DayZ: Survival Guide, Performance Optimization Tips (PC)

Table of Contents

1. Before Start - Performance Optimization
2. Getting Started - Control and Inventory
3. Types of players - survivors and bandits
4. The game world - Navigation and inventories
5. Survival - status effects, diseases, medicine
6. Behavior - Zombies and Players Contact

1. Before Start - Performance Optimization
Since the early alpha version of DayZ has to contend not only with playful, but also technical shortcomings, especially players with weaker hardware configurations are still affected by some strong performance forfeiting. While Dean Hall and his team of developers working on server stability and the network performance, the players, however, can make even small adjustments in the settings to tease out a few more frames from the game. That strong frame rate dips occur especially in large cities and occasionally drop the frames per second under the pain threshold, can be difficult to avoid even with high-end computers.

Of course, no player wants to give up a halfway good appearance and reduce all graphics settings to the absolute minimum. This is not necessary in many cases. Assuming you have a sufficiently powerful computer game, which can compensate for the basic requirements and, ideally, is able to compensate for the lack of optimization. How can you get out of the alpha version of DayZ a few more frames per second? Check out our optimization tips below:

1.1 Game
Field of View: The range of your visual field you should adjust the way it is comfortable for you and your feelings. The higher you set it, the more power is, however, claimed. If in doubt, you let the controller to the default value and ignore this setting.

1.2 Video
Vsync: off

1.3 Textures
Video Memory: Depending on your graphics card, you choose the highest possible value or "Auto".

Detail / Filtering: "High" - Both settings should ideally match. Requires little to no power.

1.4 Quality
Objects: Depending on your processor unit. The lower, the more frames. Low is the best compromise.

Terrain: "low" or "very low" - Claimed much power.

Clouds: Depending on the processor. So high set as possible, since it strongly affects the appearance at night.

Shadow: Shadow require the graphics card with the most. The lower, the more frames.

1.5 Rendering
Anti-aliasing: the lower, the more fluid. "Off" to "medium".
Alpha to Coverage "from" or "All Trees" / "All Trees + Grass" - may cause graphical errors

Edge smoothing: "off" - when anti-aliasing is not used, achieve "SMAA" the same effect, but uses less power
HDR quality: "very low"
Ambient Occlusion: "off"
Post Process Quality "from"
Bloom: "off"
Rotation Blur: "off"

1.6 Configuration file
Through small interventions in the config file you can achieve a further increase in performance. These small changes are easy to perform for everyone and can be easily undone. Either by Back Change of the affected values to their default value, or you lay before the procedure, a copy of the configuration file and replaces them if necessary. The location of this file is "My Documents / DayZ / Dayz.cfg". This you open with a conventional editor. The search for each line to her relieved you through the key command Ctrl + F. Changes in the following lines the value to "1" and save the change. Then you should reach some frames more ideally.

GPU_DetectedFramesAhead = 1
GPU_MaxFramesAhead = 1

Furthermore, there is a second configuration file in the "Other Profiles". There you can also make small changes that are not possible via the game menu. So you can there the shadow distance and reduce the quality of the property. These determine the quality of shadows and objects in the distance shown. Since this anyway not required to be optimal in the distance, it makes sense to reduce the values to instead achieve a performance boost. In both, the lower the value, the higher the FPS. From a players value in the range 30000-40000 is often recommended for the sceneComplexity.

shadowZDistance = 250 (reduce at will)
sceneComplexity = 500000 (reduce at will)

1.7. Start parameter (Steam)
Also with the help of Steam to compare the performances of the game increases. But be registered some commands in the launch options of the game. Click for right-click on the game in your Steam library, go to the options and click on the first tab "Start options". There you can enter a series of commands that you separate each with a space and then confirmed. At the latest with the next restart of Steam these should be active. The following parameters carries her without quotes in the command line:

"CPUCount = 4." - For the number of your processor cores In general, 2, 4, 6 or 8
"Maxmem = 2047" - Allows the game to use more memory. 2 GB of RAM are the maximum.
"NoBenchmark" - Disables the auto-created benchmark, which is created by the game.
"NoLogs" - Disables the autmatisch created logs that are created by the game.
"NoSplash" - Disables the intro when the game starts, so you end up in the main menu quickly

2. Getting Started - Control and Inventory

It is important first of all that you've mastered the control of your character. This like everything else act as intuitive and even overloaded at first, because almost all keys are assigned. But it is important that you start to learn the basics right in order to move you smoothly through Chernarus can. The basic commands that you should have her on it necessarily, we have listed below.

