Need for Speed Rivals Game Help / Strategy Guide

Need for Speed Rivals is the newest edition in the popular racing games series from the Electronic Arts. Retrieving elements present in the successful remake of Hot Pursuit, the game brings back the exciting chases between cops and illegal racers. Check out our gameplay tips to leave opponents in the dust:

Deposit your SPs

The Speed Points are the currency of the game, earning after completion of the task as winning races, running from the police and driving dangerously. After accumulating considerable amounts of SPs, it is better to run to a safe house to deposit them. This avoids you lose any balance when arrested by the police of the game.

As a police officer, drive cautiously

In addition to requiring skill and agility of the players, the challenge as officer requires that all care is taken with the civilians. Exits the runway, hit the wall and in normal cars will be penalized by adding seconds to the final time.

Keep an eye on the map

One of the coolest things of Rivals is that in addition to the tasks listed in the game, it is still possible to roam freely, finding new challenges. Racing, cracks and time trials are just some of the options that can be found at huge game map. To enter the event, just press LB or L1 (Xbox, PlayStation).

Be careful with your car

When driving, keep an eye out for signs of severe damage to your vehicle. Even away from a Police Chase, a stronger strike could destroy the car, and consequently take all accumulated SPs. If you notice that the car is badly damaged, then drive to one of the points marked with a tool icon. There, the car will be repaired.

Don't be afraid to use the nitro

Just like the past games of the series Need for Speed, the nitro of Rivals can be recharged while you drive. Don't skimp and always use the nitro for leaks or casual outings, holding A button/X (Xbox, PlayStation).

To reload the bar faster, use drifts (pressing X or square when cornering), walk in the opposite direction and get thin like normal cars.

Complete the Speed Lists and unlock new cars

The Speed Lists are those lists of challenges offered by the game. If you find any difficult task, you can skip the list. Try to complete all tasks to received bonuses of SPs and unlock a new car, which can be purchased with points.

Use TPs to disrupt rivals

In addition to using the skill as a driver to defeat opponents, you can also count on the help of the TPs, They are devices used to disrupt rivals, and take advantage in racing. Equip your car with weapons like spikes and shocks and detonate cops and other runners.