Wii Sports Club: tips for succeeding in the online multilayer mode

Wii Sports Club has just come to Wii U, bringing HD graphics, and awaited mondo online sports game from Nintendo . Beginning to venture into multiplayer? Check out some tips to do better against opponents from around the world:

Train Offline

Many people have played the previous version of Wii Sports (2006) at least once, but refresh your memory with the controls and sensitivity control is a good idea before starting the online mode.

Either against friends or against the pc, play at least three or four matches, until feel totally comfortable with the possibilities of the game.

Use a Wii Remote with Motion Plus

It may seem useless, but a control with Motion Plus can greatly facilitate the lives of the players. The sensor makes them smooth and precise movements, helping, for example, to hit the ball cross or make a move full of purpose in Bowling. Older controls without the motion sensor is still work but make more difficult.

Also in Tennis, play with the man network

In Tennis matches, players usually tend to bounce balls using only the character of the bottom, which makes the trajectory of the ball longer, slow and predictable.

Add speed to your game quickly bouncing balls rival with the player closest to the network. This will give less time to react to the opponent, resulting in easy points.

Hold the control correctly

Holding control the wrong way can ruin your game. You must stay tuned to the Mii of the screen, and rotate the control in your hand until the character hold the racket correctly.

This will avoid batting "backfires" and will help much in accuracy. If necessary, place the control with the face down on top of a flat surface (chair, table, sofa, floor) buttons. This calibrates the device.

Caprice on serve

The serve is one of the most important tools of Tennis, because with it you can score points without even having to rebut the other player's balls.

When you cash out, wait for the ball to reach its maximum height, and only then make the move. This will ensure an effect that makes it quick and strong making it difficult (much) to the other player folded.

Adjust the angle of the release in Bowling

In games of Bowling, besides positioning the character (using the directional control), you can press the A button and adjust the angle of the shots. With that, you can hit those more complicated and hidden pins.

It is also important to keep the wrist straight and steady during strokes, to prevent the ball from making unnecessary curves.