The Dark Eye: Blackguards - Walkthrough

Complete solution: solve all main quests and side quests, tips and tricks

Table of Contents

1 General Tips and Tricks
2 Main Quest: Elanor's death, The Prison of Neetha
3 Main Quest: A harmless duel, Elanor's grave
4 Main Quest: The most beautiful rose Drôls # 1
5 Main Quest: The most beautiful rose Drôls # 2
6 Main Quest: Continue south
7 Main Quest: The Torturer
8 Main Quest: Morbal # 1
9 Main Quest: Morbal # 2, Across the Border
10 side quest: The grimace rod battlefield of Wobran, Drachenhatz
11 side quest: Brother Love
12 side quest: Dwarf Games

General Tips and Tricks

First, character Creation: Although you can start with basically every class in the adventure, the hunter or a home-made character with a ranged alignment is very useful. Later, you get a true companion of each class, but the Slayer Niam comes only towards the end of the first act to you.

Those who are not familiar with the DSA rules should first of all follow the recommendation of the program and select a pre-built class, and those who are familiar, may also breed hybrid classes with the proper distribution of adventure points - basically you can develop in that direction but also the scripted companion who encounters during the adventure.

Second, each hero has three sets of weapons that you can equip. Do not forget to activate the desired weapon set before the fight - during the fight you will cost a whole train!

3rd, it is useful to one of your heroes in "Healing" retrain to bandage wounded between fights stretching, if not a place with a healer is tangible. During the fighting that goes well, then you have but first grab a bandage in his belt. Wounded heroes fight bad - they get deductions on their state values and on attack and defense samples.

4th, the talents animal science and art of war allow you to see the life points and the hit probability of animal-or human enemies. Very useful, especially for long distance fighters who can then assess the ideal distance better.

5th, Acuity is useful to find traps and sump holes. To arrange this, but take an Acuity test, which costs the Heroes take a train.

6th, Many cards are useful objects to impede your enemies life. Bubbling bubbles in swamps indicate gas which can be ignited by torch, fire arrows or fire spells. Run an opponent with Fakel by exploding the gas. Even traps that you have tracked down by "sensory acuity" you can use to your advantage by their enemies targeted lures inside. Very useful are also bee nest that shoots her by the arrow from the tree and so multiple fields to a matter for prints then the enemies are let. Keep your eyes open and uses

7th, do not underestimate the effect of load (measured in "stone"). Overweight contestants must Mali accept. The strength of your group will be added together to determine the effect of your inventory. Do not forget: The alternative sets of weapons count with the equipment. So Transfers only with what you actually used.

Main Quest: Elanor's death

After a witness, in a dramatic video sequence, like a wolf princess Elanor mangled, you kick yourself against the monster. Take the chance to make you familiar with the interface and follow the tutorial instructions.

Main Quest: The Prison of Neetha

In the next cutscene you will be from your former mate Lysander and his henchman Muratori tortured and then thrown in jail. You ponder just about your situation, as you will be exempt from a dwarf who breaks out from jail. Together, you have to turn in the following fight sequence.

Use the special ability 'Slam' of the dwarf, then this should be no problem. After the fight provides you the dwarf as "Naurim" before and your party gets further growth in the form of a magician whose magic was blocked by a ruff. A little tip on the side: hold fast the torch with which you begin the adventure. The later are useful.

On the overview map of the prison first selects the "keepers room" in the east. There you will be surprised by three guards. Let dwarf Naurim attack the rope of the chandelier off to two with one blow. The third soldier beat her then easily threesome.

You can find a key to the prison door and the ruff of the magician, who goes by the name Zurbaran. Take the chance to make a trip to the inventory and to put on the equipment found so far. Give Naurim the shield and the Hero the bow - where did you followed the recommendation and plays a hunter. Then it goes on the overview map to the "cells"

Here, on the first time the opportunity for a little magic with Zurbaran. Speak "Fortifex Arcane wall 2" to block the two fields from the guards. Then you lay on the north side of the room to all the levers and freed the prisoners. Did you let out all the prisoners, the chaos is perfect and you are out of prison.

