Rain (PS3) Step-by-Step Guide / Walkthrough

Rain is an exclusive PS 3 game developed by Japanese studio Sony - the same responsible for games like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus - in partnership with Acquire, from his room, a young boy discovers a girl as she runs through the rain. For a brief moment, their eyes meet, until the boy noticed that a monster, a strange shadow creatures, the girl seems to hunt. The girl runs away - and the boy climbs out of the window in the rain into the night.

Table of Contents

1 Chapter 1: The Children and the night
2 Chapter 2: raindrops and Footsteps
3 Church
4 Chapter 3: Separation
5 Chapter 4: The Two and the Town
6 Chapter 5: Distant Shores
7 Chapter 6: The Night Circus
8 Chapter 7: An Unknown Town
9 Chapter 8: Night's End

Chapter 1: The Children and the night

The boy has escaped the shadow creatures, screaming trying to get through a closed grid behind him. Hopefully it does not break through! Since we are in the rain and no protective ability is far and wide, it can see us and would catch us immediately.

Go to the right and follow the road up to a scaffold. Here we learn the jumping / climbing: If you close before the scaffolding, pushing X. Climb up on the scaffolding and continues to the right until you come to a precipice. Jumps back with X over to the porch and head right down the street.

Here he goes backwards into a covered passage, so that the rain can not reach there and the boy is invisible. Only his plashing footsteps in the puddles tell you his position. Jump over the table and you leave the passage back into the rain.

Follow the road through another passage through the Chocolate-road until ... it happens. Two monsters break through a grid and attack immediately. Run as fast as you can! Race you can, by its rectangular holding down. Just walk back and hide you in the small shelter - there, the rain did not go, so you will not be visible immediately and the shadow beings cancel the tracking.

After they pulled away, you can leave and continue your way the hiding place. On the bridge you discover to you the girl who is still being chased by a monster. But from here we can not help her.

Continue to go further to the (now open) grid through which the shadow creatures have broken through earlier and follow the path in a courtyard. Follow the grand staircase down and witness how the girl is being chased by the monster by the road.

Follow her. The girl escapes, but now the monsters take your weather. Run back and hides you under the awning to the left of the stairs you came from the just. Shortly afterwards, let the beasts off of you.

Starts a second attempt and walks carefully to the right. Now Hide yourselves under the awning on the sidewalk while the monsters patrol. Run by a marquee to the next, but beware that you do not catch the critters - they are pretty close!

Go farther to the right until you a truck blocking the way. Here you can change the street and continues the game - hopp, of an awning to the next. In the distance we now discover a saving roof - but that's pretty far away, and a monster is very close. So take the legs in the hand (square button) and runs what keeps the stuff over. Once there, you are first in safety.

Continue to the right, where, although her protected from the rain and thus are invisible - but it seems even a monster present, which is also invisible. Sneak around it by her watching his plashing steps and you adjust its movement patterns.

Now it goes into a courtyard, where the rain just so patters. The narrow path between a wooden fence also blocks another shadow beings. Do not worry: It stands with his back to you - you can move unscathed through the courtyard you so. Go right of it to the little shelter. Maybe we can distract you with a sound and lure from his position there, yes. Hops loudly in the puddle right and then disappears quickly in the invisibility. The monster is lured and you can disappear.

Here have to wait again for the next shadow beings to us. Climb onto the wooden beams back and forth over the scaffold. Fast! It may collapse at any moment! Runs over and jumps to the safe shore.

Here we come to a courtyard with a fountain in the middle - and lots of monsters. Although you are visible, they do not notice you at first, fortunately. Uses the opportunity and goes to the back under the canopy. Redirects the monster with jumps in the puddles off to continue on the wall buttons you along and quick to escape over the crates behind the wall.

Here, the boy finds the girl again, but it seems they still do not pay attention to him. Instead, she disappears on a flight of stairs in the moonlight. The game now gives the opportunity to examine things with a round button to gain additional information. Examines the framework and learn her that it obstructs your way to the moonlit stairs. Great sausage!

So go first to the left, but soon you blocked again a monster the way that opens up the chase immediately. Quickly runs away and hides you under the scaffolding. If you now but stand there, the beast jumps in and just kills you anyway. So dodges at the last moment, and the monster crashes into the scaffold, it brings with it the collapse and is itself buried under it. How to do tennis!

