Teslagrad Walkthrough Guide, Solve all Puzzles, Achievements

While a heavy rain fell on the doomed city, a young boy at the center of destiny finds hunted and persecuted by the minions of evil king. But it was not always so and that our hero will discover the ruins of the Tesla Tower. In the middle of traps and mysteries that will reveal the truth and the power of magnetism that will allow him to change the fate of this lost kingdom.

Finally it is said that the prophecy, on paper it sure it looks good. But we met the kid and it's not a light. It is more of a vegetable than human passively watching us. A good move up the backside, a walkthrough to overcome all obstacles of story mode and a comprehensive guide to retrieve 36 scrolls.

This first part of our guide focuses primarily on story mode and shows you how to overcome puzzles and get to the Tesla Tower.

Table of Contents
Path to the first Guardian - Boss Fernus
Path to the second Guardian - Boss Faradeus
Path to the third Guardian - Boss Oleg
Path to the fourth Guardian - Boss Orb Guerickes
Guide to 36 scrolls Locations of the Tesla tower

Path to the first Guardian - Boss Fernus
It’s long way to the Tesla Tower but before you proceed you have to defeat the first Guardian protecting the premises. This part of the walkthrough Teslagrad gives you the solution to solve all the puzzles to the first Boss and also shows you how to defeat him.

Take control of your character and move avoiding pursuers. Jump from roof to roof and help you to climb vines. Avoid course of falling into the void, you get electrocuted by generators and finally burned. Nothing complex, it is only a simple platform by way of introduction. After your escape crazy, you exceed the drawbridge and enter the Tesla tower.

In the hallway after the statue, you notice blue magnetic fields that make you levitate when you touch the blue robot and an aura appears around your hero. Therefore touch the robot near the crates on the right and jump overcoat thanks to the magnetic field.

In the following, go straight, avoid the electric floor trap and do not touch the robot further until you are in the magnetic field or you'll end up electrocuted ceiling area. Continue into the next area, platforms up and down continuously, stand on the third and wait for a robot over, climb and continue to the right.

You arrive in the chapel with stained glass windows, climb the vines and collect gloves. Off and continue on the right, past the hallway hitting each block impeding with a pulse of the opposite color to the suspended ceiling block. Opposites attract, first rule of magnetism. You discover the center of the tower in which a blue magnetic vortex joined the top except that obstacle stopping you, scroll down and open the door to the right.

Hit the block with a red pulse to tape it to the ceiling, mount above to reach the blue piece of wall that retains a platform and run a red pulse so that they take off. Then cross quietly electrical trap on the right and join the robot, touch it and go for speed to the blue barrier to the right so that it rises.

Go to the platform with a crate on top of it, give a pulse of any color to the platform, ask yourself the cash and hit it in the same color so that it is pushed in height. Touch the red robot to pus yourself above and join the blue magnetic field, hit the platform of a blue pulse to reach the exit.

In the following, jump into the blue magnetic vortex and pass the sign alerting you of the danger of electrocution area. Follow the path paying attention to traps and do not touch the robots if you tighten attracted or repelled on electrical discharges. Scroll down to the bottom and take the left exit.

In this area, mechanical slugs appear, hit by a blue pulse so that it attracts the red platform, cross and hit the next slug of a mechanical pulse red this time, join the platform the left and give a pulse of the same color so that it is pushed and allow you to reach the exit.

You discover a magnetic field within a platform, hit it with a blue pulse and once the red magnetic field reached turn the platform red and so on until you reach the exit at the top left.

The next box asks you to hit at first the blue block on the left wall of a red pulse, a red block will then detach and lift the red platform blocking you. Scroll down and touch the blue robot to hang from the ceiling and avoid electric trap. On the floor below, cross, avoiding contact with robots, continue down to touch a blue robot that allows you to hold you over an electric piece and connect the output right.

In this area, climb the platform neutral and hit the blue pulse that it takes you right to the outlet. In the following passage, cross to reach the first guard tower.

Do not end up in the furnace dodging crates while hitting a blue magnetic pulse, and the swallow when the Boss inspire. Once he has eaten too many cases, he gets angry and spits flames, run to the far left, paying attention to electric trap until it passes and then repeat the tactic to victory.

