Beyoncé talks about her self titled album (Video)

Beyoncé released a promotional video for her Self-Titled album "BEYONCE", in which she talks about the message behind the project.

"There is a moment in which everything fits," begins the singer. "When I was in the studio, I was gathering songs and remembered a performance that was a defining moment in my life as a child."

The star refers to the show she performed with her first group, "Girl's Tyme" in the talent hunt program "Star Search", which she lost. "In my mind, we would introduce ourselves, and I would win a contract with a record label and this was my dream at that time." The images are in the performance clip of " Flawless *** (Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) ".

The wife of Jay Z also reveals that winning awards is amazing, but sometimes she wants to throw it all away like she did in the video for " Pretty Hurts ". "My message through this album is finding the beauty in imperfection."

Check out the video below: