NBA 2k14: Learn How To Play Street Basketball and Create Epic Duels

NBA 2k14 has several game modes, among them are the experience of playing street basketball. The game recreates this atmosphere in Blacktop mode, enabling assemble teams with all players in the game, and create epic duels like LeBron James x Michael Jordan.

You can play the games with one player against another, or in teams of two, three, four or five athletes each. The first step is to choose exactly the amount of players on the team. Then select who goes to each side and 
move on. In the selection, we need to put the same players in the same position numbers.

Some players are unlocked. Other, more famous, need a value for VCs can be used. Another tip: if you choose, Kobe, LeBron and D12 boat, in order: Iverson, Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal, for example, to mark them. If you do not, you can put in this case, Dwight Iverson to score.

An interesting detail: the cameras change according to the number of players on the team. 1 x 1, they are much closer, while the 5 x 5 are as in more traditional game. Anyway, if you do not like something, you can pause the game and change the "Camera" menu.

Time to play, forget the rules of the NBA. The fundamentals of basketball are of course the same, but the rules do not. None of 24 seconds of possession, 3 seconds in the paint, and even free throws. 3 NBA balls are worth two in the street basketball, and 2 balls will add only 1 point each. The game ends when someone reaches 21 points.

Every basket of one team, the other gets the ball for the next possession. When an athlete misses a shot and an opponent grabs a rebound, this should leave the lane to his teammates can score. Fouls are marked, but no free throws - only possession for the rival team.

In basketball, street legal is to have fun. Dribbling, try overhead bridges, distribute stumps with great players and not worry about tactical call plays, none of it - because there are not these options. The idea is to relax, create custom teams and play basketball in a more relaxed way than professional.

The Park

The Park is a Blacktop facing those with characters created on MyCareer. In game mode, choose not NBA players, but their own, made for following a career in the game. The game mechanics is equal to Blacktop, but it is online, and the challenges are against other gamers.