Path to the second Guardian - Boss Faradeus

The first step of your destiny is started but Tesla Tour offers more surprises. Do not be fooled by the quiet beauty of the gardens and watch the iron bird protecting places. Our walkthrough Teslagrad gives you the solution to cross all obstacles and defeat the second boss of the Tesla Tower.

The first guardian is defeated, continue into the next area and grab boots there that allow you to teleport over short distances. Reassemble using this new power wisely. Climb to the right cage and teleport you to not end with a prisoner locked creature. Reach the next with a jump followed by a teleportation; a monster will take you to target, wait until it gets closer then teleport behind his back before fleeing right.

The next area will take you back to use your power to teleport, move from cage to cage until blocked by blocks output. Polarize the bottom of the color that you like and start a magnetic pulse of the opposite color to the block height to clear the way.

You arrive in a dark room, continue until you reach an electric wall at the top left, and go further the latter with a teleport to return to the "Thunder" area with robots and magnetic fields that push you into electric traps. Mount and use the magnetic aura conferred by the flower to reach the exit at the top right.

Now that you have boots teleportation, you can pass through the electric walls. Wait until the monster approaches to overtake and the first electric trap, do the same with the second wall further and climb the vines. Once at the top, do not continue your ascent and turn left to reach a flower that you polarized, so go to the electric wall just before you left and use the magnetic aura to reach the exit while upper left.

Cross Theatre and turn on the switch at the bottom left to unlock the exit door and the obstacle blocking your ascension in the magnetic field at the center of the tower. The output returns you also in this area, let you levitate to the highest door.

You arrive in a room with crates stacked on the left and a magnetic field at the center. Bring a box to the blue halo, scroll to it and while remaining perfectly still, run a blue pulse at checkout to reach the summit. You are again in the central magnetic field, join the door on the right.

In this area, the blocks are magnetized and constantly and dangerously moving from right to left. Stand below the first block, wait until it becomes red and go fast you flee into the next hole, wait until the block rises above your head up and continue to the right until reach a cul-de-sac and a block that moves above you. When the coast is clear, climb and join the vines on the right, hang up and wait until the block returns reverse. Reassemble, step over the wall and reach the exit in the bottom right.

Continue in the winter gardens, past the fountain and touch the blue flower and the block in the ground a little further to be pushed to the right platform. Look for the flower to the far right and take the halo center to reach the second platform, then jump onto the left branch and help you to mount it right to the third platform. Pass the blue halo and touch the blue flower all right, then turn speed in the magnetic field to levitate up to the next platform. Continue left, help you jump and teleport to reach branches on the left and reach an exit.

Continuing to the left, you come across a magnetic field and a flower in the center, let you levitate above the electric trap and reach the top of the box, then take the left exit. Hold on to the platform nearby to get high then jump until you teleporting sloping tunnel on the right, go up the tube and exit right. Then follow the path and climb. The last wall of vines, a giant branch first white gives the illusion that the road stops but this is not the case, continue to climb to confront the Boss Faradeus.

Teleport in the body of Boss and hit it with your gloves on and then quit his belly before being electrocuted. The Boss will then hit the middle of the arena and create a shockwave that you away with teleportation, then invokes the Boss offspring explosives, approach the ledge and teleport at the last moment so that they fall in a vacuum and that the explosion did not destroy the bridges. Finally the Boss launches a flash he once again must dodge with a teleport and metal bird become vulnerable after this attacks, your shots. Repeat this tactic to victory.

Path to the third Guardian - Boss Oleg

The walkthrough Teslagrad continues in this part where we all reveal the mysteries and dangers that await you between the defeat of the second guard and the fight against third Boss.

The first guardian defeated, continue on the left to find a coat for you to provide polarizing flowers and use on your own magnetic fields. You can already put into practice using your left magnetic field to go over the wall and down the ventilation, follow the tunnel down to the intersection. Once there, do not leave the area and use the magnetic field on the left to reach an exit that takes you back to the central tower. Join the front door through the big blue halo.

