World of Warplanes: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guides

World of Warplanes, the direct competitor to the video game War Thunder- offering a variety of options to bring unwelcome enemies from the sky. In our guide to the World of Warplanes we help you with tips and tricks, as you are prepared for the atmosphere.

We respond to fundamentals, machine guns, bombs, rockets, and other details. How do I manage my flying circus most effective? What weapons are particularly efficient? Here you will find all the answers!

Each pilot in World of Warplanes has different flight characteristics and behaves so differently even in combat. Biplanes for example initially characterized by an extremely high maneuverability, unfortunately you pay for it with speed. And a low-wing, however, offer significantly more speed, but lack the maneuverability of the biplane. But it also stuck a significantly more. At the end of the scale World of Warplanes are Jets: These combine high speed and powerful armament of agility but this can hardly be mentioned. In the course of your campaign, you will probably fly all the different types of planes

Principles of Flight
Unlike many other shooters you move in (Arcade) flight simulations in three-dimensional space. Pilots should keep an eye on their heights; otherwise the mill plows through a field, and not through the air. And if that is not challenging enough, we also have to work with the air resistance. A plane that is basically built for the straight flying that does not mean that it could not fly curves, but it offers the least resistance to the air. The pilot goes into a curve, namely, the air resistance acting on multiple pages on the wing and not just from the front. The brakes of the mill and is also imaged at World of Warplanes. And the third dimension brings into play another phenomenon: the force of gravity.

This ensures that we setup speed, if we take the nose of the aircraft down, and also that we lose speed, if we want to gain height. And since we already have the crux of the matter: We can exchange height and speed against each other. How much do we pay for it or get, depends on the ratio between weight and performance as well as on the shape - and not least from the outside Armament: Bombs and missiles change this situation through increased air resistance and the extra weight to our disadvantage. To quickly gain height or speed, we can use our foreign armament discard by "jettison" plus ignite the booster.

List of Bombs in World of Warplanes

Nation Name Weight Damage Radius
Germany SC50 50kg 1500 70m
Germany SC100 100kg 3000 80m
Germany SC250 250kg 7500 100m
Germany SC500 500kg 15000 120m

Nation Name Weight Damage Radius
USSR FAB-50 50kg 1500 70m
USSR FAB-100 100kg 3000 80m
USSR FAB-250 250kg 7500 100m
USSR FAB-500 500kg 15000 120m

Nation Name Weight Damage Radius
USA 100 lbs 45kg 1200 70m
USA 250lbs 113kg 3300 80m
USA 500 lbs 225kg 6000 100m

Nation Name Weight Damage Radius
Japan 30kg 30kg 800 50m
Japan 60kg 60kg 1600 75m
Japan 250kg 250kg 7500 100m

Nation Name Weight Damage Radius
UK 1000-FN 454kg 12000 115m
UK 500-FN 227kg 6000 100m
UK 250-FN 113kg 3300 80m

List of Missiles in World of Warplanes

Nation Name Damage Radius
Germany WGR21 1800 75m
Germany R4M 150 30m

Nation Name Damage Radius
USSR ROFs-82 650 45m
USSR RS-132 900 60m
USSR TRS-82 850 60m

Nation Name Damage Radius
USA 5'' HVAR 1200 40m

Nation Name Damage Radius
UK RP-3-6P 750 45m
UK RP-3-SAP 1200

Machine guns
Each aircraft in World of Warplanes has fixed machine guns. This function basically as follows: By a blowing agent, the projectiles are accelerated in the tube, leave this at the mouth and one fly caused by the gravity ballistic curve until they hit a target or the ground. Then they act by kinetic energy or explode by impact fuze. In both cases, energy is released, which damages the target. Whether it is machine gun or cannon, is simply a matter of caliber, so the diameter of the projectile. Large caliber carries on and does more damage, but has a lower rate of fire (ROF) and overheats faster.

Small caliber has a higher rate of fire, and flies faster, but bring its light weight substantially less kinetic energy to the target. So much for the theory. In practice, therefore, a so-called derivative action must take place, ie, to aim a little in front of the enemy aircraft, so that the projectiles hit the enemy at the interface of the estimated trajectories. World of Warplanes helps the player by any target within weapons range has a target circle.

