Tips to Get High Score in Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is one of the main season games on smartphones and tablets. If you want to break the record of your friends check out the tips below.

Sacrifice some zombies when necessary

At high speed, the player may confuse some obstacles. Prepare to sacrifice some zombies in situations like that. Run over cars and bombs sparingly, avoiding a long jump that will definitely lead all his horde to the hole. The fall can end your game immediately.

Make the improvements available in the market

The market game offers a number of improvements presented in jail. Players can unlock upgrades in sequence for the boosters, and special items to help in the search for the greatest number of brains in a single match. Try to unlock all items to increase your chances of getting a good result.

Accomplish the missions

The title brings numerous missions that can be unlocked during the campaign. They are not necessarily linked to the record itself, but offer different bonuses that can significantly interfere with the final outcome. Be prepared to sacrifice zombies on a given hole, jumping moving cars and even destroy helicopters head.

Buy boosters before the start of each match

Before starting a game players can purchase upgrades for immediate results. Among those available are the possibility of rebirth after death, start a game with double the zombies and even transform the vehicles into coins. Remember that it takes a good amount of gold to purchase all these items.

Try to collect all coins

The currencies available in the scenario are important in the search for records. Try to capture as much gold as possible to purchase upgrades in the market. The improvements are important to make the user even more competitive, offering a varied and better gameplay according to the booster.

Claim and devour the zombies from your friends

In the title menu users find a shortcut to the field of friends. Your friends from Facebook that rely on an account of the Zombie Tsunami can send humans to you. Click Submit a calendar to present another player. If you want to use an undead sent to you, click eat. The character will be available in the early stage, facilitating their initial hunt for young flesh.

Register on Facebook

Upon registering a Facebook users can interact with more than a few friends. A predetermined amount of gold coins is available at time of sync. Interested parties may also hide the display of related game on the social network data. Follow up the application settings on the social network and uncheck the option that allows you to view friends.

How to get a high score

Collects the highest number of coins and purchase improvements that will directly influence the outcome. Try to start the title with the highest number of zombies and do not forget to purchase the booster "Last chance." Pay attention to the edge of the screen and avoid unnecessary long jumps. Concentrate, run over all occupied the road vehicles, devour human scenarios and prepare to exceed the record of their friends.