Once in front of the cube which escapes a red magnetic field polarizes you reverse color to be caught in the middle. Wait until the cube rotates and the halo is the left wall to surround yourself with a red and will be ejected to the output. In the next area, move the pieces of scrap into the machine to the wall blocking the road disappears but in return, a metal ball will charge you.

Descend into the area which escapes a cascade of lava, take the left exit. Cross the red platform down and go through the lava waterfall with teleportation. You arrive in a room with two robots and two switches controlling platforms. Use these to move a drone to the robot's head to the left and that the circumstances to carry big red cube on the far right that the camera does not show. Once the cube turned blue in contact with the drone, the track is unlocked until the next area.

You end up into a box with a treadmill on which white-hot cubes are placed, go up the elevator to the left avoiding contact a mechanism at the top asking you gently on the next mat, still take a elevator, past the bars and go to a third truck. Do not jump on the next mat and jump on the platform rather over quietly to join the next lift. Keep it up to the top and leave the area by climbing a wall at the top right.

Climb to the treadmill, teleport to him and take the elevator to the magnetic blue swirl left a bull statue. Hit a blue pulse caterpillars hanging around so they rise to the ceiling and one of them reaches the railing and moves there. Let yourself then your turn levitate to the ceiling and put up the little platform under the railing and put you in the caterpillar that has managed to land on the rail to be able to hang on to it by polarizing you. Cross to the other side of the bull statue, turn right to find yourself in the central tower.

Take the right door, go in the magnetic field and levitate without being hit by the electric traps. Jump on the platforms to reach the magnetic field on the right while remaining above the electric traps and levitate to the polarized blocks. Hit the right one with a red pulse to separate a pair of blocks and then the left to reach the horizontal platform further and magnetize blue. It will move to the magnetic field and navigate stuck. Then go through the right to follow a path that takes you back down and polarize blue little red block to the left of the largest in the center of the magnetic field so that it is attracted by the horizontal platform that you just placed above it. The large block moved, a gateway is now available. Teleport in it and go right. Helping you levitate a magnetic field and higher, do not you die electrocuted while clinging to the ceiling inlaid in red platforms and levitating above those in blue.

In the next box with a red magnetic field, you polarize red to levitate to the horizontal platform and you cling to it. Wait a robot moves over the platform for it to be transported to the other side of the area at the same time you and enters inside the robot inactive. While the controller automatically moves, scroll down and scroll to the blue cube on the left and hit the red pulse to leave the way open to the drone will move there and activate the switch unlocking the right exit.

Jump on the switch in front for the two magnetic fields move you polarize blue to follow the movements of the first halo and teleport when the second halo will come into contact with your hero to survive its passage. On the other side, turn the switch to return the blue and levitating magnetic field. Proceed through the electric trap, jump on the red platform and you polarize the same color to pass through the following traps and float to the blue platform on the top right. Hang on there and go to the blue block next, hit the red pulse out of the way a drone then turn on the red platform to the floor below and use the latter to mount the two blue on the left until the drone cubes. When the drone will be released towards you, you polarize to levitate up and jump from one platform to another as well please activate your blue aura by being placed on the corner platforms in order to make long jumps diagonally.

At the beginning of combat, Oleg chasing you walk and you must trap the center of the area that he finds himself trapped and is forced to shoot you with his gun. You polarize the same color as the firing of the weapon so that they avoid you themselves, activate switches that appear on the platform are high and return to Oleg own shots putting you wisely. Oleg tuche, repeat this tactic two more times to win. The next two rounds, drones will appears near switches, stay the shortest possible time above. Teleport a switch to another then go on the sides to return fire. In the last round, Oleg shoots with red and blue at once. Do not hold you constantly otherwise you will attract the magic bullets of the wrong color, dodge with teleportation and return with your balls get only when it is safe.

Path to the fourth Guardian - Boss Orb Guerickes

Oleg defeated, jump into the hole to see just appear to play Act 3 tells the story of the country and its cursed king. Back in the main tower and levitate in the halo up a new door to the left. Teleport in the circular cage to move such a rodent. Take the speed to successfully climb to the top of each floor and once arrived in the vicinity of a second wheel, take the maximum speed and teleport you to the edge of the platform. You teleport then the second wheel and thus continue exploiting your magnetic ability to bypass all the traps.

