Useful Tips for Playing CoD Ghosts Extinction mode

Call of Duty: Ghosts arrived with some changes in the formula of success that secured the game's place among the favorites of FPS fans. Among the many features is the extinction mode, which puts players in tense battles against extraterrestres. Below are some tips to do well against aliens:

Play as a team
The way to Extinction can be played alone, but much of the fun of the sport live in multiplayer mode, where players must cooperate to clear the map of all kinds of aliens.

Do not have a friend to play with split screen? After accessing the menu Extinction, select the public starting to seek online games site where you can cooperate with up to three other players. You can also create groups and invite friends to private matches.

Both in online matches, as when playing with friends in the same room, Extinction mode requires constant communication between the players. This will help in the detection of major threats, and keep the area covered over the map.

Be sure to communicate to your teammates your location and state. If the situation gets complicated, call reinforcement to avoid unnecessary falls, which can delay or even ruin the campaign group.

Boxes of ammunition and other weapons can and should be shared with colleagues. This will ensure that everyone has the money to keep themselves well equipped with the most complicated parts of the game

Use body blows
The Extinction mode Ghosts has a great variety of weapons and options to blast away the enemies, including the body blows - the popular stabs multiplayer mode of Call of Duty.

Even though a bit slower than automatics, scams appear as a great option to defeat aliens quickly, since few adjustments are needed to bring down the enemy.

The bangs are also great for times when ammo is scarce, or when you need to reload during combat. In this case, simply approach the enemy and press the button quickly.

Do not be afraid to spend money
The money earned during matches Extinction does not accumulate in the next rounds. So there is no good reason for not spending the amount of weapons, ammunition and equipment during the campaign.

Keep your guns loaded well and replace them whenever deemed necessary. You can also use items useful as turrets that automatically fire at enemies, electric fences and packages of explosives. With the help of this equipment, it will be easier to survive the alien attacks.

Configure your arms
Before the start of each round of Extinction, you will have the chance to configure all weapons carried by your character. This includes the starting gun, the specialty of the character and the equipment available for purchase during the game.

As in competitive modes of Call of Duty, your character will gain experience and levels, which provide new weapons, skill sets and equipment. Be sure to test the new features and customize your soldier more effectively to your style of play.

Specialties, for example, add skills like aiming and faster recharge, more resistance to enemy attacks and more efficient stabbing. Thus, it is possible to form a team with players experts in each subject, making it even stronger and more complete set

Use Propane Tanks
Propane tanks around the map Extinction mode are a great alternative to detonate large amounts of enemies quickly and without spending almost anything.

Approach the tanks, hold them and place them in strategic locations such as entrances fences, corners or even near the drill. Wait for the enemy to approach and shoot the tank to create a huge explosion.

Stay tuned to the scene to find several tanks hidden in corners and bushes. It is also a good idea to communicate the companions before exploding the tank, since players receive very near a good amount of damage.

Earn more money doing missions
In addition to protecting yourself from the aliens and load the drill to the points indicated, Extinction mode also challenges players with missions assigned at the beginning of each enemy attack.

Stay tuned to the left of the screen to check a box with the mission suggested. The challenges range from only use knives to blow up the enemies requirements of accuracy and numbers of targets chosen by the game.

Each completed task will be rewarded with an extra amount of money, which can be normally spent on weapons and equipment.

Do not forget the attributes
As in strategy games, your character will gain attribute points every round completed, allowing improvements, adding new skills and equipment.

Where points are available for use, a warning is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Do not delay to improve the attributes, since the improvements are critical to survival in later levels.