gives a sad picture from. Uses this opportunity and gives chase to the eye. Sprints with the Master Sword in hand behind and strike for so long, until it enveloped again in a Ice Armor.

You can just as well use a bow and arrow or bombs, or what so comes to your mind. The only attack that has the Frost Rigid on the box, are ice crystals, which he throws at you and want to flash-freeze you. If you see this attack coming, then take the legs in the hand and flees the area of effect. So can hardly go wrong.

The fight goes on as before: the eye can withstand five shots out of the fire rod, until its frosty jacket completely melted, and then falls to the ground, where it gives an easy target. The only difference in a later phase of the fight is that it closes more ice crystals, otherwise, the flow remains until the end of the same. Be warned that you can not push on platform into the abyss of Frost Rigid, and goes him beans until he died in a massive explosion.

Take the new heart part of you and touched the painting, in the Rosso is locked. After the short conversation, you can devote yourself to other things.

Path to the skeleton forest

Move into the bright world of Hyrule to Kakariko. Go to the north of the village, adjacent to the Lost Woods, and run here by the western entrance between the tree rows up. Complete the small rocks out of the way that prevent you from progressing, and enter the forest.

In the upper left corner of the forest you will see a column with a crack through which you move into the dark world Lorules. Listen to the words of Hilda and then run to the right. After a few meters the road bends to the north, but the knee-high grass below you can still find a Maimai. Then follow the way to the top (you come right past the painting that you at the end of the temple expected) until you see a huge left costal arch.

Run from this round and looks over in the cave, when you want. Here sits one called "Mysterious Man" proven character who wants to sell you treasure for 888 Rupees. To the left of the cave followed by a second giant rib cage, and in the grass behind it can be found at the skull another Maimai. There's nothing more to see here, so repent and follow the path in the right direction. Leaving the forest on the eastern side for a short time and you come into the area, that would be the hut of the fortune teller in the bright world of Hyrule.

Run down here, and stay as far left as it allow the trees. Run further and further down until you see on the left a path that you can follow - in Hyrule would be the north Kakarikos. On the first occasion it goes right back into the forest. Here follows the easy path and you come right up to the entrance of the skeleton forest. Enables the weather-cock in front and step into the interior.

Skeleton Forest Temple

In the first, filled with many bones skulls space you do the same acquaintance with an enemy that will not leave you until the end in peace: A yellowish hand, also known from other Zelda games, it will come up and make you life difficult.

You will know in their shadow and should definitely dodge to the side when she starts to fidget and is about to hit the ground. My then you can defeat easily. Get them to take you, they will you settle back into a previous room and you have to walk the path twice.

Then go through the left passage and equip the lantern, because in the narrow passage, it is pitch black. Run to the south and stand on the red switch to unlock a door on the right. Before you can pass, you must still fend off a mummy. In the next room on the right you make rotating spits fire life difficult. Wait after the occurrence that the hand shows and turns them off. Then you moved to the fire spit over in the upper right corner of the room and beat you through downward, you should steer clear of the fiery spears.

Leave this room through the southern door and you come briefly back into the forest. Follow the path to the right, then up and let yourself fall into the hole that you find here. You come in the same room as just back out, just right on top of a previously unattainable lead. Wait until the hand appears, and defeated them, then introduce yourself to one of the platforms that are passed. Remains on the platform and when the hand shows, then you can transform you into a wall painting and thus escape their attack.

Leave the platform in the space provided and loots left the small chest, which can extract a small key - then right through the passage into the space above. Here it is very dark again. You should wait first until the hand appears, and they do. Then follow the path to the left and ignited the torch. Go upstairs and at the first opportunity right until the road bends downward. You come to a locked door that unlocks with the key.

Crossing the passage behind and leave the Temple again shortly. Then Run to the north passing under the costal margin. You come to a square hole. Left a hole under some purple flowers also hidden - you both need one after the other. Let go first through the right, exposed. Open the small chest in the passage in which you will be discontinued, and take the 100 rubies. Then let you fall down into the area with the short spit fire, take the compass from the chest and leave the room through the southern passage. You are now back in the dark room of flat but you enter it from another side.

Go again through the southern door, the temple leave shortly and let you out into the hole under the purple blossoms fall. Leave the gear in which you get out, through the left passage. In the next room you are on a grid platform, which at the upper end has a fragile body made of stone. Uses either a bomb to blow it, or wait until the hand appears and it proposes. Then go down and stand on the red switch to the left to lower the wall. Go up the stairs and destroy the next brittle point. Let yourself fall down, take out of the chest the small key and stand on the red floor switch to create a bridge over the abyss. Then opens with the key the southern door in this room.

