Console ver. of Thief has the same Features as the PC ver.

The Technical Director Jean-Normand Bucci confirmed that the content and the gameplay features for the PC and next-generation console versions of “THIEF” will look almost the same. However, there should be some differences in the art.

The studio wants to fully exploit the console versions technically, while the PC version, the same graphical features use -. However, with some improvements. Thus, there are on the computer, for example, better anti-aliasing, higher-resolution shadow and support for multiple monitors. In addition THIEF will be the first game to support AMD's Mantle API.

It is only recently disclosed at Eidos Montreal that the PC version of THIEF will not be a console port, even if it suggests Bucci's testimony. He did not describe the Hardware Requirements for the PC version, as the team is still working on the performance.

In direct comparison with the versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 should offer a higher frame rate, a higher resolution and new features around DirectX 11.

By the way, it was announced as part of the VGX Awards a companion app to THIEF, with, different stats for the game. Among them are Rankings and newspapers from THIEF. The app will be available shortly before the game's release in February for free.