Tips on how to get the most out of Knack (PS4)

This guide provides some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Knack, a platform video game released exclusively on the Sony PS4.

Sync Knack (PS4) with Mobile App
PS4 version of the game can sync with Knack Knack's Quest, the iOS and Android app. To do this, enter the Playstation Network in the mobile app with your credential. Thus you can transfer valuable and pieces obtained gadgets on your phone in your game home console stones.

Knack's Co-op Mode
You can connect the second joystick to start the two player mode. In this mode, the enemies are not stronger or more powerful that you benefit greatly. Finally, the second player can restore the health of first when it is low by pressing the "Triangle" button near him.

Bonus Content
Knack ending on PS4, you unlock a new mode on the main screen: "Bonus Content" which offers the following:

The option "Select Chapter" allows you to replay a particular level but be aware that this option is ineffective in obtaining the medal "King of Adventure". For the latter, it is imperative to find 68 treasures in a same path.

Rear-trial can engage in timed challenges during which you have to eliminate enemies in a given course as quickly as possible.

The attack of the Colosseum is a sequence of timed fighting arena.

Beat the randomness chests
To thwart the random side chests in Knack on PS4 and thus choose the object you want to get (a piece of gadget or a gemstone), exit the front validate obtaining the treasure.

By doing so, you should begin the chapter from the beginning but you will have the opportunity to find the chest in question as backup to obtain its contents before, has not occurred.

General strategies for fighting
In Knack on PS4, fights are recurring and you fight most often with several different groups of enemies. The most typical case is the combination of distant opponents shooting long-range and other confronting you in hand-to-hand combat. In these cases, you should always stay vigilant to avoid shots and observe the movements of enemies. When you see a break in their sequence of movements, strike with combos.

Keep an eye on enemies at a distance to stay on the lookout for a possible shot. Thus doges with the right stick. Perform the same procedure for archers: observation, dodges and strikes between two sequences of attacks.

The blitz
It is the famous attack of the electric mouse, but a very practical movement Knack to quickly rise to the body-to-body. To achieve this blitz, perform a dodge with the right stick and then press the "Square" button at the end of the movement. Knack then conducts an elongated fist blow that allows you to hit a target relatively remote. It is also convenient to pass through the grenades thrown by the goblins and humans.

Defeat the most powerful robots
To defeat the most powerful robots Knack on PS4, keep your distance and watch their movements. In all cases, these enemies show a specific pattern still containing a flaw in which you must jump on the enemy and get in a combo. Wait for the guard is lowered after he performed a movement in space, then approach him quickly to hit and destroy him.

Special skills and their effect
Special skills Knack consume a unit of crystals on a maximum of three. There are powerful ground attack "+ Round Round" practice to eliminate all the enemies around you on a short and medium distances.

The second ability is a tornado (Round + Square) very powerful but allows you to be mobile.

Remain the most practical attack Rafale (Round + Triangle) which eliminates targets away from fists Knack. It is terribly effective for exterminating archers perched high.

So, always keep at least one unit to prevent crystals particularly muscular sequences.

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