Bending down - X
Getting up - C
Jump - V
Quick run - 2x W
Walk / Crawl - Shift (2x for snapping)
Right / left leaning - I / Q
Looking focus - Right mouse button
Waffe anlegen / senken - Learn to Taste
Interact - F / mouse wheel
Open / Close Inventory - Tab
Free look - Alt (2x for snapping)
3rd-Person-Perspektive - Enter (code blocks)
Gestures / hand signal - F-keys

Item Slots - The inventory menu you call on using the tab key. There, you see your character including his clothes and the associated capacity for items you can carry her. Different clothes have different levels of capacity. Do you find about a pair of pants or jacket with side pockets, you can carry in items. Most importantly, a backpack that you have to first find, for example in residential buildings or supermarkets. The amount of space consumed by a subject, will depend on the nature of the article. While drums, cans or fruit each consume a slot, tools and weapons require significantly more.

Combination / interaction of objects - Various items can be combined in many ways. So you can stick together by means of adhesive tape magazine to reload faster or perform various actions, such as disinfection or cleaning of food. Whether a combination / action is feasible, is indicated by a colored indicator. Green means that you can combine objects, red, however, signaled a non-feasible action. Blue indicates that a previously used item will be replaced. Right-click on the objects further actions can be run and inspections are carried out.

Quickbar / Item-use
All objects can move her into the quick bar, to use it immediately by pressing one of the digits. In particular, your weapons should keep their easy reach. Do you want to use items such as bandages or medication, this shall not be kept in a backpack, but are first placed in your hands or pockets of your clothing. Do you want another players bandage, such as a bleed through bandages, the bandage must be located in your hands. For this you open the inventory menu and pushes the object by drag & drop to the area under your character that represents your hands. Do you want to receive items from your environment, you can view this either directly and transported via clicking the mouse wheel in your inventory or you open your inventory and look on the left side all items that are in your environment.

3. Types of players - survivors and bandits

We distinguish basically two types of DayZ players: the neutral to good survivors and vicious bandits. While the types of players at times the modifications visually could be clearly distinguished even by their dress, this is the standalone version - at least at the current time - no longer possible. Your play style is, of course, also affect your chances of survival. Whether you draw now than helpful Samaritan, lonely tramp or conniving bandit by Chernarus - each of these different behaviors has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Survivors are initially adjusted to neutral with a tendency to avoid other players either, or join them in rare cases or to provide assistance. Although individual survivors tend to remain undetected and do not have to share with other players the rare distributed loot, but they are instructed in critical situations to help, such as when wounded by a zombie attack and must perforce go to other players. At the beginning of the game it is worthwhile to explore Chernarus on your own and to familiarize yourself with the game world. Since lone survivor dangerous situations want to go way out of the way and ensure their survival in the first place, they stay away from big cities and small rations can survive for long periods.

Bandits on the other hand it may dangerous and usually shoot on sight. While this means that they often die a quick death because they provoke other players and their own demise, on the other hand, the stock acquisition is by force of arms in many cases much easier and especially the faster way. Many players choose to ensure their survival by brute force of arms, which is why all the players you meet in DayZ first skepticism should be placed on. The chances of survival of an individual bandits are therefore often very low, because they often die in fire fights or disputes and their injuries can not always handle yourself.

Bambis are called freshly spawned players who have no equipment. With friendly to players Bambis are often subject to special protection because they can not defend themselves even pose a danger from them. Therefore, it is largely frowned upon among players to hunt Bambi, as many do bandits like. Similar to so-called spawn killers in other online games.

