1954: Alcatraz walkthrough, complete solution

1 General Information
2 Locked
3 The tough Beatnik woman
4 Vivian Vong
5 Evan Camfield
6 New freedoms in prison # 1
7 New freedoms in prison # 2
8 On the infirmary
9 The S key
10 The B Key
11 The priest smuggling
12 Let's go to Mexico!

With our 1954: Alcatraz complete solution, Hints and tricks you can help Joe to escape from the Alcatraz jail.

General information

1 With the spacebar, you are then the Hot Spots view. Since the objects that are suitable for interaction, but rarely visually stand out, you should make use of often of this facilitation.

2 With the help of hair pin Christine’s door lock can open. So Search all beautiful bags and chests for these useful item.

3 In the inventory, which you call the mouse wheel, you can switch between the two characters, Joe and Christine. So do not be alarmed when you stuck. Try your luck simply times with someone else.

Love Meter
The relationship between Joe and Christine can change drastically through their activities in prison or on North Beach. There are some situations (especially interviews) in which you have to take final decision.

Conversation between Christine and Dale on the balcony

-3, If you decide to sleep with Dale

Conversation between Christine and Bee
+2, If you hear that Bee and Joe had no affair.

Conversation between Christine and grass after dinner
-2 If Grassi says that Bee and Joe had an affair.

Interview with Christine during visiting hours

-3 If you're lying.

Optional: affair with Chiquita

-7 If you Chiquita give your wedding ring.

Second repair of the phone

-2 If you use the ring as a piece of metal, rather than using the Dime.

+2, If you take the ring after use from the electrical box.

End sequence
There are two or three possible endings. If your "Love Meter" below -6, Christine opened a third possibility. You would then be ready to use Mickey's gun out of the safe for Joe to take his life.


Bottom right behind the grille a glass blade is hidden. This links to Joe's wedding ring in your inventory, which can roll the mouse wheel you always. Do you use the blade to slit the bed, Joe comes to his camouflaged coal. Blades handle and glass blade, however, have divided it. Combine them in the inventory to remedy this situation. Accesses her now even the top right of the books in Joe's hideout, get her pain pills. Then a bell rings and a guard looks over.

When you leave your cell, you can talk with Hank. After speaking with him, take Joe and three other prisoners, including Hank, in the canteen area. A bite from eating pancakes you flushed into the inventory. In an interview with Gas Pipe you learn that he could organize you a private conversation with Christine. Also Bumpy and Hank have interesting to report. Then you can leave the canteen.

To be able to talk undisturbed, you must at gas pipe knock. He freaks out and forces the guards to work. Christine tells of a former partner Joe, who demands his prey. This phone is the first point in the game, at which the relationship between Joe and Christine can change through your intervention. On the first page you will find all important information about the so-called Love Meter. In this case, the ratio of the two suffer if you should you decide to lie to Christine.

After Christine and Joe have agreed on cooperation, Christine faces a confrontation with Mickey. He spared for the time being. Let the lady again in peace and plan as Joe continued our outbreak. It the character changes by opening her with the mouse wheel inventory and then clicking the image of the desired character.
On the farm you skin to gas pipe. Gas pipe is not calm and beats on a Joe, so that both find themselves a short time later in the "hole". Turn around to start a conversation with Mr. Mason. From the hole you do not come first out again. Maybe Christine can help yes.

The tough Beatnik Woman

For now, you leave times the shore and head towards North Beach. At the door to Christine's apartment we discover traces of a burglary. Step into the scene of the crime to find answers. In fact, the whole room was turned upside down. Touch an object to bring Christine to clean up.

After order was created, Christine takes a piece of paper, the schema for a safe. Look in the room a little if any additional items are to be found. The sock drawer can take a hairpin her example. In one of the jackets in the cloakroom, a hidden matchbook. About the piano, a music sheet is to collect and there is also a plate.

Now, you can leave the room through the fire escape - maybe the thief is still in the vicinity. However, outside there is only Dale, one of Christine's suitors. She can be carried away to infidelity, which of course has a negative effect on their marriage.

