The Banner Saga learn how to play the newest indie game

The Banner Saga was released earlier this year for Windows, Mac, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 . In this strategy game with strong RPG elements, the player must guide the caravans Nordic fields while advocates of eminent dangers. For those who are not accustomed to the game mechanics we prepared this tutorial to help you evolve in the game. Check out:

How to play?

To play, first you will need to have Steam installed on your machine.

When installation is complete, get the game on Steam, looking for it in your search engine. Upon purchase, download the game can be started. Wait for the installation and start the game the first time.

Minimum Requirements
Windows - XP SP3
Mac OSX - 10.7.5
RAM - 2 GB
HD space - 3 GB of free space

Recommended Requirements
Windows - 7
Mac OSX - 10.7.5
RAM - 4 GB
HD space - 6 GB of free space


The main screen has the following menus:

Menu Function

Resume - Allows the player to return to the game in their last saved game.
Restart Game - Makes the entire campaign start again. 
Load Game - Select a saved game to start his departure.
Heraldry - This area is a "thank you" to the developers of the game to funders. 
Options - Options where you can change the difficulty of the game, load saved games and etc..
Credits - Where can be seen the credits for creation of the work.
Quit Game - Quit game to desktop.

What should I do?

The focus of The Banner Saga is in its battles, which must be adopted strategies to fight the best, and the pilgrimage caravan, where their decisions are able to decide the direction of the people. Check out the tips for each situation of the game:

Initiative and Strategy

Early in the campaign, you must defeat some enemies in a quick tutorial mode. The game currently offer you some tips on how to engage and defeat enemies. Whenever you see an icon of a question mark symbol (?), be sure to click on it. Many useful tips will be presented to you.

Before starting a fight, you can organize your heroes into a limited space on the battlefield; however, this is a resource that must be used wisely for you. At the bottom of the screen, you will be shown the initiative order of heroes, which is the order of who will strike first.

Check what the order is and analyze the special abilities of each, including their enemies by clicking on them and viewing their passive and active skills. Consider also the power of the enemies that are close to the hero, when you reposition it.

To change the starting location of the allies before the match, select it by clicking it with the left mouse button and click one of the blue squares on the map to change the position. When you're done, click Ready to start the battle.

Important: Try to leave the archers away from the enemies. Their advantage in attacking distance should be very well traveled.

Changes and Shifts

At the time of battle, each character can perform a move action and an attack action. Lancers and Warriors can only attack enemies that are up to one square away from him, so it does not move too much if you do not have enough range to attack you. You can extrapolate a bit on the limit of movement of the character by clicking on the yellow squares, however, to do this, you spend a point of Will (Willpower) for each square walked. You can increase this limit by investing in Effort Attribute Points - which you'll see later on.

To assist you in setting up your strategy, you can check the limit of movement of your enemies too. So you can move closer to it without in turn it reaches you. To do this, simply click on it and analyze its square drive. Other information, such as Strength and Defense, Active and Passive Skills will also be available for viewing. Do not forget to check his position in the queue initiative; it can be both the last and the next to attack.

Strength and Defence

In The Banner Saga no energy bar, it was replaced by Strength attribute, which is also the amount of damage you inflict on the enemy. By using basic attacks, you have two choices: either decrease the Defense Force or the enemy. Understand how it works below each of the attacks:

Attack Force

When you attack an enemy in his strength, you diminish not only his life but also the efficiency of its damage to you. The calculation of damages awarded is: His Strength - Enemy Defense = Damage.

In the case of the image above, the Allied Force has 10, while the enemy has 5 defense, thus causing, 5 Damage. You can increase this damage using Willpower at the time of the attack, the higher your points for Endeavour - a symbol of a broken chain with green background - the more points you can use Willpower in action. In the case of the hero above, it can add up to two (2) points of Willpower more in his action.

Attack on Defense

Attack the enemy's defense makes its resistance to a close assault on his strength is diminished. Ie, the lower the enemy's defense, the greater the damage inflicted to force it. To find out how much damage you can take in the enemy defense, just look at the value of the attribute Jigsaw - the symbol of a broken shell - the status of the character.

Willpower can also be used in this action. As for skills, each one has different types of damage to enemies, being necessary to analyze the type of damage that each skill offers.

Remember that points of Willpower are used to perform more powerful attacks, extrapolation of movement and use of skills. Choose wisely the time to use them. Although a limited number, you can retrieve the points of Willpower used to make your character resting (Rest) at the beginning of your turn.

Active Skills

Each class has a special ability that allows him an edge in battle. Rate each of the heroes skills and position them in the best place on the map to perform its action.

Fighting a Dregde

Dregdes are creatures that in the history of the game, emerged from the darkness to exterminate all life on earth after the death of the gods. Different from other types of enemies, the Dredges have a defense above normal, managing to fend off virtually any attack.

Therefore, it is necessary that your first action is to decrease the resistance of Dredges, performing Break Defense attacks. At this time the archer of your team will be very helpful, making ranged attacks that reduce the defense monster. Besides Archer, look for allies that have attributed greater breaking the others and place them to help the archer of the team. While the other heroes, like warriors, spearmen and Varls - giants with horns - use them to damage Force / Life Dredge.

Decisions and Caravans

In The Banner Saga, you will control the leaders of caravans that sojourn at the Nordic world. During his long journeys, you must at times make camp to rest and evolve your character, manage resources and keep their morale high in the tribe. But, unfortunately, perform one of these actions has a negative impact on the other, see below:

Riding Camp

Advantage: allows you to rest, buy items, train your team and evolve your heroes.
Disadvantage: every day spent in camp exhausted supplies of the group, depending on the time that is camped, your tribe can be attacked by looters or Dredges.

Keep walking Caravan

Advantage: chance of being attacked decreases considerably and makes the hero progress in the game.

Disadvantage: if you are traveling for a long time, the moral of the tribe is decreasing each day spent. As in camp, each day spent decreases the remaining supplies.


Advantage: Improves Morale in the group.
Disadvantage: increases chance of being attacked; supplies are diminished rested every day.

If nothing else these concerns, you should be very careful with the decisions you will make in your caravan. Depending on your response, the moral and supplies may decrease or increase, as the number of people in your group. Below is an example of a decision to be taken, where a group of men appear to your caravan, offering help and food. Know that every decision taken, the life of his heroes may extend or not the campaign.

Evolution and Change Initiative

To evolve a hero, you need to be in a city or camped. Having done so, locate the stall Hero to update the information of your allied heroes. By entering this tent, and it can evolve your character you can also change the order of the initiative at the time of the fight. To do this, just click on the avatar of your hero and drag it to the position you want it to have in strife.

To evolve your character, just pick one by clicking on it. Opens a screen where you the current status of its hero, its history, points of Renown (Renowm), among others will be presented. To evolve your character, make sure it has the minimum amount of enemy kills the level asks if he has a written Promotion banner will be shown to the left of the screen, which when clicked, will show you how many points are needed to be able to Renown promote his ally. If you agree, keep clicking Yes. By doing this, you will be released two points attribute, which can be spent at any Attribute.