JoJo signs with new label, Atlantic Records

After a long fighting, singer JoJo managed to get rid of her old contract and signed with a new label.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the pop star is now part of Team Atlantic Records. Recognized as the youngest singer to have a single in the Billboard Hot 100, JoJo’s sophomore album "The High Road" came out in 2006 but since then, she has been unable to release her third album, due to disagreements with her former label Blackground. During this period, she only released singles and mixtapes.

Last year, the singer and her parents filed a lawsuit to get rid of the contract signed in 2004, when she was twelve, and which provided for the release of seven albums. They used based on the law of the state of New York, which prohibits minors from getting locked into a contract for more than seven years, which means that her contract with Blackground label should have ended in 2011.

There is no confirmation on when her long-awaited third album will finally be released.