Goodbye Deponia Complete Solution, Walkthrough, Guide - (PC)

Table of Contents

1 Prologue: On the cutter
2 Hotel portent - Part 2
3 Hotel portent - Part 3
4 Act 2: On board the cruiser Organon
5 Act 3: The Hell
6 Act 4: Back to Deponia
7 In the city
8 5 Zlotti
9 The overnight camp
10 Images for therapy
11 Access to the Rebel Camp
12 The Big Goodbye
13 Act 5: The high boat

Prologue: On the cutter

After the intro you find yourself back in a cutter without a blanket. But in this room, there is nothing for you to do. Put yourself on deck. The left there is the bow. The following is a brief discussion of your adversary.

We continue our search for Goal anyway. For this we go back to the side wall and then take the right moment the signal over you. Speak now with Goal. She tells you that the screws are on the crane holding the key to the salvation. Rufus' skills it is due, however, that solve them all, one, so that their attendance with Goal to air travel. Hold Goal is now the motto. Yet again you fail and so you will together with your girlfriend catapults aboard a cruiser Organon.

On board the cruiser Organon

There, wait a fan and a security guard on you. Announce that you want to use the blackout tactics to overpower the guard. Then he goes blind and runs away. In the following discussion of "Fan to Idol," you can select the above answers, if you want to learn more about Vita Rufus' past. Continue if you and your fan take a photo session. He suggests namely to photograph you in salvation Goals.

Pressed to first left, then to accelerate the button and then move the lever to the cruiser. Do you use the lever two more times, until sparks, flames, and then finally it caught your fan Barry. For this you can take a fire ax and a hose you have. This connects you with the cannon. Operated then this and then trying to catch the tube. Now you are in the same situation as Goal, but have your fire ax, with which you can cut through the hose.

Act 1: Hotel portent
Since the others are already doing, we have no choice but to follow them down. Let's begin the search for our friends in the upper room on the left. This is the reception in which you can use on the counter the bell. Then you chat with the receptionist at the end there is a room key number 5 hands over us.

Right next to the reception is another room, restaurant. There you will find a salt shaker, a pepper shaker and a corkscrew. If you try to use the coffee maker you also get blown to bits. Also, you can remove the right image, which a mother is exposed. However, we still lack the appropriate tool to solve this.

So let's first back out and then right through the door. Here are the hotel rooms of the writing on the wall. Seen from Rufus in the first door is the seer right. In conversation with him you achieved nothing. However, you can take the toothpaste. We leave this room again. In the closet next to the room of the seer, we find a pillowcase. In addition, there is still one more space.

In this room housed a ghost. It makes you just happen if you do room service. Sorry, the conversation with the ghost will come to nothing. Only the fish-knife, which finds her in harness on the floor, it is useful here.

The opposite room, we open with our room key number 5. Here we find our friends. We can also bag the bag on the floor. When we browse the bag, we get bozos shampoo.

If we leave room Docs now and take the stairs down. The pies machines where we can not use because we lack the necessary coins. However, we can turn off the heating. Button always turn the squares of the range at which they are fixed, in the other color, while the lever image quasi reflected. Your task is to leave all the lights shine in blue color. To do this you first pressed the button on the diagonal, uses the lever and again presses the button on the diagonal. Now you need again the middle and then press the side button and have the heating off.

Before we look for commands even know what has caused because we look up again, which is on the left behind the door. In the garbage can is obviously someone: a pelican. But the fish waste in the dustbin seems not quite to taste, so he is not willing to come out of it. With the salt shaker, we add a little spice gradually draw him out so. More can be found here for the time being not to do.

Let us first return to the staircase and enter the lower left room, where the only unknown area of the hotel waiting for us. Here is the laundry. After we listened to the ritual of the present, we can take bozos suit velvet hanger on the wall.

Hotel portent - Part 2

Let's see if Bozo would again get his coat. As we have previously turned off the heater, the Good freezes while the whole body, but do not want to slip into his suit. He risks so as to capture him? But we may be able to infect him with it to get his towel. Four signs are symptomatic. Maybe we can cheer about in the food that makes him believe to be sick his yes.

Let's ask for food times at the front desk for something. Here, however, we are running Cletus on the road. He tells them the receptionist that he wants to bring his suit in the laundry. We should definitely keep in mind. At the moment, there is another way to take his goods. From Rufus' hiding out in the restaurant, we can replace the bag at the front desk. After a closer look we find that it is home to paper money.

