Batman: Arkham Origins: Multiplayer gamplay Help / Guide

Batman: Arkham Origins is one of the most popular multiplayer gaming experience of the past several years, especially thanks to its asymmetry. In asymmetric games, the players are not all the same, do not play the same way and has different goals. Although this is a very common feature in board games, it rarely appears in virtual games.
Understand how it works and follow our gameplay help and guide to do well in the online mode.

In multiplayer, eight players - divided into three teams - face off in an arena. Two gangs of three players called Elites, must face over territory. These include Batman and Robin, that the shadows must try to win both teams to defeat as many villains. For completeness, there is a door in a moment of departure will allow one of the gangster to appear as a super villain, much more powerful and lethal than the other characters.

How to play with Batman and Robin

If you win at the beginning, you can play with one of the members of the dynamic duo that work exactly the same as the main Single Player game, except of course the slightly smaller number of Gadgets. Your goal is to complete the Batman symbol (Intimidation) before each of the gangsters can control all the checkpoints of the map.

Remember to be patient, you are still human and die quickly, so always use the element of surprise and study your opponents before attacking. If you get an Elite, remember to finish him quickly on the ground.

Always make different takedowns (finishing moves), as this increases your score on the meter intimidation. Do not repeat the same tactics. Alfred will always point out who sound the "leaders" of the gang for you, defeat them give you extra points intimidation.

You are always vulnerable on the ground. Its location is above or below the enemy. Use the explosive to set traps, strategic choice as local caches of weapons and the gateway of super-villains Gel. As for these, remember to never face them in melee, reliant only takedowns, since they are very strong. If they are not defeated, get away, since super-villains stun everyone around you when you rise.

Although heroes may not dominate the checkpoints of the game, they can use a small gadget, the Scrambler, to scramble the frequency of enemies and ensure that they take longer to capture certain point. If gangs are close together, try to use gadgets to getaway from them.

How to play with the Elites

In most games, you will be an elite, that is, a soldier belonging to the Gang Joker or Bane. Here the controls are a bit different than usual, while similar ones found in almost every shooting game in the third person (like Uncharted). To shoot you use the combination L1 + R1 (LB + RB on the Xbox), Ball (B) to enter into hedging and X (A) to run. The gangsters also have a kind of detective so short (L2 on PS3 and Xbox LT) and a grenade / bomb (R2/RT).

Always stay together and give cover for each other, teamwork is the key to winning here. Remember to stay tuned to the gargoyles, corners, exhaust ventilation and other places used by the heroes. If your gang can no longer bring in reinforcements, concentrate on eliminating the heroes, when dead bring back all teammates. Likewise, if the bat that shows the level of intimidation gets too high, focus on killing heroes.

Use and abuse of their avoidance (PS3 X button twice) to stay alive, if by chance is reached, remember that your life recovers over time, so after every crash, wobbles a bit to retrieve it. Your detective mode has limited duration, so use it in quick flashes to better understand their surroundings.

Stay tuned for special doors, that is where you should go for a super-villain turns. Finally, remember that there are dozens of different control schemes to choose from, pick the one you feel most comfortable.

How to play with super-villains.

The Joker has his bizarre pistol as a primary weapon. His shots end up releasing dozens of different fragments that can hit several targets. If not enough, the bullets still has the ability to ricochetearem on surfaces, which makes it much more unpredictable and lethal. It also features a mini-rocket launcher to deal damage on smaller and more focused targets. Finally, attacks the body-to-body character is accompanied by a powerful shock originated from his "ringer" in the hands.

These characters are very different from the others. First, they are not able to recover life, while having a resistance higher than normal. They also can not use cover or detective mode, on the other hand, both are very fast and can run indefinitely. The main shortcoming of Bane and the Joker is his vulnerability to take down of the dynamic duo that can take up to one third of the lives of these characters.