Hearthstone Guide to Use Character Classes to Earn Cards

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free game for Windows and Mac from Blizzard which is free and provides a completely system based on charts. In the control of theme decks, players must choose a class before battles and duel against your opponents using creatures, spells, and other abilities. Learn to master each class and will give some tips to earn cards.


The magician is the initial class of the game. You begin your adventure in Hearthstone with a character that controls magic and uses it in his favor on the battlefield. The special skill, one that is beside the image of the hero (in this case heroin) consists in giving damage on the opponent or their lackeys to the cost of two mana. There is a very useful power because of its high cost and poor results.

Instead of ensuring the ability, prefer to build a deck that controls the enemy and their lackeys. Decks with freezing spells will make the opponent lose his head. Moreover, there are still cards that grant damage in broad areas such as Arcane Explosion or Pyroblast applying whopping 10 damages to an enemy minion. In this game class is represented by Jaina Proudmoore, a human powerful kingdom of Kul Tiras.


The hunter class, represented by the middle ogre Rexxar, uses a skill that resembles that of the Magi, the straight shot, but has a better money. For two mana can cause two points of damage to enemy hero. The only downside is not being able to use this attack minion, which is not exactly bad, since the hero will always be our main target during matches.

Whoever plays the hunter will have to follow the path of the beasts, invoking the greatest amount of minions on the field in the shortest time to try to damage the enemy hero and beat him in a matter of minutes. 

However, you can also use cards that give weapons to the character itself, which directly attacks the enemy - is one of the few classes that allow such a thing. One of the strengths of the hunters is the possibility of using trap cards, which come into play in secret and are activated when the target least expects it, always have at least five in your deck.


The warrior can be considered one of the most unbalanced classes Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft , although not one bit invincible. In control of Garrosh Hellscream, former leader of the horde in the game world, you can create combos full of damage and increase the defense on many levels, using the special ability which allows the character to grant two extra armor to the cost of two weeks.

A deck of warrior must always contain "gigantic", those creatures that cost much mana and cause damage greatly. Of course we must enable these monsters, even entering other minions that help you to buy cards with their skills, as Ira and Rap Battle, and also others that give you an even greater defense as no mana to download the heavyweights as Defense of Argus and Gross Frostwolf.


The shaman is one of the techniques and different classes of Hearthstone, all on account of having to deal with luck. His special ability allows invoking random totems, staying on the field of lackeys format with various powers. The player can not choose which will invoke totem, but all that come up are useful. What counts is hope it is most useful for every situation.

Most totems have relied attack equal to zero and therefore are not intended to cause harm, but some will come with the ability to lead and can prevent your hero suffers from enemy attacks, increasing the possibility of defense. A good cover letter to match the totems, however, is the Bloodlust granting three to attack all his lackeys. Totem Language of Fire and Dust Devil Axe Stormforged are other good cards to have in your deck. In the game, the shaman is represented by the orc Thrall.


Druids offer a good range of options to players Hearthstone. His main special ability is the ability to change shape to a furious animal, and thus gain a attack and defense added to the hero - the night elf Malfurion. This kind of ability is worth it when his minions are unable to attack and left you a few options of what to do.

Another special power that the druid has to Hearthstone is the ability to choose between two a skill in a letter. Good choices will not miss:

- Anciente Tradition (choose one: buy two cards 8 or restore life).

- Cenarius (choose one: grant +2 / +2 to all minions or summon two monsters 2/2 with cause).

- Druid of the Claw (choose one: loading or +3 energy and cause).

- Nurture (choose one: win two mana crystals or buy three cards).

These are key cards in the deck class.


The priest class is focused on healing, but it also has attack power. His main skill, of course, is to heal the damage suffered by the hero, costing two mana and granting two additional life. Good starting letters to the deck are Light Source, Holy Nova and Greater Heal, which are also focused on cure, but can also create good combos with attacks.

The letter of Shadow Form, however, is one of the trump cards hidden in the deck of the priest. With it you can change the hero's special ability for a reversal: instead of healing them, she will spend two to inflict damage to the opponent. By a special chance has already turned into an attack, it starts to cause three damage. The ideal is to have more of these on the deck. Priests in the game are represented by Anduin Wrynn human, Prince of Stormwind.


Rogues are the masters of theft and stealth and this is no different in Hearthstone. The bloody elf Valeera Sanguinar is this class that has the main skills-based attack quickly and accurately without trace or possibility of defenses by the opponents.

The special ability allows the rogue to equip a weapon, a dagger, with an injury defense two. Deadly Poison is the ideal "combo" card with this ability, because it adds two points of damage to an already equipped weapon and it costs only one mana. Two of those in your hand can make a nice damage against the opponent. Other cards killers for subtle and quick combos are Gust Blades, Eviscerate, Jigsaw skull and Preparations.


The champion is represented by the human Uther within Hearthstone. This class is a mix of warrior with priest with healing powers, but with the ability to command armies against their enemies with a unique leadership. His special ability, for example, allows invoking a lackey Soldier 1/1 type immediately on the battlefield.

The ability of the paladin can be combined with the letter Blessing of Kings granting +4 / +4 a minion, ideal to raise a strong army and soon the battle. Have at least two of this in your deck! Other cards are essential Blessing of Wisdom, Noble Sacrifice and Hammer of Wrath, which accelerates the purchasing cards.


The warlock is extremely difficult to be dominated class, because of their constant movement of life and damage. His skill involves paying two energy to buy a card that may also enable a more devastating effect when your hero in exchange for some benefit. A deck wizard should contain a number of creatures of darkness, with great attack power, and additional cards that combine with these lackeys.

Succubuus, Arrow of Chaos, Terror of the Void and Shadow Bolt are some common and basic deck of cards that every wizard should contain. When using the card Lord Jaraxxus is possible to activate an even more devastating effect, since it completely replaces your hero by Jaraxxus, which gains a new power: summon a footman 6/6. In the game, the witches are represented by the orc Gul'dan.