NBA2k14: how to download teams, players, draft classes on 2K Share

The NBA 2k14 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 , has a menu called 2K Share, where users can download a lot of extra content to the game. Options include custom teams and players, as well as providing draft classes for young people who are entering the NBA next season. Learn how to download and use this content.

Step 1: Access the menu of NBA 2k14 pressing "Ball" on PS3 or "B" on Xbox 360. Go to the "Features" option.

Step 2: In this window, look for the "2K Share" and click "Download".

Step 3: By default, you will be taken to the download options from official rosters of the game.

Step 4: However, just press "R1" on PS3 or "RB" on the Xbox 360 to go looking for all categories of extra content that exist. You can download rosters, teams, classes and custom draft players. Note that, next to each file, get the number of downloads it has had and ratings of Internet users. At the top of the screen, there is a description of the file.

Step 5: If you download a team, simply go to the "Quick Game" menu and look for it, which will be located between the classic teams and the All-Stars.

Easy, isn’t it? The draft classes are useful for the modes where you can play over a year, as the MyCareer, so you can always count on the most real players in the world of basketball, and the players are in Free Agents so you can put those team you want.