What is my job?
What role, you take in battle, depends on the choice of aircraft: fighters should fight for an enemy plane and make the other escorts for ground attack aircraft. Should orient you to this on your own beast and the order of battle. Is it near the top of the list, the intercept incoming enemy fighters should come first. However, you find yourself in the middle or at the bottom of the food chain, enemy bombers are the first target. But be careful! Enemy snipers can make life pretty hard, and the above-average armament in the nose of a ground attack aircraft makes frontal Flights to Russian Roulette!

The best reason is approached in steep angle from above, plus a 45 ° angle to the course of the opponent. Short, targeted burst and a new approach are wiser than sticking just to the rear of the enemy. As ground attack aircraft offers, unless you have loaded bombs, the enemy headquarters as the target. We go to start using booster quickly to summit and then descend happen on the target. So we make it difficult for enemy planes to intercept us in the approach. After the attack, we close again to our troops in order to obtain coverage. Since we now have to carry more bombs, we have to return quickly.

Money and General Tips
With teammate enters the game has a distinct advantage. While one player chooses a ground attack aircraft, the other takes a hunter and this combination is hard to beat. The light bombers, for example, take a bead on the enemy headquarters and the hunter protects him there. As enemy aircraft like and bite to attack aircraft, the fighter may pick one or the other time an unwary enemy from the sky. The best way to fly in a slightly different formation, the hunter is at a 45 ° angle to the side behind the bombers. If possible, the hunter takes on a higher ground position to be able to come crashing down on enemies. The 45 ° angle has the further advantage that this vector for the snipers of the ground attack aircraft represents a blind spot in the rule, which you now monitored. Particularly important but no matter which card you play: Who is away from his teammates, has lost the Rotten advantage. Keeping together is therefore the need of the hour. Only then you can protect each other!

When do I use an ATM?
In World of Warplanes also possible to go out without money using a premium account but you can significantly accelerate your progress in the game. In addition, the acquisition of a premium aircraft makes sense: These machines are true credit generators. In this case you should buy one with the highest possible animal: Namely significantly more cash is made!

General Tips and Tricks

Overheating, bombers and more!

The careless use of weapons or boost generated primarily one thing: overheating. Nothing is worse than to have wasted its boost at the wrong time.

Altitude Advantage!
Level is equivalent to the three-dimensional space velocity. Meaning: Who flies high, may quickly set up speed in a dive. Who flies well below the target, while the climb easy prey for hunters - it has already been starved many a bird in the air and plucked from the enemy like a ripe apple.

Parabolic flight
As ground attack aircraft should be to gain altitude at the start of the round as much as possible. Only shortly before the finish you take the nose back down to you to pounce on the target. No fear of approaching head-hunters! Your superior weaponry will make attacks from the front vector for fireworks.

Bombs at low altitude
Very dangerous bombing from a low height. A bomb of 500 kg has a blast radius of 120 meters, and also provide three-dimensional. Who plays the low-flying planes, should therefore use its machine guns, otherwise you can get destroy your own flight from the sky. Funny, though: Many persistent pursuers had this experience already.

Target window
Especially for players who have not spent music time with World of Warplanes: Pay attention to the target window. There you will see your mill in direct comparison with the bridged destination. If the opponent has stronger weapons, frontal attacks are not recommended. Except you make sure that the enemy can not aim 

Avoid collisions!
We are not in the 50s, we take no pickups and we do not play "coward". That means: Put on your mill at head-to-head in time from the flight path of the opponent. It's just too tempting to keep it always beautiful. Collisions are very common in World of Warplanes, and that is nothing more than "game over"! And subsequently there's usually still bitching in the chat on top.

Protect bomber!
Protects your Bomber! If one gets near to help, it also comes to the rescue! You can only win as a team, that works as a team. Fly above and behind the bomber escort is the most effective option.

Never let you turn on fights with a more agile machines, you can not win this. Fly away, take a curve and approach again - firing on all cylinders. Otherwise, you will have nothing to laugh about.

Throttle and look into the distance is quite a legitimate tactical means. It is also important in this game as long as possible to stay alive. Knights of the air, heroic and honorable fight - all stuff from the First World War. It's all about tactical advantages to victory or defeat. Is a superior opponent, calls to teammates and seeks your salvation in flight.

Heavy Fighter
This class provides many players with the question: How do I fly a thing right? A good tactic is the flash bombs: So fast and high as possible to fly to the enemy headquarters, throw everything in load and then take enemy gunships targeted. Against ordinary hunters this class, because of its weight that is usually no chance.