Then you discover a new area with a mural, wall climb further and exceed candlesticks until a climbing wall on the left. Jump on the chandelier and a first block that you hit the color you like, then jump on the next block and hit the reverse color to exert attraction. Blocks closer, change the color of the right block for him to go in the other taking speed and allow you to join a third block. Do the same to join a chandelier, hang the red cubes in blue polarizing you, jump on the chandelier and climb to the next level. Climb the vines and leave this piece of theater to the central tower, open the door in front of you.

Activate the switch and start to solve the puzzle in this area. First wait until the drone upstairs key cubes blocking his way and made the back hopping surrounded by a blue aura so they do not impede the progress of drone to the horizontal platform all right, then hit him below a blue pulse to raise the height of the drone and he jumps the wall making it a key barrier and block the lower floor. When the block hit back, jump on and let him down with a shot red and continue on the right.

Stand on the platform below the blue ball and use the latter to lift you up in the air using your credit will then surround yourself with an aura that red ball follows your movements . Go through three electric traps and climb the wall, the ball will also go upstairs through a magnetic field. Then attract the ball over your head and the next trap by hanging from the ceiling through the attraction. Teleport to the left wall and go to the next area.

Hit a blue pulse embedded in the platform above the electric trap and teleport away while the red ball will descend block. Polarize you then a red aura and jump to the blue block to be attracted to him and climb on. Magnetize the red block to the ejected ball, jump on it and use your red cape to levitate high and exceed the electrical trap left a teleport. Jump on the red horizontal platform, drop down and teleport to the right to avoid electric shock. Jump on the switch and leave the area.

Continue left, top floor magnetized in blue, and cross the electrified floor briefly using your blue cape to jump further followed by teleportation. Go to the opening further and climb to the top, passing from one color to another in each pair of cubes to always be ejected earlier. Once at the top, go through the left to leave the area. Cross an empty room and go to the blue halo between two statues of magicians levitate to get outdoors and start a long climb to the top of the tower. Stick in your possession, keep right and destroy obstacles with your new power.

In the dark room, pull the inert mass to wake the Boss. Start by destroying three parts around his eye with your new weapon and avoid its lasers you teleporting. Once destroyed, step onto the red cube to be beyond the reach of its laser beam to destroy another advantage of its protections while he toured the arena of its destructive radius. Then repeat the same tactics except this time, the boss will sometimes electrify the ground, you survive by clinging to the red blocks that same Boss put at your disposal. Your attacks eventually plummet to the monster and the fight continues in free fall, just make sure you avoid lasers to landing.

Final boss battle: King

Our walkthrough Teslagrad key to its end, after your travels in Tesla Tower and defeated four guardians, you still need to retrieve 15 scrolls to unlock the exit to the Palace of the King. If you collect 36, you will unlock more hidden objects, take a look at our guide to know their hideouts.

Minimum 15 scrolls in hand, return to the foot of the central tower to discover a breach in the left wall that leads you to a machine that transports you to the king's palace. You are teleported into a room with a statue of two warriors, turn right and join the palace entrance by killing enemies in your path. When you are faced with a kind of drill, magnetize it with your weapon and surround yourself with an aura of the same color to get behind the machine.

Once in the palace, past a room where the enemies appear to infinity then drill down stairs with the same tactics as before. Continue until you reach a yellow platform, the king will appear and make you fall in basements. Destroy the wall to the right and surround yourself with an aura to attract fireflies so they enlighten you.

Cross bars in you teleport, avoid being eaten and climb up to the end of the road for Oleg pick the open passage. In the room with the statue of King representing the killing of witches, turn left to retrace your steps and turn right to face the final boss!

At first, it is the king's crown that attacks you. Avoid three times its radius by moving constantly. After the third shot, the crown moves to reach the entire area of its radius, position yourself in the middle and teleport in the opposite beam path to survive.

When King hit the ground with his sword and creates a shock wave, jump and teleport when the latter approach. Before he launches this attack to change tactics twice.

