Beyoncé's new album generates loss of almost $ 4 million to Piracy

Despite all the mystery surrounding the release of the fifth studio album from Beyoncé , the album could not escape from piracy.

According to the projections of the website MusicMetric, the album "BEYONCE," released on the 13th, has been illegally downloaded nearly 240,000 times around the world during the first week alone. To get an idea of what this is, the album "Bangerz" by Miley Cyrus , reached number one in the Billboard charts selling about the same number of copies.

Taking into account the value of the album on iTunes ($ 15.99), this means that the pop star and her label lost no less than $ 3.8 million income.

Even with this setback, the strategy of the wife of Jay Z was successful and the pop star dominates the top of the Billboard album chart for the second week, totaling more than 991,000 copies sold of "BEYONCE".

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