But stupid: That was not quite enough to bring the scaffold to collapse completely. So we again follow the path all the way to the left, where we find another shadow being at the end of the alley. Attracted to it and then sprinted quickly from cover to cover and repeat the maneuver until the cattle can collapse the structure entirely. Bingo!

Now you can climb up and follow the girl up the stairs.

Chapter 2: raindrops and Footsteps

Just happy you have chosen the well-deserved trophy for successful completion of a chapter, as it is already the next monster over. Laaaaaauuuft! Quick way to high, always keep running, because the monster smashes your shelter just so that it provides only for a very short time of protection.

When crosswalk backward quickly through the wooden shed - never be slower! At the junction, turn left, under the beam structure by which destroys the monster and on up to a hole in the fence through which it finally escapes the Reaver.

Follow the footprints of the girl over to a monster cage. Climb over the boxes in front of it, jumps on the skeleton and crosses the cage in which the girl calls for help. Once on the other side, you can open the door and distract the monster so for a moment, to give the girls the opportunity to escape.

Close the door again and follows the girl climbs over the box and learn a new game mechanics know: mud puddles. Ye also transgress in such, you will even seen outside of the rain. Only when you step back into a puddle of water, the mud washes off and you can become invisible again.

So go back as a precaution to the next mud puddle around it and tucked you under the framework before the next shadow beings. Return over the boxes to the upper road and crawls (circle button) through the hole in the fence. Here you encounter another monster before you can hide you in the archway.

Sneak from cover to cover; watch out for the mud puddle, up to a gramophone with which you can be distracted by the shadow creatures circle button. Now running swiftly across the square with the fountain and on and on. Too bad: the mud puddles make you forcibly visible! Continue running to the stairs and take the shortcut here, by jumping over the wooden pallet down. Continue running until you can crawl through the wooden scaffolding to safety.

Here, fortunately, is a water trough in which you can wash the body you the mud. Next it goes to church.


Looking at the door - it is locked. The door on the left side, however, is open. Here you can climb on the bookshelf and go through the broken window to the outside. At this moment the shadow creatures breaking through the wooden scaffolding and you back on your heels. Go through the passage back to the church and crossed the chancel. The monster is now breaking even by the crate in the middle of the church and comes closer.

You find a key - but unlike the boy the key is not invisible. Would you seen with him from the monster, it would tell you immediately. Go, therefore without the key back into the nave and follows the narrow dry path along the wall on the other side. Plays the organ and makes no Mux!

The monster comes and because it can not see you going past you outside. Now runs back, gets the key and is forward to unlock the locked door. Climb over filing cabinet and shelf outside.

So you come to the church graveyard and can through the hole in the wall, crawl into the factory.

Chapter 3: Separation

Follow the path through the factory yard - that contaminated in the mud puddle, can not be prevented, but after that ye climbed over the box, you end up anyway right back into a puddle of water that washes you. But unfortunately, is also a huge shadow being here!

But strangely, reacting this giraffe-like creatures not on the boy. On the contrary, under their bodies, he can make himself invisible and even hide it! Let's try! Posted in: Climb up the container and hides you in the narrow section dry before the next beast. Wait now, is to one of the giant creatures in the vicinity and uses it as a "dry dock" to unseen get to the other side of the yard, where another of these creatures will be waiting for you.

This time, it starts to move, so you must ensure that you always remain under him while you cross the area. If it does not go any further, it moves to the next animal until you reach a saving shelter. Here you can climb over the wall and discovers the girl on a bridge again.

Go through a gap in the fence, where again a monster blocking. Here it goes no further for the time being. So in the other direction to a scaffold on which you can climb. Follow the bridge to the end and then climbs to the next level - just like Donkey Kong.

This is a ladder to the third level and there through an open window into the interior of the factory. As soon as we want to go down the stairs, we already encounter a another monster. So we have to take außenrum the long way.

Go on - even though you have not noticed the monster, it pursues you relatively quickly. Go up to a box that blocks your way, and pushes them aside. Do not dawdle! Now quickly open the door and through! On the left side of the room with the box you can hide you, but the shadow beings remains patrolling in the room.

You must now push the crate back to the scaffolding - but beware: You are standing in a puddle. Move it so only if the monster is not hersieht! About the scaffold her escape out onto the bridge on which you have not seen the girl a few minutes ago.

Continue through the control room and you will again witness how the girl is chased by the creatures. Follow the path up to a ladder and climb down. Now it is unseen to get past the dog monster. This is not difficult - simply ignored the fact that it does not hersieht if you rushing off and climbs on the other side up. Uses the cover in the middle.