Is the good Dale gone, you can look around at rest on the balcony. On the flower box is a jar Lucky camp. Also a pressure plate hidden among the plants. The next door neighbor you can not respond because his typewriter is too loud. Let's look on the roof, if forced entry can be found. To stand on the roof of the neighbor, Christine needed a regular basis, since the path is arduous. Reverse to this place so not return until you have found such.

To proceed with the investigation must leave Christine's apartment and pay the places on the map to visit. In the cafe, two of the three target persons are staying. So head on down to the Cafe Napoli.

The door of the cafe is closed. Take the first official letter, resulting in the closure justified from. Then you can use the hairpin to open. You’ll be surprised by Detective Christine Grassi. Later, she finds herself in the office and the complete contents of the inventory.

The detective is quite mysterious. When attempting to leave his office, but he turns back on and you want to talk about for a meal. The restaurant told Grassi that Joe Christine has cheated, which is slightly shaken the confidence in the Beloved. Otherwise, the food runs but inconclusive. When you leave the room, the detective is still nice enough to give you back your stuff.

Vivian Vong

Visit Viv to her apartment. The kitchen looks inviting. Take the ladle from the pot and thus draws the delicious soup. More seems to be not to get here first. So go up and there looking Viv.

In the top drawer of her dresser, the pressure plate back is to be found. Combined with the address side, and Christine developed the suspicion that Joe and Vivian could have printed money together. Before you confront Viv, there is still a olle hairpin from her bed to collect. She is very weak and calls for soup. Fortunately, we have just what steal in the kitchen.

However, Vivian would like to winter melon. On the menu is the sign for "winter melon". Compensate the picture on the paper with the symbols on the drawer to get winter melon. Packt have this in the soup, you get a winter melon soup ready to serve. Give Viv this, she is fit again and is ready for a conversation. Viv tells mainly two interesting things: On the one hand it is clear that you present your rent with the record of your apartment can pay and in addition, she scares you to the opera, in order to get a radio.

Before she goes to the opera, you should confront with the pressure plates to find out the truth. She remains prudent and suggests you all kinds of things. Later, you can safely come back and use the criminal energy for you.

Use an olle hairpin to open the lock and get into the locker room. When we try to take the radio warns Viv's nephew Xiaowen Christine, nothing to steal.

The young man seems to be quite well read. Show Xiaowen your Camfield to impress. The radio gets Christine but only when Xiaowen inspiration for the opera. Try it once with the sheet music from Christine's apartment. That is enough to make the young man happy and to convey a repaired radio in Christine's pocket.

Go to the radio to Viv and gives you the V-key, which was hidden in the radio. Thus you shall equal open to Grant Avenue, where hopefully the right lock is to be found.

Evan Camfield

On the road arrived, Dale Christine lurks times again. He accompanies you to the apartment. What is really interesting is Dale has not contributed. The door is locked unfortunately, so well that not even able to help a hairpin. Knock but at times to hear if anyone is at home. Obviously, the resident of the apartment is not happy about your arrival. Tried to get on the roof of Christine's apartment.

Although Christine has not previously married, the curiosity now drives them safely over the plank. Whether that was wise? Once again threatens the man at the typewriter with his gun. Time to wriggle out with clever answers. After the Scribbler has finally ceased to threaten Christine, can you look around a bit. Take for example, a manuscript of the paper stack, the fun stops as soon as we approach the refrigerator. As long as you do not know the solution, there is probably not manage to get. Perhaps the author slips in conversation yes out a detail.

That has not really worked. Or Take the tape IX from the lower bookcase before you should go to go ask Viv after the solution for the refrigerator. Unfortunately, you have no idea. Mickey reported from his contacts to Alcatraz. Equip his club, the Mickey's times a visit.

Joe's release

A doorman refused access to Christine. Run to the back entrance, makes use of a hairpin and enter the locker room. Here is the Mermaid Goldie, who knows Christine apparently. In the old suitcase on the floor you can find one of your favorite utensils, a olle hairpin. In addition, Goldie is kind enough to leave Christine a red rose. If we ask you even know if they can swim to Alcatraz with us. She can not offer, but still has interesting things to talk about.