The primary use case that comes to us for paper money, takes us outside on the stairs to the bathroom door. And indeed, the person may on the toilet to do something with our donation. Instead of his time machine but we only get one coin. In addition, you can now open the door and you acquire the toilet paper. With this you can make the coin to fit in the pies machines.

We throw The abraded coin that is in the patties machine, after which we will actually get a pie. In order to infect the hungry Bozo, but we still need to prepare according to the pie.

Combine the pie so with the pepper shaker, the dust and toothpaste. These ingredients make for cold, cough and fever. Only a blue tongue did not get Bozo it. So, let's start looking for the last ingredient. We have the pelican stuff on the balcony with the hanger below the mouth. Then we can take away from him his fish. This we will work with our fish knife, after which we get dandruff. But this is unfortunately not yet what we are looking. The crucial final ingredient is still missing.

Nevertheless, the scales just found are determined prima for a little prank. Set the seer, the scale in the hood and then ask him what he is up to. His appearance judged her as good enough. Then he sits down on the hood along with the inlaid scale. High time to present him with the shampoo. This takes a shower, the seer and the ghost in the next room positioned in front of the hole in his room.

This allows you, unseen to sneak out. From the balcony we can to the room left of the seer, where we Mister Toffee attack us in the glass. With the corkscrew you get to the glass. Mister Toffee's gone now though, but you get an empty glass and a cork.

The cork we use to stop the leak on the balcony. If we now press the flush, we hear cursing the seer, and must now return to his room. We also come with a handle in the toilet bowl in the possession of a Klostein. He's the last ingredient for our pie, which we are now able to present Bozo. Your poor friend is now sick and does not contradict more if you give him back his suit. As a reward you will receive even bozos towel.

But what is actually happening with the seer? He now has hair and we can give it again to put something in the hood. How about the lousy pillowcase? As with the scales we get him talking to himself impose the hood. Again goes to shower the seer, but this time it has failed to lock the door, which allows us to him to steal his cowl, the mantle of the seer. Even in the dark room next door there to get something. The ghost has left its place in front of the hole and leaves his fitted sheet.

Hotel portent - Part 3

Now go to the laundry, where Rufus runs by itself the mantle of the seer about. The sect calls promptly the relics with the six insignia. The insignia can be seen on the various devices in the room - meant the care symbols on the labels of textiles. Therefore, it is at the relics are looking for the fitted sheet, the pillowcase and towel bozos.

Although you have only three items, already the washing begins. At the next mini-game you have to proceed as follows. The relics each stands, in which machine they are washed. This means that you have to choose clothes as the distance between Rufus and Cletus' that both come from the same machine.

From now on you can switch back and forth at will between Cletus 'and Rufus' clothes. Thus, the reception can be used again for you. Much more important, however, that in Doc's room your friends hide from you, and you can take the third wrench you finally. Cletus' presence in the hotel allows you also to spend you on the intercom in docs room for the resident of the room with the number 1. Ask the receptionist to send you your assistant over. But go now not directly to the reception, because otherwise you will get caught directly from Oppenbot. Take instead a detour right through the heating system in order to sneak past him.

At the reception you can ask for the menu that allows her a Labskaus for Cletus can on the intercom order. To do this you must however return to Rufus' slip clothes and chat with the receptionist. Then come added Oppenbot and you can return to Docs rooms. The meal is, however, recognized only for 4 clock.

In order to influence the time you make yourselves to do with the third wrench on the nut behind the front desk. The mother may expose you, by taking the picture from the wall. If you turn twice to the mother, the time has come to which you have ordered the Labskaus.

Cletus is so called to eat and goes promptly into the restaurant. Since the receptionist keeps you for Cletus, you can pick up his key. He gives you the room key number but accidentally 9th Power to the receptionist aware of his misfortune. Then Cletus comes forward and into restaurant. From there you screwed back twice around the nut. In order to convince the receptionist again assuming that you do not have the right key, you give him your room key number 5 as evidence. Thus, the clock now hangs around properly, you already use the third wrench twice, but finally get the room key number 1, if you ask the receptionist for it.

Since we are now in possession of the key, we can enter into Cletus' room. Here there is to bag a lot. Link the moth balls and the carpet cleaner and the right pocket. Now Hide yourselves under the pipe. If Cletus enters the room, you can see on the mirror and access your inventory, because he would discover you otherwise. Once combined the carpet cleaner with the toothpaste to obtain chloroform cream. Then screw the nut on the mirror off with your third screwdriver. Then you can replace the cream with chloroform Cletus's toothpaste. If you throw now the moth balls into the pipe, then go Cletus brush their teeth. Collapses the mirror to the side and imitates his movements.