You are now back in the hall, but at a previously unattainable lead. Moves to the right the lever out of the wall and provides a passage in the center. This follows her down to the floor U2. Pressed to you immediately after entering the room on the right wall and moves you to the right until you again have solid ground under their feet. Take care of all the enemies here until the coast is clear, and looking around you. You see four round gray switch on the floor, all located side by side, and each of them can go to another section of the wall from the wall. I need you to not operate simultaneously, it is enough if their on the left and the second pushes the two Gargoyle statues from the left.

The data coming from the left and right wall pieces meet in the middle and form a continuous surface. Run left up the few steps and transforms you into a painting, then you move to the right and you can use the wall to get to the other side. Taking here the gray lever out of the wall and creates a shortcut. From through the right passage.

In the next room you walk down the stairs and stand on the red switch, which sets a platform in motion. Pressed you there as paintings and triggers you again to get access to the elongated platform in the middle. Run a little and then you see on the latticed platform above you a red switch - how do you press the? It's simple: Wait until the hand appears again, and stand directly under the switch. The hand claps to the switch and sets the block on the right side going, to her hugs you. You reach a red switch that opens a shortcut. Then it goes through the northern passage.

After you have been locked up in the next room, you step on the red switch and opens the monster cages. Defeat all enemies that are on your level, and there remain two left - top left and top right of the room, each on a small grid platform. Imagine just below, and waits until the hand appears and does the thing for you. Did you get this room, then appears a teleporter and you go through the northern passage.

Imagine transported here on the left-propelled floating platform and let you to lower projection on the locked door. Directly opposite on the other side you see a treasure chest below a small grid platform to which you have to come near. Run all the way to the left up to the wall and stand on the platform that stops here. Since the link is below the grid, he need not fear the hand and is very convenient to the said chest, he takes out a key. Allows you shut the door in the southern part of the room. In the following, very large hall, where you will also find the door to the boss, you walk all the way to the left and use the lantern lit the torch. Defeat the two mummies emerging and passes through the opening passage.

Your re-enters the floor U1. Free yourselves as a wall painting from the apparent prison and look at the top two eye symbols. Both lack the eyeballs, and three guesses who should raise this now. The first eyeball can be found just to the right next to it on a lead that reached as her paintings. Throw the eyeball over the precipice, and then in one of the eye sockets. You see, where the large chest with the master key will appear. Now you still need the other eyeball. Go south on the small platform that is published, and let yourself be transported using the square floating platforms over the abyss. There are some electric jellyfish, a mummy, and the hand can of course also not loose.

At the end you can see the eyeball at the top left lying on a lead that you can not easily reach the bottom of here. Utilizes the most southern point of the room, just to the right below the projection with the eye, the painting technique to slip through between the gaps in the wall. Now leave the temple for a short time and you come back into the forest.

Left behind some purple flowers you can find 50 Rupees in a chest. Then Run to the north by the rib cage and you can see right above an open hole. However, this is the wrong one. Run from this hole to the south and you will find some purple flowers to Wegschnippeln - including also a hole. Let yourself fall into it and you come out on the edge over the eyeball.

Pressed you here to the lower wall, you move to the right on the boss and take the eyeball to you. With this, it is now back to where the chest with the Big Key is. The jellyfish on the way there you can easily throw off the eyeball. Should you bother with the floating platforms, the hand, then throw the eye to a platform on the opposite side, otherwise it is sent back from the brink. Once both eyeballs are placed in position, you can take and open in the previous hall, the door to the boss fight the big key / master key from the chest.

Boss - Skeleton Forest
An iron glove with one eye in the middle is your enemy here. His most common attack is a hearty punch, and it goes like this: Do you notice an orange glow around him, he will pursue you and meet in any case - you can not dodge this attack without any tricks.

The only way to avoid the damage and a chance to hit back to get is the Verwandelung in a mural. Thunders of the glove against the wall, then he falls over a short time and the eye is numb. You then have a few seconds to properly einzuschänken him. Repeat this sequence twice, thus starting the second phase of the fight.

Here, the glove will try to crush you from above like a fly - just as it tried the little hands throughout the rest of the temple. Needless to mention that you should avoid this action better. If he hits it, the crumbling stones on the ground, they are destroyed and there are chasms. Wait until he restarts his other attack, in which he pursues you, and pushes you to the wall.

There is nothing more to say basically. Advantage of the opportunities that present themselves to you, with a red glow as always signaled that it goes with the boss to an end. After the victory you collect the Heart Container, passes through the opening passage and touches the painting, in the Seres is locked.

Path to Turtle Rock

Move to Hyrule of links house to the east, and stay south until you reach the Lake Hylia. Here is the hut of a dealer who sold you some nice goods. From this hut you walk south until you reach a rock wall. Pressed as you painting at this rock wall and moves you to the left. So you come to a light brown ledge on the opposite side where you put yourself through another crack back to Lorule.