Main Quest: A harmless duel

After a brief chat with your companion follows a flashback and a little practice duel against Lysander, five weeks before Elanor's death. Take the duel calmly. The trick in the next battle is to run along the bottom of the mud hole without stepping into it. Lysander follows you and slip out - you have an easy game to land the required five hits. After the following dialogs we continue to Neetha.

Here you speak with hostess Miss Anti Alricio and distributors to find out further details about the death of Elanor and Lysander's departure. Buy some supplies (arrows, rations and drinking - if you have a belt), sold stuff that is no longer needed her sleep one night in the pub and distributed some of your previously earned quest points in the character arcs. Especially Zurbaran Ignifaxius flame jet should you upgrade to level two (at least eight points). Dwarf Naurim benefits from cutting weapons (axes) and melee abilities. Then it's on to the cemetery.

Main Quest: Elanor's grave

Rattling noise from the tombs to find Elanor's grave. Your first get it to do that with their aimed shots, balancing shock (Naurim) and Ignifaxius flame jet (Zurbaran) off with three thieves. If the fight your forces and your mana has too much overused, you should take a break once you're on the overview map. The crypt in the north is guarded by three skeletons you kill on regular routes. Elanor's grave is here but not found. The crypt in the east is also wrong and is guarded by two wolves. Concentrate. Always a wolf, then nothing can go wrong

The crypt in the south is finally sought. Here you get to do it with crypt woodlice crawling out of different holes. While Naurim runs forward and attracts the attention of isopods on yourself, your hero can take care of the openings. Use the stones and plates to close the holes to cut off the supply of woodlice. Zurbaran can do as with healing and protection spells (Balm of Healing and Armatrutz) useful to strengthen the dwarf's back

After passing the fight inspect the coffin of Elanor. Surprise: there is no one there! You can find and but a necklace "Elanor's Stone". Now would be a good opportunity to rest, if you want to leave the cemetery, will put their legal guardian Lasca and his helpers. Lasca withdraws and leaves you his men with whom you naturally short process makes: Naurim ago as a tank, your hero and Zurbaran as rangers. The quest is completed once you have brought the men to the earth.

Main Quest: The most beautiful rose Drôls # 1

You counsel at the campfire with your buddies. The plan: to flee to the south, across the border into the emirate Mengbilla. Before you leave the area, you ask Zurbaran but only for a favor.

He wants the Baroness Bela Rita of drol visit again because he could not bring to an end the last rendezvous with the lady. In addition, Bela Rita kept on his wand. So it makes you on the way.

In Wobran the troupe stumbles on a wanted poster. So you will never be unseen by Drol.

Fortunately know Naurim two dwarves in Drôlsash that can help you. Before that you should but look around Wobran something and talk to people.

The beggar recognizes you and asks for alms. Give him a farthing. Thus he is talkative and told you from the nearby battlefield and the traders - both potential side quests. While you should pick the battleground for later, you can get in touch with the dealer Prosperi.

He asks you to find his cousin, who should bring him a magic wand with a grimace demons and has now disappeared in sickle thorn forest. You are of course so nice to help him in the search for two. Before there is no mistake, seek out the hunter-teacher and the hero a basic course in the special skills "Dodge" and miss "attention". This helps immensely in the fight to avoid hits.

Put yourself after Drôlsash and speak with the two acquaintances of Naurim, the dwarves Bal and Cadalman. Given you a task to retrieve a delivery dream herb for the side quest "Drachenhatz" and you will. A little gambling is still in there. Before the journey continues after Thenesh, you should fulfill the quest Drachenhatz - after all promises Naurim to find a refuge and wants his ax again.

Travels to Thenesh and enter the barn. You surprised four smugglers who also do not mind having to leave collapse stacks of crates over you (if you are not faster). Let the bad guys come up to you and try Naurim his ax. With the delivery of the dwarf brothers it goes back to Drôlsash. The journeyman retaliates promptly and smuggle you into drol.