Mickey's aggressive urge is obviously due to the fact that he has some problems. Inside the club, there is more to discover. A guy named Mason gives us the solitary form, which can bring Joe out of the isolation cell. On the left is Bee, Joe's alleged mistress. Christine takes you into a side room where the two can talk undisturbed.

The conversation with Christine Bee has not just slide into the inventory the safe combination, but also peace of mind with regard to Joe's loyalty. She also tells of Mickey weakness for Goldie. If you go back, you can appeal to Mickey, who invites you to a four-on-one meeting in his office. There is not much to see and hear. Go again to Goldie to verify their relationship with Mickey. The safe combination, the Bee has given you, meet their moderation. Turning these words on them, you experience the second safe combination. Mickey's office is currently guarded, so you can use the combination later.

Instead, you can continue to take care of you at Joe's release. Viv wanted you still do you a favor. Makes you exploit their calligraphic arts and give her the letter of the prison director, the Christine since the beginning of the game carry around. There namely is it the signature that requires her to Joe's release from solitary confinement. The signed form solitary confinement can deliver at Mason Mickey's her now.

New freedoms in prison # 1

Before Joe is released, a cellmate embroiled him in a comical conversation. After the interview Joe is on the farm and now on both the flight plan of the Lizards with him. Hank would rather give your charcoal to hear from him.

With Hanks escape plan in the luggage gives us another prisoner a tip as well as a library card. In the other corner of the yard is still Bumpy, which in turn outlines a plan in exchange with our pancakes. The escape plan is now so completely. Leave the farm and talk to the new overseer, to go through the control.

Mason sends to repair a washing machine. To this end, he gives you a wrench. Links you can offer your inventory even with a coat hanger and a lace top up. In the laundry basket you will find also another hanger and 2.5 meters of rope. Combine the two hangers on a clothes hanger hook. This you can also use in Chiquita's washing machine - Hot Underwear! Let's see what Chiquita else has to tell so.

Chiquita seems interested in pretty ladies stuff. Give Chiquita underwear. She is delighted and offers to tinker a protective vest. Look so times thereafter. If you can but you do not solve the sight Chiquita, you have the opportunity to present her your wedding ring and thus enter into an affair with her. The fact that such behavior would displease Christine is probably obvious, especially since she noticed that Joe is not wearing a ring anymore.

When you leave the laundry the map of Alcatraz is revealed for the first time. First we try it in the chapel. The priest throws but determined times now and have a look in a fashion magazine. Joe will fix the cheap speaker on the right and put a rim. Also, Hank is on the loose here. Maybe he still has to contribute a little something. He has not to offer more than a few tips. Even the priest is ready for a chat. It is interesting that we do not come to the drawer under his watch.

With these findings, you go into the workshop. On the workbench there is an oil can and under the bench look for the mechanical magazine, which is just waiting to be picked up. In the foreground Bumpy sitting in front of a defective machine. You dip the lace into the oil pot, so the oily lace can serve as a replacement part. The loose gear can then be tightened with the wrench. Taking three more times from getting more smoke rises, so Mason finally of your talent "gets wind" and prompts you to privately fix things for him.

New freedoms in prison # 2

If you set the portable turntable repaired them Joe clawing the New York fashion magazine that lay beneath. To only be able to speak with Mrs. Mason, you have to send away Mason. Once Mason is back, Joe can fix this by using the instruction manual for the TV. But a tube is missing: Send him to suspect such and entertain you along with his wife. Mason returns this time with full pockets back - he not only has a tube, but two of them, and brought a piece of wire. The tubes plugged into the TV and then used Mrs. Mason aluminum foil to improve reception.

Now there is to be repaired even the telephone system. Before you take care of the electrical box, a dime and a telephone component are on the pay phone but still collect. Now put the wire in the electrical box. With the rest of the aluminum foil, the cables can be shielded at the pay phone then.

Now Joe is doing work. Finally Joe can with the fashion magazine and the magazine mechanic to Chiquita. She keeps her promise and handed Joe unceremoniously a specially made vest. Joe signaled to you in a soliloquy that he is now ready. So get yourself down to the power plant where gas pipe certainly itch fists.