Listen to the words Hilda's, which at this point logs to speak again, and jump from the ledge down. Right now Lake Hylia with the entrance to Turtle Rock, but unfortunately this is located too far above than that you can zoom. You have the water residents ask for help, and in the case are the turtles. Three small children turtles you need to save, so you can help her mother.

The first turtle is on the left next to the lake on the back and will not come without the help of the legs. Imagine beside her and tried to pick it up, then it is conveyed into the water and can swim around again. Second turtle is located just north of it on a kind of sandbar and taking fire from four enemies around with fireballs. Take care of the attackers and also saves this poor animal.

The third turtle hangs in the north of Lake Hylia on a rock face and trembling dreadfully. Climb to the left of her on the wooden steps from the water and go to the rock wall where in Hyrule is the Maimai-mother's cave. Pressed to you as a wall painting there, and moves you to the right until you are directly under the belly of the turtle. Then you loose and let it plop into the water.

The turtles’ mother is overjoyed that you have returned the little ones, and offers you her back on a platform. On these you can climb if it swims in the lake, and so reach the entrance to Turtle Rock. Enables the weathercock before, used the ice bar, when the lava shoots up, and so creates a block of ice. Move it as painted link around it and enter the Turtle Rock.

Turtle Rock

In the first room of the temple you have to use the ice bar and thus created you two rock platforms within the seething lava to reach the opposite side. Go through the open door in the central room of the ground floor.

You see before you a kind of rocker, whose pages can complain to her normal by ye is sure to bring the other side up. Stand on the left side, thus creating a right way up, and uses the ice bar to temporarily freeze the rocker in place. Then run to the right on the narrow grid platform along and does the crawling here enemies with the ice bar.

Follow the narrow platforms to the next rocker and use its left the ice bar when the pillar of fire shoots up. So attain their access to the central platform in this room. Look around you and you spied on all four corners of the platform purple round switch, all of which enabled her using the Eisstabes, to reveal a chest with the compass.

Then used on the left side once again the ice bar and so overcomes the two lava fountains. Links from the small narrow platform on which you land, you repeat the whole thing with the Lavasäule and gets painted as a link to the platform in front of the left, the western wall. Pressed you on this wall and moves you to the left until you reach a small red switch on the provide it to you - this opens the door directly below you.

Go through this door in the southwest room and does her all the red blobs. Then Run on the rocker and stand on the side that is raised (the bottom). Freezes the rocker and moves you to the top of the small narrow grid platform. Stand on the orange-purple swirling teleporter and you will be teleported to the northeastern room. Here rises directly into the next teleporter.

The chamber in which it comes out, is full of lava, and you have to use the ice bar to build you walk platforms. So you get to the exit at the bottom of the page and you can leave the Turtle Rock briefly to bring you a Piece of Heart. Then go back all the way, the you came until you are on the barred platform in the southwest chamber. Imagine. Right of the teleporter back and let yourself fall right down on the edge, where you enter the next teleporter You come back in the northwest chamber out, but one level below, and you can take a small key to you.

After you have removed these, let her fall you and going back into the central room of the ground floor. You are now on the opposite side of the Lavabeckens. Run to the far right and you will reach the next rocker that you enter. Iced them in the position in which she finds her, and you reach the narrow grid platform on which their earlier presence before. Go to the far right to the eastern wall and presses you as painting up to her. Now moves you to the right until you reach the ledge in the southwest corner of the room, and go through the door. Stand on the teleporter that takes you to the northwest chamber of the ground floor. Rise her left directly in the subsequent teleporter you come to a small Feenquelle outside the temple.

Now fall down from the boss and defeat the two red below, dino-like opponents. Rise here in the various teleporters and you come back to the southeastern chamber, but you are on a ledge below. The red dinosaur-like enemy defeats her with ranged weapons and gain as a reward a chest full of rubies. Then jump down from the ledge and go through the door back into the central room.

Go to the rocker that you have all used at the beginning, and put yourself once again to the central platform on which it was earlier to get the compass. Leverage on the left side once the ice bar and then transgress above the rocker that her iced when the top side is raised. So you come to a little red switch that opens a passage on the north side of the main room.

Drop down and run down the right once again to the rocker, on which its just been waiting. They used as flat and put yourself right to the same wall, on which you hugs. Then Move it to the left and you come to a head in the northeast of the space from which her mitnehmt a key. According to this approach, you now have two small keys in your pocket. Rest you out shortly and presse you as painting on the north wall, then you moved to the small platform to the door that you have just opened. Go through.

Take 50 Rupees from the small chest and let you fall down. Well, there are three blue-clad magician who makes her flat using the Eisstabes but fast. Subsequently, the passage is released to the floor U1. Follow him down.

Crossing the aisle where her comes out and goes into the central room where you beat the purple switch just to the left. Thus, the grid platform is raised far above you and gives you a piece of later access to the locked door, which you can already see it from down here well. Run to the left and then goes to the northwest chamber in which you will be imprisoned. Instant wake four fire guards who jump around wildly in space. Use your ice bar to freeze them, and then destroyed it with the Master Sword. This will get you a teleport to the entrance of the temple.

