How to Configure Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) For First Time Use

Initial Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) Setup 

The Sony PlayStation 4 has a very simple initial setup. Try to configure everything you can on the first time use of the console so that you no longer need to fiddle around later.

Learn how to configure your console in this step by step guide

Step1. Select your language from the menu. The language you selected in this step will be the same used on your console.

Step 2. Now you will get a welcome message, saying what you need to configure. The first step is the Internet connection. You can allow the system to automatically connect to a wireless network or else enter the connection data. If you do not have a network, do not bother, you can skip this part.

Step 3. Now, it's time to setup your camera - if you have purchased one. As well as on the Internet, this is an optional setting - because the PS4 does not come with a camera.

Step 4. Now, enter the date and time, according to your region.

Step 5. Your PlayStation 4 is ready now.

Step 6. In the main menu, just go to the "Profile" tab and try to login with your PSN password / Username. If you don’t have a PSN account, you must create one now. You will receive a warning that you need to update the system. Complete this process in order to be able to use the console.

Step 7. Once the installation is completed, the system will restart and you can login with your PSN credentials and can use it without any problem.