Once in power plant, take it as the first time the projector bulb from the windowsill. A handle in the tool box can not hurt. This hike is a power cable, a wooden brush, a V-belt and a wheel spider in your possession. If you combine the wheel center to the rim, you will receive a wheel. Since so many unused items are in your possession, it would be unwise to face gas pipe already. Look for times when direct current generator. There, Joe finds a large and a small gear. Set these in the workshops in Bumpy machine to obtain a wooden gear in the right size. Thus returns to the generator and makes you next to the gear also your other wheel and the belt advantage. Can you start the generator only when you have prepared with the power cable, the control panel. So Connects to this and has been running the generator.

Now it would be about time to face gas pipe. It threatens Joe and you can choose at what point, want to stab her. Deceive on to stab to the head, and then to land a low blow. Your knife breaks and you only have the blade handle. Nevertheless, you can fight with the same technique, realized wall you have been, cut down gas pipe. To do this you have to be nimble with your mouse. After a few hits you end up in the infirmary and the doctor shall answer questions.

On the infirmary

If the doctor sends you to the station, you can look around. On the windowsill there is a bent nail. In the bed, put something that looks like a head. Since utensil is still missing, we express at random times the panic button and then have to talk with Mr. Mason. With a trick he can take Joe into the chapel.

There you can open the drawer if one uses the projector bulb in the old projector and the priest deflects thereby. In the drawer there is an underground porn comic. Search this, her notes that he was one of Hank. So give him what belongs to him and you will get 2.5 meter cable. Power with those from the laundry still only 5 meters. A twice as long rope would be an advantage.

Back in the sick cell you can with the nail to open the lock and so reaches the hospital corridor. Links it goes into the treatment room. There is a nap of Docs exploit. From the bucket you can pull out a bloody shirt. The chair out of the corner can replace Joe against the jack under Docs sun. A grip goes beyond in your possession. The two parts belong together naturally and together form a jack with handle. This is the one that will brok window later

The garbage bags in the hallway Joe'd only use it when he builds his dummy. Let's see if the storage space is to find something useful - a shirt Joe has already used. And additional 2.5 meters of rope on the ground. In addition, in the medicine cabinet still cleaning agents and right on the shelf a little hydrochloric acid. Combine the two in order to use smoke on occasion. Finally, Hank told his flight was only failed because the fog was too weak, so why not help out a bit? But the Tk337 waiting eagerly to be plugged from you. In combination with the phone component it gives off a great jammer.

Whether a visit to Birdman's sick cell as successful failure? Joe discovered immediately after all, Hanks window. Although you still have the nail, the cell remains closed for now; Birdman radiates too great a danger from. Appeased the Vogelnarr with the Möwenei, that alone is not enough, however. He is probably rest when he holds the book, which he has told in his hands. In conversation with the priest becomes clear that Christine's help would be possibly useful. A change to it is at this point that is not a bad move.

The S key

The pastor seems to be suitable as a smuggler. You'll have to somehow persuade Christine to bring the library card. In addition, Christine still needs help with the fridge. Check out times at the church around. Speak with grass to prevent that he watched you in cracking the Kirchentors. Inside you pick up a priest for confession. Except for the spiritual cleansing of the confessional runs unfortunately quite inconclusive. In one of the benches is nevertheless still an old Bible, which you may take her.

Leave the church and check out at times in the detective office. Perhaps he has something incriminating, so the priest can extort. It does not look first. Nevertheless, here are entirely matters of concern. On the documents Joe's case concerning her come, but only if it distracts the detective.

Well you should definitely look elsewhere times. The Café Napoli eg to the guardians of the other two keys, Bernadette and Sutter, be. On the table is ever a one-act play by Evan Camfield. Sutter, who sits at the table, will not help Christine, as long as he gets no Valo. Let's see if Dale has to say something important for a change. Except for self-pity Dale has nothing to offer.

This trip was probably a miss. But Sutter has said that the Valo would have to be in our apartment. If you look around you can find the Valo in Christine's apartment at the top of the lamp. Give Sutter and he begins to talk.

