Does Rain Disrupt your Satellite TV Signals? Learn How to Solve

The summer rainfall, more intense than at other times of the year, usually brings inconvenience to the subscribers of satellite TV. After all, are not uncommon complaints of interference, picture freezes and even total interruption of service? The DTG Reviews prepared this article to solve the problem.

Can Bad Weather conditions affect your Satellite TV Reception?

Yes a storm is able to stop the service on your TV because the satellite transmission uses frequencies in the same range of microwave ovens, which are absorbed by water. So when it rains heavy, the information transmitted by the satellite has just absorbed by the water, weakening the signal strength that is called "rain fade." 

Broadcasters amplify the signal sent to the satellites through an operation called uplink. There are several stations that perform this operation scattered in various places, and when heavy rain occurs, they operate at higher power to compensate for signal loss.

What the average user can do to alleviate this problem is to purchase a product in spray form, called Magic Dome, which prevents water from collecting on the antenna by reducing the absorption to some degree. Another option, a little more extreme, is to buy a bigger antenna, increasing the uptake of frequencies and avoiding signal loss. However, during a storm, even these measures will not able to prevent interference on your TV, due to the intense amount of rain soaking the frequencies transmitted.

In the case of lighter rainfall, where even then the signal fails, the ideal is to make a position adjustment of the antenna a few degrees sideways or vertically. This action may be taken from the available settings on the TV remote control, but should only be undertaken with the knowledge and support of the service provider. To ensure that everything will go well, call your cable operator.


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