Leave the room again and run in the main room on the right side where you enter the northwestern chamber. Take care here as the first to the red blobs and then used the ice bar, when the lava fountain shoots up to give you access to the opposite side. Abstain from the laser beam of the Cyclops and collect the third small key.

Then Abandon northeastern chamber and defeat the two red-robed magicians in the main room with your ice bar, to make it appear, two short platforms from the lava. Hmmm, what does that mean well? Run again on the left side of the room where you were just, and done well here, the two red wizards to complete the platform in the lava, you will need them later when you want to have the Hylian Shield.

Imagine in the upper left corner of the room on the rocker and iced them. Then go south and stand on the small platform with the fire spit all the way to the left so that you can not take this. Used in the skyrocketing pillars of fire the fire staff and transported to you as to the left wall where it clings to you as a painting. Then Move it to the right until you reach a small grid platform in the northwest corner.

From there it goes again along the wall to the right and you reach the locked door that you open. Take out the big chest behind the big key / master key and leave the room again. Then you pressed right against the wall and stand under the ajar grid platform. Detach yourself from the wall and builds you as a bridge. You come then to the platforms that have completed the wizard can appear. Should you have all four caught, you can easily to the center platform, and there you take the Hylian Shield.

Let yourself then fall again and the skin adjacent to the northern passage again on the now pink switch - thus the grid platform is lowered a bit far. Repeats the steps just described and let you just lowered the grid up and their then comes through a gear lower to a chest, which can extract 50 Rupees. Go back to the central room and pushes you right to the wall, you then move to the right to reach a ledge with another style similar grid platform. Bring them in position to create you a little shortcut.

Then go to the left rocker and crosses it again towards the south. You come to the south-west door, which opens to her with a small key. In the room behind you helps the ice bar crossing the lava fields, and at the end of the room you adopt the red floor switch which is hidden under skulls. This creates a new path in the main room. Leave the room again and go through the newly created path in the southeast corner of the room. Locks here on the locked door and overcomes in the next room once again with the ice bar the lava. In the upper corner of the room, a further switch to the fore, which also builds a path across the lava in the main room comes. Then go back there and used the newly created path in order to enter into the southern chamber can.

Used in the lava pools and the ice bar you promoted with the resulting rock platforms to the southern corner where it also operated with the ice bar the purple round switch. This two pillars are alternately raised and lowered within the lava. Stand on one of the two pillars and pressed you as painting on the wall to get to the big door. Behind it you can expect the same the boss.

Run past the spike rollers, step on the red switch on the ground and defeated the two red mages using the Eisstabes. Drop down and then you stand against the boss.

Boss - Turtle Rock
The Arena is mounted on a latticed platform among you, boiling lava and a boss who constantly wanders down there back and forth. Watch out that you do not get caught the skyrocketing lava, and remains constantly in motion.

The not yet been clearly identified Boss itself is half a shirt and not a lot on the box. Wait until he moves into one of the holes, and then used the ice bar to give him a heavy blow. Has he conceded some hits, he will start himself to shoot fire upwards, where you have to escape by running away fast. Set him on with the ice bar for when you have the chance, and after a few hits the boss jumps to you to the top.

So you see that it is a stone tortoise which is quite normal to fight with the Master Sword. Put up her head whenever you have the chance, and avoids her when she sweeps wildly rotating on the field of battle. A raised shield can help here too, but you will in this case pushed back. Otherwise, they can extend their neck and you attack from a distance.

Apart from its explosion in which warping it into their turtle shells around itself triggers an eruption, there is not much to note in this fight. Just stay with the sword of your turn, it covers a beat and when it starts to glow red, it's almost over. After the famous victory you take your Heart Container and then touched the painting of Impa.

Castle Lorule
After Link has saved all seven wise men from the paintings and get the Triforce of Courage, is his ultimate goal, to go to the Castle of Lorule, where the red marker is pointing. Saves before pick up at the weathercock and let Hilda the orbit around the castle. Then Step into the walls of the castle.

In the first room you can smash and your energy and rubies recharge the skull. Run left then the stairs up and go into the small room north of the entrance hall, which is immediately locked behind you. The opponent who is waiting for you here, swinging a fiery mace and knows how to use it. Advances him as soon as possible to my body and covers him with blows, that he not even to come attack you great. Otherwise he's a pretty tough enemy and can withstand some blows.

Run through the open door in the floor 01 Follow the path here to the right, then the stairs up, and worries to you all opponents who lie in wait for you here. Look on the right side after passing around and you come into a chamber in which you take out of the chest 20 Rupees. Then go back to the main room and into the southern corner where you will find a passage in the floor 02.