When the king closes his fists and lightning in spring, three patches appear under the ground and announce where electric shocks will emerge. Position yourself between the plates and avoid second assault on the remaining sides.

When King released his sword and red and blue magnetic platforms appear underground, avoid assault by polarizing with your cape and leaping over the king. Enjoy then to attack back.

When the King locks you into a bubble, let yourself be caught and when the king drew his sword, teleport behind his back and hit him with your stick.

Following is the same but more full-bodied, twirling swords in the middle of the arena make riskier teleport when you chase the crown. Pay attention to their movement and move normally to dodge the rays, use teleportation as a last resort.

Guide to 36 scrolls Locations of the Tesla tower

Follow our complete solution to scrolls locations 1-36 scattered in the Tesla tower.

Parchment 1 (From 8s to 49s)

Checkpoint location: "Winter Garden" through "Ventilation".
At the long sloping tunnel that leads you to the vines and the second guard, raise the tube and take the right exit. Then follow the path that leads you up the pillars maintained by vines, follow the branches below and then let yourself fall to land on a branch and retrieve the scroll left.

2 Scroll (From 49s to 1min 09)

Checkpoint location: Ventilation.

At the intersection of ventilation, jump into the halo and levitate to the top. Destroy obstacles blocking the path to your parchment with magnetic stick and catch the object of your desire.

3 Scroll (From 09 to 1min 1min 50)

Checkpoint location: Tomb.
Go to the middle of the room, where you have got the magic hood. Let the magnetic field to the left and then teleport you raise the center to reach the hole in the ceiling and discover a secret hideout containing parchment.

Parchment 4 (From 50 to 1min 2min 02)

Checkpoint location: Heart wood.
Place yourself at the statue down the middle of two electric traps and make a jump to the left platform for your hero clinging to the edge, then let you down and make a teleport to parchment.

Parchment 5 (2min From 02 to 2min 16)

Checkpoint location: cache but you reach for Maglev.
Since the left input, step onto the platform and hit it with a blue pulse for it to be delayed until the other end of the area, jump in full flight to the exit at the top right when you are nearby. Go into the next area and pick up the parchment beneath an electric trap.

Parchment 6 (2min From 16 to 2min 44)

Checkpoint location: Cranes.
Note: Exceptionally, the video does not show the scroll, but it shows you where and how to kill monsters.

Climb to the block above the room where the black monsters patrol, hit a red pulse to a platform that crushes down monsters. Go into the room and use the power of your cape for you to levitate parchment.

Parchment 7 (From 44 to 2min 3min 38)

Checkpoint location: "Do-it" but you reach for "Thunder".
This area is infested with robots and magnetic fields that will push you directly into the electric traps if you are magnetized. Locate the area where the top left blue and red robot appear side by side and teleport behind the electric trap on the left to reach a secret area. Climb up avoiding the electric traps that move sequentially from left to right and then once at the top, teleport behind the electric trap left to recover the parchment.

Parchment 8 (3min From 38 4min 02)

Checkpoint location: "In depth" but you reach for "Maglev".
Once the boots of teleportation recovered, return to Maglev and join the left side of the area. Scroll to the electric trap and cross with a teleport and pick up the parchment in the following area.

Parchment 9 (4min From 02 4min 27)

Checkpoint location: In depth.
At the robots that appear in a blue magnetic field and to avoid touching, approach the electric trap on the left and teleport to get to the other side. Drop down and teleport again before touching the ground electrified. Then use magnetic fields to reach the scroll at the top of the zone.

Parchment 10 (From 27 4min 5min 01)

Checkpoint location: Magnetic Fireflies.
In the dark room, stand on the platform at the top right where a flower rests. Jump on the left to land on a hidden darkness and when you are ready enough platform, you teleport to the suspension in the air parchment. Surround yourself with a blue to attract fireflies and have light aura.

Parchment 11 (From 01 to 5min 5min 20)

Checkpoint location: Tower.
Once the four guardians of the revolution defeated, go to the center of the tower and get it at the bottom of the blue halo to discover a new passage on the left where the parchment rests.

Parchment 12 (From 20 to 5min 5min 49)

Checkpoint location: Storage.
Put a small box at the center of the magnetic field and polarize it in blue to reach the big block on the left. Hit it with a blue or red pulse then hit the second block above with a pulse of the same color that you leave the door open to the parchment.