Suddenly Oppenbot enters the room. Give him a bag. Then there is a confusion that sent enlightens Rufus at the reception. Now you are namely the possession of the bag. So Rufus has finally completed the mission of Bozo and Doc. Go back and celebrate. But what's the matter? Unfortunately, you have to learn that your commitment was useless and Goal is back on his feet, even without your help. After a grueling dispute you chased by Cletus and his assistant. The mini-game completes her by twice open the door for the seer and then take the stairs down.

After some discussion and a singing performance by Jan Müller-Michaelis act now begins 2.

Act 2: On board the cruiser Organon

Your inventory is now empty again. Look around the room to find anything useful there. Behind the cover we discover a coffee maker, according to the use we get coffee. Besides Goal a letter opener also lies on the desk. In addition, you can still operate the drawer knob. Take then Cletus' shoes from the drawer. About the drawer knob is yet another button, the bed knob. Pressed this, and you can get into bed. Since Rufus does not know that the cruiser is under video surveillance, he pulls without hesitation from his disguise. Thus, we do not blow the whistle, we must find a way to break into the computer core where we can erase the recording.

Assuming, however, once the sheets off the bed and insert the slats. To be able to leave the room, we have to open with the letter opener the air shaft. By this we get into the computer core. The grid in the shaft prevents us from progressing, however.

Unlocking this escape route but still brings about an advantage. So we can believe the security guard at the door, someone had entered our room. To illustrate the possible credible, we hide Cletus' shoes in the closet and put the slats on the shaft. Then we press the button on the door and ask the guard on to search our room. The guard then enters the circuit and can be overwhelmed by you by pressing the drawer button. To cover up your act, you must still press the button bed.

Now enter the hallway and tilt your coffee on the doormat. Immediately comes Putzibot hastened to make the mess clean. The opportunity to bring your coffee with him and damaging the mug with the letter opener. We Get now at a new coffee maker coffee and dump it at the end of the shaft on the doormat, so us, the Putzibot with a coffee trace the path to the computer core. We need to replenish his supply but again, if he cleans the floor mat so that the track long enough stays fresh. We curl the robot again now with spilled coffee on the doormat, we get about his track to the computer core.

In the mini game with the surveillance cameras you need the camera lure of the respective target consoles. For this to work, you must be aware that they can follow you just at an angle of 45 degrees. Once a path of non-lighted fields leads to the corresponding terminal, you have to appeal to their goal. You also can here proceed in stages, ie as long as a path leading away from Goals site, it is this, even if he does not lead to final destination. Once it has reached the third terminal, the game is over.
Sorry, we are caught and must extricate us in conversation. Wishes you a coffee, so Rufus can tilt on the floor and Putzibot travels around the guard. Then you can leave without being seen to the right of the computer core. Now we meet Cletus and Donna. Fortunately for us, but is located near a good hiding.

After Cletus has been caught, we do in our hiding a little trip and then face the frightened Goal. So let's try to hit the right button to save Goal. But all our efforts are in vain. Whatever we do, after four button presses we have killed them and find ourselves in hell again.

Act 3: The Hell

Although Rufus is now apparently stewing in hell, this is not the end. Cancel the yin from the floor, which you already know from the tutorial, but then go a bit to the right and put it on the odd bottom plate to illuminate the back of the room. Then lifts right to the current reverser and puts it into the recess. Now, if you press the button, it comes down to the assembly line. For her there is not dead, but comes back out in one piece, you have to solve at the console minigame. Here you have to make sure that neutralize some torture methods against each other. The symbols are to be arranged, for example, in this order: sawing, freezing, burning, lasers and hitting.

The factory

Are you come out the bottom intact, you can you take the scrap racket. Then go back in the room to the light. Now you see the output in the depths of space. Run through it and enter through the door in the middle of the next room. You will be in the home.

Take the olives and smite with the scrap racket the door. Before you leave the room, you can still a bean bag, a bottle of oil and a water dispenser collect. In addition, you still have the opportunity to put the olives in the oil mill to then insert the bottle. Now you are in possession of olive oil and can move on.

At the point where just a moment ago was the grim reaper, it follows its route just to the left. In the following conversation with him you have in between times to lend a hand and place the eye back in place. Is then it is to bash with the scrap ball bat on the four steel beams.


