Walkthrough Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse Episode 1

The fans of the popular Broken Sword game series eagerly awaited for the release of the newest adventure of George Stobbart and Nico Collard (divided into 2 episodes). You will find the charm of the famous series intact with its tongue-in-cheek.

An armed robbery in a Parisian gallery ... Murder ...
Coincidentally, George Stobbart and Nico Collard find themselves involved in this case. Dive with them in this investigation to find a stolen painting, "La Maledicció” that takes from Paris to London. What terrible secret is behind this picture?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Turning
Chapter 2 - Vera Security
Chapter 3 - The owners of the table
Chapter 4 - The portfolio
Chapter 5 - The reconstruction
Chapter 6 - The trunk of Henri
Chapter 7 – Malediccio

Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1 begins during the Spanish Civil War.

Catalonia - Spain 1937

Kinematics: A residence was stormed by fascist military during the Spanish Civil War. Inside, occupants are fighting back and prepare to leave. A man gives his son a medallion and he won a canvas to take her with him. The two men are killed shortly after the family while the man goes into a van.

A man comes after hostilities and retrieves the web.

Chapter 1 - The Turning

Paris - Today


In Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1, you do not wait to meet our famous protagonists George Stobbart and Nico Collard.

Kinematics: The famous painting appears in a gallery in Paris. George and Nico are present. Suddenly, a man with a motorcycle comes with a box of pizza. He points a gun at those present and takes the painting in question. The owner of the gallery, Henri Dubois, intervenes. The man shot him before fleeing with the object of the offense. George rushes to the property owner who died while Nico ran after the thief.

The code of the office door

Your insurance company, for which you work, assured the show. You must solve the crime. There certainly clues in the gallery but you have a little time before the cops arrive.

  • A priest gives last rites to Henry. Talk to the priest Simon. He thinks it is the devil. He goes away to pray.
  • Examine the body of the owner of the gallery.
  • See the letter crumpled in the left hand. This seems to be an appointment at the same time when the robbery took place. You replace the same place.
  • Take the toilet water in the small pocket of the vest Henri.
  • You can replace his glasses and hairpiece. Stand back.
  • There is certainly something in his records.
  • Talk again to the priest and exhaust the subject.
  • Watch the pizza box on the table to the left of the priest. Grab a slice of pizza.
  • Look at the camera. There certainly has a room where the records. The door to the left of the bust is closed by a code.
  • Examine the location where was the stolen painting. An alarm system is placed but it was not activated when steering. Press the red button test. The alarm is triggered.
  • Open the box to the left. Select the red wire cut. Someone who works in the gallery sabotage the alarm. Stand back.
  • Move right of the screen. Watch Hector Wool, an art critic who lost consciousness during the attack. Sprinkle the cologne to wake. He regains consciousness.
  • Rising, he loses a nail clipper. Pick it up.
  • Tell Laine. Give him the pizza slice.
  • Talk to him again and exhaust all subjects. He knows the code for the door but he won’t tell to you.
  • Exit the gallery.
  • Go left of the screen. Talk to the coffee server. He gives you an addition of wool that has not paid the last time he came.
  • Return to the gallery. Show Wool outstanding addition. Tell Wool cable then cut the nail clippers. In the end, he gives you the code of the office door: 6397.
  • You enter the code when the police arrived at the crime scene. The inspector Turnip invests places and asked the sergeant Moue filter entry, it shall not bring or take out anyone.
Join George
  • A few minutes later, Nick returns to the gallery blue lizard. Speak to Sergeant Pout. Exhaust dialogues. He will not let you pass.
  • Go to the left of the screen. You talk to the coffee server. Show him your press card.
  • He offers you a coffee if you ask him and a takeaway coffee.
  • Give a coffee to Sergeant Moue. He tells you about his little incident but convince you to accept. He takes it and after a while he rushes to public latrines.
False Evidence

You will automatically enter the gallery and you will find George. He needs to distract the inspector Nico Turnip.
  • You can chat with Wool and father Simon.
  • Tell the inspector Turnip. Exhaust all topics. He is only interested in the biological indices. Here you have to distract the inspector leaves to manufacture.
  • Pick up the pizza box and near the tomato sauce on the floor.
  • Spread the tomato sauce.
  • Use your press card to remove chewing gum. You have a press card with chewing gum. Stand back.
  • Tell the inspector Nico about a bloodstain. He will see it immediately. George now has space to enter the office.

