Angry Birds Go! (Android) Tips/All Characters/ Bonuses

Angry Birds Go! is the next title in the famous license Rovio and is much similar to Mario Kart. It is a racing game in which the classic characters of the franchise can be found.

Quickly Replace Your Character In Angry Birds Go

To quickly replace your character in Angry Birds Go, open your phone’s time settings and change the date to the current day. Return to the game, you will find that your character will be completely restored.

List of characters in Angry Birds Go

- Red

- Stella

- Chuck

- Hal

- Jake, Jim & Jay

- Bomb

- Mathilda

- Terence

- Bubbles

- King pig

- Pig mustache

- Pig soldier

List of Bonus in Angry Birds Go

Here is the description of bonus in Angry Birds Go by the bird or pig flesh:

- Red Bird: acceleration 2 seconds

- Pink Bird: protective bubble and glide action

- Black Bird: explosion

- King Pig: fly over obstacles and increased speed

- Bluebirds: 3 accelerations

- Big red bird: earthquake

- Orange bird: inflate to crush competitors acceleration + 5 seconds

- White Bird: take a large egg forwards

- Mustache pig: send three dynamites front

- Green Bird: send a tornado forward

- Pig soldier hide behind helmets

- Yellow bird: large short acceleration

Get Lots of Money in Angry Birds Go

In Angry Birds Go, there is a way around the rules in order to get lots of money quickly. When you start a part in Race # 1 Speedway, do not beat Stella three times but leave at least one test. In doing so, you will have the opportunity to play as you see fit in other game modes such as VS Mode. So, go in this game mode and manage as many times as you like racing on hard mode which provide 60 bonus tracks.