Learn to Backup your PS4 game data via USB and Online

The Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) provides users the option to save their game  progress / data, how to progress in a game, or updated rosters in Fifa or NBA to other consoles. In this guide, we show you how to back up your gameplay data and transfer them to another PS4 console.

Step 1: In PS4 settings menu, go to "Application Saved Data Management";

Step 2: On the next screen, select "Saved Data in System Storage" to open what data saved on your PS4 games, divided by game;

Step 3: Then choose whether you want to back them up online (for PS Plus subscribers) or via USB;

Step 4: Select the desired data, then "upload" option;

Step 5: Confirm that you wish to operate by clicking "Yes";

Step 6. Automatically, you will return to the home menu. This indicates that the content has been saved.

Loading files

Step 7: Now, when you're in another PS4 to load saved data online, login with your PSN credentials and go to the same menu settings, but this time select the option, "Save data in online storage";

Step 8: In a few seconds, it will load everything you saved and make available for download. For the pen-drive, the process is the same, however, selecting the USB options instead of online;

Step 9: Select what you want, click download and confirm and the process will be done by saving the file to the specified location;

Then just use the content stored in the new console.