Once there, it pushes the first one of the two gray stone statues down and then jump down to the floor EC - take from the small, achievable from here chest a small silver key. Then go the way just described, back to the floor 02 Strike the right of the two stone statues on the round switch, thus creating a teleport to the entrance. Just opposite you see a four-part double door that opens only when you have four exams behind you - including reunion with old friends.
1 Bombs

Run left up the stairs and you will come to a locked door over to a gate with a pressure plate in front of it - next two columns with a bomb symbol on it. Stand on the switch to open the large chamber to the north.

Go through the open door and follow the path to the north. Here you will meet again on the colored round button with retractable walls, as it were, for example, in Heras to find the tower. Put up the first blue round switch, thus bringing down the wall to the left. Go into the area on the left, in the walks around the bomb being, and throw a bomb to the right to the round switch, have just embarked on her. It is important that this left her standing next to the blue dotted wall, because below the red dotted wall must be lowered.

Then go into the area with the fire-breathing ghost face and you see that the left and right of the dotted blue walls must be overcome. Shipyard again a bomb to switch from flat and quickly passes into the chamber with the ghost face. Are you fix enough, then you have the same free passage. Go left into the area and you will see a round switch behind a small wall stand. Imagine below into the alcove with the blue dotted platform after you've dropped a bomb on the switch. This is activated and moves the piece of wall on which you stand up.

Then Run to the south and you see the left and right indentations with red polka dot platforms that can carry you to the top. Try it on the right side: Throw a bomb to the round switch and stand on the dotted platform, then you will be moved up to the ledge. Here you can see from 20 Rupees a chest. Beat again on the round switch, so that the red dotted platforms are lowered again, and let a bomb located right next to the switch.

Then immediately rushes to the left side and stand here on the platform, and when the bomb explodes, you will moved upwards. Then go south and looks to the right. You see a super bomb that grows behind a brittle rock. Drop a bomb over to the cracked rocks to make up for the sharp super bomb, which then blows up said rock. Now you have access to the always renewable super bomb. Gives you back the right access to the projection with the round switch and presses you to the lower wall before her travels along to her and reached the thick bomb.

Lowers the left of the super bomb down the wall and take on the thick basement with. Moves to the left and then upwards until you are stopped by blue dotted walls left and right. Caution incidentally from enemy lurking in the following ranks, they may not get at the super-bomb and make them sharp. In addition, they must not fall. Take a normal bomb on hand and throw it on the blue round switch behind the short wall so that the left and right of the dotted blue platforms are lowered. Shipyard also will be a bomb on the same switch behind and hurries quickly to the right, where the same lowered the red dotted walls and the blue dotted wall is raised again.

In the area above her makes the enemy and then strike a flat on the round switch. Go upstairs and moves you to the right way to the giant boulders, before you ignite the super bomb. Take out of the chest a small key. Let yourself fall down the right and includes the barred door. In the room beyond you have to once again compete against the worm Moldorm, only that it is you fall significantly easier, as you are now become stronger. The procedure remains the same as the last fight, Smite one on his red rump and evades him while he herumwuselt wild in the room. In between, the walls are always times again threatening down on you and limit the arena, but that's not a problem if you pay attention. After the worm has passed away, you step into the teleport and comes back out in the main room of the floor 02. You see that one lights up at the massive door of four symbols.

Then go to the right of the door to the floor switch and stand on it to unlock the northeastern room. Go inside. Follow the platform to the end and you see that now purple pillars from the lava shoot when it's your turn close enough. Offing you a path to the right, past the rotating spit fire, and then up. You come to a massive spiked ball which is blocked by a stone statue. Pull the statue to the left side and ensures that the spiked balls that are rolled out of the opening above, have free rein.

Then Run with a spiked ball on the heels down, past the rotating spit fire, and is sure that the next ball you rushes into the other, which blocked the way here. This will get you access to the platform and can reach the southern edge of the coming out of the lava columns. Go through the passage into the small room below and you will be imprisoned.

Here break again from the left and right tiles from the ground and fly towards you. Defend them with the shield or introduce yourself to the edge of the platform, so get shot stopper out of the lava, where also smashed the tiles. When the danger has passed, it goes right up through the passage. You come back to the large lava-filled room of it, but are on a ledge above.

Run straight through the purple platforms that arise and you see on the left a further sting ball that blocks the way. Run right along side up and sees her that left one of you also seem columns. These are located exactly at the height of the opening, come out of the periodically spiked balls. As soon as one of them rolls over the purple pillars down her rushes quickly in the same direction, to build her a way. On the gray wall that stands in your way, you move to the left side as wall paintings along, since only so platforms come out - you go right along, ball just falls into the lava and you have to start over. Also, the next obstacle to overcome her on the left side as a wall painting and if you were fast enough, then comes the sting ball the obstacle aside.

