TIPS to Do well in Multiplayer Mode - Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse: Son of Rome has a very exciting, but very short campaign. Players can continue the execution of the barbarians in the multiplayer mode of the game, allowing cooperative games in a wave system. Check out some tips to progress with your Gladiator quickly in online mode:

Use the packages advantage to upgrade your equipment
The player wins gold as rewards for their progress in multiplayer mode. The money can be used in Packs. The packages are marketed in three formats, according to the player's level and their available amount. Those interested can find packages of copper, silver and gold, with common, rare and consumable items. Whenever possible pass in the store to buy new accessories.

Choose God according to your skill level
Select the divine support according to your skills. If a player chooses to Apollo as the god offers recovery of life after the executions. If you prefer to wreak havoc on enemies by Mars select bonus damage. Jupiter or Diana can be chosen by the most skilled players, because their powers do not influence much in the fighting, but offer great rewards.

Use the Focus on time (RB)
Use the focus whenever you are surrounded by enemies, causing the greatest possible impact on the number of opponents. Remember that the resource recharging is slow and enemies that are untouched continue with normal behavior during the period of effect, leaving your gladiator exposed.

Anticipate the moves of opponents
After a few games the players can sense that the enemies have repeated blows according to class. Against rebels with two swords defend three times. In duels against stronger opponents dodge away before being hit, preventing the possibility of any kind of damage.

Personalize your gladiator
The title brings a considerable variety of possibilities for customization of the gladiators. Users can choose different options helmets, armor, gloves, shields, greaves, sandals and swords. You can also purchase consumable items. Those interested can still purchase costumes via Xbox Live. The available options are: Gladiator, Damocles, Praetorian, General and Commodus Roman Centurion.

Choose your Elixir
It may seem that Elixir does not interfere with the final result, but according to their performance in the game it can save your gladiator several times. Use consumable whenever possible to recover the life and focus more dynamically.

Use the arrows as allies
Although the arrows can cause permanent damage to your gladiator, they can also assist in battle. Try to repel all items charged against your character by pressing the A button at the exact moment. Your gladiator will block the arrow and with any luck it will find an enemy target.

Accomplish the tasks first
Try to fulfill the tasks first to raise even more XP. With the available missions go immediately to the location indicated in the scenario and take action. Remember to vary the style of play considerably improves your bottom line.