How to Watch 3D Movies on your Regular Monitor or Laptop

Want to watch films in 3D, but don’t want to invest in a new 3D-ready PC? Since the release of James Camerom’s Avatar, a new method for displaying three-dimensional images were created, taking advantage of polarized glasses that can only read images specifically directed to each eye. The technology gained cinemas worldwide, in addition to appearing in many households decided to purchase specialized hardware 3D images.

Unfortunately, without a device made to display 3D images quality will never be the same as that of special displays with polarized sunglasses. Still, you can use the old anaglyph 3D technology, ie based on two colors that are on opposite ends of the spectrum, where blue and red. The DTGReviews created a quick guide for those who want to watch movies in 3D.

Make a pair of anaglyph glasses for you to use.

Many people already have these famous sunglasses with a blue lens and one red, it is very common to come along with magazines and other products that use 3D images. If you do not find any to buy it is very simple to make one yourself.

All you need is a translucent plastic sheet of each color, cellophane also serves up owning sharpness. You can also paint or paste these materials into glass lenses, eyeglass frames. A cardboard frame can also solve your problem and is very easy to make.

Always remember that the color red is for the left eye and the blue color should be on the right lens. It is also critical that both lenses have the same degree of clarity, in any way a lens can be darker than the other, as this could greatly decrease the desired effect.

Find a 3D Movie

The first step is to find a 3D movie, buy on iTunes or download some of the many free content available on the web. The important thing is to look for files with "3D" termination. If you open it with an ordinary player like Windows Media Player or Quicktime, you see a movie with two images, one next to each other while being displayed.

Use a 3D movie player

So you need a player that can run your 3D movie in anaglyph mode (ie, 3D based on two colors). There are several programs that can do this, but we recommend KM player because for its ease use.

To watch the movie, go to the "View" option on the top bar, then scroll down to "Viewing method", choose "Anaglyph" and specify "Half-color anaglyph Red-Cyan", this way, the original color of the film will be maintained greatly improving the image quality.

To start running your video, simply click the "3D" button in the lower left corner of the program. Then put your glasses and enjoy your movie in three dimensions.


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