4. The game world - Navigation and inventories

At game start you land again and again to a randomly generated spawn along the coast in the southern part of Chernarus. This means that not only will find many other players who are just spawned fresh - also called "Bambi" - but also numerous bandits who look for fresh meat out. So you should immediately disappear from the coast and beat you to the north. Here you oriented yourself to towns and villages as well as the adjacent streets.

Get off the road and open fields - Moves ye through the game world, you should not walk too long on the open road, or carelessly run over open fields. So then you are an easy and defenseless target for every bandits and sharpshooters. Stay tuned for orientation near a road to follow her, but runs a good bit away from the asphalt to remain camouflaged in the protection of large-seeded trees. Instead straight to gallop across a field, stay at the forest edge or watch out for tree group out through which you can watch trains.

Be careful with the hot spots - Taking a look at the map of Chernarus, drop a handful of places right in the eye. On the one hand were the two major cities in the game, electric and Cherno as well as the major airport in the northwest. In addition, there are other cities, smaller airfields and army bases, which are teeming with players because of the high probability of loot. Cities are a logical target for survivors and therefore also for bandits and zombies, of course, due to the hospitals, shopping malls and numerous residential buildings.

Directions / navigation

  • The clouds always move from west to east. Spawn you on the south coast (between Kamenka and electrical / Kamyshovo), you move with your back to the sea to the north. Starts her other hand on the east coast between Cap and Krutoy Berenzino you move with your back to the sea to the west.
  • High-voltage lines connect all major cities in Chernarus. Have you lost you, follows the lines and their lands guaranteed in a big city.
  • Railroads also connect the large cities. The railway line from the coast is seen behind the cities, you find yourself on the south coast. The route runs between the city and the coast, you find yourself on the other hand in the East.
  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Are you in possession of a clock, look at the time. Is it early in the morning, the sun is more in the East. However, later in the evening in the west. In the afternoon you will need a different way of navigating.
  • Imagine the shade of a tree or other object and look at your clock. The small hand must be parallel to the edge of the shadow. Imagine now a line in front, leading clock of 12 upwards. These forms together with the small pointer now an angle. Halves these and draws an imaginary line through the angle. The line within the angle facing south. The line in the opposite direction leads to the north.
  • The street signs are indeed difficult to decipher because of their Cyrillic spelling, but can be easily memorized. Prominent cities name as the electric or Cherno are easy to recognize and thus also serve the signs as a guide.

However, find stocks currently designed significantly more difficult than in the standalone version of DayZ in the Mod This varies from server to server. The loot is in each server restart generated (every few hours) and then collected by the players. Therefore, is on the coast often nothing to take, you should not go directly to the server restart in search you. Inventories can be found then that is primarily domestic. With a little luck, players have overlooked some of the houses in the cities, but the search can be designed very cumbersome. Keep especially after fillable water bottles and water pumps out, which are found mainly in small villages, such as gardens. Prevents from ponds or lakes to drink, because you can capture you in this way diseases.

Find weapons should not be your primary goal, sooner or later, but a must. Have you firstonce sufficient food, find their firearms most often at airports, military bases, high seats of the forest, and of course farms and rarely in normal houses. There are often only blunt weapons such as axes, baseball bats, and to find like. In the hotspots, ie airports, high seats and military bases is the probability of finding a weapon, the less is the more time elapsed after server startup. In addition, there is to be expected with a high player traffic and in particular bandits. So be careful!

A map is one of the most essential items in your inventory, but are those most difficult to find. You will find, among other things in supermarkets. Alternatively you can find on the net numerous maps of Chernarus, which are constantly updated and also provide information about risk areas, zombie and player traffic and loot probabilities and other information. One of the most popular interactive maps of Chernarus in the network is based on Conveniently, there are also corresponding apps in both iOS store as well as the Play Store for Android smartphones that you facilitate wayfinding.

