Metin 2: Useful tips on how to play the popular MMORPG

Metin 2 is an MMORPG that has a different political system, which separates its players in different realms and factions fighting for power among themselves. One of the highlights of this game is the presence of an Emperor with incredible powers who is elected among the players once a month.

Choose the Best Character Class:
The first important step for those learning to play Metin 2 is to choose your character class. They are divided into the following categories:

Warrior: Specializing in hand-to-hand, the Warriors are masters in the use of the sword, and tend to have the game's best physical attributes.

Ninja: Specialized in dagger and archery, ninjas are silent warriors who must rely on the element of surprise to face their enemies.

Shaman: Shamans are powerful witches who have very different capacities. Of major attack spells, so the ability to heal himself and his allies, the shaman is one of the most diverse classes in the game.

Shura: The Shura are a type of warriors who developed magical powers after deploying a demon seed in their bodies.

Choose your Kingdom:
After deciding on a class it is time to choose a Kingdom in the game, which is divided into three regional empires.

Shinsoo Empire: Located in the southern region of the continent, Shinsoo Empire is known for its strong trade and urbanization. Recent friction with Chunjo empire has depleted the region, thanks to the closing of the trade route between the two factions.

Chunjo Empire: In the northwest is the Chunjo Empire, which concentrates the major religious leaders of the world. Believing the risks caused by Metin, the region of the former empire broke up in rebellion to try to save his people.

Jinno Empire: In the East of the continent, is the Empire Jinno, where live the greatest fighters. The people of the region spend their days studying the martial arts, training the mind and body. The main goal is to reunite Jinnos of the ancient empire.

How to play
Once you have chosen a class and a Kingdom for your character, Metin 2 could not be simpler. As with almost all modern MMOs, the gameplay works just like the classics of the genre as World of Warcraft and Lineage 2, using a combination of mouse movement with the WASD on the keyboard.

These powers may be used as a quick bar, which can be clicked by the mouse on the screen, or used by numbering your keyboard. The gameplay as a whole also presents no particular novelty.

To be successful in Metin 2 you will discover the region, fight hundreds of monsters and completing all the quests you are given. The PVP, especially the great wars in special arenas are the best place to get prestige items.

There are a few different types of missions to be long in Metin 2. The main missions are received automatically, can interfere with the game and have great rewards. The side missions are usually given by NPCs in cities, and tend not to be as relevant and neither reward players with XP werent.

The missions hunting, appear once per level between levels one and ninety. A scroll will appear in your inventory with a decision about what kind of monster you want to kill every one of them has a fixed number of targets to be slaughtered.

Mission Biologist: Special and important type of missions you are assigned by Chaegirab biologist, the first city, or by Seon-Pyeong later. Rewards are ongoing improvements in their character traits (such as increasing the movement speed).

Repeatable Quest: These quests can be completed as many times as you want and the reward will usually improving each time the full.

A slightly different way to gain experience is with Quest Biologist, ie special missions that are given by a specific NPC in each city, as Chaegirab in the first town. The rewards are permanent improvements in the characteristics of his character (for example increase the speed of movements).

Finally, there are repeatable quests that can be completed as many times as you want. Its advantage is that the reward usually gets better every time you play it.