Learn How to play Monster Legends on Facebook, gameplay help

Monster Legends is a game for Facebook where you have to manage a farm with numerous types of creatures, mixing concepts of management simulations and animated fighting styles that combine turn-based RPGs and strategy games.

With the main objective to create and evolve your monsters, the game also allows the player to visit the islands of your contacts and train your fighting skills battling teams creatures of your friends.

The monsters may be species with eight different magical abilities, and you can combine them to put their creatures to breed. For this, we must also develop the buildings in their islands and update them constantly.

The interface and commands to care for your island:

In Monster Legends you should administer a breeding of fantastic beings that is located in a magical floating island. Functioning as a kind of simulator "Farm", this game's interface is necessary to build and update the huge variety of structures that can be built.

Moreover, one must be aware of some important buildings such as the so-called "brooder" where the eggs will develop until the creatures collide, and structures such as "Habitat", which will be the addresses of your monsters, recreating special environments according the magical elements of each kind of creature.


The - Objectives
B - Amount of gold bars stored
C -  Amount of food stored
D - Special credits received
E - Skills and experience points
F - Indicators with the number of workers and "Points of Resistance"
G - Special Offers game
H - Access to fighting the "Sea Adventure"
I - Access to duels against other players
J - General Configuras the game
K - Encyclopedia of monsters
L - Inventory of items that may be sold
M - Access to the other interfaces of the game
N - Access to the store to buy eggs, buildings and items to the fighting
The - Access tools to change buildings
P - Bar with the Facebook contacts who also play the game

To improve your island you will be helped by friendly employees rose color, who will hold all construction and upgrade of buildings, and even withdraw plants and rocks scenery. However, these workers are limited by the number of "Hut Worker" your own island.


Directional arrow keys   -    Move the view of the scene
Mouse movements  -   They interact with the interface
Left mouse button   -    Performs all activities of the game

How to create and evolve your monsters:

The primary goal of creating and developing the powers of fantastic creatures fight, the player Monster Legends will also need to focus on developing their strategies to combat combining the different creatures with magical abilities as they unlock new moves and special powers.

For this you need to follow a roadmap that starts with the purchase of an egg in-game store, which should be developed by getting a certain period in the building called "brooder", then generating a monster newborn.

Hence, you need to sell or place the small creature in her new home in one of the structures of the "Habitat", but that matches one of the magical elements of its kind. Living in this place, the monster will generate gold bars periodically and may be powered, which increases your level of experience and develops their attributes.


The - Amount of food available
B - Amount of gold bullion that the creature produces per minute
C -  Habitat types that the creature can live
D -  Command to close the window and return to the island interface
E -  Information about the attributes and fighting skills monster
F -  Command to publish your creature on your Facebook wall
G -  Button to sell your creature in the game market
H -  Command to send this creature to another habitat
I -  Button to feed the beast, increasing your experience points
J -  Creature Animation
K - Monster Name

To view all information about your creature and feed it, click the habitat in which it lives and select the icon with your figure at the bottom of the interface. You will have access to a window with various features on it, just click on "Food" to give amounts of stored food and increase your experience bar.

You can also place your monsters to cross the building called "Mountain of Procreation", allowing creatures with various magical abilities generate an egg, which can grow puppies hybrid species formed by two different types of magical elements.

Moreover, after laying their eggs in the "brooder", you can access the "stock" option in the game menu and shop for selling gold bullion eggs that you have produced or found during the various battles in "Sea Adventure" .

The interface of adventures and battles:

Monster Legends also has a fun dynamic combat shift that is accessed through a golden vessel located scenario your island, or by clicking the "Sea Adventure" option in the game menu bar.

In this interface, you can use their "Points of Resistance," a unit that will reload every 10 minutes, allowing you to go through a trajectory facing wild creatures and powerful bosses, which provide rewards for resources and experience points for your monsters and your gamer profile.

Before each match begins, you can select up to three of your creatures to join the team that will fight, simply click on the blue button "Change" to change them and "Fighting" red color command to start the fighting.


The - Window with the turn order of the monsters in the fight
B - Monsters who perform the attack
C - Creature of his team will not attack
D - Indicator of health and attack power of the creature that will attack
E - Display of health and energy attack monsters that his team will not attack
F - Member of the team and killed off the match
G - Box of scams and powers that can be selected
H - Attack chosen
I - Access to the store and inventory items with attack and defense to help in the fighting
J - Button to reload the energy attack
K - Enemy selected to receive the blow

The attacks will be coordinated by turns, where each creature can use special powers to physical blows or use their elemental magic skills, which will be determined by their kind and will explore the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

Thus, it is very important to use the hybrids to better exploit the potential of mixed species monsters, making good use of the clearing cycle of forces between the magical elements.

You can also test the skills of your team of monsters fighting other players to receive reward and improve their position in the world ranking game played.

To access this mode of combat, select the "Versus" option in the settings. The interface of these duels follows the same dynamics of the struggles of the "Sea Adventure", but the matches are conditioned by the points of attack, which only charged one unit every 2 hours.

How to progress in the game:

As creatures of his magical island, your gamer profile in Monster Legends will advance the level of agreement with the experience points, which will be received by unsuccessful struggles, complete missions and administration activities.

Thus, it is essential that their workers are always performing tasks for the land, such as building and upgrading structures and the removal of plants and rocks that abstroem areas for construction.

As your experience level progresses, you will receive one unit of the scarce special credits, represented by a precious stone pink and unlock new buildings and eggs magical beings, available on purchases of the game menu.


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