In the office, you have to call the insurance company. He asks you to find the table to avoid paying the owner of the table.
  • Watch the surveillance system on a personal locker. You need a 4-digit code. Stand back.
  • Examine the statue. Lift the leaf and a drawer opens into the base of the statue.
  • Look inside the drawer. You need to open a chest with a key. Stand back.
  • Delve into the wastebasket left office. You now know where Henri Dubois lives.
  • Examine the desk. Open the top drawer.
  • Take the case. You automatically put on the desktop. 
  • Check it out. This is a notice of completion of work Vera Security, who asked the alarm system on the tables, a company that you've not bonded.
  • With your phone, contact Vera Security but the woman on the phone hangs up on you. You must go see this company.
  • Check the calendar above the desk to the left of the scoreboard. Henry noted an anniversary.
  • Approach the monitoring system to enter the code: 2705.
  • You have access to the video of robbery. Advance frame by pressing the "advance" button and for each image, select what is selectable: Henri - the painting "Malediccio" - George (you) - Nico - the thief - the alarm - the helmet thief.
  • Go to the end of the recording tape. When George thinks you have nothing to learn from the recording, you can leave.
  • The inspector Turnip, tell him the truth or not and then ask him a few questions. At the end, he asks you out.
  • You automatically join Nico and you offer him a cup of coffee. The inspector Turnip leaves the office after a little while. He finished his preliminary investigations. He wants to interview the people in the coming days.
  • Nico and George find themselves seated at the cafe to order a coffee in order to gather their information and decide what is good to do. Exhaust subjects and then they separate.
Chapter 2 - Vera Security


