Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough, Tips, Diary Pages, Alligator Eggs, Mayan Statues

Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough, Tips, Diary Pages, Alligator Eggs, Mayan Statues

In our walkthrough for Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD we show you the safest way through all sequences and memories. So that you reach full synchronization in every mission. In addition, we tell you basic tips and tricks for collectibles, side missions, and the game mechanics in Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD. With our solution you'll find all diary pages and alligator eggs, and Mayan statues and collectible mushrooms.

With our complete solution to Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD we take you safely through all the main and side missions of the PS Vita edition of Ubisoft. Furthermore, we give you tips on how best to accomplish the optional objectives in each memory in order to achieve the full synchronization. For hunters of collectibles, our solution provides an overview of all items that are to be discovered in the New Orleans area.

Table of Contents

1 Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: General Tips and Tricks
2 Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 1
3 Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 2
4 Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 3
5 Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 4

Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - General Tips and Tricks:
Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD is the new version of the PS Vita title in 2012. Accordingly, the game blends familiar gameplay mechanics of the series with new elements. We tell you how best it uses the costumes. Moreover, you keep in the series typical combat and stealth missions with our tips for getting the upper hand.

The basic pillars: combat and stealth!
Both fights, as well as creep deposits, make similarly as in the larger satellites of the Assassin's Creed series. In Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD you survive the longest when you use lock in open conflict. After a successful attack throw countered, disarmed or done their enemies with a single keystroke. This allows especially weaker opponents quickly out of the way before you turn to the larger chunks. In boss fights which is among the most effective tactics.

Here we offer numerous places for hiding or ambushes. Seeking bales of hay on the ground or hidden you on house corners in order to remain undetected. In areas such as the Bayou and Chichen Itza you will always find high vegetation in which you hide from unwanted eyes. Guards blocking your way, you attract them with whistle to your hiding place and finish them off with the help of the hidden blades.

In pursuit of the target population should be noted that these are all the more suspicious, the closer you come to them. And that is, that they turn around frequently. Tried you also to the places mentioned to hide, to escape the suspicious eyes.

Set your money to make sense!

As usual for the Assassin's Creed series, you spend a large part of the match with the virtual economic cycle. To be truly successful, the wherewithal must to be present naturally. After each mission you will gain a certain amount of money (Écu). Those who want to earn a few coins between missions, search for the chests that are hidden in New Orleans and other areas. To draw the markers on the map, it climbs the viewpoints and synchronized at the top of the tower.

Later in the game, both the trading system, as well as the shops will be unlocked for renovation. Buys ships over the desk in the Assassin HQ and send them with acquired goods to other ports. The profit resulting from the trade must go after the expiry of the time in your pocket. The money gained her plugged into transactions in order to get anywhere in the city access to new weapons and items. Check back regularly at the blacksmith and puts your money in new swords, handguns and pistols. So you keep in the battles always have the upper hand. Buy the tailor only if you want new bags. In the various costumes that are purely visual changes.

Use your fairings! - Pay attention to your notoriety!
The special thing about Aveline is that their different clothes in which they may use special abilities. However, any positive aspect brings a disadvantage. A complete overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the various coverings in Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD can be found below. The most important aspect is your level of awareness. This is constantly you displayed using the three icons in the interface. Each panel rises separately in prominence. Moves you to a new panel, the level of the other costumes have been steadily declining. Really effectively reduces their awareness only when their particular actions carried out. These different measures can be found also in the overview to the covers.

Lady - Benefits

Very slowly increasing awareness
Beguile and bribing guards and important people
Make use of the parasol to knock out enemies unseen

Lady - Disadvantages

Can not climb
Only a few weapons and items usable
Can be victims of thefts

Lady - reduce Awareness

Turns witnesses in any cladding

Assassin - Benefits

Can move freely and climb
Free choice between weapons and items
Serial bombings are available

Assassin - disadvantages

Has at least a quarter of the level of awareness
Awareness is rising very quickly
Guards recognize you faster

Assassin - reduce visibility

Bribe corrupt magistrates in any panel

Slave - Benefits

Can move freely and climb
Awareness is rising more slowly Uses boxes to get past guards
Can instigate riots

Slave - Disadvantages

Not all weapons and items usable
Slightly weaker than the Assassin

Slave - reduce visibility

Removes the characteristics in New Orleans in any panel

Collectibles in Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD

As in any Assassin's Creed, you will also find in Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD a large number of collectibles and side missions. These items and orders her place in New Orleans and the surrounding areas who attended her during the story:

Alligator eggs
Diary pages
Maya statues
Voodoo Doll (Only as a slave)
Brooches (Only when Lady)
Assassin coins (as Assassin Only)
Pocket Watches
Civil E
Side missions (Emancipation, business rivals, pirates, Bayoufieber)

The Towers are the best help in your search for all objects and side missions. Synchronized at the top of the towers, thus covering the area on. All major items are displayed by you on the map. This reduces the overhead on the way to be 100 percent clear.

Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 1

Sequence 1 of Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD leads you into the game world and brings you closer Aveline as a heroine. In addition, you learn that some slaves have disappeared without trace.

Sequence 1 - reminder 1: All just a nightmare

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

In the tutorial mission you Aveline play in childhood days. In the market, it is quickly distracted by a chicken and starts to chase the fowls. Follow the Chicken and learns the basic controls of Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD. The chicken will lead you to a place with slave traders. After the cutscene you treat the guards through the side alley. The location is shown to you on the map below, to the left, and in the form of a glowing ball in the game world. In the following cutscene Aveline loses her mother from her eyes. Suddenly she plays a grown-Aveline who must fight in a backyard against attackers. Learn the combat mechanics, based on this simple opponent. After her disturbing dream Aveline wakes up.

Sequence 1 - A Tribute 2: New Orleans at Night

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

Now you are allowed to get started on the adult Aveline. You find yourself as the mission name suggests, in New Orleans. In the darkness of your jump: first from the rooftop in the haystack on the ground. Then go to the dovecote to your left and read the letter of the informant. Then put yourself to the belvedere at the top of the bell tower. Enjoy the view! The Adventures of Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD now lies before you.

Sequence 1 - Remembrance 3: A slave girl in need

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

Achieved the dressing room and puts on the slave outfit. All advantages and disadvantages can be found in our overview. Go to the city gates. To hide in the hay wagon you have little time. Sprints to the accelerative car and jumps up. The driver will take you to the plantation. Once there, find their crates to your right. Take one and run so unseen past the guards on the property. In the back right part of the plantation you will find the slaves which ye shall ask her. You learn that some slaves have disappeared without trace. Give you an overview of the villa. Take the first box again. So you will continue unmolested on the plantation. On the left side houses only a guard patrolling. Wait until it has turned around and climbs onto the roof. Synchronize the view point. Now it is time to investigate the barn. Gather again on a box. Once in the barn you will find Thérèse. Defend her in the next section before the slaveholders.

Sequence 1 - Reminder 4: The hideout

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

Aveline tells her mother of the slave. Put yourself after the cutscene to the tailor and buys clothes for travel Thérèse. Return to the House, thus ending the memory.

Sequence 1 - A Tribute 5: follow up to the business

Full Synchronization: Nobody's done

Pursued Gérald on his way to Maxent. Hide behind corners of houses and barrels to not fly up. Even banks and passers groups line the road and offer you coverage. After the cutscene you have you embark on the ship. Bribe at first the guards on the bridge. For this, you need 150 Écu. On the ship you encounter Domiguez. With the arms of a woman, it is easy for Aveline to bewitch the captain and to facilitate him for his important letter.

Sequence 1 - Remembrance 6: paternal problems

Full Synchronization: Bewitched at least one guard

Search the dock for the stolen goods. But you learn first how you work with the eagle eye function. Turns with a pressure in the helpful overview mode and then examined the footprints on the ground. These delimit the field of customs and eventually lead you to the goods. This glow with golden eagle eye striking. On the way through the harbor you'll encounter numerous guards. A blocking your way to the first goods. Beguiled him and meets the optional mission. Once you have found three goods and refunded Maxent report, the memory is successfully completed.

Sequence 1 - A Tribute 7: The key to the problem

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

First buy the locker for 500 Écu. Shift to the slave. Trace the butler at the destination. With a crate that you can find on the market, you come unseen past the guards. Notice, however, that the butler draws suspicion despite the crate. Uses the environment to your advantage and keep the visual contact with the target. Then steal the key from the target. Wait until the target missile? You back.

Sequence 1 - Remembrance 8: The welfare of the colony

Full synchronization: 1) Villa as Dame or slave enter 2) Governor with musket do

First use the dressing on the court, to switch on the slave. Infiltrate the villa over the houses on the right side. From there, you come to the tree and over the fence. Just go then through the door. Inside de Villa you come across several guards. In your covering her but do not fall and reaches the room without major problems. There you will meet the Governor and have to turn it off. First, you can be the target back with some guards. Disarm one of the guards to get a musket in his fingers. This weapon needs her for the full synchronization. If the governor rushes into the room, he waits until you attack. With a counterattack that he can defeat the fastest. Then start a cutscene. To the remaining enemies you do not have to worry you. Then it is to escape from the site. Run along the balcony and jump over the trees to escape.