There you can maintain the same again with the dwarves to activate the side quest "Dwarf Games". However, this is rock hard - you should wait until you to the Elven Huntress Niam has connected.

Under Hold on dear with the host on the general news and the Baroness. A refresh your supplies at the local dealers. Now enter the garden on the arrow at the archway in the background.

In the garden you meet a teacher for melee, in which you should use some of your quest points make sense - the special skills feint armor habituation and, where appropriate, Ambidextrous fight are useful.

Main Quest: The most beautiful rose Drôls # 2

The next step is a conversation with the garden champion in the rat infestation. Be friendly and offer your help. You betray the woman, "where even rats nests" so that they can lay their traps. This will prove equally as useful.

Speak with the bodyguard of Zurbaran's Baroness and challenge him to a duel. The keeper and his two colleagues compete against you. In the middle of the battle space should after talking with the teacher now available from leghold traps, in which you can lure your opponent. With this advantage, the fight is extremely easy and Zurbaran is soon back in the arms of the Baroness.

After the cutscene, and the brief dialogue with Naurim (replies calmly that you trust the magician), Zurbaran comes running with six men of the law Wahrers Lasca in the back. In the trees you see two bees nests that can fetch you with ranged attacks down to stop the pursuers. If you blocked the way with Naurim, the minions are bitten quickly and you with ranged attacks easy game.

It is followed by another cutscene in which the Rechtswahrerbund Lasca announced the execution of the Baroness. As men of honor you make yourselves on course to rescue the damsel in distress. The catch: Accommodation is not. Instead, use potions to bring your fighters on Fordermann for the next battle.

This fight is something special: two bridges and seven henchmen stand between you and the gallows. You have five rounds time to cross the second bridge. Can you manage that, Lasca runs away and the Baroness is saved. Can you manage not, the lady dies. In any case, you have to turn off all the henchmen in order to win the fight. Caution: In the grounds are teeming with leghold traps.

Before you can make a move, throws one of the villains to a stack of crates and blocks the path on the first bridge. Uses this by her Naurim placed in front of the boxes and the southernmost destroyed. Minions are now pounce on this passage. Now, one of the heroes with ranged attack can smash the northernmost box, creating a passage for the third colleague who unmolested hurry past the three guards.

While Naurim the three thugs employed by the first bridge, it gets Zurbaran (or your hero) with the Fiese Densities at the second bridge to do. Place your hero (Ranged) on the upper cliff, to give him fire protection and "powert" by as fast as you can. With a mighty flame jet and an aimed shot you can make a breach and rush to the three guards passing over the bridge. Use as possible once "sensory acuity" to see the pitfalls - one located centrally on the bridge.

It has in some cases also to create by magic wand of Zurbaran a barrier to outmaneuver the guards. Have you done everything right and cross the bridge in time, the Baroness is saved. Now the task is to slaughter the remaining henchmen - what should be feasible in the belt with enough potions. The happy ending for Zurbaran and the Baroness is secured, the magician has his staff again and you can continue to flee to the south - to match the name of the next main quest.

Main Quest: Continue south

Before you move to the next destination of your journey, Mikram, comes, your troop is stopped by four mysterious strangers that shoot poison arrows at you. Apparently they are in league with Lysander - a note indicating the way to Mengbilla.

Once in Mikram, you entertain first of all with the sorceress Tele mongering. You learn that strange things happen to the people here: Young people who come back with a hole in the head to the village and completely will-less vegetables. The half-elf Salvation is such a case. Her sister is Niam but ran away because she owes the people in the village money.

Tell the healer Jolden that you need the help of Niam as wilderness guide. He sends you in the Denndrim forest. First, however, would be another conversation with Tele Make a good idea as they can teach wizards some special skills and spells. Witch saliva, Klarum Purum, magic routine, astral regeneration 2 and Distance Magic 2 (!) - If you enhance the basic values of Zubaran with the necessary adventure points you can, learn all these things with her. Also, you can help them in their research of the lady. She is looking shrines from the Association of Euliken (side quest: pilgrim trails).