Boss Vera Security

  • You can go to the apartment of Henry or Vera Security.
  • Come Vera Security.
  • In the mall, talk to the merchant right, Bassam. He has a headache because of the sign flashing.
  • Examine the neon sign to the left of Bassam. 
  • Remove the excess cable disconnected. Letters flashing. Stand back.
  • Talk again to Bassam. Exhaust dialogues. He wants a new name for his shop.
  • Return to the neon sign. Move the letters to form a name: ALADDIN. Bassam is happy with the result. You can ask him anything.
  • Enter Security Vera. You hear a scream. The lady at the desk is afraid of cockroaches. She asks you to get rid of.
  • Consider that there are on the table to the right of the screen.
  • Remove the empty Russian cigarettes packet.
  • Take matchbox. Stand back.
  • Approach the cockroach.
  • Place the matchbox near crumbs.
  • You automatically empty the box and place it on the ground. But the dumps do not bite the bait.
  • You need bait. Stand back.
  • Take it outside.
  • Bassam ask for help to catch the cockroach. He gives you a Rich Tea biscuit.
  • Come into the shop and approach the cockroach. Crumble the biscuit in matchbox. The cockroach is in the matchbox. Take the matchbox to enclose the interior.
  • Thank you Annette.
  • Tell Annette all subjects. Show him the notice of completion of work and the clippers. It recognizes the nail clippers Laine.
  • Call Vera Security.
  • Annette answers the phone. During this time, turn off the radio.
  • As soon as she hangs up and she turns on the radio take the opportunity to recover a photo of Annette and Wool in black Annette book on the counter.
  • When she returns, show her the picture to speak.
  • Talk to him again so that tells you everything.
  • She does not know her boss and has never met after her.
  • Exit.
  • Come to the gallery to see the blue lizard Laine.
  • Go to the left of the screen and talk to the server Laine. It seems he went to see the widow of Henry.
  • Move right of the screen and go on the subway to come automatically to the Henry building.
  • Use the intercom to the right of the screen.
  • Convince wool open up. Enter the building.
  • Inside, discuss all topics with Wool. 
  • Show him the compromising photo with Annette. He tells you that the boss is a Russian Vera Security. Annette you think you lied and she met her boss after butts and cigarettes packet Russian seen in the premises of Vera Security. You give him the compromising picture before he leaves.
  • You get to know Bijou. Talk to him.
  • Watch the turntable, the stuffed dog, table naked with birthmark and the coffin now rests where Henry.
  • Leave the area.
The murder weapon
  • You just automatically in the mall office to examine the bottom of Vera Security.
  • Move the cooler.
  • You hang above the beam.
  • You go left.
  • Open the casing of the air conditioner.
  • You control the main metal curtain.
  • Approach the electrical box.
  • Turn the blower switch.
  • With nail clippers, cut 3 blue son.
  • Connect the boxes with the cable from your inventory.
  • Turn on the switch. 
  • The iron curtain opens. You go down automatically.
  • Enter the shop.
  • Open the drawer to the left of the screen and take a cotton swab.
  • Go through the door behind the counter.
  • The room is dark. Use the matches on the matchbox to light.
  • You will find the switch.
  • Again in the dark, press the switch to turn the light on. 
  • You notice a pizza scooter deliveryman as where the thief is buried.
  • Get close to the shredder on the table.
  • Press the green button but the machine is blocked. Remove the cover to the right. Stand back.
  • Dip the cotton swab of the oil spill on the floor. Have a cotton swab greased.
  • Return to the shredder. Grease the wheels of the machine with oil on the cotton swab.
  • Press the green button. You collect the pieces of the letter that were stuck in the machine.
  • You must put the pieces of paper in the right place to reconstruct a letter to Henri Dubois Roman Medovsky Vera Security, shredded letter.
  • Retrieve a trombone.
  • Stand back.
  • Use paper clip to open the vent to the left of the screen. 
  • Inspect the interior of the air vent. You will find a firearm.
  • Inspector and Sergeant Turnip Moue fit into the room at the time. He believes you guilty and George stopped.
Everything goes wrong for George in Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1.

Chapter 3 - The owners of the table

The next morning at the apartment of Nico Nico is on the phone with his editor, Ronnie who wants an interview with the owner of the table.

  • Someone knocks on the door. Nico brought an old man who will sit. Talk to him. This is Tiago Marques, the child whose father had given him a medallion. He tells you to be the true owner of the stolen painting. He came to see you after the appearance of your article on this subject. Fascists stole the painting in 1938. It appeals to you to find the table. It shows an old photograph of his family with the table. He wants to see the photos of the robbery. You show him the pictures you have taken. Select each photo. 
  • The old man notices a tattoo on the arm of a thief on the photos and you allow him to take pictures.
  • You are determined to help. He has nowhere to go and you offer to install it at Adam, your neighbor.
  • You automatically exit the apartment.
  • Lift the mat neighbor. The key is not there.
  • Use the press card with chewing gum on the crack in the floor. You get a key.
  • Open the door with the key to introduce the old man to your neighbor then you leave.
  • You must know who the real owner of the stolen painting is. You can read more in the register of the gallery blue lizard.
  • A little later, you are in the street of the gallery. Talk with wool the cafe. Agree to come with him to the gallery.
  • You automatically go in the office of the gallery. You notice a folder under the sofa cushion which is installed Laine. Sit on the couch.
  • Exhaust dialogues with Wool. At the end, ask the champagne he serves.
  • Take the champagne flute and continue the conversation with Laine. Select the champagne to toast You pay the champagne on Laine. It rises to mop.
  • Enjoy it busy to consult a book under the sofa cushion. Once you have everything to make your article. You leave.
  • A little later, you're in your apartment with your editor on the line. He tells you to be very careful.
  • George knocks on your door. He tells you what happened. You re-cut your information: Medovsky is the owner of the painting and is the patron of Vera Security.
  • Tiago Marques knocked on the door and you joined. He shows George the photo as proof of his good faith. Select the child, man, woman and painting. It then shows you the medallion. Look at the inset. It is part of the Gnostics.
  • In the skin of George, talk to Nico for all subjects. You must meet this Medovsky. Nico gives you the coordinates of Waterloo Motors on your phone.
  • Call Waterloo Motors. It seems that the robbery and the owner of the painting live in the same place. The owner of the stolen painting certainly wants to defraud insurance.
  • You address. There is just go.
George and Nico must go to London to find answers in Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1.