You have reached the coverage in which the girl has just been hidden, but now it is already up and away. But then you see it behind a fence - and what is more important: Finally, it also sees the boys! But already it is forced to flee again.

Next, crawl and track - you know the drill by now. Soon you will come to a series of lockers which already hint at what you can expect the same: You have to get sneak past the shadow beings by you hide in the open locker. Make sure that he does not see you!

And now again in stricter Dosage: The next time a guard dog you have the locker next to him open it before you can you hide it. If so close it goes and hides you outside its view area behind the shelf. If he then removed, starts, opens the locker and inside with you! If he then changes direction, the skin quickly...

Only ... to the next opponent to run in the catches. But he is fortunately just busy with the hunt for the girl. Follow him up to two guard dogs that you turn your back. Nevertheless, they notice you as soon as you approach. So pull the lever to the left of the passage and is directed by the load crane as from that of the steel beams formed over you a protective path past them.

Make sure that you do not see the rear dog when you leave the invisibility and walk on until you find the girl who does not recognize you and runs away. Climb up to the next lever which drives up the steel support you as a bridge. Thus you can reach the larger container in the background and on the grid bar.

About the stairs it goes down into the interior. Climb up and jump over the containers up to the back (since you are invisible, which is a little confusing, but not too difficult if you always pay attention to the shoes), then follow the path but not further up, but goes back to the left into the open .

Again, it goes up a flight of stairs - there is the boy finally the girl. But again she is chased away by a sudden appearance of monsters. Now we have to react quickly: The Monster Beats by a wooden structure, while a trolley to the girl blocking the way. Run quickly narrow path along and pulls the car back, so that the girl can escape.

The girl is safe, but - crap! - That makes the monster now hunting for you. Run to the right and you quickly hides in a locker! Choosing the Right One! As you can see, there are three open at the top so that it's raining inside, and close only one above. Just wait till the monster blows off the search and again preying on the girl.

Follow the path, jumping over the abyss (run and jump simultaneously) until it catches up with her again. Climb up quickly on the box, on the makes you a tarp invisible. Just wait until the monster finally believes he has lost you and disappeared into thin air.

The following should be clear: climb box, stairs, ramp up over box on the wall, out of factory, back in the city...

Chapter 4: The Two and the Town

Climb over the barrier, and the next sword monster is you on your heels. Now fast! Climb up the scaffold and runs on ... in a dead end! At the last moment you come to the aid of the girl, by throwing a beam on a lead. Tuck away in the corner and you including waiting until the monster breaks through the gate and disappears.

Go through and remains invisible to the wall. While the girl distracts the monster again, you can climb on the ladder and eventually climb through below the grid, where you can find the girl. And then the two were finally over ...

Follow her down a long ladder and continue up to a closed grid. The key lies in one of the lockers, when you go a little into the hallway and then back to the rear. So it goes on up to two other dogs monsters. Flee quickly under the narrow roof.

Quickly climbs on crate and wall, where there is a toy clown to collect. Thus attracts the monster to allow the girl to escape. As soon as it is safe, the clown down again visible for the monster on the left from and escapes over the wall on the right side.

Here you will meet again on the girl who apparently wants to climb to the factory. So Pushe together the cage in place and climbing it to the top. Per leg-you can help the girl higher up, so that it can be down the ladder.

Get out into a courtyard. Here you can again through a hole in the wood creep, but this eliminates a poster down, so you can no longer follow the girl. Go a little further up to a box that you can move it so that the girl can jump down. Together you can now slide the souvenir car in position and climb it.

You get to a fountain where you can expect a new type of enemy: the ticks. Climb up and jump over the skeleton and hidden you in the corridor until you caught up with the girl. Then Run across the bridge until you another dog blocking the way.

Now again run quickly back under the shelter and wait there: The ticks already take care of the unpleasant pursuers. Now the way is clear. Run further up to the next tick. Climb up there quickly to the house edge and on to the balcony. Per leg-you help the girl up higher, which then applies the clown trick in the ticks.

While these are distracted, you can through the grid into the doorway. Includes a precaution the gate behind you and take the doll, which has dropped the girl meanwhile. Now you follow the ticks. Sets the doll from on the left side and escapes to the right, where you push the car in position to help the girl down.

The key to the next screen door is only on the other side. So climb on the spool, help the girl by robbers head over the fence and can thus pass.

