Amy Lee talks her song on War Story soundtrack, Push the Button

After filing a lawsuit against the record label Wind-Up, Amy Lee took the opportunity to comment on the process of making the soundtrack for War Story during an interview with MTV News.

The singer is responsible for the theme song for the independent film directed by Mark Jackson. The film will be launched on January 19 at the Sundance festival. The artist said that the song she composed for the film along with musician Dave Eggar is quite different than her fans are used to hearing.

"It will be a surprise for my fans, it's not something you would expect. The film is very dark and meditative, there is a lot of lines, which is great for me, because it makes a beautiful and sad song for the platform, "said Lee." There are quite mixtures of sounds and sinister sounds."

About her new composition, Amy Lee commented, "That song is called 'Push the Button', "It was very different for me, [the song] is electronic, I did it myself, which was crazy because I'm used to compose and mix demos in my home, but be responsible for that to be the end product was challenging for me," she said.

The singer said she has not seen the final product yet, but enjoyed working on the trail of a movie and wants to repeat the experience in the future.


Here’s the War Story soundtrack list:

1. Push the Button
2. White Out (featuring Dave Eggar)
3. Remember to Breathe (featuring Dave Eggar)
4. Dark Water (featuring Malika Zarra)
5. Between Worlds (featuring Dave Eggar)
6. Drifter (featuring Dave Eggar)
7. Can’t Stop What’s Coming (featuring Dave Eggar)
8. Voice in My Head (featuring Dave Eggar)
9. Lockdown (featuring Dave Eggar)
10. After (featuring Dave Eggar)