Dead Rising 3 Game Survival Guide / Help

Dead Rising 3 has come to Xbox One as a major console release. The game puts thousands of zombies in a huge open world map. Check out some tips to protect from the living dead:

Keep Yourself Well Fed

In Dead Rising 3, the life bar of the protagonist Nick can only be recovered with food, found in every corner of the Los Lost city. Stay tuned to bars and markets to get large amounts of food.

It is always better to carry one or two food items in inventory for emergencies.

Always Replace Your Weapons

One of the major attractions in DR3 is the variety of weapons available in game. Guns, swords, metal pipes and even chairs can be used to fend off the zombies.

Enjoy the wide range of items and always replace the weapons in your inventory, since they weaken with constant use.

Invest In Hit Points

Dead Rising 3 has a system of attributes, which are unlocked after each level reached by the character. With points, it is possible to release a plethora of skills and new moves for Nick.

Despite the variety of options, prefer to invest in hit points. With them the hero resists better the long battles and no need to carry so much food, freeing up space for new and powerful weapons.

Stay Alert

Zombies are not very athletic beings; it is easy to dodge small groups, even if located in more confined spaces. The problem is that when you approach, they may attack you too.

When that happens, get ready to shake the hand quickly, preventing the character receive a lot of damage. The strategy also works for attacks while driving.

Search For Cars By Map

Like any good city infested by zombies, Los Lost has thousands of cars scattered in the streets. The problem is that not all work.

Identify the cars that can be driven by the flashing lights and between them by pressing the button B. With vehicles will be easier to blow up several zombies at once, plus save some good time between long trips

Use the Bearing

One option unexplored by interactive tutorials of the game are the bearings. Executed by pressing the left analog they are very useful in difficult battles, especially against bosses.

Combine Weapons and Vehicles

Another cool option is to combine weapons and vehicles, creating stronger and more resilient versions. Do not think twice before getting rid of something common items to get an even more deadly weapon.

Escape from human

In a zombie infested city, it is ironic to realize that the most dangerous opponents are the very few humans to be found at different locations.

With the exception of some mandatory battles always choose to flee from direct confrontations with humans, as they are often well equipped with firearms and even vehicles.