Then go to the platform that it blocked, and run to the north. To the left of the opening from which the spiked balls come, take her out of the chest a small key. Then Move it to the left of the purple fields and here closes the door. In the next room you can expect the jellyfish boss from one of the previous temple, with the small difference that you are fighting on a moving grid platforms above the lava.

If you want to make yourself easier, remains on the upper platform and uses a bow and arrow. Whenever you come too close to the jellyfish, you'll switch to the other platform and covers them on one by arrows. Is the big jellyfish beaten, they divided again into a dozen small jellyfish, which can easily shoot her also. If this battle was fought, then introduce yourself to the teleporter and you come back into the main hall of the floor 02 Meanwhile shine two symbols on the large door.

Includes left the door open and goes 03 in the floor Here you'll find in the middle of the room the compass and the left and right two doors with the next two tests. Let us take first the left front, for which it needs the lamp.

These puzzles are somewhat reminiscent of the shadow palace and its optical illusions. Go to the torch, which seems to float in the air in front of you, and let the flames go out with the sword. Behind and in front of you, not only the path is locked, you see now also where it goes. Unfortunately, you can not continue with a torch extinct.

Therefore, you will notice the path that you must go and light the torch again. Then follow the way to the next hearth and let these go out again in order to be able to see where the road continues. Coins you a this and goes on to the next torch. From here, you have to continue to the left and comes to a small chest, which can extract a key. Once you have this, you can leave through the north door and the room.

After you have been locked up in the next room, you is again against a warrior with a fiery mace. Infected off the lamp, so that you can orient the room you better. Makes no effort, but urges the knight into a corner and beat in a tour with the sword at him. So you take him out without much ado. Once the battle is won, you step into the teleport and comes back out in the main room of the floor 02. Is still missing a symbol of the great door.

Come back left through the door in the floor 03, the upgraded grappling hook, go to the right door and opens it using the hook.

4 Grappling iron
Be prepared that you known from the skeletal forest hand in wait again and again and makes life difficult. Fortunately, there are many corners for shelter, where you are safe. Used as the first ice bar right to you to build a secure platform over the lava. Run then right onto the platform when it comes approached, and transported you to the opposite side. On the top right you take out of the chest 50 rubies and left use the grappling hook to pull the lever from the column and set the other grid platform in motion.

If it then turns you on this platform and go up in the two eyes icons back of board. Furthermore you will see a raft in the lava swim, but you let the first time in peace. Instead run to the left wall next to the locked door and enter this as an image. Then Move it to the left until you again have solid ground under their feet and over you can see one of the eyeballs are on four fragile stones. Wait here until the hand appears again, and let them destroy the bricks. Now you must find a way to carry away the eyeball from there. Throw over the lava does not work and the platform that moves back and forth right, do not you also achieved it.

Let the eye once there are and put yourself back to the platform that has brought you here. Imagine it and use the grappling hook to attract the eye to you. Then throw it into one of the eye sockets. Imagine on the raft in the lava and use the grappling hook to you to use on the walls and the raft to move that way. In this way you maneuvered yourselves under the red switch and wait until the hand hits on him. This right arises a new way.

Follow this path; you seek shelter from the hand regularly. You come up on the left into an area; it exposes in the three red switch under three skulls. All three must be enabled at the same time. Push the gray statue on one of the switches, introduce yourself to another and waits until the hand turns up. Then dodges quickly and let his hand on the switch hit. Now approaches the remaining switches and their lowers below a wall from.

Let the hand of the stone smashed, on which the eye is, and transports it to the raft. Before you lay the eye on the raft, you wait again until the hand shows up, and make it flat. The rest break until their next appearance should be enough so that you easily comes together with the eye by the lava. Fills the second eye socket and take out of the chest a small key, her left unlocks the door with the.

Now you have to once again defeat the eye from the bottom of the palace, on the same way. Makes good use of the grappling hook to attract the small eyes to you, and turns them one by one. Are they of the world, then you take before the big eye. His attacks are the same as in the first encounter with him. Have you survived the battle victorious, please join in the teleporter and you come back into the main room of the floor 02 Since all four examination are over, opens the big gate and it goes on towards the final.

Come near her in the chamber behind it through the gap, you can still take some fairies. Otherwise, it comes right out and you reach the throne room, where everything is decided. Hilda is already in place and tells a little bit on the relationships between the light and the dark world or about what has all this to do with the Triforce. The following scenes may come as a surprise or not, it makes no difference more, you now compete against Yuga.

Boss: Ganon-yuga in the form
Pretty huge. Yuga moves very slowly and takes a long time for his initial attacks. If you see that he is preparing one, you can easily avoid by simply assume their runs to the side. At this stage you can easily attack and land a lot of hits. The best whenever Yuga has just beaten into the void and neglected for a moment his guard. Differs also, if possible, always in the direction of the arm from which is not armed - so you can easily counter.