Suddenly Hermes disappears and the goal is motionless on the floor. Do you go to the console, you see, what material you need to fill the tank at the factory. On the way we make a discovery. Before the factory entrance, we can take a time card to us. To make it valid, you have to through the tube in Klonlabor where the vampire platypus can then bite. Now you have a stamped time card that you can push her in the time clock. The bonus that you get, turns out to be garlic. In addition, the light barrier no longer blocks now the way to food cart.

The snack car door gets on with the olive oil. Now you can collect all the objects lying around. These are iodized salt, Ploerr-o-Fizz, a fry bag and chip fat. Before we open ourselves to utilize our objects in the factory, we look again with the garlic over the vampire platypus in the pipe. Given the beast garlic, it makes the vampire platypus eggs unguarded. Now we may have collected enough material for the clones.

Let us therefore in the factory. All the items that you now carry with you, we throw in the hopper. These are the following: A bean bag, chip fat, iodine salt, oil bottle, Ploerr-o-Fizz, a fry bag, platypus eggs and a water dispenser. All displays are now filled to the highest level.

So off to the console in Klonlabor. Set the switch to III and select the image of Hermes. For this you have to use the button. Push the lever, now appear three identical versions of Hermes, which you must follow to the courtyard. The clones all run in the death, but the third does not manage to kill himself. So Hermes is the third party to a conversation. Kindly, he delivered you from Goal scan. Put this into the console and pull the lever when you selected your image and the number you have set I.

After the events come, Rufus is suddenly threesome. Looking a doppelganger to pay attention to the new interface. From now on you can switch back and forth between the triplets. The right Rufus has the nucleic acid. Presented to another clone and a dispute breaks out. Left Rufus assists by his hand reaches for the nucleic acid.

Act 4: Back to Deponia

Left Rufus
You find yourself down in the murky sewers. Around you are following the clockwise direction, a road, Goal, a scrub and a column. At the moment our hands are tied here due to the darkness. So, let's move to the middle Rufus.

Middle Rufus
This emerges from a toilet at the Mooks. Speak to the Mooks to find out the location of the rebel camp. Rotates her then twice the clothes dryer and slips into the onesie, you get paid a lollipop. Let's see if we can find a buyer for this treat in the house.

The house you enter through the entrance on the left next to the postman. He can steal it from outside a letter from his pocket. Inside you will meet then on the whole family Bozo. Let's go up to our pal Bozo. His cape we found a piece of paper, which turns out to be medical transfer. Somehow we must obtain medicines to bring him back into shape him.

First, however, we return to the living room where we can collect a baby monitor and give the little baby Bozo our lollipops. The brans louts disappears and his pacifier lands somewhere in the sewers, where he possibly allows another Rufus getting ahead. So, let's move back to the left Rufus.

Left Rufus
The green deposited Rufus can now just pick up a pacifier. This enables us to provide Goal. Now we can at least grab the undergrowth that we can fill in the gaps. Even the branch above us, we can now take. So that we can then start a fire in the column.

We felt a little deceived, as for the identity of the screaming being. True to the motto "Try before" we start now to create at the turnstile. However, nothing happens, because the lamp is not working. So we prefer leaving the gutter and dedicate ourselves to the heroic rise of the right Rufus.

Right Rufus
Directly at the Rufus ascent station must behave cautiously, to avoid being discovered by one of the numerous guards. Through the tube enters her first out of the water. Pressing her to the lantern the button, there are two favorable benefits for you. For one goes down in the sewers on the light and also the guard is distracted by a billboard. That would actually be your chance to slip in a box with label to Elysium. But none of the boxes is suitable to transport you. So let's first look with Rufus' alter ego a few meters further down for a solution.

Left Rufus
Rotates her now at the turnstile, you get not only the figures from the darkness to face, but above sounds even a different song. We can still, however, continue with this Rufus. Links to a new gear has opened in the follow our new young companion into it.

In the chat with the pledge witch we learn where our nucleic acid is and that he is the only one who has money down here. Your 5 Zlotti they would only spend when someone makes the proverbial monkey. The monkeys, however, refused to work. Here we can do only talk no more. By Gulli grid we might contact the middle Rufus in the city and replace items. We Climb times the rung and present us with the opening. Now we just have to see through it and already we speak our alter ego. From now on the subject handover between these two from any location is possible from. Then we are looking at the best times but a few items, you we can extend downward.