Put yourself then to the city gates and flees into the bayou. Guard blocking your way. Learn how Aveline uses the serial assassination. Marks the opponents who want to switch off her and starts the combo. So you switched also larger groups of enemies quickly.

Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 2

In sequence 2 you get to face Bayou for the first time. In the swamp area, both smugglers and bandits hide from the eyes of city dwellers. Here you get also a new weapon for your inventory.

Sequence 2 - Reminder 1: Under the leadership of Loa

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

In the Bayou, it is important to follow the clues to find Agathé. The instructions consist of wooden masks that are on trees. With the help of eagle eye you can find the golden glowing masks faster. Examined them and reveal to you another target area. The last mask is further up on a tree, reach the fallen wood and find Agathe bearing behind it. So that you have successfully completed the first sequence.

Sequence 2 - Remembrance 2: The wrong Macandal

Full synchronization: 1) Exit the workout in less than two minutes

Speak with Agathé. From him you get the blowpipe. Training consists in less than two minutes to achieve full synchronization. Equip the new weapon. Shoot first on one of the goals in front of you. Climb up the tree and fires at the doll on the balcony. Then jumps into the haystack and shoots again on one of the three dummies.

Sequence 2 - Reminder 3: meet The Smuggler

Off enemies with the blowpipe: Full synchronization

Put yourself to the hideout of the smugglers in the bayou. These are threatened by bandits. Turns

First three of the robbers from undetected. The first you see in front of you. After a short sprint done in her from behind with the hidden blades. Then put yourself on the tower on your left and on there also a guard from. Then jump to the haystack near the third objective. This bandit turned her out of your hiding place with the blowpipe from. So fulfill the requirement for full synchronization. Have you also done him, the contest breaks out between smugglers and bandits go. Help the smugglers in open battle. Have you not yet completed the optional objective, you can make up for it here and use the blowpipe in combat.

Sequence 2 - Reminder 4: A faithful assistant

Full Synchronization: Kill all enemies in the target area within three minutes

Follow Élise by canoe through the bayou. It leads you into the journey on land and show yourselves to the hideout of the opponents. From the jungle to an alligator sneaks up on you. Kill the monsters of the bayou with a quick-time event. From now on you are the alligator eggs as collectibles available. Then put yourself in the camp and carry out all enemies within three minutes. Do you still have arrows left, thinned out the group of enemies with aimed shots? After the battle, you will find the letter in the shipwreck.

Sequence 2 - Memories 5: The second camp

Full Synchronization: not bring anyone except the agents, the route

You put yourself with Élise to the second bearing. Spar the innocent to achieve full synchronization. Trace the assistant by the way you take over the trees. So you remain undetected. However, pay attention to the guard on the tree platform. Bypasses him by you move over the branches on the side. Then run up to the end of the branches. The assistant should be located among you now. With an air attack makes her short work of your target and completed the mission successfully.
Sequence 2 - Remembrance 6: Midsummer's Eve

Full Synchronization: Performs a double attack from

First buy the dressing in the Bayou and change to the slave. So you fall under the retinue of Mackals

Put yourself afterwards to Élise and ride through the swamp. The infiltration of the ritual site you can see no one. Ignores the group of enemies on the left and put yourself using the tree stump in front of you in the treetops. Pay attention again to guards and switches the two plateaus in a row using the blades. On the second plateau you see two guards on the ground. These are perfect to fulfill the optional objective. Performs a double attack but only from when the third guard on the right side turns you back. After the successful jump to the police station her sprints to the hay bales and hidden you. Whistles the last guard to you and turns it off. The way the ritual is now free.

After the cutscene you stand before the fight against the wrong Mackal and his helpers. Wait and see, first, to poison the enemy wears off and ye can move freely. The bodyguard of Mackals is one of the major opponents. These are equipped with a large

Ax armed and are susceptible to Disarm. If you see a yellow icon above the enemy, the attack can not block. However, you can avoid the same button the beat. The red icon tells you when an attack is unblockable. Then press to Disarm. Do you have the enemy beat off the weapon, he is vulnerable. Beat for several times and finished him with a chain of attacks. Do you have the hand bearing done, you picks the wrong Mackal to themselves. It is susceptible only for throws. Countered his attack and throw him to the ground. Also it can then attack with a chain done quickly.

