Outlast: Guide to finish survival horror game for PC

Outlast is a survival horror game by Stoic for PC that was successful for bringing back a formula that was forgotten for some time. The game is completely focused on survival and horror, where the player does not have any kind of weapon to protect, just a camera on hand to see in dark places and your breath to runaway from the monsters that come along the way.

This game is more suitable for adults due to its violence, nudity, psychological horror etc. Follow our walkthrough guide and learn how to complete the campaign.

Part 1

The player begins his journey as a reporter who must investigate a type of apparently abandoned asylum and contains many secrets. The first shows the character getting in your car and serve to teach some commands. Collect everything you find on the road and get ready for the scares - at the end of this part, there is no escaping the blow of the biggest monster that will take you to follow the story.

Part 2

After being knocked down, keep following your path and also the blood trail. It's time to start avoiding encounters with the main enemies of the game. Go underground to activate some switches and hide and when the monsters appear.

Part 3

Still underground, stay tuned to collect all the batteries you find along the way, you'll need them to not leave your camera unload. Run enough and returns to the security control room to unlock the remaining doors. After being caught again, your character will wake up in a kind of prison. It's time to run some more.

Part 4

In this part you will have a new meeting with the biggest monster in the game. Escape to the ceiling after the glass is broken and then run some more aisles. This part involves much hide this creature, so great care is.

Part 5

After running a lot, we're back to the underground and the giant enemy keeps chasing us. Continue down the tunnels and stairs and head to the exit, toward the administration area of the site. Find deformed by the way some people who will tell you more about the history of the game.

Part 6

The game makes your way through the sewers and more frights, but the goal now is to go straight to the ground, more precisely in the men's ward. You will participate in one of the busiest persecutions of the game, run through all the doors and jump to the end by a wide passage to outwit its tormentors, but not for long.

Part 7

After escaping from the chair of the doctor holding him, his character must witness a strong murder scene and then hide again in every corner you can. Another chase starts until you find the elevator key.

Part 8

At this time we will again rediscover the giant monster that haunts us during the entire game. Another round of "hide and seek" between cabinets, tables and beds opened, but this time is much more difficult and tight spaces. At the end of the chase, you'll be out of the asylum.

Part 9

Climb the rooftops to reach the other side of the asylum and Witness new scenes of fright in the dark with the right storm. After exploring a little further in search of new evidence and documents, it's time to turn inward in search of a new outlet and it's time for pursuit.

Part 10

Follow your way to come across scenes of macabre rituals. Keep following and closing the doors through which pass, always keeping an eye on the battery from the camera to not get lost in the dark. Place the fuse in the power box to try to get another key. Even more sinister things will paint in the game.

Part 11

Do not worry about the creatures, they will not do anything with your character, keep following the paths fragile, but be careful not to fall and get hurt. The biggest problem is that now there will be even more rapid and aggressive creatures. Continue running and always eye the way, until the giant arises again.

Part 12

Escape the ventilation tube and you will be taken to a new wing. Watch a recording that will explain much of the game's secrets. Keep collecting the papers that appear in front of you to register and follow your way, which will now be a little more quiet.

Part 13

You will start to see many kneeling and stops people doing nothing, it means you're on the right track. Follow the window and climb the side of the building, then arrives at the scene of crucifixion, a sign that all secrets will be revealed soon - when is reached then an even more underground complex, with very different areas of asylum.

Part 14

Here everything is moving towards the end. The giant monster is killed by a supernatural force, but only after you mislead awhile. Follow to find the one responsible for everything that happened in the game and follow his speech.


The time has come for the final race, follow the corridors until you need to disable the security system of the capsules of life. Your character will be attacked by the appearance that eliminated the giant. Follow staggering to see the amazing final scene.