Underestimate its reach not - the staff he used, you can easily sweep the box. Has he conceded some hits, he gets a further attacks, in which he only charges (indicated by the energy that surrounds him) and then quickly dashing towards you his blow - runs laterally, then you can here also nothing happen. Use a bow and arrow in order to stay beautiful at a distance can.

Use every opportunity to attack until Yuga begins to glow red. From this point he has red and black bullets hit in the arena and you can seriously injure. Just walk in a circle and so escape the attack. Another attack: He throws his rod after you, the turn and in the arena covers a large radius, so you can easily catch. Again, the Dodge is your best friend. Thus, this dispute drags on for a while until you landed enough hits and Yuga has so far gone that Hilda has to intervene. So far, not very heavy.

Things, however, develop a little different than I thought, and Hilda is banished into a painting. Yuga is now stronger than ever before you, and only a victory over the link still separates him from the Triforce of Courage. The fight goes to the next round, and here is all to decide.

Yuga now hovers above the ground and is not to hurt with normal sword attacks. Instead, you need his energy balls hit back with the Master Sword. The whole thing turns out a bit like tennis, is to say the energy balls back and forth beaten until taken to the ground Yuga goes. Be careful, because you flies towards the projectile times faster and sometimes slower. Yuga turns then into an image and Princess Zelda told you that he is not vulnerable to normal weapons at this stage. It gives you the arc, which you shall better get to a shortcut key.

Step into the wall and then self direct your face towards Yuga from. Meeting him at the front is not very promising, as it simply repels the charged with the power of the Triforce arrows. But you get by a short window in which to leave their wall and they can reenter behind Yuga. While he is so busy trying to ward off the arrow, you shoot him in the back.

Thus he is thrown out of the wall and falls to the ground from weakness. Take this chance and hit him some hard hits with the Master Sword. In the next phase energy projectiles flying out of the wall and swirl wildly around the room. Here, the only run. See that you are caught in the gaps between the floors and not too often taken. Is also survived, followed by a tennis insert again.

Once hit hard withdraws Yuga into the wall, follows her there and see that he is now abschmettert the light arrows contemptuously. Moreover, he runs like a wild boar on to you and can hurt you easily. He puts on the run, then leaves the wall, waiting until it's over to you, and enter it again behind his back. Then a light arrow reloading in the back and attack as soon as he kneels in the arena.

This is followed by re-energize projectiles and in the third phase you Yuga throws two balls of energy against that you have to beat back and forth alternately. Here you have the shock button quickly twice in a row, because you now have to fend off two projectiles. If he draws one last time in the back wall, everything is at stake: Fires an arrow against him and he will fend him off, again and again. From the front is nothing to take here.

So get up in the wall with a few meters distance in front of him, cheered him an arrow in the face, you immediately turns in the opposite direction and still shoots an arrow. This flies along the entire wall and hits him in the back. It follows a final blow with the Master Sword and you made it. Yuga is defeated. Of course there are still a lot of need for clarification and the next few minutes should not disappoint you.

So sit back, listen to, what else is there to say, and enjoys the credits of the game. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is played through it.

Side quest: collect Summsenmann / Summsen
This little side job will start in Kakariko, in fact even if you are the first time there. Shortly after the beginning of the game you will be sent to the village to talk with a wise old man.

Look at the opportunity for a home with a bee icon to (approximately in the middle of the place) and step one. Speak indoors with the Summsenmann, a very strange, quirky guy, and you let tell his story.

In short: He's bee collectors and ready you for each captured bee (= summse) to pay a reward. But he gives you as a tool net with whom you necessarily need to catch bees or other small creatures.

You'll also need at least an empty bottle in the inventory have to store the captured Summsen - for the safety net, unfortunately, is not enough. Do you want to have on the fly one, then goes into Kakariko to the dealer in the city center there and buy a bottle.

Now go pulling! Go find bees in nature, behind bushes. Snips the grass away, then whatever you see that, and the odds are not guaranteed bad that a bee find its way to the top. Especially in the areas between Kakariko and links hut you will find almost always that.

Then snap it to the net, which is on the shortcut key, and shipped them to the surface. For each bee that brings you the Summsenmann, he will reward you with 50 rubies. And again and again. Anyone who has money worries, this can get rid of as quickly when you have enough bottles ready.

Side quest: Find The large Pegasus Racing / Pegasus Boots
This side quest if you want to call it that, starts near the Lake Hylia in the extreme southeast of the game world. Judging from Links House from the south and you come to the swamp ruins. Here goes further south until you come to the cliff face, which limits the southern part of the game world.

There, you think you're right and follow the course of the path along the water. Caution in the group consisting of green rubies series, here you want a robbery to the mucus leather and swallowed you when you hineintappt. Move it further to the east and then north on the brown background. When opponents are only the small crabs here.