In Dendrim Forest there are a number of paths and there are goblins go. Start at the first point "shrine" in the north where surprised her four of them at a campfire. No problem for our heroes steeled. As a reward, you'll find the Rune "where" needed her for the side quest of tele-mongering.

The clearing in the center of the minimap is guarded by four goblins. You are vorden this time surrounded by them - but they are not very strong. Bypasses lying around tree trunks and take you one by one to the chest. Now the way is cleared for the further exploration of the forest.

Go to the clearing in the south. Here you will find the totally stoned Niam. "Dream herb" as Zurbaran recognizes with a trained eye. He knows a brew that makes the Elfin sober. However, this presupposes the troll sponge mushrooms, and guarded by a rather ill-tempered Waldschrat. Therefore, initially shuns even the lake and would rather go east to Goblinlager.

In Goblinlager you meet fierce resistance. But if total of your attacks focused on the Shaman, they will offer you to spare her life for woodworm. At first it looks like a puny deal, proves in the fight against Waldschrat a useful gift. Leaning her woodworm from, the fight is over anyway - you should take in any case.

Now it goes to the lake to pick mushrooms. Use the woodworm, to give the wood sprite or treat. Alternatively, you can also "catch" play with him and simply collect the mushrooms distributed by hand - do you have enough, the battle is over, even if the Waldschrat still breathing.

Now the half-elf Niam is sobered. She talks about the stranger who lives southeast in a country house and took her sister to brain-dead zombie. As you learn, the torturer Muratori behind it. His country seat is visible on the map. Niam joins you to know the truth.

Main Quest: The Torturer

You come on Muratori's country seat, a minimap with five waypoints. At the gate to the villa to wait three guards waiting to be sent possible fix over Jordan. One of them is - beyond the reach of melee - on a balustrade. (Use sensory acuity) There are also various fishing iron distributed. At your arrival a guard barricaded behind crates. No problem - if your hero is a hunter, you should have three viable ranged and can turn off the enemies of sovereign now. Naurim can take care of the only melee that goes off with a halberd on you.

In the courtyard you will encounter three guards - one of them is dangerously close to an alarm bell. Concentrate your fire on these minions before he call for help. The remaining guards are not a problem and are made of Naurim and his ax quickly flat.

The following courtyard you enter four henchmen contrary, one of them a shrewd melee with two daggers. The Naurim should do, as he can parry the most hits with his shield. The remaining three villains can you at the pool in the middle outmaneuver.

The guards in the southern bearings should not be a problem. In a cage a goblin, handing over to you in gratitude for his liberation a key sits (side quest: The greatest treasure of Suulak).

Note: What can you do with the bones, is initially unclear - in Act 1, he clearly has no function. We supplement as soon as we know more.

Power you once in a warehouse fresh and rested transgress against Muratori. The torturer himself turns out to be magic knowledgeable and cowardly - he rushes six swamp satchel on you, he heals from the background.

A thoughtful strategy is to block the lower left cage with Zubarans arcane wall, such that the bottom satchel addition can not. The cage on the right side adjusted Naurim with ax and shield. Niam and your hero, meanwhile, take care of Muratori. Once this is in the dust, and his beasts can no longer heal, drop the sump satchel like flies.

Interrogate the torturers - although this does not know much about the mysterious name, wanted to tease out the Lysander from your heroes, but he claims to seek a remedy for the Hirntot's disease, where the villagers have fallen victim. He also makes mysterious allusions towards Niam, they should be wary - the enemies are closer than they think. You now have the choice to run Muratori or kill.

Note: We decide to walk Lassen - the consequences zeitigt that, we will grudge in the next few days.

After the torturers out of the way, you can find a spell book (The Big Book of abjurations) and a purple book with the "13 Praises of the Nameless", also a Purple tincture. Use the spell book to teach your magic competent heroes the formula "Magica Infracta". Thus, the effect of spells cancel. The other items you may not mean much at the time. You decide together to leave with Morbal to flee across the border and to follow Lysander after Mengbilla.

