Killzone: Shadow Fall gameplay tips, Eliminate ATAC, defeat Tyrant

This article gives you some useful tips for the video game Killzone: Shadow Fall. Use these strategies to improve your gameplay.

Eliminate ATAC units

These unpleasant tanks are terrifying enemies in Killzone Shadow Fall. To defeat, it should search the combat zone in search of EMP grenades that have the ability to temporarily immobilize your target metal. Then you will enjoy this respite to completely empty the charger one of your assault rifles or better to launch a rocket or to send heartfelt minigun of prunes. Put yourself then cover and restart another grenade then retry the operation. Normally, three grenades and three assaults should suffice.

Easily defeat Tyrant

To overcome easily Tyrant in Killzone Shadow Fall, targeting all drones that surrounds including one that generates its personal shield. Thus, it will be vulnerable to your shots. To maximize your damage, you grab the rocket launcher which is located behind the control room or the minigun located near the rocket launcher in the armory.

Repeat the operation after each teleport, ensuring destroy all robots spider between each phase.

Destroy energy shields

From half the adventure Killzone Shadow Fall, the Helghast can hide behind shields or personal shields very strong. To break several options available to you:

Destroy directly with a heavy weapon (minigun).

Use an EMP grenade.

Send the UAV launch a crippling attack on the opponent or the protection in question (competence left touchpad joystick PS4).

If the enemy is placed next to an explosive canister, pull.

Easter Egg Dark Souls

At the beginning of Killzone Shadow Fall, when the game starts, look at the walls to see a poster. You can see the words "Dark Trolls" and a character to courser a gigantic troll. Given the name, artistic appearance and the font, it is clear that this is a nod to the title of From Software!