Xbox One: Microsoft warns alleged backward compatibility

Beware of the instructions, according to which the Xbox One can be put in a downward compatibility condition.

According to the guide that is meant to enable the Dev Kit mode, and finally change the so-called sandbox ID. But that's completely rubbish and does not work; Microsoft's Major Nelson made it clear via Twitter.

Here he wrote that there is absolutely no way to make the Xbox One backward compatible. If you follow the steps of the instructions, you run the risk of making your console inoperable.

A few days earlier, until Microsoft issued the warning, not just access the Dev Kit mode. Any such changes could make the console that is inoperable.

Who wants to enjoy his' 360' Xbox games, which must therefore continue to do on the Xbox 360. Same time, however, you may also hope for Microsoft's senior director Albert Penello had hinted in September that the console may one day allow for backward compatibility.