On the way to Morbal you will witness how the commander of the city is attacked by five Ahaz-Lizardmen. Without pondering long as you save the warrior. Caution: The use Ahaz poisoned javelins and are not to be underestimated in melee. Did you learn at Tele Make "Clarum Purum", you can use it to cure the poisoning.

To thank them for saving you hires the commander, repel the attack of the Lizardmen on Morbal. In gratitude, she then lets you cross the border. A fair exchange.

Main Quest: Morbal # 1

In Morbal it looks bleak - all fire and death. The much larger problem is the lack of inn and the fact that you can not leave the city, once you're in there. Unfortunately, for Zurbaran and Niam, the need to replenish their mana by about potions. At least a healer, a blacksmith and a dealer there - so you can buy supplies.

Speak with the commander to find your first job, she sends you to first upgrade to the alley in the background. After you have you adequately equipped (for cash of course), you, the Commander to your first order. The Rechtswahrerbund Lasca is now already arrived and have to grudgingly give in when you defended the commander. Now it's up to you to push back the lizards. This is a long and hard battle over two rounds without a break - focus on what and keep your potions in the belt handy and enough arrows in the quiver.

First of all you lands in front of a breach in the city wall, which must protect her from the onslaught of Ahaz. At the same time you shall cover the fleeing fishermen back. These come in several waves of three houses at the top of the screen. The Ahaz get in between also supplies. To make matters worse you will be attacked from the air: The giant shadow of a bird appears, two laps later the poultry leaves a rock fall on the spot where the shadow was seen.

Initially you will be covered by archers on the wall, but they fall victim to the air raids. You should always keep moving and immediately go out of the way, if you notice the shadow over you. At the same time you can watch the fishermen heal with Clarum Purum - otherwise they would be too fast victim of poison lances of Ahaz. Do not worry if it does not create a few fishermen - all can hardly get through. If the fifth stone fell on the battlefield, calls the commander to retreat into the inner ring.

There you will have to deal with six Ahaz and must protect the four craftsmen who escape through the breach in the city. Keep yourself up near the breach and attacked the Ahaz from a distance, while the craftsman walk behind you for cover. A well-placed arcane wall and plenty of arrows help defend. Do not forget your potions to use Balm of Healing and Clarum Purum. After the artisans are safe, you will be called back by the Kommandandtin.

Main Quest: Morbal # 2, Across the Border

Short break and an opportunity to buy fresh potions. Then you learn in a conversation with the commander that the Ahaz build two mysterious crystals. This shall prevent her.

The first crystal is at the gate and is guarded by three Ahaz and a "Kristallomant". Even if the fight looks simple at first - he has it all! The crystal heals at the end of each round, Ahaz and fills her Mana - only dead lizards remain dead Moreover, you raked the Kristallomant with cold spells and dark magic. Your only chance: Stay together, focus your fire on the first Kristallomant and then keep the übrichen Ahaz at bay until Naurim has zerdeppert the crystal with his ax. Then the remaining lizards into the ground.

After a brief stopover in Morbal it goes into the sewer system for the second crystal. Here the battlefield of a Rinnsaal from wastewater is shared. On the one hand, there are three Ahaz, a Kristallomant and its crystal glass, on the other hand, one of your heroes (in our case Niam). Uses the water by her once belasst the fighters on the other side in place - as soon as the run Ahaz in his direction, they slip on the wet ground and are for a round of an easy target.

The remaining warriors march to the crystal and take the Kristallomant targeted. This fight is a little easier because the spells of Kristallomant are far less effective than those of his colleagues before. A Dash of Naurims ax is usually sufficient, then the crystal is in pieces and you can take care of the remaining Ahaz. After Successfully escape the battle lizards and Morbal is exempt. Applause!