After the fight, a mysterious stranger who has access to your animus revealed. Search for civil E in the vicinity. The aim of golden lights when using the eagle eye. Completed and returns to citizen e Agathé back to successfully complete the second sequence.

Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 3

The third sequence holds ready a new weapon for you. Aveline continues to address the missing slaves and is the background slowly on the track.

Sequence 3 - Reminder 1: In the Pub

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

When ask the captain for the whereabouts of Dominguez. He tells you that the failed man is more common to find in the local tavern. Put yourself to the target area and scan the area with the eagle eye. Dominguez sit left of the tavern. He returns to the cutscene to the villa.

Sequence 3 - Reminder 2: Prelude to Rebellion

Full Synchronization: Beat at least one guard with your fists down

Leave the house after the cutscene. Examines the riot and then turns off the guards. Kill the attackers with his fists to achieve full synchronization. Put yourself then to Gerald's office. He has established a new headquarters for you. In addition to the weapons racks and the dressing room, you elected on your desk ships. You buy goods in a port and sells them to a place that needs this product. So you quickly give a well-filled purse. In addition, you get the umbrella. With it, you Fires arrows in the ladies lining and remains completely undetected.

Sequence 3 - Remembrance 3: Elegant and deadly

Full Synchronization: Use the parasol at least one guard

Follow the informant and interview the destination caller. Put yourself with the collected information to Bouches warehouse. Before the entrance of the camp there are two guards. These are fast and unrecognized sacrifice of your sun screen. Is the route free, Bouché interviewed inside. Then return to Gérald. He recommends you to purchase the business Bouches. Put yourself to the target and Acquire the store and go to headquarters. Moves to the assassin and take a boat into the bayou.

Sequence 3 - Reminder 4: Missing slaves

Full Synchronization: Fast achieve as an opponent, the control points

Speak first with the Houngan. From him you will receive the doll. This can fright opponent. It hurts all nearby foes. Put yourself to Élise. Together with her, you shall attack a convoy. Sprint quickly to the target area. Are the carts arrived, climb the trees and shoot at some guards with arrows berserk. So you decimated the group and then have an easy game. Return to Élise and completes the mission.

Sequence 3 - Memories 5: Storm the Fort

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

With Elise their infiltrated the fort the Spanish officer. Turn the guards in front of the festivals first

Go hide on the left side and use the bushes and the wall of the small hut to guards off silently. Then sprint to the guard on the wooden barriers and use your blade. The last guard should not be a problem as you have sufficient coverage options available. Step into the fort, the Spanish officer tries to flee from you. Take up the pursuit. Take care not to the guards on the way over the wall. Élise support you out with their musket from the ground. Drives the officer in a dead end and finished him in battle. Freed the slaves out of the cages in the courtyard.

Sequence 3 - Remembrance 6: In Vino Veritas

Full synchronization: 1) awareness not increase 2) coach suffers a maximum of 50 percent damage 3) All goals in a minute eliminate

Follow Gérald first to the place of turmoil. If inconspicuously as a slave in order not to increase your brand awareness. Instigate a rebellion. Interact with all parts four people. These are shown to you on the minimap. After the riot is started, it changes back to the Assassin and meet Gerald. Climb the roofs and turns of the guards unnoticed. Start on the left side houses. Sprint to the chimney near the first guard as they look in the other direction. Whistle approach him and turns it off. Do you have arrows, shoot the second guard on the opposite side. If you arrows are already assumed, then jump to the ledge and pull the guard into the abyss. Jump to the third watch, as soon as she turns her back to you. At the bottom are two more guards. Jump into the hay bales and whistles the guards approach individually. Save you your arrows. The second guard does not suspect when her colleague suddenly disappears in the hay.

Then you are free the way to the carts. Steals the car along with Gérald and flees. Listen when driving not on the instructions of Gérald, but pays attention to the obstacles in front of you. In his panic he gives you instructions wrong direction. Also ensures that the car takes up less than 50 percent damage. The flight takes a bumpy end of the wine cellar. Now you have the captured insurgents in the fire rescue. Defeat all enemies within one minute in order to achieve the full synchronization. Utilize counter to quickly pass through the pack.

Sequence 3 - Remembrance 7: Ulloas attract attention

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

Go to the docks. Avoid the guards by her changes to the slave and a crate by the boathouse

Alternatively, it instigates a rebellion in the area, which distracts the guards. Are you arrived on the bridge, take the canoe to the ship further out on the water. There you have to turn off all the guards without being seen. Climb on the edge of the ship along, and pulls the opponent into the water. Manipulates then the powder keg and defeat the remaining enemies in open combat. Leave the area and considers the message to Governor Ulloa from the boat dock.