5. Survival - status effects, diseases, medicine

Status effects and mood
Hunger / Thirst - The first thing you need to find is food. Already at the beginning requires your character very quickly after something to drink. Because the status system currently can still be erratic, it is possible that he demands more than is really necessary for survival. Check the condition of your character you see in the inventory menu by means of the color displays. If nothing is displayed, it is your character good. If hunger or thirst shown in yellow, while everything is ok, but you should quickly make you on the search for food. At the latest when the ads appear orange, you should take something to you. If the displays are red, your character loses power, so dies slowly and threatens to faint.

Exhaustion - exhaustion occurs when you run steadily through the area to take a break without your character here. Your dehydrated much faster and runs the risk of developing faster and you contracting infection. So you should take regular breaks when your character starts to breathe heavily. Pressing the F3 button you can sit down.

Diseases - Periodically should take their vitamins to you so that your character stays healthy. Thus, the probability to bring you an infection or disease decreases by a multiple. Also on your body temperature, you should pay attention to you incurring no cold. Are you starting to shake (not as strong as in pain), you should move you and then warm yourselves with firewood and matches at a fire place.

Basically, you should be prepared for all eventualities and take plenty of medicine. These mainly include bandages, vitamins, Painkillers and everything you need for a blood transfusion. Have you suffered an injury, you should treat this as soon as possible. The necessary drugs can be found mainly in hospitals and in some cases also in supermarkets. A list of tools and medicines found below.

Bone fractures are caused by falls or shots / strokes on your legs. After her bags on the floor and you can henceforth only crawl move. The solution is a support that their tinkering out of branches and bandages or shirt scraps. So you can indeed walk again, healed but your leg is not. Only with the help of morphine you can offer your leg fully heal and be fully operational again.

Food poisoning her draws you to to bad food. Have you poisoned you, your character must pass. Then you should take to you and regularly take charcoal tablets as well as antibiotics to you any food. Sooner or later you are healthy again.

Shock / pain - Were you shot her, you stand for a few minutes, depending on the severity of the injury, in shock. Rarely this happens by striking a zombie. Instant healing is only possible with a Epi-Pen, otherwise you have to expose this state. Schemerzen go attendant often and express themselves by strong tremors and occasional groans, which makes especially the goals. Visible these symptoms are only in the first-person perspective. With Pain Killers you will release the pain.

Unconsciousness - If your character is unconscious, the screen turns black and is accompanied with a corresponding screen. In this state you can neither see nor hear, nor you move or perform actions. How long the unconsciousness is different, maybe you do not wake up however. Fainting ye may, if your blood falls below the value of 3000. 5000 is the maximum of a healthy player.

Bleeding / transfusions - Have you suffered an injury do you need bandages or a shirt that her tears by right-clicking in your inventory you to connect to shreds. To do this you have to take it off first. Your blood is very slow course restored after treatment of your injury. Relax you can you effectively only by transfusions. For this you absolutely need another player as assistants or blood donors. IV for a starter kit and a blood-bag or a bag-Blood Kit is required. Furthermore, a Blood-testing kit is recommended to determine the blood group compatible blood groups of the players and not to take any unnecessary risks

Blood groups

O can be donated to O, A, B or AB
A can donate to A or AB
B can donate to B or AB
AB can only be donated to AB
(-) Can be connected to - be donated or (+) ()
(+) Can only be donated to (+)


First Aid Kit - storage of medical products. Requires four slots, but stores six objects.
Blood Bag Kit - For blood transfusions, needs a blood donor
Blood Bag - Contains blood, needed an IV starter kit and a second player as assistants
IV Starter Kit - Needed for blood transfusions
Syringe - used to extract blood for blood testing and inject antibiotics.
Defibrillator - Revives an unconscious player again.
Ampoule - Contains medicine to cure disease, is used with a syringe
Saline Bag - Sets a player's blood supply completely restored. Requires wizard.
Blood Testing Kit - For testing of blood groups.
Disinfecting spray - To disinfect items.
Bandage - Stops bleeding.
Rags - Not Equipped shirts can werrden torn in order to stop bleeding.
Greave - To cure broken legs. If made of wood branches and Bandaten / shreds.