In the city

Middle Rufus
On the state of the Teigtaschenfrau you can you acquire a shield, on which a male temporary worker is being sought. Goods we can with her but do not purchase, as long as it works without temp. She mentions, however, that a pastry will cost 1.25 Zlotti. That would mean that we could get with the 5 Zlotti out of the sewers exactly four dumplings

Since we do not have them yet, so let's make our first on the way to the shops. In therapy practice, we passed the Medical referral to the therapist, after a session begins. However, Rufus is a hopeless case. We would need the impression of a real patient, so that the therapist do not assume that we will not take the matter seriously. To learn bozos reaction, but we need to first own the corresponding images, one of which was previously but still nowhere to be seen one.

Let us therefore better times down to. From the type case, we take the lead sentence "YRK" and in addition the paper and printer's ink. If we combine these two materials, we get blackened paper. In addition, Barry calls for a more heroic of you. You have to find a suitable location for it and scan it. For this to succeed, you will receive finger focus.

Before we continue our little stroll through the city someplace else, we might want to look in the knitting shop again. At the counter you are allowed to take you a flyer. Combine this with her the lead sentence "YRK" says your paper airplane is now a weighted flyer.

Now we can finish our shopping trip for now and go from the center to the right. Here we would have to take on the rebels. From Sgt Bambi we learn that she wants to get a tattoo, but still has not found a suitable subject. Try it, left to take the antenna with you, Rufus happened a little mishap and you just get the antenna fork. Before the gateway to the rebel camp you can scan on the scaffold with the finger focus baby Bozo. His salvation is then the feat witnessed Barry to be later. Now we have so together some items that we can pass into the sewer system.

Left Rufus
As Sgt Bambi wants to get a tattoo, we should seek their motive. The mysterious character called a petting zoo inside the car. A picture of a cute animal could still suitable as a template. Let yourself Blackened rich paper to get an impression of the nature of the car interior. The impression we give to the middle Rufus.

Middle Rufus
The impression that we have recently received, so let's give Bambi Sgt. Since Pvt. Lotti does not want to help us to penetrate into the rebel camp because her tattoo is not yet subsided, we must be satisfied with the objects that here now lying around. We take a crow bar and the lounge chair to us.

5 Zlotti

Left Rufus
If we give the left Rufus the crowbar, he can thus break the crate on top of the car. Alone but we can not make it there. We have to climb on the rung and then appeal to the children twice. With the crowbar of Pvt. Lotti gets her the box on which you can see in a banana. Do you offer this to the monkey, flees his cronies

Under the condition that it finds a new supporters for the monkey, you are allowed to take the fez with you. This job just want to no do. Therefore Give him back the monkey and take you instead the crank. These can be positioned on the jack. Do you use then the crank, Goon and June are catapulted at once to the surface.

Middle Rufus
Because the temperature at the surface is much higher, you will get by Goon and June in exchange for their deck chair heater. Immediately makes Goon to work and trying to pop up the deckchair.

Left Rufus
However, now that just sitting in the car June, you can separate the two, if you cranking down one more time. The sad June could some employment tolerated. Maybe she wants to work with the monkeys.

Give the monkey back the crank and then goes with the Fez to June. June agrees to take on the role of the monkey. So quick to pledge witch, so that the presentation can begin. As agreed, pays the witch 5 Zlotti. Since the monkey it does not claim ownership, we can simply take her. What actually says June's friend to her new employment?

Middle Rufus
In the town center is a sad Goon. Maybe he comes with some work on other thoughts. Show him the sign and immediately he hires. When you exchange Teigtaschengoon now your 5 Zlotti against four XXL dumplings. They are so large that even a wombat would fit. So also large enough to enclose our small companion in the sewers.

The overnight camp

Left Rufus
As we have since discovered, is the nucleic acid Goals for re-conversion in the pub Sewer's Inn. But the Irish doorman wants Rufus not let in there as long as the children are in his tow. We must therefore somewhere to "park" to get in..

In Rohrwald in the deposit witch is a transition to a cozy den. The thinking at least the children to whom we have to make this tasty as a sleeping place. For them is not too cold, we put on the heater and insert the plug into the lower socket. But the appropriate fuse is missing. In the upper socket while plugged already have one, but the cable is too short to reach up there, and unfortunately the fuse sits too tight to make them easy to remove. So we have to provide a little "thud".