At the end of the path you'll find not only some caves (one of them a Feenquelle), but also right on a ledge a race against the brothers. Speak to him and he will suggest a race, but also warn that your boots this are probably too weak.

Never mind, you can also create quite comfortably as the first race. You get 75 seconds in and you shall sprint to his brother next to the hut of Erzhändlers. This is the very north of the game world - you get a mark there. Look far, but to create in less than 72 seconds unless you remain too often hang into it runs into opponents or will be otherwise hold.

Can you manage it to his brother within the time limit, there are 100 Rupees as salary. Can you manage not in time and talk to the brother next to the Erzhändlerhütte, you can directly start a new try. That is, if her once paid 20 Rupees entry fee.

Do you have won a victory, then you offer the brother at Lake Hylia an extended form of the great race at Pegasus, in which you have only 65 seconds. The route remains the same.

Without the Pegasus Boots this advanced race is practically impossible to create. You have to fetch you from the ne'er-do from Kakariko these boots, and that after you saw him running out of the cave of the Zoras. He then retires to the north Kakarikos and stands around. When you approach, it disappears and is not to be obtained.

Pressed you against the rock, he is faced with, and it gets so into his back. Then detach yourself from the wall and it surprised him from behind. In response, he leaves you, the Pegasus Boots, which her sprinting through the area, if you hold down the L button

Side quest: Gri search / find pocket
Do you remember Gri? The little guy woke link after the intro and accompanied him on his first steps through the world. He brought you to the forge and showed you the basic elements of the game. Well, the little guy is certainly disappeared ...

After about the first dungeon, if you drop by in the forge or in links house, you noticed the wife of the blacksmith, the excited looks for Gri. He seems to have disappeared. Plays like the forest, she says. Then it's up to you whether you want to pursue the matter or not.

Without wanting to spoil the place - Gri can not be found, no matter how much and where you are looking for: [tip. Later on in the main story you will understand what is going on with the boys on and why he is swallowed by the earth. Just this: You will not find it ...]

Go to the clearing and you can see in the middle of a tree stump with a bag on it. Take this bag to you and the wife of the blacksmith comes rushing into the clearing. She says she had this bag for Link sewn so that it can carry more equipment at the same time. Gri they should bring him is started running without listening to her.

For the moment you can here only times not much more to align. For Link reserves the bag found and can now also place an item on the X button. Thus you can use the quick buttons two items at the same time. Very useful.

Side quest: Chicken hail
One screen south of Kakariko you find a chicken coop and a woman who runs this. In the mini game is about to dodge the chickens for 30 seconds within the barn.

The start is with the difficulty level "egg", and participation in 20 Rupees. You will then be in a fenced area, you have little room to move, and from all sides come chickens fluttered into the picture.

They buzz crisscrossing the fenced area. Imagine the best in the middle, and differs from them, as best we can. Will you ever touched, that was it under the normal white chickens also lost every now and then a larger gray. But everything is not a problem, the first round should you survive quite loose.

Your wager is doubled at the end and you get 40 Rupees out again. It follows the "chicks" stage, which costs equal to 30 Rupees. Here, even more and even fatter chickens come running through the pen and you have to dodge better.

Side quest: Tempo-Rubin hunting
A beautiful addition to employment, to properly get rubies in the checkout - if you're willing to invest anything in advance, of course. Advance a few words about the location of the competition: Abandon Kakariko through the southern exit and walk down one screen.

Links of you, you see a chicken coop with chickens hail the entrance to the mini-game. Run including westward in the following screen. You come to a dead end and meet the ruby hunting organizer with her red hat. It offers you to participate in their games at (entry fee: 50 Rupees), and it goes like this:

You have 30 seconds and must gather on the grounds behind rubies, as many as you can carry. The highlight: the time that elapses during which is not displayed on the screen, and you have to appeal to the organizer before the end of half a minute, otherwise you'll lose everything.

In other words: Who Runs during which a stopwatch, has a clear advantage. Or are you good at estimating time. Either way: expires before another half a minute without you finish the game, you lose not only your initial bet, but everything so far collected. And the reverse should be observed: Brecht her collecting less than 20 seconds, will you taken everything away for punishment.

Are you close enough to the time limit, when you finish the game, you get a bonus. In less than three seconds remaining, the amount collected rubies is doubled. Can you manage to stop in less than a second, the prey is even tripled.

And where should you collect? Skin bushes away and blows up the rocks. Pay attention also to the pond in the middle of the area: Here often fly out blue or even red rubies. The red ones are to be preferred, of course, when it comes to collecting. As long as you have around 30 Rupees at the end and finished the game with less than three seconds remaining, you get your commitment back out and a bit on top.

Worth it if you are short on cash and want to quickly get money in order to, for example, the expensive items make store in Ravios can.