Sequence 3 memory 8: No more Governor

Lay ambush in four minutes: Full synchronization

Speak with Agathé on the Graveyard in New Orleans. For him, you have an ambush for Governor Ulloa place. First Turn out the guards on the ground and then manipulates the water tower. Opponents on the ground can be eliminated quickly and unseen thanks to the many corners of houses. Bring thereafter as the powder keg in position. Thus, the trap closes, manipulated her more water towers and directs the convoy as a dead end. Shoot the gun at the barrel when the opponents are caught in the square. Have not changed prior to the mission of the Assassin, you climb quickly to the place of you. There is a locker room. Swaps fast your garments and put yourself back to the ambush. Will return after the cutscene again Agathé back.

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Walkthrough: Sequence 4

Sequence 4 gasps you on the slave island. At first glance, the tropical island is like a paradise for its inhabitants. Slowly but surely, Aveline comes to the machinations of de Ferrer on the track.

Sequence 4 - Reminder 1: Gene South

Full Synchronization: Do not Swim

Aveline, going to the south to track down the missing slaves. Begebt to the camp after the cutscene. Notice here that her initial carries no weapons with you. Take a box as in the previous mission, to get past the guards to the camp. Grab a broom there with the group of slaves to submerge. Once set in motion, target individuals, their sprints afterwards and shaded them. At the end of the persecution you take again a box and come so unseen to the ship.

Sequence 4 - Reminder 2: A New Life

Full Synchronization: Always 100 percent

Meddle on the slave island among the people. Obtain such useful information that will help you in your further work.

Sequence 4 - Remembrance 3: Collect equipment

Full synchronization: avoid open conflicts

Your goal is to Aveline to build a makeshift weapon. For this you first need materials. Hide yourselves in the tall grass and whistles approach guards. Turns them with your fists and plunders their belts. Then you need two knives. Steal this. By pocketing of the target persons Last but not least you need wood planks. These are located on the Mayan pyramid. This is part of the restricted area of the island. Climb up on the left of the wooden scaffold. There is only one guard. Have you collected the wood, you put yourself back on the same way and take a gunpowder barrel from the small hut that is monitored by the enemy. Set the barrel to the stables and sprints back behind the hut. From there she completed the guard unseen and takes her from the musket. Shoot so on the barrel and then used the forged under the guise of confusion.

Sequence 4 - Reminder 4: The Company Man

Full Synchronization: The slave must not lose more than 50 percent of life energy.

Shad de Ferrer. Use the cover of the houses and high vegetation, to get ahead. Where to a restricted area, climbing on the roof of the house on the right. Jump from the top of the hay bales. Sprints now nimbly between the tall vegetation back and forth and keep your target in your sights. After the cutscene, you protect the slave against the attackers. As a reward, you can expect the whip that can be used both as a weapon, as well as to overcome wider canyons. In the tutorial you will learn how to use the whip.

Sequence 4 - Memories 5: Trail of Truth

Full synchronization: 1) Avoid open conflicts 2) Requires less than five minutes

The freed slave recognizes the Medallion of Aveline. Then she embarks on the search for traces of her mother. First you need to escape from the area. Use the same coverage as on the way out. Turn out individual guards from hiding to open to you a way. Overall, you are allowed to need for the road no more than five minutes to achieve full synchronization. The necessary information can be found using the eagle vision. This will lead you to Jeanne's hut on the mountain on the island. There you will find another diary page from Aveline's mother. Again, is revealed to you citizens E in the simulation. This time he's hiding on the top of the Mayan temple. Beat him and closes the mission with it.

Sequence 4 - Remembrance 6: The Secret of the Cenote

Full synchronization: 1) require less than two minutes for the riddle 2) Take the fight no harm

Step into the cenote. Finding the way through the flooded caves and then follow the path. You arrived in the big cave, you initially expected a Mayan statue in the water. It is on the rocky plateau to solve a puzzle to get to the artifact. Promote the ball within two minutes into the hole in the center to complete an optional objective. Have you taken the valuable item, you will ambushed by de Ferrer and his henchmen. The fight against the enemy group is one of the more difficult encounters. Especially if you want to achieve the full synchronization. Kill the first three normal guards with quick counters. Disarmed then the ax-wielding giant and bring it to the track after that. After this it can also de Ferrer beat Counter-attacking. After the cutscene, you flee through the tunnel. Deviates from falling rocks or're hiding behind wooden barricades. After the following cutscene you have mastered successfully Sequence 4.

This Walkthrough will expand in the coming days.