If you at the switch activate the power top, you can with the antenna in the socket to worry though for a short circuit, but the fuse will pop out immediately. You must find a way to operate the switch and at the same time insert the antenna. So give Rusty the antenna fork in hand and served up the lever. Finally, you can remove the fuse. And if you then inserted into the slot, enlightens the roost.

Speak to the children, take them to the teeth of the slime monster space. Is it the antenna, so you can turn on the TV. The chef speaks of delicious dumplings, so the slime monster is starting to water in the mouth. The four-XXL dumplings are but certainly ideal as sleeping bags. Therefore the children Wrapped times in it.

To make the monster really hungry, still missing the meat coat. Grandpa Bozo would cook something if Bozo lady visitor gets. Let's try Sgt Bambi so to lure in the Casa Bozo.

Middle Rufus
Sgt Bambi we see the tanks in front of the rebel camp. Shows her the letter of bozos father. It will become very nervous and immediately goes to the bozos. Before we follow it, we are here again briefly around. Behind the locker door hides namely, a lunch box, the contents of which are hormones that what we learn by looking at the box. After we cleared the locker empty, we follow Sgt Bambi for Casa Bozo. While mom Bozo and Sgt Bambi happily scroll through a photo album, you can you use the pot and mount with gravy. There are also to bag breast milk.

Left Rufus
Since the children in the camp have too hungry to fall asleep, we pour them individually with gravy. At the end we even keep a soup rest.

Images for therapy

The only one who seems apt to vouch for the rebel camp for us at the gate, is our good friend Bozo. To make it fit again, but we need the drugs that we get until we mimic a credible patient. We must find the three images, they show us memorize Bozo and his reaction. The impression is one of them.

Because we are the children going on, we can finally go to the pub. Here evokes the image above the bar our interest. Even otherwise, there is plenty to get: a billboard, a pitcher and two more pitchers. Fills each individual with dishwater. In order to offer each guest a drink to his liking, we still lack an important addition. Displays the pledge witch advertising and you take the athlete's foot from. Then you give the hormones, breast milk and the fungus each in a dishwater. Now you have three perfect drinks. The plumber you give shipper he fruiterer the Hormonplörre. At one time it goes haywire and you have to leave the pub.

But the disorder also has something positive - the image has been dropped. Come after your eviction again to you to acquire the Elysiumbild.

The last image we get when Barry photographed us in our heroism. In order to save baby Bozo, but we need a prescription knitting. Rufus must therefore once again someone drive you crazy, so the therapist exhibits such a recipe.

Middle Rufus
Experience shows that this is the best Toni victims. It is located in the cockpit of the carapace. However, it seems impossible to release them from their relaxation. But at least we can calibrate the baby monitor on the CB radio. And if we give the baby monitor in the inventory of the left Rufus and Toni anfunken, they are on their restraint. As she sees you twice now, she's all confused and runs away.

Let us follow her times with the therapist. The therapy practice, however, has closed. So we have from any other source to draw attention to us. Throw the paper airplane from the knit shop in the direction of the therapy practice. The flyer lands somewhere on the Rise station. Perhaps the right Rufus throw him back.

Right Rufus
If we move to the right Rufus, we learn that this was caught and is now infected with Cletus in a cell. Erroneously, he holds his cellmate, the discovered her when you pull the covers off for a Rufus clone. Fortunately, however, you have no immediate solution at hand, as you could rid the villain. Are we talking simply times with the cell warden.

After the talk are available breakfast, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a chamber pot for you. From the potty you can extract a Klostein and the breakfast consists of pepper, coffee and a bagel - best conditions to repeat our trick. First, then, the spice pepper in the bagel, then you give added something Klostein and toothpaste. Now you have to tilt your coffee on the carpet and an old companion appears - it is Putzibot. Get your hands on the dust bag and then give the dust as the last ingredient to your bagel. He is now perfectly prepared and ready for handover. Cletus sakes therefore a small snack.

After the arms has puked on the carpet, you have to appeal to the warden cells so that it is aware of the disease. Already Cletus is transported to the infirmary while her unmolested your ways dürft go. Outside put our flyers in the wall. We throw away again, but keep the lead sentence "YRK".

Middle Rufus
The throw of the right Rufus has ensured that Toni has left the therapy practice. Holt you in the cockpit of the recipe depends on the monitor. With the recipe it comes to knitting dealer. As Rufus noticed the knitting is quite advised tiny. Since we actually think of only one that fits in there.