While Sutter's still pretty economical with his words, but he puts out at least a love poem. In addition, the park where Sutter's friend believed to be now accessible for Christine. See you there!

The sad Matty sitting in the park on a bench and has a lot to tell. Give him the love poem to unite him again with Sutter. Then you have to in a second interview again to drill deeper.

After a moving speech by Christine, the two men are united in the café. At one time also Sutter's something more talkative again. So really not much you can learn from Sutter anyway. Go again to the park and tried something out of the drunkard figure out on the lawn.

To bring the king of the streets to chat, you must say goodbye to your Lucky camp. His statement stressed Mickey, but is otherwise inconclusive. This track is therefore a secondary consideration at the moment. After all, the brotherhood of Sutter and Matty has meant that Christine is allowed to enter the bookstore Lower Depths for the first time. Again, see what Boo, the bookseller, has to say so.

She's probably interested in work with Evan Camfield. Give her the manuscript, again in order to obtain Sutter's diary.

The B Key

After she has taken from the book the S-key, Christine goes into the coffee to again speak with Sutter. This, however, is still employed elsewhere. Nevertheless, the trip was worthwhile. Because finally Bernadette is there, suspected of Christine that she has the third key. Before you interact with them, you can still steal from her purse a olle hairpin.

Bernadette offers to take you to her studio. Uses the time in which it acts as a model to elicit her some information. It refers, inter alia, to Vivian's painting skills. Look first times, if otherwise is something of concern in Bernadette's apartment, what Christine of Availing could be. Indeed, a flyer lying around. If you collect these, Bernadette goes with you to the gallery to look there for Joe's key. Bernadette asks Christine, however, in return, to arrange a private viewing for them. Speak with the owner of the gallery.

As the exhibitor is persuaded he gets hastily Bernadette images to the front and with it is the B key. Now you have so together the three keys. But when you leave the gallery you will Mickey get in the way. The hollow head can, however, already satisfy by her merely give him a single key. Nevertheless, you need this course again. So go to his club to this relieve him again.

Christine is the thing to pretty aggressively and tries to seduce the crooks. Conversation is indeed not very productive, but at least you can look for the first time in Mickey's office look around. From now you can enter that always when you talk to Mickey at his table. He is probably just lure of his safe when he gets a panic attack due to hygienic grievances. Let you again into his office and invite simulates an illness.

Instant Mickey disappears into the bathroom. Use the time to steal his account book and - using the second safe combination - to clear the vault empty. It takes her 35 mm negatives, a secret account book, Goldies contract, a gun, and of course the key that you had to leave.

With those items you can do many things. Combine the two account books, to obtain payment collected books. Operating with them in the hindquarters to let the red phone Mickey vacate by the Mafia out of the way. If you go to Goldie in the locker room, watching Christine as Mickey is shot down by his own bodyguard. Goldie is therefore free.

The smuggling priest

If you have left the Mickey's, you should try to use the remaining vault content profitable. The negative can be surely the pastor make tractable. This would be advantageous because Joe for his outburst needs someone zuspielt him Birdman's book. Therefore, do not seek a place where you can let develop this. At the library Christine has little success. You can Boo indeed tighten their belt IX, but calls currently no return. But why in the library - the photographer Bee is still a much better contact for this topic. In fact, she does it immediately and Christine has her blackmail photo for the priest. Go into the chapel and talk him simply drop it on.

In person of Joe you should look for commands if the priest fulfills his duties. Pressing the emergency button in the cell and asks Mason to let you bring in the chapel. Joe knows immediately what is going on and also sends a message back. Speak further with the pastor. Perhaps there is indeed an opportunity to order Birdman's book. Give him the library card.

Christine can pick up the news of Joe and the library card from the priest now. With the library card you can get Ornithology in the Lower Depths the book Stroud. Turn first again Joes outbreak plans, and bear Bird's book the priest.

Let yourself from Mason back to the cell escort and enter through the hallway Birdman's sick cell. Finally, Joe has now Strouds Ornithology, Birdman's work, in his possession. If you have not broken the gate, you can do this with the bent nail, lying in your own cell on the window sill. This is also when you lock of Birdman's cell again of benefit that you are allowed to leave after you've given him his book.