  • You come to a gate. Use the intercom. Nobody answers. Try to open the gate but it is closed.
  • Look at the size as large topiary gardener Shears. Talk to him
  • Say its topiary and it is an eagle. You can now ask him to talk to for a reason Medovsky insurance. He then phoned his boss. He lets you enter.
  • He brings you into the library and between Medovsky to receive you. Select plush to say things in a gentle way and then exhaust the subject. This is Wilfred Hobbs, restaurateur who has contact with Henri Dubois. He denies relationship with the company Vera Security.
  • The guard interrupts your conversation. Hobbs Medovsky expected to resume a portfolio. He leaves you alone in the library to get his visitor portfolio appears to be important.
  • In the skin of George, look at the table and books in the library while Nico watches at the window.
  • Approach the buffet which was the portfolio. Automatically record the coordinates of Hobbs from his business card. Look at the message next to him.
  • Take the piece near the egg to the left of the screen. Stand back.
  • Get close to the coffee table where the box cigarettes
  • Open the box with the part. You find the same cigarettes found in the ashtray in the shop Vera Security. Collect the key in the cover.
  • Stand back.
  • Walk towards the typewriter. It's all in Cyrillic letters. Stand back.
  • Use the key found in the cigarette box office double door to the left of the screen.
  • Enter the office Medovsky.
  • Watch the office nearest.
  • Press the symbols (rated from January to September from left to right): 2 - 3 - 4-7 (Cyrillic letters that correspond to the date in the book on the buffet 1869 - typewriter). A compartment opens at the bottom of the desktop.
  • Search him. You find a letter from a Gehnen who wants to buy the table, bills Shears Waterloo Motors and his stay in Paris, and a lease Vera Security for linking to this company Medovsky. Based on this new evidence, it proves that Shears is the killer Henry and Medovsky is the patron of Vera Security.
  • A little more later, Medovsky returns. Continue the discussion until you go out in the street.
  • You take a taxi to come and see Hobbs.
Chapter 4 - The portfolio

Here you will find a way to approach the portfolio that Medovsky gave to Hobbs in Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1.


Access to workshop Hobbs
  • Look at the dirt. A call from the inspector interrupts you. He asks you to come tomorrow at noon at the gallery for reconstitution.
  • Knock on the door but no one answers but there is light at the floor. We must find a way to bring Hobbs.
  • Watch the mailbox. Take the letter inside and open it in your inventory. This is a letter of agency models.
  • Open the door of the van.
  • Take the bottle of whiskey in the glove box.
  • Press the center of the steering wheel but the horn does not work. Turn the handle on the wheel to open the cover.
  • Stand back.
  • Take a look under the hood of the truck. You need to connect the battery to the horn. 
  • Stand back.
  • Dig through the dirt to find two long cables.
  • In your inventory, cut a wire with nail clippers for 2 short cables.
  • Back under the hood.
  • Connect the 3 cables: the long cable on the horn, a short cable to the wire on the left and one short cable on the wire on the right.
  • Stand back.
  • Go to the truck. Press the horn.
  • Hobbs comes to the window. Select the letter that was in his mailbox to impersonate models agency. He opens the door.
  • Enter the workshop.
The sketch

