Halo Spartan Assault: Strategy Guide for Xbox One

Halo: Spartan Assault is the newest entry in the Halo video game series from Microsoft. Originally released for devices running Windows 8, PCs and Phones, and the game has just hit the Xbox One with high definition graphics and welcome use of the control instead of smartphones touch screen. Check out some tips to do well in the game:

Play the tutorial
Although taking the name Halo, Spartan Assault is quite different from other games in the series. With a superior camera, the game makes use of two analog to control the character and direction of the shots.

Before you start your adventure, be sure to go through the option tutorial to learn the basics of the game. This will ensure optimum performance from the earliest stages.

Caprice in the crosshairs
One of the biggest differences in the game compared to traditional shooting games is the aiming system, which requires the player to manually adjust the direction of the shots.

Press the right analog stick until the shots are hitting the enemy satisfactorily. It's also a good idea not to keep the fire trigger down, as this will end your stock of ammunition.

Use physical attacks
Despite the greater emphasis on the various guns available, the body attacks appear as a great option for fast and economical performances.

Approach the opponent and press the RB to strike a blow with the gun. Not normally required more than one or two strokes to end opponents, even if they are resistant.

Mounted Weapons and Playable Vehicles
The colorful scenarios Spartan Assault hide much more than just enemies. In virtually all stages can be found mounted weapons and playable vehicles, which can be used to defeat large amounts of enemies.

To use the special items, approach them and press the button X. For vehicles, commands tend to be basically the same, with shooting set to RT.

Look charging stations
Ran out of bullets into the action and does not know how to proceed? A good alternative is to look for one of the charging stations scattered around the map.

Just approach the boxes to retrieve all the ammunition of the main weapons of the character. The process can be repeated as often as necessary, so enjoy.

Enjoy the weapons of the enemy
All downed enemies leave dropped weapons on the floor of the stage. Be sure to take advantage of the abundant power of abandoned ammunition and equipment.

Choose which weapon you want to swap with the Y button, move closer to the fallen gun and press the X button to use it.

Spend credits with weapons and abilities
Credits earned at the end stages of Spartan Assault can be used to purchase new weapons and equipment for your soldier, ensuring more firepower and endurance for fighting,

In the options screen before each stage, select a new weapon and confirm your purchase by pressing A. The new device will default to the other phases, but can be overridden at any time.

Use skills whenever possible

Character's skills are an important part of the mechanics of Spartan Assault, but many times end up forgotten by the players during the action.

Be sure to activate the skills whenever possible, pressing the LB. These powers may be further substituted on the options screen before missions, adding new dynamic to combat.