Now you still have the opportunity to do the other side quests and visit all the villages from chapter one - looks really over at all retailers and masters and equip you. Now would be a good time, the side quest "Dwarf Games" to do, if not already. When you're ready, cross the border to Winneb.

Main Quest: Across the Border

Of course you can the Rechtswahrerbund Lasca not so simply drag and stand shortly before Winneb in a swamp. Four thugs left, four henchmen right - and you in between. Not very fair. Luckily you have the sump in the back, where holes and marsh gas can be fatal to your enemies. Use Acuity to bypass the sump holes. Then head with your hero behind the tree trunk.

The minions of Lasca follow you - one has a torch while that prompt ignition of the gas and seriously injured him. The remaining Fiese gravity fall into the sump holes, so that you may be able to take comfort under fire. So the battle should be to create good - focusing your fire, Naurim uses as a tank, watching your step. Have you done the fight, followed by a cutscene with flashback and chapter two "Aurelia" begins.

Side quest: The grimace rod

East of Wobran can be found on the overview map "Strange footprints". On the scene you find the dead cousin of the dealer. From the grimace bar but no trace. Behind it lies a well Waldschrat, the can be found on the overview map. Equip your hero before the fight with torches and fire arrows from - that makes you life easier.

The fight against the monster appears at first to be a hard nut to crack, after all, the giant tree has 75 life points. Fortunately, there are massive gas bubbles in the sump, which can give you advantage. Imagine the edge of such a bubble and waits until the monster arriving and it comes to a stop. Then he missed one with the torch, shoots a fire arrow or scorched him by flame jet. The resulting explosion should duly pull on the life points of the essence - is indeed made of wood. No later than at the second gas bubble is the hobgoblin story and you keep the rod in your hands.

Now we have to decide: Do you give Prosperi the staff or retain her it for you? Obviously you lying to the dealer - the beggar has no idea of the "Master Jonas" for the rod to be actually determined while Prosperi asserts that the master was a respected citizen. Prosperis reward of three ducats is not very abundant. However, Zurbaran can use the rod well until he wiederhat his old stick. Your decision.

(NOTE: we only go once assuming that you keep the bar - what consequences this has, if necessary, should the complete solution can be clarified in the course of the next chapter.)
Side quest: The Battlefield of Wobran

The second side quest, which results from the conversation with the beggar, the battlefield concerns east of Wobran. There are already waiting four grave robbers to you who do not even like to be their prey to dispute. The fight should not be too difficult if you itself has powerful ranged DPS. In addition, it is useful to work with the cover and at the same time meeting closer to the two chests on the right edge. Open it before the last robber faded away. As a reward, there are plenty of weapons and equipment.

Side quest: Drachenhatz

The map for this quest lies hidden in a forest. There you will ambushed by six swamp Satchel (says this ten times in quick succession - not so easy). Instead of the beasts contrary to storm, wait until they come near. On the way to you plunge into some swamp holes and are looking for a few rounds out of action. Verfahrt with the rest as usual: Naurim stands up front and binds the enemies while Zurbaran and your hero to attack depending on the role of the distance or him directly to the side. Do you all have satchel killed, it goes to the next waypoint on the world map: The Dragon Cave.

Here you should definitely grope carefully. Not only does it abound in the cave only as of woodlice, there are also plenty of great stalactites on the ceiling, which at loud noises - like the cries of pain of an Assel - fall down. Pay attention to the drops from the ceiling and on which they impinge hexes. Particularly sent to the onrushing isopods thwart a field directly in so and to bring one of them to cry is. Advance not too fast, lest you be surrounded by the isopods. Here patience is required. Do you have crushed the last insect, Naurim puts out the truth - the dragon is not here. Well now the ax of the dwarf, about the course he would be.