Parchment 13 (From 8s to 52s)

Checkpoint location: "Winter Garden" through "Ventilation".
At the blue magnetic field which stand near a red and a blue. Surround yourself with a blue magnetic aura, enter in the halo and let you levitate as high as possible to reach a branch. Once on top of it, continue on the left to find the parchment on another branch.

Parchment 14 (From 52s to 1min 09)

Checkpoint location: Labyrinth.
In this area, the blocks are magnetized and constantly and dangerously moving from right to left. Stand below the first block, wait until it becomes red and go quickly take refuge in the next hole, wait until the unit returns to the top of your head to pass, then climb the platform that still left over and Finally, teleport to the robots behind an electric trap. The scroll is at the bottom left.

Parchment 15 (From 09 to 1min 1min 57)

Checkpoint location: Winter Garden.
Once defeated the second boss and magnetic hood obtained, return to the area with the large magnetic field placed diagonally that you were previously impossible to borrow fault flowers around. Polarize you blue then red when you are in contact with a second magnetic field to be ejected directly on the parchment in the top left corner.

Parchment 16 (From 57 to 1min 2min 16)

Checkpoint location: Pistons.
Since the room with four red cubes back in contact with drones, scroll to the last cube to the right and teleport behind the gate to discover a secret room with parchment.

Parchment 17 (From 16 to 2min 2min 28)

Checkpoint location: Levitation.
Wait until the robot approaches the electric trap to receive his will, jump over the speed trap and enter the left magnetic field without skipping so that the momentum is strong enough to reach the secret room ceiling.

Parchment 18 (From 28 to 2min 2min 50)

Checkpoint location: Chapel.
Since the left input, step onto the platform and hit it with a blue pulse for it to be delayed until the other end of the area, jump in full flight to the exit at the top right when you are nearby. Go into the next area and pick up the parchment beneath an electric trap.

Parchment 19 (From 50 to 2min 3min 07)

Checkpoint location: Ventilation.
At the intersection of tunnels, turn left and pass the first electric trap with teleportation and polarization to be attracted by the red ceiling, down to the platform below and make a teleport to the opening just right for discover a secret cache with the parchment.

Parchment 20 (From 07 3min 3min 46)

Checkpoint location: case.
Once in front of the cube which escapes a red magnetic field polarizes you reverse color to be caught in the middle. Wait until the cube rotates and the halo is placed towards the ceiling to change color and be ejected onto the parchment.

Parchment 21 (From 46 3min 4min 15)

Checkpoint location: Foundry.
-Use the pull of the big red platform to bounce and reach the ceiling where the parchment rests.

Parchment 22 (4min From 15 4min 31)

Checkpoint location: Molten Metal.
You approach the lava waterfall right and go through with teleportation, step onto the platform and then let you down. You teleport so find yourself in the platform red and blue polarize you to be attracted to the parchment.

Parchment 23 (4min From 31 to 5min 32)

Checkpoint location: Plenum.
Cross the red platform down and go through the lava waterfall with teleportation. Join the uppermost platform, above the robot to the right. Jump to embedded in the ceiling blue cube and you polarize red for your hero gets caught and then teleport to the next cube by changing your aura and grab the parchment.

Parchment 24 (From 32 to 5min 6min 02)

Checkpoint location: Lice moving.
Levitate through the big blue halo to the left of the bull statue and jump to your left to find a secret passage leading to the parchment.

Parchment 25 (From 8s to 41s)

Checkpoint location: Tower, Act 3.
After defeating the third goalkeeper Oleg, jump into the hole appeared and teleport on the right chandelier. The parchment is right next door.

Parchment 26 (From 41s to 1min 12)

Checkpoint location: Guardian.
Since the right output, jump into the red halo and you polarize the same color to be ejected towards the blue cube on the top right and it attracts you. Keep your will once before the electric trap to attract the blue platform and cross to scroll to the bottom left.