Again dogs! Help the girl quickly to the car and then climb up the ladder. It appears gone wild rhino monster on the scene, the rams the car and brings the ball rolling. The boy rolled the car inexorably down the street, while the girl has thrown on a canopy. Get into position before the gap in the railing of the roof and wait until the car is rolled into a lead. Now jump over to the girl.

Follow the canopy and jump over the pile of boards down. You come to a point at which a lighted house in the distance is visible. A glimmer of hope in the darkness?

Chapter 5: Distant Shores

The two children approach the lighted house, but a river separates it from him - and no bridge is far and wide in sight. Keep going until you once again a dog monster blocking the way. In addition, a few ticks are behind bars in the sewers. We all know the trick already: Open the grid and let the ticks on the dog go.

The next dog is a bit trickier: Use the roof over the phonograph as a hiding place and then help the girl in the corner by robbers ladder, so she pushes the board through the sewer system. Now you can release the unseen ticks, attract with the gramophone and the dog ... we know the rest. Now disappears even without being seen by the ticks.

A few steps further on he is back: The guy with the foil. So runs! Up to a chute through which you can crawl to safety. Help the girl once again upward, then climb over the head - but then breaks the bridge behind the girls together and you have to take a detour.

Climb through the hole in the wall to the outside and follow the path. Fortunately, there is rushing water that makes you clean again. Float on the other side and continue until another monster destroying a grid. Attract to it and then runs as fast as possible to the left to the second gate, before is a small area of invisibility. While the monsters start doing to destroy this gate, climb up and see to it.

The girl comes right now climbed out of the trough. With their help, you can right by robbers Head down the ladder and let escape. This, however, makes the monster powerful evil. While the girl hiding in a car, it pushes the rhino inexorably towards an abyss. You should save it quickly before it goes swimming!

Open left the gate to the ticks and then run down the path to open the gate. This eliminates the monster problem for now. And what a luck: A few meters further is a big railway bridge over the river, and which leads directly to ...

No, not yet Chapter 6, but first a new armada of ticks. So better to go via the ladders and then further, to a crate blocking the path that can be pushed aside to join forces but. A ladder further we push the crate on the other side of the stream to the girl, another ladder down it, right through the sewer ...

Here we attract the dog by jumping in the puddle in front of the two barrels. Now fast run and be fast. The fact that we need through the mud puddle, is indeed stupid, but not so bad, because a puddle of water is not far off.

Unfortunately, three dogs monsters you but can not see directly. Recognize you can them anyway, at the ripples in the water. The same is unfortunately reversed. This is the heaviest point in the game: you have here quickly run past them to the other side without having to grab you or the girl. Waits to a little off and shapes you a the paths of the two front monster in sight. Then run back around the grid while they follow you. The third dog is still a little unhappy right in the way, but with some luck, you also comes past him.

A ladder, a screen door, and you leave the channels finally back. But now! Chapter 6 ...

Chapter 6: The Night Circus

Immediately the girl runs through the circus through to the house. But a monster awaits them there already, but they are not observed, because it is just busy trying to break the door. So we help the girl up, but it tilts a bottle to and makes the monster at the boy carefully.

Run just as fast as the way back. After a while, the monster discovers the girl through the fence and now begins to prey upon it. Run beside and behind them to the circus tent.

Here the girl is caught in the ring, while the monster awaits her in front of the grid. We need to help her somehow. Go around to the ring and climb down the ladder, but beware that you do the monster attention to yourselves by knocking one over the bottle.

Go on to the organ grinder. Pushe him to come to the ring so that the girls can use the crank and with the music attracts the monster. Now it is distracted and you can all the way around the ring and the ladder going up. A ladder further you are then directly under the big top, where you can let down a ladder to the girl to help her up.

The monster then bursts into the ring, just below a large cage. Hmm ... Go left to the lever and thus let down the cage. But that's not enough. Still further to the left is another lever and further a third, for her but only the girls have to help by leg-over.

But too late: The monster moves away under the cage. But the girl has an idea: It raises a clown doll down. If we could just get this somehow in the fingers! So we climb all the way back down, lure the monster to the organ grinder, grab us the doll, place it in the middle of the ring and bring us quickly to safety. The girl now pulls the lever and captures the monster with the cage!

Done! We can now approach the lighted house. But the door is locked and no one answers on our knocking. So again on the roundabout way ... Help the girl again up to the kiosk and then climb on the crate that she throws you down, up.