Hobbs asked Nico to pose for him. It automatically sets up. It does not need to undress unlike George.
  • Approach the stereo right corner of the staircase.
  • Turn on the system by pressing the green button and mount the volume.
  • Stand back.
  • Climb the stairs. The door is closed. Press the button to the right of the door to the elevator down.
  • Hobbs distract you think blowing up the current.
  • Scroll down and go to the paint right of the screen. You meet an old friend, Lady Piermont. You help to dress. She complains of cold Hobbs. Talk to Lady Piermont, she asks you to turn up the heat.
  • Turn the thermostat down the stairs to raise the temperature. Hobbs gets angry but more Lady Piermont that cold. She does not wish to continue their collaboration. George Hobbs bows and the temperature rises to maximum.
  • Note that no more whiskey in the glass Hobbs.
  • Tell Hobbs all subjects. Pour him in a glass of whiskey.
  • Talk to Lady Piermont. It is placed on the lift if you ask him. Press the top button to move it up. A power surge blew a fuse. Hobbs will reset the circuit breaker, but you do not have time to take a look at the portfolio.
  • Press the button again to raise the platform then go see the portfolio.
  • Turn the pages to the left. The model is telling you something. You come across a sketch representing Hobbs Ouroboros. Take it.
  • Hobbs wants an explanation. He knows Henri Dubois and he wanted to help in exposing the table in his gallery. Answer him in a soft or hard way (any) and continue the conversation. Someone lied to you. You may be able to learn more from Laine.
Chapter 5 - The Reconstruction


Return to Paris, you will be faced with a reconstruction of the crime in Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1.

Machine Inspector Turnip
  • Go to the gallery blue lizard for reconstitution. Enter Gallery.
  • Inspector and Sergeant Turnip Moue trying to walk a machine to analyze the stain on the floor, George reveals the inspector Turnip is the murderer of Henri Dubois but he does not believe in your story and wishes to reconstitution. You move away automatically. Look at the machine, but you can not do in the presence of the Inspector and Sergeant Turnip Moue nothing. They expect Nico Collard and father Simon before starting.
  • Talk about everything to Laine. He suggests you to go and see Jewel for the certificate of origin of the table. It has the key to the safe containing all the papers of the gallery located in the office.
  • Sergeant Moue thinks I start the machine but it is a fiasco. Tell the inspector Turnip machine.
  • Try out but the inspector Turnip prevents you.
  • Talk to him again to learn more about the machine.
  • Go left of the screen and unplug the machine and discuss again the inspector Turnip machine. It will reconnect the device and Sergeant Moue also away. You enjoy to get close to the machine.
  • We must put all the lights green (rated from 1 to 5 in left to right) by pressing the following switches: 2 - 4-3 - 1 - 5-2.
  • Then press the red button. The machine works. The police are happy.
  • The inspector will ask you to the victim, but George does not look like the victim. You must find something to fix it.
  • Nico arrives and the priest Simon.
Richard Langham
  • Enter the office.
  • Look at the statue, especially the head of Henri. You notice that there are glasses of Henry. Take the glasses.
  • Out of the office.
  • Tell the inspector Turnip. He asks the audience to put in place, where it was when the crime while George lies down by putting glasses Henri. Father Simon moves with you.
  • Discuss everything with father Simon but the inspector Turnip invites you to keep quiet because you're supposed to be dead. Continue to ask for more.
  • Show him the sketches Hobbs. He is confused and wants to leave.
  • A man arrives Interpol, Richard Langham. He analyzes the blood stain on the floor and reveals that it is tomato sauce which ends reconstitution.
  • He invited George and Nico coffee. It seeks primarily thieves tables. You tell him what you know and he tells you that Medovsky is an ex-KGB agent. Gehnen wants to buy a table Medovsky.
  • After he left, you think to see Bijou.
Chapter 6 - The Trunk of Henri