On the bed are 2.5 feet of rope. Along with the pieces from the laundry and storage room and those who receive it by Hank, if you give him the porn magazine from the storage room, her dürftet now can tinker 10 feet of rope, which is indispensable for the escape out the window. But first, a dummy must be tinkered among others yet. Just ask Birdman what he has for tips in stock. He has you especially then, that you present your escape must have completed planned before you dive into the sea. Joe can take care of the dummy only, while Christine has to organize the escape car and passports.

In the hallway you can you now take the garbage bag. Pull his shirt over and already it is finished, you surprisingly convincing dummy. If you this now lays in your bed and then opens in Birdman's cell with the jack the window, you can actually leave the cell. On the roof there is a phone line that can affect tinkered with the jammer. The guard looks now but already clearly distracted from - a good time to flit unseen in the catacombs. The rusty door opens Joe skillfully with a short kick.

Under the prison lying around all kinds of things. Cancel the wooden bar from the floor and beats so that one of the tubes, so that their contents can flush the debris out of the way. However, currently no water flows through the right tube. However, you must briefly turn the valve to fix this problem. Then the passage is free and Joe starts his own business on the way to the cave. Now it's up to Christine to plan the escape.

Off to Mexico!

Now you can still use Joe's message. Read them and then put yourself to Viv, to ask them for new passports. You will only have their rent. So they paid with the record of your apartment. However, this payment is not enough. For the forging of passports Viv needs materials. The Christine photo, but ink is still missing. Bernadette sure what, but seeking models for their work.

Bee arises therefore, to stand for Bernadette model. Bernadette tells them and they give you on demand the required ink. Go with the ink and the photo of Christine and Joe to Viv and she does the rest prerequisite is of course that you have previously settled with the record of your rent arrears. However, ink and photo rich still not out. Viv need two blank passports. The are easy to find happiness. They are in fact present in the bottom drawer of her, which was hitherto always been off limits to you. That's it But now - finally may Viv you hand over fake passports.

Try it again now at Evan Camfields refrigerator. The news of Joe should bring Christine to the right password to tell if Evan threatened. If the cabinet is open, you can use the key to open the safe. Tada - there's the money from the robbery. So off to Mexico. Of course, Joe must cross the lake for now.

Gas Pipe is followed Joe and must now pay the price. In addition to a severe wound Joe remains a pipe. With you can break the walled passageway is you met in the catacombs. Behind the wall is an old bomb shelter.

In the bunker, a path leads to the top. There is certainly a possibility, Christine to contact. With the armor tape, which you can pick up at the shelf to her left, Joe can assemble the ladder sections. Now requires still a pipe to stabilize the shaky design something and you can climb up Joe. Up here there is the security guard Mason. If you please, Joe pushes him over the bridge. Either way, the way the phone is free.

A telephone conversation with Christine is now nothing in the way. However, Mason's wife has discovered you. Let them not distract you and open the electrical box. The Dime you can bridge the connection and allow you a free phone call. If you have previously filled the Dime by mistake into the pay phone, you need this instead take your wedding ring.

Christine celebrates a tranquil little farewell party. Luckily, she is alert enough not to hear the phone ringing. Take the handset steals the boot key from Goldies pocket and makes you on the way to the pier. Now it's up to Joe to play its part.

Let the cave behind you, and put yourself into the open sea to swim to the buoy, at the Christine come pick you up. This is, unfortunately, be in big trouble.

Christine is threatened by two men with a gun. However, grass does not seem interested to flip Christine. Try talking to sow discord between the two. This is amazingly fast when you appealed to Grassi's honor. Now all it needs is a deliberate blow to the trash can and the two gangsters shoot each other in shock. In memory of the dead you have no time. Take on the prey and increases in the sailboat. At the buoy you meet Joe.

Depending on how you have been positioned you in matters of love, the dialogue, have to lead her now varied. In the end, it is up to you to make a decision whether Christine is to embark on a new beginning. If both hands have drifted apart properly, Christine Joe can even shoot you. What needs to happen for Christine cherishes such aggression, we have compiled for you on the first page of this solution.