It opens up a shocking secret: Behind the window of the lighted house lies in a bed ... the girl herself! But before we can fathom the mystery closer, breaking a monster one, chased the girl and destroyed the house together with light. We're on our own again.

Go down the stairs, through the house to the door and out into the street.

Chapter 7: An Unknown Town

The girl is gone, extinguished the house, and the boy is again all alone in a lonely, dark city. Go to the right and follow the path to a giant tree root over, over to the cage with the ticks left along the narrow path, through the archways, the imprisoned creatures, the waterfall on, jumping with start-up over the abyss, always the road follow, would say your Navi.

And then ... you'll find the girl again! But once again it is haunted by a creature. Run down the stairs and jump across the chasms, down the ladder, over the tree roots. Here Rain will increase a jump'n run, especially after you go up the grand staircase. Jumps and runs, what it's worth, jump up the stairs at the bookshelves up high and continue to the outbuildings and further up.

Then Run back until you see the girl as it is hidden under one roof. Jump on it and pushes the square to the front, so that it can serve the girl as a protective roof. Now attracts the square and on, until the girl escaped. Now fast! It is not over yet! Run to the end and pulls the concrete block to the side, so that the girl can continue to run. Then pushe him back quickly, so he blocked the monster the way.

Now you can go alone up the ladder, jump across the gap and follow the path. Run and jump until the monster reappears. Shift the square to the front, so that it falls and destroys the bridge between girls and monsters. Keep running now, because now the monster is behind you here!

Run jump to a shelter. Here you can not see the monster, but be careful! Do not go through the puddles or in the rain, and differs from the monster when it is running around searching. It's best to remain in the front area, so you can always dodge left and right depending on where the monster moves.

Wait there until you rush to the aid of the girl and bring a block into position. Go best there immediately, climb up and bring you to safety. Run further and you will find a light in the distance. Apparently it adds to the monster damage, because this brings you an almost, but writhe in pain, while the girl for a while vainly trying to let you down the ladder.

Climb up and throw together the cuboids on the monster. Done! Chapter, monster dead.

Chapter 8: Night's End

After the monster is defeated, the world has become normal again. Well, as long as invisible monsters in the rain can be just normal. But the peaceful light in the distance is still there. The boy and the girl make up, to get there. Climb down the ladder and you will see you again a shadow being compared to. Sneak through the dry area and makes sure that you do not notice the monsters there. On the other side of the small courtyard is a slip through, you can crawl through.

Too late: The monster has discovered you. Walk over the bridge and ... end up in a dead end. Fortunately, the bridge, the monster does not hold, and drop out together. Now you can jump again, the girl next to the ladder up and then also help to climb high.

Run further and further back towards the light, up the stairs and down until the creature comes crawling out of the water again. Next step: always follow the way, at some point you have to then climb, climb, and climb. At last she arrives at the light – and the monster is already back and chasing the girl. Help her!

Jump down and go up the path to a cuboid, which you throw the girl down, so that she can continue her escape before the monster breaks through the framework. Now run along the path with railings. There, you see, that obstructs another concrete block the way of the girl. Run further down, be quick, but also be careful because you must now overtake the monster. This can be achieved relatively easily, because you can make you there again and again invisible. Help the girl to move the block, and you are first in safety.

Keep going, but once the house is again in sight, the monster has appeared on again. Run away as fast as possible. Once you jump down, you hiding with the girl under the projection. Only does not even try to run away from the monster - a while you manage to though, at some point it gets a but always.

Wait now, until the livestock is gone and sets your path continues. The monster did not notice you to happiness and you can run it over. Go on, climb to the tree top and you come to the end of the road. Or is it the end of the world?

Here you bring the creature again and it is again: race. Run to the light - here you are first in safety, because the monster can not stand the light. Help the girl to open the other door.

The monster seems defeated, but can do it with one last blow put the girl out of action. Thus, the rain of the world disappears. Go forward to help the girl. It is located approximately adjacent to the manhole cover. The navigation is a little difficult, because all are invisible and the light fades, but pays just on the footprints and shadows.

Help the girl now, to open the second door. This weakens the creature finally, but to eradicate it completely, it must be brought into the world of light. Taking the creature on the feet through the door - it takes quite a while.

Now includes both doors in order to banish it from the world. At the last moment, the nature rears up again and tried to get through the gap. Suppress continue with the left analog stick until the door is closed.