Once you have addressed the young editor Barry, start your rescue operation. Appends the rope to the hook, shoos baby Bozo into the trap and climb up on the board. To be exempt, can you then points to the cable end. Now we have a hero and Photo Baby Bozo in our possession.

Access to the Rebel Camp

We finally have all three images. Shows they Bozo, so you know how you have to respond in the therapist to obtain the drug. Memo to you about his reactions, and then selects the most realistic out if you abhaltet your session with the therapist. Ultimately, all you have to select at each picture, the fourth answer.

Now let the medicine cabinet is open and we can take the antidepressants and the emetic. The antidepressants mixed it into the soup rest. If we go with this mixture to Bozo, we need to realize that baby Bozo has already eaten the whole soup. There's only emetic. Have we the little glutton administering the agent, we show him Bozo. The is strangely healthy and as soon as we have bagged the piggy bank, he accompanied us to the rebel camp.

Since Garlef us does not happen and we otherwise may not leave this place, we give our destiny but first in the hands of our companions on the climb station. If we stir up from there a battle Garlef is perhaps distracted.

Right Rufus
Back at the station we discover climb under a cover a terminal. To use this properly, we need an appropriate form. We lift this to the box and take one of the application forms. When filling out the terminal works only the second request as just missing the "YRK" Briefs. Let's try it with our lead times therefore set "YRK". Now we may ask for a medical service. But since we still can not send requests, we first go on - in the crawlspace. From there we move to the next area where we listen Oppenbot and Argus.

If we go right, we come across a few allies. After a conversation with Janosch you get a screwdriver. To help you make the pneumatic tube line to create, making her pneumatic tube gain. It can insert your application form. On the way back to the pneumatic tube line Cowboy Dodo makes a clear statement. Infected their pneumatic tube with a contract for medical services in the pneumatic tube shaft, a medic comes out, the cowboy Dodo sells from his post.

But when we get to him, the way is indeed free, but he tells us of a heroic deed. After all we get from his prisoners the Organon Outift what we need to get access to the infirmary. Taking over this gap and actuates the door sensor.

Interior is in surgery. Here, you have to grab the tapeworm head to expand the organs. Be this carefully, because the tapeworm always changes its position as soon as you hover your mouse over the appropriate location. Connecting you shall put the organs back to the right places. The lung is one of the top, the heart right in the middle of the intestine comes down, the stomach at the bottom right on the pink organ left in the middle and the green body remains.

Following the operation you make yourselves with Cletus on the way to Cowboy Dodo and Co. The result of the counting of us, however, is just not right. Holt you via the application form with the pipe post a screwdriver. This over her then give to Cletus. Now you have to back to send the pneumatic tube.

When you come back, you have to watch, however, as Cletus reaps all the glory. However, your pride should not come first here. Presented Cowboy Dodo so the tapeworm, so he persuades Cletus to recognize this as a rope. The following is a mini game where you have to rappel Cletus in Argus' office .. If you look at the tip and a bit herumprobiert, you should reach your goal.

Your success is useless. Cletus was caught and you have to flee. Power you on the way out. Here you can confront and fire a gun in the Organon-Outift bailiff Argus.

Middle Rufus
As the battle rages now, we can go without problems to the door. Here we now expect some surprises. To do it, there is nothing. Everything now depends on our doppelgangers.

The Big Goodbye

Left Rufus
The left Rufus still has not the nucleic acid. However, with the piggy bank we can "'s Inn Sewer" satisfy the bartender at. So we come to the nucleic acid that we should immediately administer Goal. In the camp, however, nothing is as it was. If we leave the camp to the right, we have there though no chance to reach Goal, but are now right by the window. Let's see if we can get in contact with the right Rufus.

Right Rufus
With the right Rufus, we can inspect the goods transporter thanks to his disguise. Here you can climb through the tube and then contact for Rufus in the sewers through the manhole. First as a transfer between the two is possible. Let's give you the Elysiumbild and sticks it to the barrel. Sit inside now and speak to Oppenbot. Already we are transported to the advancement station.

Left Rufus
As we saw in Rufus' transport in barrels, Goal is caught in a whirlpool. The good thing is that we can finally follow her now. Because where we were before still at an impasse, we can now in the vortex. sDuring the trip, however, we slip out of control, which is why offering a change to Rufus on the rise Customs here.

Right Rufus
The top of the climb, there are customs to press a button. Since we lack the code, we first go right ahead. Here we take the dictating to us. This bailiff Argus not noticed us, we scurry under the desk.