Besides Quest: Brotherly Love

On the way from Mikram Chaleba after you meet the tramp Onaris who asks you, his twin brother Sarino, the distributor of Chaleba to host a greeting. This is certainly not pleased - Onaris have to assassinate him planned because he was jealous of the family fortune. Sarino ask you therefore, to assassinate his brother Onaris and to bring its chain as proof back. As a reward you shall receive a powerful spell book. From the local beggar you learn for a small donation that Sarino was an honest man who prays regularly at Praiosschrein - this will be

Back at tramp Onaris explained this whole situation: His twin brother had carved over on him, stole the wedding ring and now give as Sarino from (already noticed that the names are anagrams of each other?). So in reality is the current "Onaris" Sarino and his twin brother (formerly Onaris) had wife and clutching assets. That's why you asked the destitute brother to kill the impostor. If you do not believe him his story, you can talk to the robbers, who should commit the first stop on the true Sarino. How complicated ...

Meet the Raiders while waypoint on the map. The ramble a bit of a palace and want to get rid of you. Now asks, by whom the order for the first attack came: from Onaris (Yes) or Sarino (No). Let her Naurim it Wegend nachboren it palace, you have to face the robbers. Alternatively, you can pull off against a ducats ransom if you do not ask further and simply want to go. Or you can save yourself the money and Fight. The skirmish with the robbers is not difficult - in the "palace" you do not come, however. Your decision.

Now rethink again fix to solve the mystery about the twin brothers: Before changing the roles were reversed. So the dealer "Sarino" in Chaleba is actually the villain, who gave the attack in order. The tramp was telling the truth. Now you have a choice: If you kill the merchant at Praiosschrein? Then there's "only" a few ducats, but you are on the side of good. If you kill the tramp, then there is the book Covocatio Glatium from which you can learn the formula "Corpofrigo cold shock". However, you support the "evil" twin with the action.

If you equip you with the tramp, you will have to deal with him and his buddy - not a difficult fight. When skirmish against the dealer on Praiosschrein you kick against the wrong "Sarino" and his two bodyguards to what such a little more, but should constitute no great challenge, as long as you Naurim sent to the front, and keep in good health.

Note: Whether the decision has yet later in favor of honest brother's effects, if necessary we will grudge. Until then, the decision is of course up to you and your conscience.

Side quest: Dwarf Games

This quest has it all and should only be tackled if your heroes in the first chapter "complete" - as Niam fighting on your side.

Visit the dwarves Cadalman and Bal on her estate. They give you to drink a concoction that makes you fall asleep. You awake in a tomb, wearing caftans simple, cheap weapons and no potions in the belt. Before you a carafe and a small box. Drink the water in the carafe - at the bottom you will find a key. Let the crate at rest - it's a trap and pulls neatly on your life points. Now enter the next room.

Here wait four treasure chests to you - all loots! Then it goes through the door into a room full of traps, with four latticed cells and four switches. From the cells come isopods, swamp satchel and a wolf. The best strategy is to withdraw all the heroes in the top left cell (after a sensory acuity test in order to avoid traps). Go with the rangers Zurbaran and Niam first in the cell and provides last Naurim and your hero in the passage.

In this way you can heal the two "tanks" and support via remote attack while you comfortably removes all monsters. Then one of the heroes goes from switch to switch, while the others remain in the cell in safety - because in every enabled switch explode different floor plates. If all switches are turned over to a grid opens in the middle of the battlefield and is a free rotation mechanism. Activate this and escapes with your hero through the gate on the right side.

In the next room you'll get from a dealer equipment at rock bottom price - access and buy you potion and a second sheet including Arrow supplies. Mana potions for your wizards are also mandatory and wound dressing should be a hero injured. Naurim can use a shield well.

Do you have your heroes equipped; it's the dwarf brothers personally to the collar. Giving up would be an option, but you should be strong enough to win the match. The two are a taffes team - one a deadly melee fighter, the other armed with a crossbow. In the middle of the arena also turn deadly machines with flails.

Since you do not want to stand in it. Stay on the left side and let the melee to come to you - received from Naurim while your ranged DPS take the dwarf with the crossbow on the grain and make Naurim fire protection. Is the melee like going with Naurim at the bottom along to avoid the Flegel and worries to you the remaining dwarf. As a reward, it returns valuable items and your equipment.