The song

You are automatically in front of the Bijou’s building.
  • Use the intercom to the right to see Bijou.
  • Look broken disc on the ground.
  • Tell Jewel. She collapsed to have lost track. she gives you the title of the song: Jasmin. It was Henry who sang. She said that all papers are in the office gallery. She has the key but wants it back the melody just lost.
  • You must find a way to get the safe key.
  • Leave the area and go to Vera Security in the mall.
  • Tell Bassam.
  • Look stall for musical greeting cards.
  • Ask him a song. He gives you a music card with the desired song.
  • Return to Bijou’s apartment. Use the intercom to ride.
  • Give Bijou the musical map. You automatically put on the musical map turntable. Music is heard. Bijou now likes to dance with Henry.
The Last Dance
  • You approach the dressing.
  • Take wax strips. Stand back.
  • Move right. Use wax strips on the stuffed dog. You have dog hair in the wax.
  • Take the white flower on the body of Henri.
  • Return to the hairdresser.
  • Take Eyeshadow. You dye your hair the same color as Henri.
  • Place the strips of wax on the mouth to place the mustache and goatee to the right place.
  • Put the glasses on your eyes.
  • Then put the white boutonniere.
  • Finally, use cologne on the neck to feel like Henry.
  • Kinematic: You dance with Bijou. You ask him the key and He gives you the keys to the gallery (key jewel). She faded out. You remove your disguise before leaving.
The Fake Certificate.
  • You are in the gallery, father Simon calls you to tell you about the sketch you showed him. Exhaust subject. According to him, the Tabula Veritatis is still in the hands of the Gnostics. The evil table cache clues to find her. He wants to say more but he prefers them to be alone for this.
  • Walk towards the gallery. Open the front door with the key data by Jewel door.
  • Step into the office and then select the leaf of the statue. The drawer opens in the base.
  • Approach the open drawer. Open the chest with the key ring.
  • Collect inside the chest a diamond ring, a message and paperwork, the certificate of authenticity of the table.
  • You approach the office where you place the certificate of origin that looks authentic.
  • Turn off sketch Hobbs. Turn the paper so that the traces of coffee in the corner coincide. The document had to be done by Hobbs. Medovsky is therefore not the owner of the table.
Father Simon

A shot rang out and you rush to the door but it is close.
  • Use the ring with diamond on the glass of the window. You go out automatically through the window.
  • Enter the Gallery to see the father Simon. He asks you to stop the Gnostics before dying.
  • Take the paper still holds father Simon. This is a photocopy of an old manuscript written in Latin.
  •  Watch and you translate smoothly.
Wool comes and thinks you killed the priest. You have a call Nico. Something bad just happened in the apartment adjacent to Nico. You rush there by taxi.

It goes from bad to worse for George in Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1.

Mysterious disappearance

A little later, you arrive at the neighbor where Nico was Marqués. Everything is upside down and a bloodstain on the floor spread. You do not know if Marqués is dead or alive.
  • Look at the coin collection then pagailles. You get the family photo Marqués.
  • Examine the sofa. You find photos during the robbery Nico (Scribbled Marqués photo). Look at the names Sants, Judas and Magdalena.
  • Stand back.
  • Watch the overturned chair to retrieve the locket. Nico joins you. He has a call from Inspector Turnip. He warns you that George is armed and dangerous. The police arrive.
  • Nico brings George in the flower shop flower.
George Escapes