Consider the dictation machine in the inventory and press "Eject", we can see the Datasette. Sets the empty voice recorder then on the desk. Since the Minidatasette is in our possession, Argus missing the code. Speak to him and tell him the wrong code. Because Argus subsequently triggers the alarm, means that we have the opportunity to make some noise on our part. Take the voice recorder and run to the window, open the window and play back the voice recorder. Now we learn the code.

This Argus remains in ignorance, we play the shot before we re-enter. Says in the recording that the Datasette would have fallen behind the desk and then place the tape recorder back on the desk. Now, if you turn off the alarm, Argus comes forward again and crawls due to the message of his dictating machine behind the desk.

In order not to be discovered, we go outside. Now Cletus has emerged. Since he also staying at the front area and at the desk takes place, we can open the rear window unnoticed to return to Argus' office. On vault, we have unfortunately no success. But while the alarm is active, we get a second chance. This time we succeed. With the Datasette in the luggage we set out. Still, we are stopped by the guards. In the second experiment, we have a result of new fairing but luckier.

Left Rufus
While we are on the way to high boat, another Rufus with Goal is washed up in the rebel camp. Finally, the nucleic acid can give her Goalie Ice Hockey. The whole is unfortunately for failure. Now remains only one Rufus, may prevent the demolition of Elysium.

Right Rufus
Pushes your cassette into the code input. Suddenly she still gets the real goal to see. However, we are again dependent on help from Deponia.

Left / Middle Rufus
Seagull calls for an apology from you. When the conversation is over, you can control the rear Rufus. Tried so long to pull the plug until Seagull furious gunplay. The Rufusse escape and a scene change occurs.

Right Rufus
By the third Rufus you have to stand idly by while Goal is pushed from the tower. Nothing like as behind.

Left / Middle Rufus
After speaking with Seagull Goal, Rufus and Oppenbot fall from the sky. But we go first in the tank. To settle the dispute between the two Rufussen, you have to press one on his wound. Then you can operate undisturbed namely the throttle.

Now turn over the events. Goal is rescued, two Rufusse die and all expect a plan that Deponia still can save them.

Take on the pin that is on the plan next to Toni and use it immediately to bring your plan to paper.

Now we find ourselves at the wheel of the tank again. The ignition we can not trigger. Presse the door knob to make the back of the car last precaution. This part is somewhat clogged. Speak to the Deponianer and they solve the problem. We can operate the ignition so now.

Act 5: The high boat

The plan was successful. We have landed on the high boot. Speak to the Organon and ensures discipline. They form pass an alley and you can. In the elevator, we can push the lever down conditions and ensure a short time later that we stop. Now we are asked whether this is the right floor to get off. Determines! Unfortunately Argus exposes our ignorance and now demands a duel. Since we are physically no match for him, let's try it with a kick on the pedal. Now it is a bit on speed. Removes the damper, as long as Argus is distracted. Come again on the pedal, and then whiz up. Now you just have to stop and already Argus falls into the depths

Leave the elevator now to the right. Now you stand against a whole pack Organonen and shall make a speech. After this is over and you've stopped laughing, we dedicate ourselves to one last mini-game. Here you have to bring the notes to the correct heights. The storm means that a large shift of distress, while the three dots indicate that you need to make only a minimal correction.

As nice as the anthem may sound, finally, we must free ourselves and leave the room. That brings us to Ulysses. After talking with him we have a new job. We must prevent Deponia is busted.

Prevent blowing
Cletus and Argus are on our side. Brecht from the antenna and uses it to balance over the cable. Luckily you keep the antenna after that, because now you can use it to throw off the transmitter. The problem is, however, not been eliminated yet. Speak only to Cletus and Argus. You arrange, to jump down and Argus count to three. In the corresponding moment you can jump!

Once at the bottom you have to heal the left or right, loosen a bolt of the bridge. This can you then install in the hole in the middle. Now, if you redeemed the remaining screws, tilt the bridge and the station can be reached. To destroy it, you must first attach the bridge. Here, you will help a bunch of screws that you can close the hole. Now you can reach the rotor and destroy the transmitter.

In the following discussion we will talk about Argus to revolt. The accident is continuing to take its course. Sometime Goal comes but to help. Do not give yourselves to recognize her as Rufus. Always chooses the lowest response in order to preserve the high boat before the crash.

Finally, Rufus let go, to sacrifice themselves. If there is no more Rufus, there is nothing to do but to watch the guy for us. Our job is finished and saved Deponia.