Parchment 27 (From 12 to 1min 2min 53)

Checkpoint location: Lice moving.
Once the last lift of the production chain, wait qu'apparaisse a series of objects (the lower part of drones to be exact) to be transported to the top. Once at the top, push them hard enough (help you to teleport pouncing on for them to bounce off the wall) so that one of them falls on the right platform without being destroyed by the foundry close. When done, push the object to the switch just right so that the ground bar disappears and jump inside to take parchment.

Parchment 28 (From 53 to 2min 3min 13)

Checkpoint location: Village hall
Step onto the chandeliers on the ceiling and grab the parchment hidden in the alcove just right.

Parchment 29 (From 13 3min 2min 29)

Checkpoint location: Fatal Attraction.
Hit a blue pulse embedded in the platform above the electric trap and teleport away while the red ball going down the block. Polarize you then a red aura and jump to the blue block to be attracted to him and climb on. Do not move and use your blue cape to jump while being rejected by the magnetism, teleport with good timing on the right to reach the platform with the parchment.

Parchment 30 (From 29 to 2min 4min 01)

Checkpoint location: Central Tower.
Activate the mechanism in front of the last door before the central tower just before having to cross many electrical to reach the summit. Once the switch on, the parchment will climb up the tower, you must arrive before him avoiding traps and wait until it is within your reach by positioning yourself near the opening to the left.

Parchment 31 (4min From 01 4min 53)

Checkpoint location: Periods
After passing controlled by a mechanism which must be rotated and be mounted on the floor walkway. Use the soil blue magnetized to be ejected into the air and you hang a teleportation red cubes embedded in the ceiling. You teleport then on the blue platform by changing at the same time the color of your cape to stay hooked then teleport in the halo further by further modifying the color of your cape. Cross the electric trap in front of you in clinging to the red platforms and teleporting you, let you down again the other side. You land on a red platform, use your red cape after jumping to be ejected even higher then teleport in time to reach the platform to the right and grab the parchment away.

Parchment 32 (4min From 53 to 7min 24)

Checkpoint location: Cloudy.

Back near the opening in the ceiling where you need to climb to the top through your cape with your one color to another at each pair of cubes to be ejected ever higher. Once at the top, do the same thing through the opening on the right (the first pair hidden camera is blue, so use first red) to arrive in a room full of platforms. Parchment is the ceiling, reach it by exploiting your powers of magnetism to bounce a block (or yourself) to the top.

Parchment 33 (7min From 24 to 7min 33)

Checkpoint location: Solomon Tesla.
In the room with the blue halo between two statues Wizard, explore the left to discover the parchment before the corpse of Solomon Tesla killed by the sword of the king.

Parchment 34 (7min From 33 to 7min 48)

Checkpoint location: One Act
Since the release at the top right, jump on the giant chandeliers ceiling in helping you to achieve the teleportation scroll to the bottom left.

Parchment 35 (7min From 48 to 12 8min)

Checkpoint location: Act Two.
Polarize red two blocks from the theater to the ground, climb the vines and grab the scroll at the bottom right.

Parchment 36 (8min From 12 to 51 8min)

Checkpoint location: Happy End.
Push in the first box on the ground on the left so that the drone can later affect the magnetic blocks and change their polarization. Then hit the two blocks of a blue pulse and please while the drone is still far from reach, push it back to the right if it is too close. Hurry after climbing vines and jump on the chandeliers to join another vine wall on the left, go up and wait for the drone reverse magnetism for the big block back and access the parchment.


Castle of Teslagrad - Crafting Power Plants
City of Teslagrad - Resourceful Father
Conquered Barbarians - Kings Grief.
Crafting Iron Lice - Kings Grudge
Crafting Volt Walkers - Glorious Rule
Fathers Alertnes - Kings Vengeance
Glorious Coronation - Glorious Alliance
Grand Ambition - Foreign nation of Mesmer
Lone Ambition - Warbred Grues
Long for a family - Wild Grues
Long for a past - Tower of Teslagrad
Long for a savior - The Guardian Orb
Oleg's Adoption - Serving Barbarians
Oleg's Duty - The Guardian Faradeus
Oleg's Grief - The Guardian Fernus
Protective Father - Captured Grues
Raiding Barbarians - Failed Ambition