Battlefield 4: Learn to Customize Classes and Weapons

Battlefield 4 is the new game in the FPS's game series, which brings back the chaotic virtual wars for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and next generation consoles: Playstation 4 and Xbox One. As with previous versions, you can edit the soldier classes, altering abilities, weapons and equipment used on the battlefield. Check out our tutorial below:

In a break from the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 4 menu, players can set up their classes and weapons, using some of the many items unlocked during the game. To begin, select the class you want to use and press "square" (PS3) or "X" (Xbox 360).

An edit screen will open where you can choose all the equipment used by the soldier. Position the cursor over the weapon you want to change, and press the select button ("X" on PS3 and "A" on Xbox 360) and select your favorite.

After choosing the weapon, press again "square" or "X" (PS3, Xbox 360) to access the options menu of the weapon. In it, sights, pipes, accessories and even paintings can be added to weapons. Note that only those items already unlocked can be used. The process can be repeated in secondary weapon, which also has its own accessories.

Back to the main menu, you can still change the two devices (missile launchers, mines, sandpipers, etc.), grenades, knives. camouflage and field improvements, which are sets of abilities that work more or less like the Perks of Call of Duty.

After customizing your way to class, back to the game and perform all tests due. If you dont like any weapons or equipment, just press Start and repeat the process, which can be done as often as necessary during the battle itself.