Antibiotics - Heals infections.
Charcoal Tablets - Heals food poisoning.
Pain Killers - Heals pain / tremors
Vitamins - Ensures healthy blood count, lowers risk of disease.
Morphine Auto-Injector - Heals broken bones.
Epinephrine - activated unconscious player again.
Water purification tablets - Cleans dirty water.
Alcohol - Disinfects wounds / Items, consumption is not recommended.

6. Behavior - Zombies and Players Contact

What is in DayZ boils down to is the behavior of people in crisis situations, such as the simulated here Zombie Apocalypse. The appeal of the game is nourished less by the struggle against the undead as much more of the confrontations between the players. The fact that the majority of the player base maintains a rough and rarely benevolent dealing with other survivors, is not a big surprise. A fundamental skepticism and caution over other players is not only appropriate in DayZ, but a basic requirement in the struggle for survival. Here are a few important tips in dealing with other players.

Remain undetected is the be all and when you meet another player who has not yet been discovered by you. In general you should always use the environment, instead of running around on open roads and fields. Seek the protection of trees, buildings or other objects. Zombies also should you go out of the way and insidiously creeping or move you in a high incidence of undead, not to draw attention to you. Do you have a following behind you, you also notice other players much faster.

Voice chat / text chat use - By holding down her Caps-Lock, you can activate the voice chat. Pressing "-" you open the line of text to communicate via keystrokes with other players. On standard servers Direct Chat is only available. This means that you can only communicate with players in the immediate vicinity. The radius of the transfers is around 30 meters.

Communicate your intentions - Did you another player discovered, but opened not the fire, you should tell him your intentions, if the situation requires and permits. Are you disposed to him friendly, the service of your counterpart should do this by internationally understandable code word "friendly" optionally notify via voice or text chat. Whether you then or rather just take flight, or about bluffing to suggest it supposed superiority that makes him take flight under certain circumstances, is in your own discretion, and is of course dependent on the situation.

Hand signals and signs - The new gestures and hand signals you can you also give recognizable as friendly or hostile. With the F1 key you can greet them with F2 you raise your hands to give you and another button can be assigned in the menu to show the other players the middle finger. In addition, you should be armed, it may affect aggressive to other players, should have lifted her your weapon. By pressing the spacebar you can reduce this and create.

Group contact can go one way or the other way. Whether it is a group of survivors or bandit, is just not immediately recognizable as individuals. If possible, you should let them go because of their numerical superiority and watch first. Do you take the group for neutral or friendly, can dare her contact. Because they have to be feared because of their superiority little of you, especially if you are unarmed, they will hand you might not immediately attack and kill.

Raids survive - Sooner or later it will happen that a player or group of players caught trying to take you, what they also succeed under certain circumstances. The greatest chance of survival you have, if you cooperate. Pressing the F2 key to give you. They are expected to search your bags and empty, you remove blood and - if you're dealing with bandits - perhaps even torture by trying to give you rotten fruit or other things. When you create handcuffs, you can try this to open, but what is apparent to your adversaries. In an unguarded moment, you can try to flee and try your luck. You to mess with other players, such as through a firefight, rarely goes from good, especially when you're outnumbered. Whether you try it, you should definitely think twice depending on the situation.

Seek help is inevitable in many cases and a necessary risk. Have you broken legs, bleeding heavily or is liable to perish of hunger or thirst, you have to willy-nilly approach other players to ask them for help and thereby hope they do not kill you. Before you approaching someone who should portray her your concerns and offer them in advance items, if you have any. This reduces the likelihood that they will just kill you and steal your items.

Search teammates - alone is life generally more difficult than in a group. Rarely it happens that foreign players to engage in a spontaneous community of purpose. Maybe play some of your friends DayZ. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to find players in our community. Visit to the appropriate thread in the forum.