Guitar Hero: learn to play the famous music game on PC

Guitar Hero is a popular music video games series that was born in the PlayStation 2 and made famous on consoles and also on PCs. Few versions were released for PC, but you can enjoy your fun with competitive games and also with some similar programs made by fans. Some cases require the control of the original guitar format, but in others it is possible to play on the keyboard. Check out these tips:

Only three games in the series were released for Windows and Mac: Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. They were sold in boxes with guitar with USB and are fully compatible with modern PCs. However, finding them to buy nowadays is a bit difficult, since the brand was discontinued by Activision and its sales stopped at various places in the world.

However, if you find the games you can install on your PC and enjoy the virtual chords of one of "Guitar Hero". Remember that the games are also compatible with controls on guitars that have USB plug format. Additionally, Guitar Hero 3 and Aerosmith can still be played with a joystick for Xbox 360.

The guitars of the PlayStation 3 and 2 may also be used, but need a special adapter, which can complicate the player's life. In the case of the Xbox 360 controller is the thing easier, since Windows recognizes your drivers almost automatically.

Frets on Fire
Frets on Fire is the most popular alternative to the official Guitar Hero. It was born as a program created by fans and comes with all the basic features of the gameplay of the series - pressing buttons at the right time to ask for the songs. Its main advantage is the possibility to use the music provided by fans on the official application.

Play Frets on Fire is a simple task: just install the program and select the desired song. There is no story, characters or graphics in 3D, only the songs and notes that pass through the screen and the player must follow. The most interesting is that the game accepts the official controls, but can also be played on the keyboard. Just hold your keyboard like a guitar and the notes are positioned in F1, F2, F3, F4 and F5. However, all control options are fully configurable.

Even today Frets on Fire follows popular and there is a large community around an application, which makes new songs are released and available for free to players - one advantage over the Guitar Hero series, which no longer exists.

Performous is still a bass, drums and vocals much like Frets on Fire, but with the advantage of having other game modes, program behaving. For this, we need to use the player controls the official Rock Band, in this case, but you can also configure some functions on the standard keyboard.

Its disadvantage compared to Frets on Fire is that it is not as popular, which makes new music and support functions have been canceled some time ago. However, today you can enjoy some of its functions and songs available.

Other similar games
The PC was not a very favorable platform in terms of modern music games, but there are those who stand out as games of Guitar Freaks series, a bit older, those are no longer supported and today are considered true collectors items. However, it is worth mentioning the game Rocksmith from Ubisoft, which was born as a competitor to Guitar Hero and did well with its own personality.

The difference is that Rocksmith uses a real guitar, not a control instrument format. There are two commercialized and available for computers, but besides the guitar, the player also needs to buy a special cable and adapter. Rocksmith works more like a "virtual teacher" rather than a real game, but goes deep in lessons and can teach initial steps in the instrument and also advanced tricks.


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