You can not leave because Sergeant Pout is just outside the door. He speaks with the neighbor Nico, Adam. Flower gives you a ball of wool. You must prepare your escape. Adam comes in and asks to stay until the police leave.
  • Take flowers in the basket at the counter. Flower authorized by you.
  • Nico tells you about the problem of Sergeant Pout.
  • Watch boxes to the right of the screen. Take in one of the boxes a statue Manneken Pis.
  • Talk with Adam all subjects and show him the room you have. You give him and he goes to make estimate. He leaves his CD Player on the counter.
  • Place the statuette in the carriage. Pour the contents of the bottle of whiskey inside the statue.
  • Approach the CD Player.
  • Stop playback. Open it by pressing the eject button.
  • Takeout the Disc.
  • Remove the battery compartment cover and take the batteries.
  • Stand back.
  • Put the batteries in the statuette. It lights up and pisses. Push the carriage. Sergeant pout stays in place.
  • Use the CD on the stereo right counter. Flower accepts you change the music.
  • Sergeant Moue had enough and will leave for pee. The way is clear. George and Nico are directly in front of Jewel whether she knows more. Hobbs and Bijou had an affair.
  • The intercom calls Bijou. He opens. Montez.
  • You are in Bijou's house. Discuss any issues with him. Give him the ring with diamond. Show him the note found in the trunk. Talk about Hobbs, certificate and Henri. Finally, she wants to tell you the truth. Exhaust subjects. It seems that Hobbs has stolen painting behind his back ...
Chapter 7 - Malediccio


Back to the workshop Hobbs

Several hours later, Nico and George are back in London in front of Hobbs.

  • Once you arrive, George automatically picks a string. It seems that he was forced. Retrieve the presser foot to the left of the truck.
  • Enter the van and press the horn, but nobody answers. Note that the seagull part in this time.
  • Knock on the door but still nobody. Look at the balcony where the open window appears.
  • Climb along the gutter to the right. Halfway, a seagull keeps you moving. Ask Nico activate the horn in order to scare the seagull.
  • Use the presser foot on the crane and you land on the balcony.
  • You step inside the Hobbs' workshop and you enter through the door.
  • Press the switch to illuminate the scene, but nothing happens.
  • Remove the protective cover of the bridge. Nico joins you. This is a copy of a Manet. Hobbs is a good forger.
  • Go upstairs. Attach the end of the chain to the door. You press the button to raise the lift then you automatically attach the other end of the chain to the platform and you scroll down. The door opens.
  • Enter the room.
Painting and Hobbs

  • Open the cupboard to the left of the couch. Take the bottle of cola.
  • Check the phone above the closet. There are two messages: one Medovsky leaving for Spain and other Bijou.
  • Look at the painting on the left of the door. This is a painting of a nude Bijou which is screwed to the wall.
  • Use the presser foot on the painting to remove the paint. You are in an alcove behind the stolen painting. Hobbs found the center of the Ouroboros another painting: instead of a tree, you have the face of a man with a symbol engraved on his forehead, a symbol of the Tabula Veritatis.
  • Move right of the screen. You find Hobbs death, he was strangled.
  • Approach the Hobbs body . Take mints in the left pocket of his trousers. 
  • Stand back.
  • Look under the bridge. Someone cut a painting entitled "The Malediccio" to be a copy.
  • Look more closely at the panel where you can see a map of Catalonia. Hobbs perhaps is looking for Tabula Veritatis. Look at the sketch on the map and select "Castell dels Sants".
  • You remove certain things from your clues. Medovsky made an insurance fraud while trying to sell the painting. Langham could easily stop in Spain.
  • You realize that the building is on fire. You can not go out the door.
Escape the flames?

  • Look at the window ajar.
  • In your inventory, put the mints in the bottle of cola. You get a bottle simmering.
  • Place the bottle in the bucket below the window. The pressure bottle hand like a rocket and it completely opens the window.
  • In your inventory, attach the protective cover to the presser foot for a grapple. Use the hook on the window. You automatically mount on the roof.
  • You see Langham down and you heckle but instead of trying to save you, you made a sign with his hand and go quietly.
  • You think he may have killed Hobbs and even the priest Simon. Now he wants to kill you in your turn but firefighters arrived quickly.
  • Your next step: go to Spain in search of the Castell dels Sants and Tabula Veritatis.
The adventure is just beginning ...

The adventure ends here with Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 1. But how it will end, you will know in Broken Sword: The curse of the serpent - Episode 2.